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New Plamo Arrivals for October 28, 2022

This week’s new plamo arrivals include the first kit in Bandai’s NEW SPEC Dragon Ball line, as well as new Mega Man, Frame Arms, and Hexa Gear! We’ve even got returning kits from the hot A.T.K. Girl line, and plenty more to peruse this week. See them all below, and get your orders in before they’re gone!

If any kits in this post are backordered when you read this, don’t worry — Bandai is great about restocking periodically. But, you’ll want to get your order in to secure a spot in line for the next restock!

Dragon Ball

Figure-rise Standard Son Goku (NEW SPEC Ver.) Dragon Ball Z

The Figure-rise Standard line has entered an all new dimension: NEW SPEC! The range of motion and the beauty of the modeling have both been taken to the next level, and the first character in the lineup is Son Goku from “Dragon Ball Z”! The Muscle Build System has been powered up to the new “Muscle Build System PLUS” to achieve the highest range of motion through a thorough study of human anatomy and the evolution of plastic model movement technology. The system has been researched and developed with the theme of making it easy to assemble, so fans can fully enjoy the fun of building each part with their own hands.

Mega Man

Dark Mega Man (Mega Man Battle Network)

Dark Mega Man from “Mega Man Battle Network” is now an awesome model kit from Kotobukiya! The carefully selected parts division making full use of the technology cultivated in the “Mega Man X” plastic model series, as well as CAD design for both accurate proportions and movement, result in a spectacular and easy-to-assemble figure of Dark Mega Man who look as if he stepped right out of the game! Four interchangeable facial expressions are included, as are familiar attachments such as Buster, Cannon and Sword. And as a special bonus, the enemy character Mettle is also included! Dark Mega Man’s sword includes two different types of effect blades of different lengths; remove the cover on his back to expose a 3mm joint hole, making him compatible with various flying bases (not included, sold separately). The Mettle’s main body and helmet can be removed to reproduce its standby state, and it too has a 3mm joint hole on its back.

Frame Arms

1/100 Frame Arms Kenshin

Japan’s leading mechanical designer, Kunio Okawara, contributes his considerable talents to Kotobukiya’s “Frame Arms” model-kit lineup with Frame Arms Kenshin! This battle mech features a distinct design, with its samurai-inspired helmet and the flags on its shoulders; its coloring based on blue, vermilion and gold really stands out! The kit is molded in color, so you don’t need to paint it; two different styles of helmet are included as well. It’s equipped with a long sword (naginata), a large and small Japanese-style sword, and a gunbai that can be used by Frame Arms Shingen! The flag-shaped wings can be moved freely, significantly changing the silhouette of the shoulder armor, flags and wings. The hand parts have a swing axis for superior posability, and a hand holding a gun grip is included too. It’s built on a Frame Architect Renewal Ver. core for an incredible range of motion; the Frame Architect Renewal Ver. is unassembled, and features a waist joint with improved pose-holding power.

Hexa Gear

1/24 Governor Engineer Set Type: A

Kotobukiya brings us a set of Governor Engineers for your Hexa Gear! These fully articulated mechanics are ready for just about anything involving the construction and maintenance of Hexa Gear, with their lineup of tools to help create a realistic scene. Since they’re 1/24-scale, they also work with your favorite car models in that scale! Two different engineers are included: one with a bare face, and another wearing goggles; water-transfer decals for their eyes are included too. Their waist bags can be removed, and a helpful droid is included too!

1/24 Hexa Gear Booster Pack 006 Forklift Type
Orange Ver.
Dark Blue Ver.

This new Hexa Gear Booster Pack builds into a forklift that goes well with the Block Base series and the Governor Engineer set! It’s available in two colors — orange and blue (the blue matches well with the Bulk Arm Alpha). It’s ideal for making garage dioramas showing Hexa Gear being assembled. You can also combine it with the Bulk Arm Alpha to make it a Work Bulk Arm!

Giant Robo


From the anime OVA series “Giant Robo: The Day the Earth Stood Still” comes a MODEROID plastic model kit of Giant Robo! This is the very first plastic model of Giant Robo! Standing at approximately 24cm in height, it is the largest plastic model in MODEROID history! Giant Robo’s memorable rocket bazooka from the series can be displayed in deployed form with the use of interchangeable parts. The various parts of the Mecha have been separated into different colored runners and pre-painted parts, making it easy to recreate the Mecha from the series with simple assembly.

Knights of Sidonia


Tanifu Nagamichi’s robot, Yukimori, from the film “Knights of Sidonia” is now a magnificent model kit from Kotobukiya! The wing on the back is expandable to reproduce its unique silhouette; it comes with a long Ultra-High-Speed Bullet Accelerator. The high-speed rapid-firing gun mounted to its arm is included, as is the spear-shaped weapon Kabizashi. An original sword that didn’t appear in the film is included too!

A.T.K. Girl

1/12 A.T.K.GIRL Azure Dragon (Reissue)

Eastern Model’s A.T.K. Girl Azure Dragon is back! She comes with plenty of weapon parts that can be combined in different ways, and she has three interchangeable tampo-printed facial expressions; she also has unpainted faces so you can create your own! She’s incredibly posable after assembly, and comes with a stand for display.

1/12 A.T.K. GIRL Serket (Reissue)

Eastern Model’s A.T.K. Girl Serket is back! The scorpion-themed unit can be displayed as a stand-alone combat support mechanical being, or it can be attached to her as armor!

1/12 A.T.K.GIRL ARACHNE ver. 2.0 (Reissue)

Eastern Model’s A.T.K. Girl Arachne Ver. 2.0 is back! She comes with three different tampo-printed face parts, as well as a blank face part so you can use the included decals to make your own customized expressions! Her Weapon Mode can be recreated in both light armor and fully equipped armor versions for plenty of display options. Her joints and armor parts also feature a wide range of motion for easy posing.

1/12 A.T.K.GIRL Genbu (Reissue)

Eastern Model’s A.T.K. Girl Genbu is back, based on a spirit beast from Chinese mythology! The large shield she comes with canals be positioned to become a cannon; additionally, her bellows sword can become an incredible-looking whip by replacing some of the parts.


SDW HEROES Dark Grasper Dragon (SDW Gundam)

From “SD Gundam World Heros: The Legend of Dragon Night” comes a dark dragon to be paired with the SDW Heroes Shine Grasper Dragon! Boasting more than 12 points of articulation, the entire body is moveable and can be posed in a variety of ways. Don’t miss out, be sure to order yours today!

Brave Express Might Gaine


The first Shokugan Modeling Project (SMP) entry from “Brave Express Might Gaine” is Might Gaine itself! It reproduces the transformation from its train form to its robot form; Might Wing can transform into its flight form and train form. Combine Might Wing with the Locomorizer to create Might Gaine! A moving wheel sword is also included. There are three different miniature model kits available, randomly packed in boxes of three; each one comes with a piece of soda-flavored gum, too.



Kotobukiya brings us the “Evoroid” series of cutely deformed robots, from the mind of mechanic designer Kunio Okawara! The M-Jet-N can transform from a robot to a jet fighter without parts replacement! 3mm joints are common to the entire series, making it easy to create your own mechanical minions; you can also use parts from Frame Arms, M.S.G., Hexa Gear, Frame Arms Girls, Megami Device and more!


C-Rex can transform from a robot to a mechanical dinosaur without parts replacement!


Action Base 6 Clear

Perfect for displaying small plastic models, the 6th model of Action Base now comes in a two piece set!

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