Oct 20

Kaiju in the Outfield:
Up First! Godzilla vs. Mecha Godzilla
Stealing Home! King Ghidorah!
Refereeing! Tsuburaya Eiji

Both available from Hobbylink Japan: Godzilla vs. Mecha Godzilla and King Ghidorah.


Move Over Victor. The Real Monster Maker has Arrived!

Though most kaiju fans would know it was Nakajima Haruo who is seen as giving life to Godzilla, a startlingly large number of fans still do not recognize the name of Tsuburaya Eiji, as the Father of Toho’s Kaiju, which is a shame as the director and SFX master has a career which is littered with pure filmic gold. Without him, there surely would be no Godzilla today. Nah, not just Godzilla, but Tokusatsu movies as a whole as we know them now.

I’ll go that far.

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Oct 20

Kaiju Smackdown:
Round One! Godzilla vs. Mecha Godzilla
Round Two! King Ghidorah vs. EVERYONE!

Both available from Hobbylink Japan: Godzilla vs. Mecha Godzilla and Ghidorah.

Nakajima Haruo: The Real OG

Writing this, in October 2017, it is only a few months since Nakajima Haruo, the beating heart of the 200 pounds of rubber and metal which was Godzilla (and for nigh on to a dozen films at that) passed away at the age of 88.

Making these little models, it reminded me of the time I lived close to the old master and was able to chat with him from time to time.

Unlike so many of his Kaiju peers, he embraced his alter ego even though, as he said himself, it put him in fear for his life – often dehydrating him to the point of collapse, and being set on fire by the SFX explosions going on around him.

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