• Gunpla TV 348
  • Wonder Festival 2020 Winter
  • HG Kobu-Kai
  • Toy Tengoku 119
  • Mobile Doll May

New Episodes

Gunpla TV – Episode 348 – New Arrivals for February 14th

Today on Gunpla TV, the new Gunpla arrivals boast one Todd has been waiting for: the massive MG Fazz in all its glory! This new MG arrives alongside another Ultraman, an LBX kit, and a really special ...[Read More]

Event Reports

Toy Tengoku Special – Wonder Festival 2020 Winter

We’re back at Wonder Festival 2020 Winter this year, for another round of new announcements! Join us as we take you through the halls of the winter 2020 event, and check out the latest in anime,...[Read More]


HGUC Galbaldy Beta Build Part 7: Painting I

What’s up, everyone? It’s Enrico again, back with a new update on the HGUC Galbaldy Beta. Today we’re going to begin laying down some colors.This and the next update, just like the p...[Read More]