New Episodes

Toy Tengoku – Episode 68 – Digimon Digivolving Spirits

This week on Toy Tengoku, Lindsay and David jump into some “Digimon” nostalgia with Bandai’s Digivolving Spirits 06 Atlur Kabuterimon! Without any extra parts, this little guy can tr...[Read More]

Event Reports

Conquering Tokyo Game Show 2018

Taking on any sort of high-profile convention can be a daunting task, especially one as big as Tokyo Game Show 2018 – Japan’s premier gaming exhibition. Developers from far and wide gather to sh...[Read More]


Gundam Photography Real Laser Effects Part 4: Beam Sword

Hi Gunpla fans! AllDaLazurs here once again, aka Adam K. This is my final post on creating cool laser effects in photos to give an even more realistic dimension to your mecha modeling. Before this pos...[Read More]