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Valkyrie by Kotobukiya (Part 2: Review)

Valkyrie by Kotobukiya (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)

rrobbert184-Walkure-review (1)

Valkyrie is all put together. Let’s see how she looks!

rrobbert184-Walkure-review (2)
According to the manual, you need cement for some parts, but still it’s been put together here without any. Will it hurt the kit?

rrobbert184-Walkure-review (3)
Front, side, and back shots.

rrobbert184-Walkure-review (4)

rrobbert184-Walkure-review (5)

rrobbert184-Walkure-review (6)
Her arms can bend quite nicely, as well as rotate.

rrobbert184-Walkure-review (7)
But her legs can only move a little due to her long skirt.

rrobbert184-Walkure-review (8)
But still, you can easily get some fun poses thanks to the upper body mobility.

rrobbert184-Walkure-review (9)
And let’s see what we can do with the extra parts.

rrobbert184-Walkure-review (10)
Wen she’s disarmed, you can pull off a totally different look.

rrobbert184-Walkure-review (11)
But after all, it’s more fitting when she’s a true warrior.

rrobbert184-Walkure-review (12)
And she’s ready for battle anytime!

rrobbert184-Walkure-review (13)
About the size, it’s a non-scale kit so it may not line up next to some of your other figures.

rrobbert184-Walkure-review (14)
But she is a little bit taller than RG Agguy.

rrobbert184-Walkure-review (15)
Some final thoughts. First of all, I would say that this is a fun kit to build. More importantly, it’s quite simple, and doesn’t take a long time. But I think the figure you’re getting is worth the time and effort you put in. Also, for some hardcore painters, you can easily add some color to make her look even better. The only thing that needs improvement is the design of the hands. In previous kits, I think Kotobukiya had done a great job on the hands, but for some reason, you need cement for the hands this time. And if you try to be a lazy modeller like me, the hands that carry the weapons may fall apart pretty easily when you try to play with it. Other than that, though, it’s quite fun to pose. And if you’re into old-school video games, all the more reason you may want to add it to your shelf. Thanks for checking this out!

rrobbert184-Walkure-review (16)
“A hat with wings? Good idea!”

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