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Evangelion RG EVA Mark.06 Review

RG Evangelion is back with Kaworu Nagisa’s Evangelion Mark.06 – join Mecha Gaikotsu for a look if you haven’t seen it yet! Plus, get the scoop on the upcoming RG EVA decals coming ou...[Read More]

Hobby Tutorials

VIC Color Mecha Sets for Gunpla

Hello there! Welcome to a new Vic Hobby review! I’m Anthony, and today I would like to talk about the new Mecha Basic Colors sets by Vic Hobby. Each set includes four different acrylic paints wi...[Read More]

Event Reports

Scale Model News from Shizuoka Hobby Show 59 (2021)

The Shizuoka Hobby Show is on now – May 13-14th in Shizuoka, Japan! Unlike past years, this year is only open to industry professionals and not the general public, due to the current state of em...[Read More]