Dec 22

Todd held up his end of the bargain and assembled two kits while Syd brought the Gusion. They go in depth on their HGs and talk about the just-released 1/100 Graze as well. And don’t forget the PG Unicorn, Banshee Norn, and LED set are back in stock! Ryan and Syd couldn’t focus properly the day before The Force Awakens released and so waited until after they had seen it to film their segment of the show. We do our best not to reveal any real spoilers before our viewers get a chance to see it for themselves. So hurry up because it’s so hard not to talk about it!





Kits featured in this video:

1/144 HGUC Qubeley (REVIVE)
1/100 Graze (Normal Type / Commander Type)
1/144 HG Man Rodi
1/144 HG Gundam Gusion
1/144 HG Gundam Barbatos + Long-Distance Transportation Booster
1/60 PG Unicorn Gundam
1/60 PG Unicorn Gundam 2 Banshee Norn
LED Unit for PG Unicorn Gundam/PG Banshee Norn
Star Wars Artfx+ R2-D2 & C-3PO with BB-8

Gunpla TV


  1. The Gusion looks amazing. I can’t wait for the 1/100! Not sure if you guys saw my comment on the last video but I would love to see another Syd’s top 5 or even a top 10 master grade kits.

  2. merry christmas! can’t wait for the v2 gundam!

  3. It really sucks to hear that you guys have to work on Christmas. At least you have the V2 to welcome you!

  4. I can’t wait for the V2!

  5. That Long Distance Booster looks nice. I’d want one, but I don’t think I have the room. I barely have room for my G-Self Assault Pack!

  6. awesome episodes as always 🙂 keep up the good work guys!

  7. Koona t’chuta, Solo?

    I booked my ticket a month in advance only to get an email 2 days before the release that my seat had been double booked and there were no more seats available. I went to the cinema and they refunded me the money, then rebooked me a VIP seat for today (22nd) for free, and gave me a card for a complimentary large popcorn and large coke

    That’s some awesome customer service 😀

  8. thanks for the episode with no spoilers hope i get the mg its on my wishlist would be nice hope you have a nice holiday

  9. Really like the Gunsion’s unorthodox look

  10. Merry Christmas!! I love the Gusion. It’s a fat guy with a bug hammer.

  11. You guys are awesome. Hoping to win. Love the look of the new Iron Blooded Orphans kits!


  13. GUSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. i cant wait for a 1/100 gusion

  15. I wrote a comment.

  16. Syd, you just gave me an AWESOME idea for the Gusion. i need that 1/100 asap. awesome episode as always

  17. I just saw the new star wars and after the fails that are jar jar and pod racing I loved all the fan service.

  18. That PG Banshee looks so freaking cool!

  19. Hopefully you guys do that livestream that was discussed, I know I would be there to see it.

  20. seig zeon me that gaera doga pulease! 😀

  21. Keep the lid on the spoilers please please please! SW is sold out in my town through the new year! 🙁

  22. Great episode guys! Been waiting for it quite eagerly 🙂 btw, why do u guys give out completed kits? In my opinion, it would have been better if the giveaways are kits that are not build so that people can enjoy the process of building the kit themselves. That what I would prefer. And yes! MG Geara Doga!!! Omg wish I could win one that isn’t built yet but hey beggars can’t be chooser hahaha. Fingers crossed.
    (Ps. Try reading my username: wytre muahahaha)

    • We give away the completed kits because we don’t have room to store kits we’ve already shown on the show and it gives the viewers a chance to have a kit they’ve seen on the show for themselves.

  23. No spoilers for Star Wars yet please… Will try to see it next week.

  24. Well those are some good kits i really like the IOB stuff, but need more star wars stuff. Heres a good question for you guys are you coming back to los angeles for Anime Expo 2016? PLease dont bring Todd but bring Anne and Lindsey.

  25. the Long-Distance Transportation Booster does reminds me of GN arms from Gundam 00. It actually looks cool but i dont think bandai will release it for the 100 scale. if there is then it will be huge

  26. Ohhhh a Geara Douga!

  27. Awesome episode! Cant wait for the RG wing ver ka :v


  29. Dat Doga Dough~

  30. MG Geara Douga! now that’s just fantastic.

  31. wow I just got on to watch the show and as i am typing this there is only 14 comments, usually by now there is a hundred or so, lol I am glad there was only one real spoiler to star wars as i am going to see it on Wednesday. I can’t wait, Great Show as usual, May the Force be with you

  32. You guys are my weekly “anime” drug. Please try to go on as far as you can. Syd and Ryan. I watched you guys grow from being awkward and funny infront of the camera, to two great Hosts and still Funny as hell! May the Force be with you.

  33. I didn’t enjoy Captain Phasma, she belongs in the trash. HA

  34. Really loving the add on kit to the Barbatos but to bad if you already have the other Barbatos.

  35. Oh that Shiki! Yeah that Shiki! Everyone is TOO AWESOME IN THE VIDEO!!!!!

  36. That long range booster is amazing @_@

    Also much love for the Geara Doga, here’s hoping this wins it haha

  37. Gonna get the 1/100 Graze once it arrive at my local hobby shop, hope to see the review on next week show.

  38. i’ve seen the movie for free( thank you company) :p i can say I was not disappointed with ep 7 because I am not expecting anything big. but nonetheless it was very good, abit disney-ish with the humor but something i welcome

    i hope to win the mega shiki so i can make the Shiki-shiki amazing

  39. Quite excited to be able to hold (and own) a PG. Hopefully will arrive before the post office breaks for Christmas. Was in Japan back in June this year and was a bit reluctant in picking up a PG box to admire. Didn’t want to risk dropping it and need to explain and apologize especially since I don’t speak Japanese. Plus, didn’t want my son following my lead in pulling things off the shelf 😛 Merry Christmas Ryan and Syd… and to everyone else at HLJ.

  40. I want MG …

  41. man star wars, what a great film, thanks for another great episode guys

  42. The Long Range transport looks like the GN ARMS of Exia for Barbatos and GN ARMS of Dynames for the Graze Kai.
    PS:great work as always.
    PPS:Advance Merry Christmas

  43. Love the new kits. Love the star wars talk 😛

  44. I went to see the movie the 17, it was pack as hell but my friend and I enjoy the movie a lot we couldn’t sit next to echo other beca use we get the last tickets for that showing, anyway great movie I think for this year mad max was a little bit much better justo a little. Loving the pack of the transporter that includes even the figure and needs some serious painting

  45. Cushion Gundam!

  46. Great episode guys! I recently ‘rediscovered’ Gundam kits (started way back in 1998 while living in Japan) and have been having a whole lot of fun in the past couple of months. I find the Hobbylink TV episodes really fun and educational. I was lucky enough to watch SWTFA during a private screening here in Auckland and i find that there was a lot nostalgia in this latest film. Definitely a nod to the original trilogy. I did find the ending a bit ‘abrupt’ probably because of the more action oriented/’roller coaster’ approach of the movie. Still, quite pleased with how the movie turned out.

  47. looks like i will have to add a new wish list of kits i wanted lol

  48. Ryan! C-3PO’s red arm is explained in a one-shot comic released by Marvel. You’re probably right about them using it as a tactic to sell more junk, since it has no purpose in the movie whatsoever and seems to exist exclusively to sell that comic and toys.

    But, the red arm reminds me of Big Boss from MGSV, so the idea of owning my very own Venom 3PO is enough to get me to buy a model kit. I’m part of the problem.

  49. Aesthetic

  50. i wonder if syd and ryan have heard that episode 8 already has a release date. its set for 2017, so be ready for rushed, quick cash in stuff from disney.
    on a gundam note, i would love to see a hyaku shiki revive (better yet, rg) because it seems that bandai is going back to its older kits and is redoing them, and i feel that the hyaku shiki deserves some love

    • It wouldn’t be difficult, with the HGUC Deltas and the BF Mega Shiki. If they do make one, though, they’ll probably opt to make new molds altogether.

  51. I still can’t help but think of the Ninja Turtles when I see the Man Roodi and Gusion.I might have to order the Long Distance Transport and the Graze Kai just because of all the modes. And hopefully I’ll be able to win either the Geara Doga or Mega Shiloh, now that would really get me pumped to finally order some Master Grade kits.

  52. I didn’t know anything about building gundam but after watching you guys i know a good amount about building.

  53. free MG!!

  54. Start War 7 is better than I though.

  55. Danke AF

  56. Hey you guys are the best I hope you have a merry Christmas ☃ and that I get that mega shiki thank you for your vids they are the best bye .

  57. oh yeah and your banshee is awesome!!!!!

  58. I want that Geara Doga, im still working on my MG Zeon collection and this kit would speed things up :]

  59. man i got spoiled (thanks internet) movie was still very good

  60. STAR WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. wow Tod is getting more accustomed to talking to a camera

  62. I can’t believe i won!

  63. I like gunpla.

  64. Nice looking assault pack

  65. i really want to get that transport booster + barbatos kit but shelf space really is an issue… i wanted to get the meteor from seed and the gn arms type-d from gundam00 as well. those 3 would already take up one shelf lol and btw, you guys made my day reading my comment and advice for ryan! thank you and i’m always looking forward to the next episode.

  66. You guys are awesome,I’ve watched Gunpla TV from episode 1-192, I know I won’t win, just wanted to comment on how I enjoyed watching the show, Happy Holidays to you and all the commenters here. 🙂

  67. IBO anime make my gundam blood boiled and start to buy my first gundam…wait for it.. is barbatos!!
    and thanks for the Star wars spoilers, waiting to watch the movie this weekend.

  68. Bandai star war kit are awesome, too bad revell or Disney are making them illegal to sell in U.S.A 🙁

  69. awesome eps as always! i want that MEGA SHIKIII!! LOL XD

  70. that’s too much stickers.

  71. Mega mega mega mega shiki pls!

  72. Yay I won the Doga!

  73. Ooo man i would love to win a geara doga, it’ll look great with my sazabi ver ka. But hey a shiki is fine too =) *love most UC kits

  74. SIEG ZEON geara doga please

  75. Hi Syd and Ryan, Yup Starwars TFA wasfreaking Awesome

    As Awesome as the Long-Distance Transportation Booster with Barbatos inside

    2 kits in one, have you already reviewed the 1/144 Millennium Falcon?

  76. I really like that gusion, almost looks like the gouf.

  77. Iron blood orphans kit looks great would be nice if they make 1/100 kit for all of them :D.

  78. Booster looks awesome, IBO kits are looking good can’t wait for more releases

  79. Ohhhh a Geara Douga!

  80. i really want to win once…

  81. The V2 for me looks plain. I dont think its up to ver ka level for nowadays standard. hopefully when they out I’ll rethink. hoping to have it more gimmick rather than transformation.

  82. finish your falcon ryan!!!

  83. Keep up the good work HLTV and a Happy Holidays to all.

  84. Id love either of those kits, but the Geara doga would be really nice, since it’s green and sleek~

  85. Hope we’ll have a 1/100 scale long range booster but I know we won’t…

  86. Praise the Emperor!

    And hope I win that Geara!

  87. Awesome content!!! hope to see more in the future.

  88. cool

  89. The transportation booster indeed looks awesome on the HG Graze.

  90. I love that Booster! Gotta get it.

  91. I loved the new Star Wars; Abrahms has redeemed himself after his two Star Trek films.

    And I just finished my PG Unicorn, I just have the Full Armour set to finish, and then it’s on to Banshee!

  92. I love that booster pack but I know I’ll get hammered by customs if I order it :'( can’t wait to see the kimaris now 🙂

  93. I want to win the kit please!

  94. May the force be with you too

  95. I saw the film at 00:05 UTC on day of release, the cinema has an online booking system that displays how many seats are available. About two thirds of the seats in the 2D screen were still available so I was able to buy the tickets at the automated machine and make my way in.

    The film at first seemed like a series of separate scenes hastily edited together and there are some choices made in the film that I do not agree with, but I know some people have taken to complaining about a particular characters development, however it seems as though they were told “These are not the Droids you’re looking for” which compelled them up to the point that they touch an item that appears to unlock some repressed memories and pays off towards the end of the film.

  96. that MG Geara Doga would be the perfect christmas present for me hehehe

  97. I think I’m getting a sort of fetish for “Fat” mobile suits. For example I love the Gusion a lot! It’s hard to draw something that is “fat” but also “powerful”. Usually fat mobile suit looks more funny than “dangerous”. Like the Man Rodi with its strange feet…too strange.

  98. Merry Xmas guys! I’m waiting for my gundams that I bought from hij as we speak. I really don’t mind to get a mg as extra. once again great show, looking forward to see you guys in 2016!

  99. great episode, hope you have a great christmas. thanks for not spoiling starwars as i have yet to see it. please tell me when i can get a super fumina, seem to not be avaliable anywhere. and would love that mg

  100. Oh man, that new Gusion kit looks amazing, I can’t wait for the 1/100 kit and see how that shapes up! Merry christmas to all of you, or any holiday that you have for that matter. I think my girlfriend grabbed an MG Tallgeese as my Christmas present and my heart is about to jump out of my chest. So excited!

    Anyway, happy holidays everyone!

  101. Two kits I haven’t got and I’m very interested in them.

  102. what do you guys think about the theory that jar jar is a sith ?

  103. Thanks for not spoiling the movie and I so want that Mega Shiki!!

  104. Great show again guys!

    Ps/ Geara Doga me!

  105. star wars epic film

  106. I´ve got to win the geara doga!!! please!!!!

  107. I want the MG!!!!!

  108. I saw Star Wars and liked it as well. Although I felt the throwbacks were a bit much. But the moment I saw the title crawl in 3D my inner fanboy awakened. As far as spoilers go, I think towards the middle or end of january is fine.

    Keep up the great episodes, love watching them and of course happy holidays everyone!

  109. Finally, part of the internet that doesn’t contain spoilers. Oh how i want one of those kits…

  110. Seig Zeon!

  111. Love both kits!
    Hope i will win someday too!
    Nice episode

  112. I’ve got a good feeling about this

  113. any chance of me winning again?

  114. great ep guys looks like i gotta get the 1/100 graze now

  115. I’ll be waiting for the V2 build. Probably I won’t be able to see it right one time, but I’ll be waiting nevertheless

  116. Great episode guys! Great use of the force in not giving away spoilers for the movie! The long range booster looks pretty awesome. I can’t wait for you to stream a build of the V2. That’s one kit I’ve been waiting for many years. Happy holidays!

  117. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you three!

    Force Awaken is really great. Better than prequels at least.

    Hope to catch your live stream of V2 Ver. Ka.

  118. The V2 looks cool! I’m looking forward to that!

  119. Good job guys ^^ And Starwars VII is a great movie

  120. wow. That Barbatos with the Long Distance Transportation Booster is a mouthful but still looks great. Thank you for not spoiling Episode 7 haven’t watched it yet. (but maybe by the time you read this I probably have)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year guys!

  121. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the people in hlj

  122. dayum that barbatos looks friggin cool

  123. The HGIBO Gusion looks cool, especially with the giant hammer and the Transportation Booster look huge!!

    Merry Christmas to you!

  124. I just want to win something!!! >.<
    Merry Xmas everyone btw !!!

  125. That Shiki, Great show guys as always

  126. Great show Syd, Ryan and Todd, always itching to get my weekly fix of Gunpla TV.

    On a side note after all the talk about how old Syd and Ryan feel after seeing Old Solo, Syd throw’s in a “Got Milk” reference.
    I don’t think anyone but us old timers still remember comments like “Got Milk” and “Where’s the Beef”, god…where’d the time go? IT WENT INTO GUNPLA!!

    Keep up the great work guys!!

  127. Happy Holidays gentlemen!

  128. Merry Christmas guys

  129. pretty sweet giveaway

  130. Merry Christmas HLJ crew.

  131. That long range booster looks great! Definitely better than I expected.

  132. dam I remembered I forgot to do something last night before I went to sleep is to see if you guys had new episode or not. Well now I am late to the party but good episode guys and have a marry Christmas anyways even if you guys have to work!

  133. Very fun episode guys.

  134. About the Force Awakens: I would have to say that the force is strong with this one. I have quite a few nit-picks about it, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a good start to the new trilogy.

  135. I need that Geara Doga!!!

  136. Another great episode guys! I’m totally psyched to get my pg unicorn!!

  137. The ever expanding crew of HLJ’s Gunpla TV. It’s pretty cool to see the family growing!

  138. An MG Gear Dogga!! Sieg Zeon!

    P.S.: Merry Christmas guys.

  139. Great episode. I am looking forward to more IBO kits. I really wouldn’t mind winning either of the kits you have this week either ^_^

  140. SPOILERS!

    Really liked the movie, although the dance scene was very disappointing. A lot of Stormtroopers didn’t seem to know the choreography.

  141. glad i didnt get the 1st hg barbatos. im sooo getting the one with the booster. xtra stuff ftw

  142. Great episode, you guys. I wasn’t sure about the booster until this episode, so you made a sale!

    If you guys are curious about how C-3po got his red arm, Marvel is releasing a one shot comic to tell that story, so you might want to keep an eye out for that.

  143. Great episode guys.keep it the booster looks better than I expected.

  144. give me xmas gift… 😀

  145. I would love to get the mega shiki xmas has come to me early

  146. Great episode guys. Those IBO kits look really rad.
    Have fun with the MG V2 and have a Merry Christmas!

  147. Always wanted an MG Geara Doga. A army green camo color scheme would work on this guy.

  148. I have been looking at the mg geara doga for some.

  149. Always nice to have a little “fat” a side 🙂 I loved Gusion and can’t wait for 1/100 scale 🙂 great episode guys, thanks

  150. MG V2 HYPE!!!!

  151. Great stuff as always guys! Just wanna say Merry Christmas in advance!

  152. Great show guys! Love the new IBO stuff. Only 7 more days till I can see Star Wars, and really hype about the new Kotobukia droids, and the MAEFX Boba Fett anouncements.

  153. Great episode. And Todd seems to be comfortable on the show now. Glad to have another great host, but im curious is Todd just new addition to the show or was he brought on to eventually replace ryan or syd?

  154. They both still look like frogs to me.

  155. Great episode!

    Are you going to make something special for episode #200? 🙂

  156. That Barbatos and booster looks huge! It’d take up an entire shelf on my bookcase … and now I want it!

    I hope you guys have a fantastic holiday and thanks for the great content!

  157. Love to win the DOGA

  158. Great show as always Syd and Ryan and I really hope that I will win the MG Geara Doga

  159. Ah Syd and Ryan, I had to skip the part until you switched to gunpla review, didn’t want to change my expectations and anticipations.

  160. Another great episode guys. Star Wars was awesome. I do agree with you that I hope Disney doesn’t destroy the franchise.

  161. gimme dat giveaways

  162. Good episode

  163. I wonder, will Bandai release PG on this new animated series?

  164. really interesting how bandai made something similar to gn arms for barbatos

  165. C-3PO’s red arm is going to be explained by a comic.

  166. Merry Xmas to all 🙂

  167. Merry Xmas to all at HLJ. I share your feelings with the new Star Wars movie, even though I had one or two small grips.

    Lets hope next year is full of more Gunpla goodness.

  168. Nice episode. I love the torso on the Manrodi, although longer limbs would suit him better. The Gusion seems to be bigger and bulkier than I expected! I might end up buying a third one. Keep up the good work guys. One question though, has Bandai mentioned anything about an RG Deathscythe Hell Custom EW? I’d love to see that kit, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.

  169. I’m atad disappointed there was no Hammer time jokes.

  170. DOGA!!! Great show guys!

  171. starwars perfect 5/7

  172. “Happy Holidays!” Guys and that Booster…..

  173. hopefully i win

  174. Thanks for the kit

  175. Wow, I want to buy a PG now so I can get a virtual handshake from Syd and Ryan and join the PG Master-Race!

    wish there were more zeon grunt suits mastergrades
    I hope thunderbolt will release a master grade phsyco zaku. That would be a must buy for me.
    Merry Christmas and a happy new year everyone =)

  177. Oh wow, a giveway of the Mg kit of my favorite grunt mobile suit! Huzza!

    Have a merry xmas guys! Glad you both enjoyed SW The force awaken 🙂 I loved it too and will go see it again soon ^^

  178. The Man Rodi kind of reminds me of a fat Ninja turtle.

    I love the Geara Doga, my favorite Zeon suit.

  179. Always a huge fan of Zeon/grunt mobile suits in General. Wish they would make More. The Mega-Shiki looks great as well. Keep up the great work with the show, you guys are awesome. 🙂

  180. Love the show! I just started watching you guys not too long ago. Thanks for providing great content about our awesome hobby!

  181. I hope to win the Geara Doga! Thanks!

  182. Happy holidays everyone! Haven’t seen episode VII yet, but hoping to sometime soon heard its amazing!

  183. awesome epi as always 🙂 keep up the good work guys!

  184. That HG long range booster reminds me of the Gn-Arms from 00. I wonder if there are any similar pieces? Anyways, love the show guys! Keep up the great work!

  185. HAPPY HOLIDAYS and i hope i win

  186. hope they make a revive gundam epyon hg

  187. Those are two awesome kits! Fingers crossed!

  188. The Gusion looks great but I’m waiting on the 1/100 to come out. The Transport Booster looks cool and certainly reminds me of the GN Arms except no beam weaponry. Certainly an interesting direction that Iron Blooded Orphans is going in. They have something similar to the Minovsky Particle but so far we haven’t seen any beam weaponry, all the battles are fought with shell weaponry and assorted close quarters weapons. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the Gundam Kimaris in action. Now that we’ve seen the Gundam Gusion in episodes 11, 12, and see how the battle with the pirates will end in episode 13.

    Definitely looking forward to Gundam Thunderbolt and more Iron Blooded Orphans over the holidays.

  189. hay Syd love you other site Gaijin Gunpla with its review on gundam models. I am planing to pick up my first PG kit and I was wondering what PG would you recommend for my first one

    • Before the PG Unicorn/Banshee released my favourite was the Strike Gundam. That frame is the basis for the Strike Rouge, Strike Freedom, and Astray Red Frame. It’s really well designed. Right now, though, I’m still infatuated with the Unicorns.

      • I agree with Syd, while I’ve only built the PG Banshee, it makes sense to me to go after the latest and greatest. either way you go, you will pick the PG that speaks to you.

  190. I want that Mg geara doga give if to meeeeee!

  191. Merry Christmas Syd and Ryan. Sucks that you guys have to work during the holiday, but at least it’s a job that you love, right?

  192. Hmm… A BFHG or a MG? Well I just got my MG MBF-P02KAI GUNDAM Astray Red Frame and Action Base 1 today (12/22/2015) from (I’m sorry guys, but I knew the person who helps with shipping and so I was able to get a special offer over there.) But don’t worry I’ll post pictures of the building on my account.

    So for my Christmas Holiday I’ll be busy building my MG MBF-P02KAI Red Frame and the HG Gundam kit that brother-in-law got me thinking year.

  193. mega DOGA!!!!!!!!! 😛

  194. Good show guys! Gear Ra Dogga!!!

  195. Great episode as always. Can’t wait to get my hands on some more Iron Blooded Orphans kits. And sure would love to win the DOGA

  196. merry xmas boys!

  197. Great show. Loved the gusion I built. I attempted to do some weathering with the tamiya kit for rust and botched it, made it look like it’s covered in dirt. Like the look but not what I was going for. I posted pics in the completed group. Any chance syd or todd can do a tutorial on that? Thanks! Oh, kit please!

  198. Great episode guys! Saw Force Awakens myself on Saturday and loved it! Great review on the long range booster Todd, makes me want to get one now myself!

  199. ZEEEK Zeon!!!!

  200. I really love like that PG Banshee.
    Also the Barbatos + Long-Distance Transportation Booster is very nice…

  201. Another year went by and no MG Char’s Zaku 3.0 in sight…

  202. Oh Boy, Geara Doga please.

  203. Another great episode gents. That Barbatos/Booster kit looks amazing. So far IBO has been showing some nice mobile suit designs. Really digging them.

  204. Yeah star wars was a safe restart of a great franchise. It wasn’t perfect but still a good movie.

  205. sid and ryan are your working place at japan???

  206. I would imagin an MG VER. of the long range booster…. GP03 anyone?. ..anyways Happy holidays guys great show still… And always RAISE YOUR FLAAAG!!!!

  207. I just watched SW: Episode VII, and really liked it. Just like Ryan I avoided everything Star Wars related. Unfortunately, that also included this show because of the discussion, even if it was just opinions. So, I watched this episode a couple of days after. Happy holidays, guys. And I hope my family got my gundam presents from your site. 😀

  208. Hey guys, I was curious if you know where one could get the colors listed on Gundam kits for painting translated? I can see the percentages listed for the color mixtures and would like to paint my kits to color match, but I can’t read Japanese. Thanks for any information.

  209. Happy holidays guys. Great episode as usual and thanks for not spoiling the movie. I think 2 week after the release of Star wars is enough time to start taking about it

  210. I’ve found it bizarre that everyone is just satisfied with the new stars wars movies. All we needed was for them to not be garbage thankfully they were not.

  211. Heh, I was seeing Star Wars the night this was uploaded so I skipped it wanting to avoid any spoilers at all .-.

    Oh, you’re building the V2 on boxing day? Darn I’m an Aussie so I’ll be spending my time watching yachts race…

    Oh well, merry Christmas to all you guys!

  212. That Gundam Barbatos looks huge! Imagine a MG of that! 🙂

  213. I hope they will include the mace with the 1/100 Gusion

  214. gimeee that shiki!!!

  215. Hello….Santa Ryan and Syd!!!!! This year I have been a very good kid!!!! My wish is to win a MG GEARA DOGA!!! Merry Christmas guys!!!!! Wish u guys all the best and stay healthy!!!!!

  216. I’ve been waiting forever for MG Geara Doga to be In Stock at but now I can finally get it for FREE!!!! Thanks for the Christmas gift Syd and Ryan! Nice episode by the way. Gusion looks badass, can’t wait for the 1/100.
    Merry Christmas!

  217. What were your favorite kits of 2015, and what kits are you looking forward to next year? Also, do you have any predictions for what might be announced next year?

  218. Star Wars episode 7 to me was a good movie.
    BTW…I want to win this Geara Doga!

  219. Hey I know you guys can’t sell us the Bandai star wars kits but could you still review them?

    Thanks alot love the show!

  220. I love how the gunpla TV team is growing. Keep it up. More people, more kits, more gunpla!

  221. Aaaaa~~ Geara Doga
    such awesomeness! Dx

  222. DAYUM!!!! , IBO MS kits are really bad ass.

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