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New Plamo Arrivals for October 21, 2022

This week we’ve got a unique new 30 Minutes Missions kit, plus new & returning ladies from the Megami Device and Frame Arms Girl lines! Granzort fans will also love the new lineup of kits from Good Smile Company, too! Finally, we’ve got two other unusual kits to introduce: a new Starship Troopers power suit, and… a famous statue in model kit form! See everything new this week below, and get your orders in before they’re gone.

If any kits in this post are backordered when you read this, don’t worry — Bandai is great about restocking periodically. But, you’ll want to get your order in to secure a spot in line for the next restock!

30 Minutes Missions

1/144 30MM Exa Vehicle (Armored Assault Mecha Ver.)

The Armored Assault Mecha is now available in the 30MM Exa Vehicle series! It is a small Exa Vehicle with a distinct rounded form, allowing for a wide range of actions. A new form of Roy Roy is stored in the head, and can be rotated 360 degrees. Grenade launcher included. By combining with existing aircraft of the 30MM series, you can enjoy custom combinations.

Megami Device

Megami Device: Sitara Kaneshiya (Tenki) Ver. Ganesha (Alice Gear Aegis)

The latest collaboration between Kotobukiya’s “Megami Device” girl figure-kit lineup and the popular social game “Alice Gear Aegis” is the Tenki version of Sitara Kaneshiya, together with the Ganesha gear! She also comes with the Deepavali weapon. A flying base is included to display the Ganesha in powerful combat scenes; Sitara comes with three interchangeable facial expressions, with updated eye prints. The Ganesha can be displayed in a variety of configurations thanks to replaceable parts. Each part can also be used together with items from the M.S.G. series, “Frame Arms,” “Frame Arms Girls,” “Hexa Gear,” “Sousai Shojo Garden” and “Arcanadia” series thanks to the 3mm diameter joints! Decals are also included.

1/1 Megami Device Asura Ninja Aoi (Reissue)

Megami Device Asura Ninja returns in her secondary color scheme!  Her Machinika body is highly posable, and she can be enjoyed barefoot and bare-handed with parts replacement; she has a new hairstyle too, which is interchangeable with her original hairstyle. She has 3 prepainted faceplates, and she comes with all the things a ninja needs: shuriken, kunai, ninja swords, and other weapons too. In addition, she can also use weapons and armor from Kotobukiya’s M.S.G., Frame Arms and Frame Arms Girls series!

Frame Arms Girl

Frame Arms Girl Gourai Kai (White) Ver.2 (Reissue)

Kotobukiya’s Frame Arms Girl Gourai Kai (White) Ver. 2 is back! Approximately 13.5cm tall after assembly, she features an improved range of motion in her hips, thighs and skirts, and a drawer joint has been added to her feet for improved possibility there as well. She also has three new facial expressions, medium and large “Thunderstorm” cannon parts for her chest, five sets of hands, decals for her eyes and markings, and much more! As always, she features 3mm ports for accessories, weapons and armor, too.

Starship Troopers

1/20 Powered Suit Strategic Communication Type

Wave’s popular “1/20 Scale Mobile Infantry” lineup has fans worldwide thanks to its affordable size and ease of assembly; this new Powered Suit Strategic Communication Type is here to expand the lineup! It snaps together so glue isn’t needed; marking stickers and a pilot head are included; it can also be built as a normal type if you prefer.


MODEROID Super Winzert (Mado King Granzort)

From the anime series “Mado King Granzort” comes a plastic model of the Mado King Super Winzert! The model is fully articulated and can be transformed from Face Mode to Battle Mode. A display stand is also included to display Winzert floating in the air while in Face Mode. Winzert can be posed drawing the Super Sturm Kaiser with the use of interchangeable hand parts. Its chest, shoulders and the magic circle stand are all created with translucent parts. Interchangeable hand parts are included. The various parts of the mecha have been separated into different colored runners and pre-painted parts, making it easy to recreate the mecha from the series with a simple assembly.

MODEROID Super Granzort (Mado King Granzort)

MODEROID Super Aquabeat (Mado King Granzort)



ARTPLA Four Heavenly Kings Statue Jikokuten

Kaiyodo brings us an easy-to-assemble model kit to create a replica of a statue of Jikokuten, one of the Four Heavenly Kings! Jikokuten is the Guardian of the East, and is found to the east of the Buddha figure displayed at Buddhist shrines. Every detail has been carefully sculpted and molded, from his stern expression to the detail of his armor and outfit. Small parts such as his three-pronged spear, the rough-hewn base he stands on, and the hanging tails of his belt are reproduced with great care. The number of parts has been reduced as much as possible for simple assembly, too.

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