New Episodes

Gunpla TV – Episode 354 – New Arrivals for March 27th

Another Gunpla-less episode of Gunpla TV is here for you today! Joining Bandai Hobby’s lineup of wonderful molded-in-color and snap-together kits are none other than the original PlayStation and Sega ...[Read More]

Hobby Tutorials

How to Soften Ball and Socket Joints

Hello everyone! So, I had a bit of a problem. Opening my figma Gridman, he wasn’t connected at the waist. I tried pushing the ball joint into the socket, but it would just pop right out. So what to do...[Read More]

Event Reports

Toy Tengoku Special – Wonder Festival 2020 Winter

We’re back at Wonder Festival 2020 Winter this year, for another round of new announcements! Join us as we take you through the halls of the winter 2020 event, and check out the latest in anime,...[Read More]