May 24


We’d like to thank everyone who entered the 2017 Playing with Plamo modelling competition — we received hundreds of excellent entries this year and really enjoyed seeing so many creative, well-built models! Choosing finalists took some time and effort, but we’re now pleased to announce the winners! Let’s dive right in.

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May 16

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By the Seats of Their Pants…

Air racing, at least with heavier craft, has been with us almost as long as aircraft themselves.

Whether it be about speed, endurance and other firsts/records/whatever, or simply the organized races that became so important in the 1930s – such as the famed Schneider Trophy, a detailed history of which can be found here – every country has bred people willing to take to the skies for nothing more than the simple thrill of defying gravity.

Indeed, the first true air race was held in France on May 23, 1909 at the Port Aviations Aerodrome, south of Paris. Called the Run to commemorate the opening of the aerodrome, an estimated 40,000 people gathered to the airfield on the 23rd hoping to see the first great daredevils of this ‘new age of flight’ – and, despite delays, weather, and bureaucracy they were not disappointed.

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