New Episodes

Toy Tengoku – Episode 78 – Mew vs. Mewtwo!

Today we’re opening up MegaHouse’s G.E.M. Mew & Mewtwo figure from Pokemon! This nostalgic figure brings us all the way back to “Pokemon: The First Movie,” in which Mew an...[Read More]

Event Reports

Tokyo Comic Con 2018

With the event now in its third year, Tokyo Comic Con has found its footing amongst the various trade shows and cons that the city hosts annually, embracing western pop culture full on, showing us tha...[Read More]


Gundam Photography Real Laser Effects Part 4: Beam Sword

Hi Gunpla fans! AllDaLazurs here once again, aka Adam K. This is my final post on creating cool laser effects in photos to give an even more realistic dimension to your mecha modeling. Before this pos...[Read More]