Mar 26
HLJ : Luke


Submitted By : Deikun

Wooh! I started this Perfect grade project about two months ago (Late January), and although progress has been going very well, it’s still taken a while… ^^;

Back when I first saw the Perfect Grade Strike freedom, I knew I was probably going to get it, but that skeleton had to change. Forget that some people don’t like the Gold Bandai used, I just don’t like the Gold! I never got why the Strike Freedom had a Gold inner frame, so I figured I could paint it, but what? It took me about a month before I finally figured out what would be done. I settled on a type of ‘hybrid’ frame, a gray inner skeleton almost wrapped in a golden outer frame. And the results are below!

I think it turned out pretty well! Though there’s some inconstancy in the skeletal detail, making the Gold overlay seem a little patchy, but I think it still looks fantastic! But I also spent a month working on it…

For a more full review, and full coverage of the build, visit my blog.


  1. Awesome! great job

  2. very cool inner frame work 🙂

  3. FTW sir. Very nice.

  4. It’s almost a shame you have to cove it with the armor.

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