Dec 8

Star Wars! Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars!!! For those who have hoped and wished and waited for snap-fit Tie Fighters and such, your dreams have come true. Bandai is now producing Star Wars plamo and the first releases just hit stores. In this episode, with a special appearance by HLJ Prez Scott Hards, we go into detail of the new Star Wars kits and of course cover some interesting Gunpla. (PG Unicorn!)


Kits featured in this video:

1/72 X-Wing Fighter
– 1/72 Y-Wing
1/144 Millennium Falcon: Chrome-Plated Wonder Festival 2010 Limited Edition
– 1/72 Star Wars TIE Advanced x1
– 1/12 Darth Vader
– 1/72 X-Wing Starfighter
– 1/12 Star Wars 1/12 Stormtrooper
1/144 HG Gundam G-Arcane
1/144 HGBF Beargguy F (Family) Gundam
1/100 MG Gundam Astray Blue Frame D
1/60 PG Unicorn Gundam
1/35 DMK-02 Bumblebee (Reproduction)


Gunpla TV


  1. May the gunpla be with you.

    • Never been into Star Wars, but the modelkits look pretty sick 🙂

      Great show as always and i’ll be rubbing my lucky keychain to get that phoenix! 🙂

    • Great video keep up the great work sucks that you have to work on Christmas I’ve done it before and not fun

  2. hopefully star wars isn’t a disappointment T.T

  3. it’s time now.

  4. wow. MG PHENEX! that thing is a goddamn trophy!

  5. Hugs can do so much. Give a hug people

  6. Wow, a 1/12 Darth Vader… Might have to get that.

  7. I want to buy starwars models but all of my christmas money is going towards PG Unicorn and LED set…

  8. I’m a huge star wars fan, what do you thing about episode 7

  9. Really really want those star wars kits, can’t affor to get all, need to decide between getting one of the ships or vader/stormtrooper, they all look pretty sick..

  10. Can’t Wait for my PG UNICORN~!~! i ordered and really want it.. lets hope HLJ can make the delivery fast =^_^=
    Random generator pls choose me.. Thanks.

  11. Good watch as always and I hope you guys are well this season. Love the videos!

  12. Awesome video guys, hope I win! A quick question from last week, what do you guys do when you want to decal up a 1/144 kit that has no official decals?

    • Official Bandai decals (I think they’re sold under the B-Club label?) tend to sell out really quickly, but a good source of aftermarket decals is Samuel Decal. I haven’t used him in a long time, but I believe you can still send him a message on Facebook. He also tends to dabble in third-party kits now and again (such as the recently-released 1/100 Kshatriya by Elyn Hobby).

      A second option is to find third-party waterslides on Ebay/Yahoo Auctions Japan/etc. I can’t speak to the quality of those, though.

      And lastly, you can make some of your own using a regular inkjet printer and specialized decal paper and sealing spray. Some caveats include: No white available (due to most printers not having white ink), and no metallics/golds/etc. (for similar reasons).

      Hope that helps!

  13. Love the new star wars kits. Never had a Gundam unicorn kit so I hope I win. Great show

  14. Woah, an MG giveaway! I want in on this one…

  15. LOL “DADDIES ON DRUGS” oh ryan

  16. Nice, first the star wars kits, then the Bumblebee, and ended with the Phenex! Wow!!!

  17. MG unicorn <3

  18. Make my wish come trueeeee
    All I want for Christmas
    Is that Unicorn Phenex!

  19. Hey syd and Ryan hope I win the mg phenex because I really wanna make a custom out of it.

  20. Havent had the chance to watch gunpla tv in a while, great episode excited for all these new things coming out =D

  21. need to do a star wars marathon!still sticking to the 1/72 Millennium Falcon if i’m ever to buy a star wars kit.
    wow. fly to me Phenex!

  22. Luke… I am your customer :p

  23. Great episode as always guy, and that’s one shiny phenex.

  24. I hope I win this

  25. Those Star Wars-Bandai models are beautiful. Thanks for showing them.

    May the Force be with you, always.

  26. Let me at dat Pheneex!! But. Seriously, great show as always guys.

  27. Talking about the X-Wing kinda dragged on there a bit. I don’t mind you guys talking about stuff other than Gunpla but just keeping everything concise is appreciated ^^

    BUT HOLY WOW! Winning that MG Phenex would be a DREAM! Puhleeze let this be the time I win!

  28. This is the best give away ever!

  29. An MG Phenex? Sign me up and hope mr random smiles upon me.

    It was great to see the side by side comparison of the new X-Wing to the Fine Molds kit. Thinking of buying it for a friend. Perhaps I’ll add it to my pending Unicorn order.

    Counting the days until that baby ships. I’ve actually been avoiding your build. Like watching you build kits, but it’s kind of like a movie spoiler. Really looking forward to when the lights go up on that baby and I can open the box.

    Keep up the good work guys, love watching the show.


  30. Came for the blue astray frame, stayed for the MG Phenix.

  31. I really REALLY hope Bandai continues with the RG 00 line beyond the 00 Raiser…I would kill for a RG Virtue/Seravee.


  33. excited for the starwars kits, especially the snow speeder!
    hope to win the phenix!!!


  35. Best giveaway ever!!!! I have a place for it on my desk. 🙂

  36. OMG PHENEX Hope I Win~~~

  37. That MG Phenex looks amazing. I really like gold plating on kits. My first model kit was the HG Shiranui Akatsuki and I’ve been hooked on Gundam and gunpla ever since.

  38. loved the show guy makes me happy to see sum cool star wars stuff

  39. so shiny

  40. great show as always guys.

  41. Great episode, glad to see you guys back.
    I have a question about the “all gundam project” Bandai was planning on doing a few years ago, they still following through? have you noticed any big changes in the updated models?

    • If I remember correctly, the goal of the All Gundam Project was to crank out High Grades of the main suits (+ 2nd season upgrade?) from every show. To that end, since they’ve finally gotten to the DX, I imagine they’re not far from reaching that goal.

      If it was for Master Grade renditions of each main suit, though, then… well. It’ll be a long ways yet.

  42. I would love a phenix but getting one locally is about 300$ and I don’t have the ability to order online at the moment so winning would be great. Amazing show enjoy it every week thanks.

  43. Get episode as always, and I’m so stoked for the RG 00 coming in Spring.

  44. if by some chance, i somehow manage to win the Phenex, i will absolutely replace the star on my Christmas tree with it. and i will supply pictures. tree usually doesn’t go down til around the end of January anyway

  45. Awesome quick show getting me excited for the PG unicorn but that MG Phenix would complet My girlfriend and I’s Unicorn collections .

    Still waiting on when the GPB-06F Super Custom Zaku F2000 comes back in stock. Hope its not to long I cant find any for a decent price any more.

  46. Totally love this episode…waiting for my MG Astray Blue Frame D…and that MG Phenex…holy mother of bling!!! XD

  47. wow another great episode love the new star wars stuff, hope to win the blinged out unicorn.

  48. OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! i must have that PHENEX!!! :'(
    can i make a request tho…if i get it can you guys, ryan and sid sign the box for me? that’ll be AWESOME!!! 😀

    • Syd’s mentioned before that he’ll try to package everything as tightly as possible to save on shipping, which means no box. 🙁

      There’s no reason he can’t sign a card for you, though. Maybe he and Ryan could throw their business cards in with the kit and sign those…

  49. PHENIX???? ive been wanting that kit since I first watched the unicorn series I would love 2 have that beast of possibility

  50. My old unicorn broke so the phenix would be a great replacement until I get the pg :D. Love the show guys and keep up the great work. Also that x-wing looks awesome!

  51. While I think the design for the G-Self is pretty cool, I quickly fell in love with the G-Arcane; I think it may be my favorite design from Reconguista so far (the looks of the rifle remind me of the original Buster Gun use by the Wing).

    Also, I can’t wait for someone mod their PG Unicorn into Phenex.

  52. WOW so much gold

  53. Boku no Pico-wa sugoidesu

  54. If I win the phoenix unicorn can you also send a pair of sunglasses. Its gonna be way too shinny in my room.

  55. Love the show always looking forward to new episodes, thanks for doing such a great job!

  56. Always great to see Scott on the show, would love to have him show up more.

  57. I want the gold, give me the gold

  58. Omg I want that phenex!

  59. *Pulls Lever*
    Come on Golden Gunpla!!!

  60. The Star Wars kit look really good. Think I’ll keep an eye on those kits for a while. Hope they make the death star.

  61. I want that shiny gundam!

  62. Woah, an MG giveaway! I want in on this one…

  63. Oh man those star wars models all look great. Although the fine molds really looks awesome with all the details. However the Bandai model does have that great stand and accessory but I gotta say that Y-wing looks so good I wish you guys still sold it so I could buy one. As for the Astray Blue frame D, I gotta get it sometime to pair with the Red Frame I’m gonna build soon. Gotta build something soon to release all my stress from these exams. That Phenex though… If only…

  64. Gold. Gold. Goooooold

  65. awesome kits i really want that blue astray… gotta save up money 🙂

  66. Great star wars kits. That christmas wing will be sold out in a flash.

  67. gonna buy mg blue astray this xmas and also preordering dark exia

  68. GUNPLA!!!! (`_´)ゞ

  69. gold gold gold gold.. cant wait for the dark matter

  70. Little confusing how this went out after the Unicorn was finished and stuff but still a great epsiode! Vader looks sick! DAT PHENEX THO!!!

  71. Great Eps. again guys!! I was wondering whats your guys gundam’s 2014??

  72. i hope i win that blink – blink unicorn ^_^

  73. Gimme gimme! Great vid! 😀

  74. uni..uni..unicornnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Awesome video as always guys hope I win!

  76. I really hope I win that Phenex.

  77. Awesome stuff guys. Can’t wait for the next episode. GOLLLLDDDD ROLLL!!!

  78. Awesome episode! Nice to see star wars kits. Keep up the good work ryan and syd

  79. Star Wars!!!

  80. Nice vid guys. Hope I win something this time!

  81. I love gold. Can’t wait for the next episode guys!

  82. Holy CRAP! So much hype for Star Wars and the Unicorn!

  83. Down with Michael Bay, Zeig Zeon!

  84. Those star wars kits look awesome. I’ve got two friends who are gonna love them for x-mas!

  85. A live stream of the Wing Zero?! That would be AWESOME!


  87. Syd! I am your father!

  88. I’m not a hardcore Star Wars fan, but that Darth Vader looks like a winner to me!

    Michael Bay is gonna make a Gundam live action movie.




  91. thanks for the PG Unicorn videos!

  92. Bandai are really milking the bearguy line

  93. Oh man! I’d kill to get that MG Unicorn Phenex!


  95. Can’t wait to see the PG Unicorn LED tutorial.

  96. Phenex! The Unicorn GOD

  97. that vader looks awesome! now give me the phenex. lol

  98. WHAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT, I can’t even win a dang $1 scratch ticket. Need some bling in my life, I want that Phenex to be my Willy Wonka’s golden ticket!

    Those PG Unicorn videos were awesome! Is there anyway you guys can sign the bottom right corner before shipping my preorder out when it releases and ships?!

  99. i want phenex! please!


  101. Sucks you guys have to work christmas, I’m interested in seeing the RG Wing Zero I hope you guys show it off in the future.

  102. Got my Bandai Star Wars kits in private warehouse, just waiting past holiday period of postal service saturation to have it shipped.

    As for the episode, about the Astray Blue Frame D, yes vouivre is french for Wyvern.

    Didn’t save enough for PG Unicorn but crossfingers I get a MG Phenex 😀

  103. Gotta say, that PG Unicorn was rather underwhelming, but those Star Wars kits look pretty interesting. Are the Fine Molds releases discontinued forever-forever (ie they no longer have the license) or just “for now”-forever (ie FM are taking a break to focus on other productions)?

    • The Fine Molds kits are discontinued forever. FM got the license when Star Wars was still under Lucas. Now that Disney owns the property they decided not to renegotiate with FM and instead sold/transferred the license to Bandai. And from what I’ve read of people that asked FM about this in previous shows, on top of that Disney even went so far as to ask Fine Molds to give up their molds to Bandai, basically for free. They didn’t because it’s their work and money invested into the molds, so they decided to destroy them and sell/recycle the steel.

      • Ah, thanks for the info. That’s quite a shame they had to destroy the molds, and even worse that Disney had the gall to ask them to give a competitor their tech. Oh well. I would imagine those remaining kits will eventually start selling for quite a lot to dedicated collectors.


  105. Nice to see Scott again in the show. Syd you are a very generous guy did you know that?

  106. Bling Bling Baby hope I win that MG. great episode guys, going to grab some star wars kits after xmas with gift money and that Astray is looking good!

  107. Greats eps as always! Hope bandai didn’t screw up with star wars kit

  108. Really hope that Bandai will do different trooper molds for Star Wars! Dayum that Phenex!

  109. got my darth vader aswell time to build it…
    i wish i win this time

  110. I need some bling for my gunpla shelf 😀 #Phenex

  111. Super sick giveaway, keep up the amazing work guys!

  112. Wow that’s some bling! 😀


  114. Hey Ryan and Syd.
    The MG phenex? my god!
    As the end of the year is approaching, its time for gunpla top10s, could it be possible to disclose the top10 selling gunpla from HLJ?

  115. Random coment…..

  116. Great show! It actually inspired me to get a Fine Molds 1/72 scale Falcon. Merry Christmas to all.

  117. Awesome!!! Can’t wait for the LED UC Live Stream !!! THX

  118. That Phenex is blinding and I love it. Also those Bandai Star Wars kits look fantistic.


  120. Phenex Unicorn… bling bling, but where is it in the Anime?

  121. I watched the Star Wars trailer when it came out but couldn’t get excited as it was too similar to a trailer for a Michael Bay movie. The vehicles that appeared in the trailer seemed out of place or lacking any sense of logic (unless those were land speeders crossing the lake) especially when a Corellian YT-1300 Freighter does aerobatics in atmosphere with the completely un-aerodynamic fighters (which should have been replaced by interceptors) flying past. But after seeing what J. J. Abrams did with Star Trek into Darkness, expecting anything completely new would probably be ‘the definition of insanity’.

    But I’m still interested in seeing what sort of toys and kits will be released for the film and hope they create new designs for subsequent episodes, to avoid ‘peg warming’ (like Transformers Bumblebee) if anything else.

  122. I’m still massively excited for the PG Unicorn, and honestly I’m glad you didn’t try to livestream it for the reasons you mentioned. Sadly I’m going to have to wait for the Full Armor parts set to arrive before I can build it, as I want the waterslides!

  123. Sid do you think P BANDAI would make a PG gundam unicorn green psycho frame and P BANDAI banshee gundam.If P BANDAI make this two things would you buy it or not.

  124. Sid do you think P BANDAI would make a PG gundam unicorn green psycho frame and P BANDAI banshee gundam.If P BANDAI make this two things would you buy it or not.but it will cause you alot if they make this things.

  125. UNICORN! ^0^)/

  126. Phenex!!!!!

  127. what I don’t win
    I want that MG
    and it will be first MG

  128. with free fingerprints!

  129. The TIE Advanced I got for a frined just arrived, and it does look like a really nice little kit; imagined it would be a bit bigger though! Thanks for the episode and the PG Unicorn build recording 🙂

  130. when RG 00 Raiser relese

  131. Those star wars kits look really fun! Definitely going to pick up the Vader and maybe the storm trooper. Can’t wait for the hopefully eventual Boba Fett kit!

  132. horee sheet! it’s blink2 unicorn! oww my eyes…!!!

    btw, when will we see onther modeling contest like last year?

  133. Bling me Syd! Hehehe

  134. I’ve got the mg unicorn & norn, phenex would be nice to complete my collection of unicorns 🙂

  135. that gold on the phenix is amazing! I hope I win

  136. The only decent films that Michael Bay has directed are The Rock, Pearl Harbor And Armageddon. And the reason those are any good is because of the cast. As for Megan Fox in Transformer…. Well we all know she wasn’t hired for her acting skills.

    Phenex SHINY!!! Still kinda bummed this is a regular release and the Banshee Norn is a P Bandai Exclusive.

    • Pearl Harbor is an abysmal movie. It’s offensive to Americans and Japanese alike for so thoroughly misrepresenting history. For instance, the Japanese never actually attacked the hospitals; they took pains to avoid damaging the medical facilities, and the American survivors emphasized this. That the movie distorts this for the sake of artificially pumping up American Patriotism isn’t just the fault of Michael Bay, though he rightfully does and should take the lion’s share of the blame.

  137. will you ever put the leds in your pg unicorn?

  138. Good show guys!

    Awesome coverage of the PG Unicorn. It actually inspired me to finally get started on my MG Unicorn Gundam OVA ver. that I had been putting off for more than 3 and a half years now. As of this writing I’m almost done with just the backpack and weapons to finish. Thanks for the push guys.

    And I lol’d at Syd’s rant on Darth Vader! 😀

  139. LOL Ryan is always get upset of Michael Bay Films :P, Anyways great job Syd on the PG Unicorn, Can’t wait to get my hands dirty on the PG Unicorn soon. 😛

  140. GOLD! *_* i really love that Phenex! *drools*

  141. hello world

  142. Show me the gold!

  143. great episode as always! can’t wait for you guys to review the MG DX

  144. wow it is my birthday today n gunpla tv just aired what an enjoyable day i have today

  145. Those Fine Molds Star Wars kits look amazing!

    I really loved watching the build of the PG Unicorn. I’d love to win the MG. I’ve always dug the look of the Unicorn, but haven’t bought any of the kits as yet.

    btw those star wars kits looks awesome

  147. omg. give me that banshee pls!! and great work on the unicorn syd! thanks for taking the time to do it.

  148. May the Phenex be with you!

    So Sid ,Scott and Ryan, what did you think about the new star wars trailer? All my friends are hyped over the new lightsaber design ,but personally I’m dying to see the X wings! Animation has come so far since the 70s.

    Hope I get that phenex ,it’s going to be standing next to my mg banshee norn!

  149. Nice that’s the perfect star to put on top of my Christmas tree. The spirit of giving is high with hobbylink TV and may many more eps keep coming 🙂

  150. love that bandai is doing star wars now. great episode keep it up guys your awesome.

  151. The force is strong in this episode! Good job with the Unicorn, it’s impressive

  152. That Phenex would make a great Christmas present.


  154. still baffles me that the phenex got a regular release while the banshee norn is a shop exclusive.. ugh.. but yeah free gunpla is free gunpla

  155. The Phenex send me you will ..

  156. Nice episode! I remember building the Star Wars kits from MPC/Ertl back in the nineties as a child. Those were horrible! Really bad fit with huge gaps. I think I will give Bandai a try, since they also sell at a good price. Hope they will make some more kits, like the Millenium Falcon of course, the Star Destroyer or an AT-AT.

    Really nice giveaway this time! Hope I’ll win!

  157. those star wars kits look pretty awesome, know what most relatives are getting for xmas!

  158. I’m not much of a fan of Star Wars but those kits are pretty sweet.

  159. Great episode as always guys! I’m quite excited about the next RGs…i already pre-ordered the wing zero and i’m gonna buy the raiser too! Keep it guys!

  160. I like the figure of Darth Vader but the plastic cloack look too strange for my taste. Why they don’t use some kind of fabric…I don’t know.
    A Phenex for Christmas could be a dream comes true!

    • Fabric is really hard to make look good on a model kit. Usually it tends to look exactly like it is – a sheet of fabric. There’s no sense of weight or body to it compared to other, more rigid materials. Cloth stitched over a wire “skeleton” might achieve the right look while still being mobile, but it’s not something I’ve seen used very much. (I considered trying it out for a 1/100 Deathscythe Hell Custom build using the old 1/100 HG, but that project is currently shelved.)

  161. OMG!!! PHENEXXX!!!!
    I want that so much
    Will it be weird if I actually got it hahaha

  162. First time leaving a comment. Here’s to hoping i win the shiny gundam!

  163. Shiny.

  164. Great Star Wars Bandai kits. Good to see Scott on again, and in charge.

  165. We just survived the typhoon here in the Philippines, thank God for protecting us. Now back to gunpla. You guys inspired me and gave me usefull info about gunpla. Thanks for all the tips and hope to see lots and lots of videos. More power to you guys. Keep it up! Ps: if i am lucky enough to win that blingy phenex, could you guys sign that kit? Thanks ;-)..

  166. Would be awesome to get a 1:1 scale lightsaber with a bunch of inner parts and variant attachments to change it to look like other jedi/siths, they are all personalized to their users and it would be an interesting option. Looking at how people imagined things worked always caught my attention. Like I would totally buy a cross section model of a GN Drive from 00.

  167. I wanna win that MG Phenex! ;[

  168. BE MINE MG PHENEX!!!!!

  169. The new suits from G-Reco coming in 2015 are amazing. I hope i see the G-Self MG too. Do you guys think the MG version will have the same amount of backpacks as the HG?

  170. Great ep fellas. That Phenex would be a nice addition to my other Unicorns. I hope you guys do the same style of yer Christmas ep last year with the Sazabi and Nu ver Ka. Only with the PG Unicorn this time.

  171. Another awesome episode guide, wicked prize just what I need for my collection 😀 #smileyface

  172. I just watched the Michael Bay TF movies out of 1 curiosity then just watched it in continuity, w/o expecting very much. so as much as they were disappointing, I was not that disappointed cause my hopes are not that high to begin with

  173. wow.. big surprise that you will give the 1/100 mg phenex how to win this awesome price.

  174. the amount of bling on that Phenex is too damn high… Bling o kudasai!!!

  175. I’m really excited for the bandai Star Wars kits and I love how the Phenex looks!

  176. how tall is darth vader kit?

  177. Love the bandai star wars kits. They look like a great value for the price. Vader looks amazing as well. That Unicorn Phenex is looking pretty sexy!

  178. OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!! I want that Phenexxxxxxxx!!!! btw nice review on that star wars kit. I got it when the black friday sale..luckily that kit still available that time around

  179. Staaaaar Waaaaaaars!!! I got the sith lord too and will be expecting it by the end of this week or next week.. I do want that MG Phenex!! I think rrobbert did that on his youtube account and it looks awesome!! Excited for RG Wing Gundam Zero!! Hopefully it comes out before my birthday.. Btw I like the new look on the website the comment section looks awesome

  180. Hey I like the bee gees too! What’s your favorite song Ryan? Mines is how deep is your love

  181. wingle dingle

  182. Wow, star wars fan reporting in!

  183. Nice Video, Keep up the good work. =)

  184. Agreed with how Transformers got ruined by those movies. When I watched the first Transformers I thought the movie was going to finally get interesting after an hour, however, the rest of the movie was just as lame as the first half…

  185. Phenex Phenex Phenex! 😀

  186. Imagine the price of a 1/60 PG Unicorn Phenex. Would love to give one of the Star Wars kit a go.

  187. hmm…I could always go for one more MG

  188. OMG PHENEX!!!!!! PHENEX!!!!!! PHENEX!!!!!!!!!!

  189. My package is three days late and you guys wont help me get a refund………thanks

  190. UNICORN!!!! >.<

  191. everybody loves that “bling bling” gundam as much as fans love you Syd and Ryan. merry christmas! hope that Phenex Gundam will complete my Unicorn Collection!

  192. OM that phenex would make such a great gift!!

  193. OMG some bling bling

  194. Hello gentlemen.

    Talk about a gold rush you started…. Didn’t see all those comments on the PG build video’s. Maybe ’cause there is nothing to win…..?

    Anyways, it must have been the fever my dear Ryan, because Megan Fox….., common!
    It was a rather descent movie, but all the sound FX came right out of Transformers.
    Michael Bay is the Bandai to movies. Recycling the heck out of everything, take the same frame (Plot) and putting on new armor (Screenplay)….

    Should I win the MG Phenex, please give it to Ryan! He want’s it so much, and this way he finally has something that is completed 😀
    To return the favor, could you guys please sign my PG Unicorn box?
    Pretty please with sugar on top (can you guess what movie this references to?)

    Thanks for the great show guys!

  195. Great SW coverage, guys. I’ve been waiting for a closer look at those kits, and they look pretty slick! Might have to add a few to my collection.

    Along with that Phenex. 😉

  196. He is more model than man. His mind is plastic and evil.

  197. I want the Unicorn Phenex XD its my birthday on January XD Gift please haha


  199. I would love to win the Unicorn

  200. I wonder if they will release an MG or PG Darth Vader?

  201. Gold power!

  202. About the gate marks not being visible on the X-wing, is it really because they’re light or could it also be the colour of the plastic? I’ve noticed on other kits I built that they tend to more or less invisible on white plastic if you clean them up properly.

    PS:”That’s what she said”? Tsk tsk, shame on you, Syd. Did you show her your golden Phenex? :p

  203. I can believe. I will believe. You will believe.

  204. The new Star Wars kits look really good.

  205. Holy syd u r one crazy person. Giving away the phenex <3 *bling bling* excited for the new star wars movie release too.

  206. Those Starwars kits look totally dope. I’d love it if Bandai does another line of those character figures in a bigger scale (like 8-12 inches)

  207. Phenex!!!!!!!! Oh yeah. I love this show.

  208. been waiting for the this gunpla tv episode though i thought you were gonna feature the PG unicorn! but those star wars kits do look fun! thank’s again syd and ryan! gonna buy from hlj when i’m gonna be a professional (still a student)..

  209. I like the Darth Vader , who wants the D, hahaha, seriously do you guys feel that Bandai will improve the Star wars Kits even more given time like they have with the Gundam kits.

  210. Awesome hope i get that unicorn keep up the good work and VIVA LA GUNPLA!!!

  211. I defiantly want the big bling, bling, bling unicorn!

  212. Im happy that the star wars models are back

  213. Nice video guys I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the new Star Wars kits and that unicorn would be a nice Christmas present for me if I win, so here’s hoping for the best

  214. great show as always, love the rants, thought i dont watch the movies, hope i win the god damn piece of gold

  215. GOLD GOLD GOLD GOLD!!!! I want that gold blink blink gundam!!!! It’s just like a Christmas gift right? Phenex gundam I love you!!! Lolz

  216. I want it too!!! 😀

  217. Bling for Christmas for me? Unicorn! Great video as always guys!

  218. Hope for more kits for StarWars from Bandai

  219. Gundams for Chrismas? Yes.

  220. “hmmm… force is too strong in this episode…. hmmmmm…
    hmmm… buy bandai star wars, I said I will not…. hmmmm….
    hmmm… after watching this.. hmmm… give in to the dark side i must!

    (ten… ten… ten.. tentenen tentenen… [queue in imperial death march music here])

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  254. Phenex(Fenix) If I get you I promise to take care of you, clean you and read you a story every night before bed time ;-;

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  415. Syd the definition of insanity isn’t what you think it is, that’s just Hollywood and is misattributed to Einstein. The actual definition of insanity is “a state of being unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality” or the legal definition “not being able to tell right from wrong at the given time”

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