Sep 21
Eyal Reinfeld

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Mikuma was the second vessel in the four-vessel Mogami class of the heavy cruisers in the Imperial Japanese Navy. It was named after the Mikuma river in Oita prefecture, Japan.
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Sep 19

Our fans have been wanting to see some different items featured and this week we deliver! We take a look at the newest hot model line from Kotobukiya called HEXA GEAR which features kits for pilots known as ‘Governors’ as well as animal themed robotic mounts! Frame Arms Girls finally makes an appearance on Gunpla TV as well with Lindsay showing off her great work building the Baselard!

Items featured in this episode:
1/24 GOVERNOR Armor Type Pawn A1 (HEXA GEAR)
1/24 GOVERNOR Para-Pawn Sentinel (HEXA GEAR)
1/24 HEXA GEAR Voltrex
1/24 HEXA GEAR Rayblade Impulse
1/24 HEXA GEAR Hyde Storm
Frame Arms Girl Baselard
1/72 Gojulas The Ogre
HMM Highend Master Model EZ-036 Death Stinger
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