Mar 2

We’ve been busy building this past weekend and Syd is set to show off the newest Master Grade while Lindsay and Anna have some Kotobukiya kits they had the pleasure of assembling. Plus Ryan drools over the just-released Star Wars kits from Bandai along with his bro, R2-D2!

Kits featured in this video:

SDBF Star Winning Gundam
– 1/72 Star Wars TIE Fighter
– 1/48 Star Wars AT-ST
1/12 KOS-MOS Ver.1
RAcaseal Redria Ver.APSY
Star Wars: Revo R2-D2
1/100 MG Gundam Exia Dark Matter


  1. great one indeed!

  2. totally thought i would hate the dark matter… but after this episode… i desperately want it…why do you do this to me!!!!!!!!????????? seriously love this show and am hugely greatful for it! keep up theawesome work and get me all the gunpla news i can take! Syd have a good Holiday!!! build till your heart is content!

  3. 🙂

  4. Another great episode. Looking forward to getting the Dark Matter, looks cool.

  5. GTU said on March 2, 2015

    Dark Matter SExia.

  6. the first MG of this year!! I’m looking forward for a review of GP04 Gerbera RE1/100. Nice ep!!!

  7. Very nice kits today!

  8. Another Exia!!!! Exia is love, Exia is life

  9. great episode!

  10. NIce show again guys. Too bad the Exia Dark Matter is already backordered. 🙁

  11. Happy Vacation Guys! visit here in the Philippines. ^_^

  12. Awesome!! Gunpla!! Reviews!!

  13. Man it looks good.

  14. Damn Exia Dark Matter gets all the ladies 🙁

  15. Hi Syd and Ryan, I have a question, how can I identify a waterslide decal? Because I’m pretty confused between the Regular stickers and the waterslides. Great show, keep it up. And one more thing, ” GUNPLA IS FREEDOM!!! ” ^_^

    • Waterslides have a light blue backing on kits done by kotobukyia and Bandai. (I am unsure of what other companies do but I think they all use the same color.) Stickers are on a green backing and foil stickers have silver backing.

    • You won’t be able to get the waterslide off of the backing. And you will be able to do so with the sticker. Once you try working with waterslides you’ll get the hang of how to differentiate one and the other just by a glance. I don’t use regular stickers any more and go for waterslides whenever I can. When there’s no waterslides I tend to wait until someone makes a set and then continue with the kit itself. One other thing, I’m a painter so waterslides look much, much better. With the unpainted kit, I guess the regular stickers work just as good. It would sure make your life easier.

    • The stickers on a sticker sheet are bordered by unused sticker material. Waterslide decals have no such excess material; each decal is self-contained. Also, like Daniel said, waterslides can’t be peeled off their backing the way stickers can.

  16. Nice episode Syd, ryan, Anna and Lindsey!And thanks to Lindsey I’ve now realized Soul Caliber 3 has a Cosmos costume and not a random anime costume.

    Syd and Ryan after your debacle with R2D2 and C3-PO It reminds me of this awesome star wars parody done by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

  17. Love how the Dark Matter came out! Also did not expect to see a KOS-MOS kit. My girlfriend would love that!

  18. All of the new kits look great 😀 Gundam Exia with Dark Matter colors would look awesome, first MG of the year is a success!! Great to see another episode, keep it up 🙂

  19. 🙂

  20. Great episode as always guys!!!!!

  21. hype

  22. I am really impressed with the Exia Dark Matter seeing it built now. at first I though with only the 2 main colors, both being kind of dark, would make it muddy looking, but not at all. Iw ill definitely have to get one of those now.

    Oh and Dark Matter comes from Nibblonian poop and is super heavy.

  23. Awesome eps as always.. awesome dark matter just being awesomeee..

  24. Excellent episode.

    Still not sure on the colors of the Exia Dark Matter. Maybe if it was the Amazing Exia instead. I wonder how long it’ll be before MG kits from the second season of GBF appear.

  25. cannot wait for my dark matter exia to arrive

  26. Take this!
    MY LOVE!

  27. Great episode,
    2K15 MG Gundam Exia Dark Matter….Trans Am…

  28. I don’t know how I feel About the Exia Dark Matter, I perfer the HG’s because of their simplicity and cost. Other than that it just looks odd

  29. Dear ladies and gentlemen,

    Thanks for another great show.
    It’s a shame you’ll be leaving us for a few weeks Syd, but you deserve the time off. I wish you a great vacation and hope you’ll have lots of fun with your family and friends back in Canada!


  30. i was never a big fan of the double-O series but i might get that exia dark matter.

    any idea if bandai would be releasing any of those starwars kits in a bigger scale?

  31. lol star wars bowling, too good!

  32. Syd and Ryan I salute you guys but the girls made my day.

  33. Dark Matter looks incredible as always! And YES Star Winning Gundam is one of my favorites from Try, especially after revealing Real Mode!

  34. Tim said on March 3, 2015

    whoa! another episode so fast! what a nice looking kit, will need to order one!

  35. I am predicting much less comments than normal on this week’s video.

  36. Have a safe trip Syd!

    Hoping to see the AT-ST built on the next episode.

  37. Nice episode guys! Keep it up and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 😉

  38. Hope the vacation is great Syd and you can finally watch some NHL action!

  39. Its my birthday. What i would give to win a gunpla kit.

  40. Just bought my first gunpla kit this weekend and built it with my sons who are 6 and 9. We’re hooked. I was looking into what to buy next and got a little overwhelmed. Luckily it didn’t take much digging to find you guys. I’m making my way back through your videos and they’re so helpful. Thanks for making these and for all the great info in them. Keep up the good work!

  41. I am really liking the model incompatibility. It makes my inner modder happy.

  42. Man, I miss Phantasy Star Online…

  43. Geeez! I was hella scared when you stuttered about Syd leaving, before clearing it up the second after. Looking forward for the next show!

  44. Hey Syd and Ryan,

    Do you think they will ever make a Mg ZZ Gundam 2.0 or 3.0?

  45. Mg Hyaku Shiki 2.0 !

  46. Will the MG Exia Dark Matter destroy its HG version in terms of quality? Buy both to find out! I already have the HG model of the Exia DM and I absolutely love its design.

  47. It would be pretty cool to see other Dark Matter kits too, like a Dark Matter Kyrios or a Dark Matter Gundam X

    I hope I win!

  48. I wasn’t really fond of Dark Matter. I mean, it looks really cool, but it wasn’t for me. But after watching this episode, I might have to reconsider.

  49. Dat ass.

  50. Dark matter is cool winner winner chicken dinner *

  51. Can’t wait to build my own Dark Matter! By the way, have a nice vacation,Syd!

  52. Not only can you build the normal Exia MG in Dark Matter colours, but you can also build the Exia Repair II MG that was released as a P-Bandai exclusive in Dark Matter colours – it even comes with the shoulder parts that the R2 uses.

    • Gonna have to retract what I said. Looks like they got rid of the blue portions from the N1 and N2 plate. But everything else is still there.

  53. Have a nice vacation Syd!

    I have a questions for the MG Exia Dark Matter:
    Does the neck have light piping for the head?

    I noticed looking at scans of the manual that I found online there’s a transparent light piping that feeds through the chest area where the GN Drive LED is and leads to the neck. So I was wondering if the eyes would light up too if you put in LED.

    Thanks! More power to you guys and gals!

  54. Nice episode as always guys

  55. Great episode guys and gals. Much appreciated as always.
    Syd… have a safe trip, and a fun, relaxing (and much deserved) vacation. I’m sure the great white north misses you. And don’t forget to watch the Sharks kick some Vancouver butt tomorrow night!

  56. so it comes with exia parts? that means this one can be customed into the amazing exia by simply custom painting ~~!! looks like I know what to get my brother for his birthday this year.

    A darkmatter Exia recoloured!

  57. Dat Dark Matter

  58. Great episode as always guys!!!!!

  59. so we have to Gunpla Tv for 2 weeks

  60. Really want a exia dark matter mg and also btw do you guys know when you will have the exia trans am mg again

  61. another exia look. look great the evil look for the dark matter gundam only sad bandai don’t come out fire and ice effect part for the blade just like burning gundam

  62. WOAH! Exia Dark Matter looks RRRAAAADDDD

  63. SHAZAM

  64. Gunpla!

  65. Awesome episode HLJ-TV 😀

  66. Sweet!!

  67. nice episode ZEEEEEEEOOOOOOON

  68. I never knew much about those Koto kits, I’m going to try to get one now.

  69. Nice episode. I was actually considering getting the KOS-MOS kit, so seeing it was nice. I will probably get it next month. The Exia Dark Matter also looks better than I thought… though I am unsure if I should get the MG or HG.

    If you had to choose, which would you take? Is the MG really worth it?

    Also a question if anyone knows: I want to spray the yellow / cheap gold pieces of my HGUC Banshee Norn Destroy Mode in a proper HD gold. I already got the can of it. Question: Will I need to prime the pieces first or will just a coat of gold work? I was going to test on a piece of the runner, but if anyone has done something similar, let me know.

    Also a question for gold: How would you coat it? I have an HG Shiranui Akatsuki waiting as well. I don’t want to flat coat them, would a gloss coat work? Or should you not coat gold at all?

    • Priming is always a good first step. It textures the plastic and provides a surface for paint to grab hold and stick as well as a nice, neutral color from which to work. You don’t HAVE to prime first, but priming will definitely help the final look.

      (Try out both styles on a gold runner if you still have it. Compare/contrast the finishes and go from there.)

      The technique I see used most often is actually

      1) prime black (or prime gray then spray flat black), then
      2) spray silver, then
      3) spray thin coats of clear yellow/orange/etc. until you get your desired gold (or other metallic color) finish

      But since you’ve got the gold, there’s no harm in using it.

      As far as coating goes, you can do whatever works for you. Gloss coats are fine. The major thing to make sure of is that the chemicals of the paints and clear coats don’t adversely affect each other. Again, practice on a spare piece of plastic would be good.

      Hope that helps, good luck.

  70. I still want to know if Bandai is making an MG 3.0 Char Zaku II… Or maybe they’ll skip that and make an MG Origin ver instead.

  71. Great episode as always!

  72. great episode guys and i hope you have a good vacation sid

  73. Just here to say that Gundam Origin is awesome.

  74. Lovin the material!!! Now question? will you guys ever do like a “scratch builb” gundam? or maybe try to feature one?

  75. eL said on March 4, 2015

    What the heck, Sid’s taking a entire month off! I need a HLJ job stat!

  76. I need that dark matter Exia….looks so badass

  77. That dark exia is sick!

  78. So much stuff I want to buy, but then the Double X is just around the corner.

  79. g said on March 4, 2015

    keep up the great work

  80. Nice video guys and the dark matter exia is a sexy beast

  81. That exia actually looks amazing, the colours especially

  82. Not usually an exia fan.. but dark matter is tempting..

  83. PG Gundam Atlas when?

  84. When Syd returns to Canada, does that means Lindsay and Anna will be the host of Gunpla TV???

  85. hay guys i just want to tell you i found you on youtube and im impressed with what i seen dont worry i did subscribe, (this is my first video ive seen) and ill start getting my gundams from you. i did want to ask what (PG) model you would recommend for some one that has not made one yet? cant wait for the next video till next time peace bros

  86. Ray said on March 8, 2015

    Hi Syd and Rye…
    Nice show as always…
    I think the red color of Dark Matter should be a little darker bloody red color and a little bit like sinanju but darker…
    I don’t really like that pinkish kind of red cause it making the kit somewhat less aggressive…
    Well just a thought…
    Thanks Syd and Rye…
    Say hi to your yellow Sinanju Syd…

  87. best ever

  88. Will we see some new gunpla from Hathaway’s Flash you think soon?

  89. “Someone” at the office should totally slap on a Dark Matter Booster on that R2D2.

  90. Hope you didn’t go watch that horrendous game of what was supposed to be hockey between the sabres and the leafs. #suckformcdavid!

    Other than that Exia DM is Amazing….no pun intended!

  91. we need a new episode already syd! hurry up and come back from Canada I eat popcorn when there is a new episode

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