Geek News

New Plamo Arrivals For December 3, 2021

It’s a BIG week for plamo! New Bandai Gunpla are here, with sides of Digim...[Read More]

New Episodes

AMAIM: HG MAILeS Kenbu Review

HG Kyoukai Senki (AMAIM: Warrior at the Borderline) hits another home run with the astounding High Grade of the series’ main mecha, the MAILeS Kenbu! Check out Mecha Gaikotsu’s full review...[Read More]

Hobby Tutorials

Quick & Easy Hangar Displays

Hello there! Welcome to a new guide, my name is Anthony, and today I want to show you how to build a hangar bay for your kits! Two years ago, I built the MG 1/100 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam HD color with MS ...[Read More]

Event Reports

Recycling, Gunpla, & Art Come Together At Operation Gundam R

The Operation Gundam R Event was officially held by Bandai on November 20th & 21st, 2021 in the Shinjuku Sumitomo Building to convey the importance of plastic recycling and Bandai’s recyclin...[Read More]