• Gunpla TV 341
  • Mega Hobby Expo 2019 Autumn
  • Border Break Kisei Hashiki
  • Zoids Dark Horn
  • Tokyo Comic Con 2019

New Episodes

Toy Tengoku Episode 116 – Saber Frankenstein

On this episode, we’re looking at Frankenstein from “Fate/Grand Order”! But this isn’t the typical Berserker Class Frankenstein, Max Factory has brought her to life in her Sabe...[Read More]

Event Reports

Toy Tengoku Special – Mega Hobby Expo 2019 Autumn

We’re back at Mega Hobby Expo for another round of new figure reveals! Join us as we check out everything on display from MegaHouse, Kotobukiya, Alter, Aniplex, and more. And don’t miss ou...[Read More]


GeoCraper Illumination Unit Diorama: Installing Milight LEDs

HobbyLink Japan recently teamed up with Nihon Takujo Kaihatsu, the creators of the superb 1/2500 scale GeoCraper mini cityscape products. The result came as three sets of translucent units exclusive t...[Read More]