Nov 20

This year’s Gunpla Expo differed from years previous due to a number of reasons. Syd went solo, they wouldn’t let him in early, and there were far more people. All this combined to make it one of the hardest events to document, but it was also one of the most fun due to all the surprises Bandai had in store for their large number of guests.

Upcoming Bandai Kits

Gunpla Builders World Cup 2015

Kits featured in this video:
1/144 RG Wing Gundam EW by Bandai
1/100 MG V2 Gundam Ver.Ka by Bandai
1/144 HGUC Qubeley by Bandai
1/144 HG Gundam Barbatos + Long-Distance Transportation Booster by Bandai
1/100 McGillis’s Schwalbe Graze by Bandai
1/144 HG Gundam Gusion by Bandai
…and more Gundam from Bandai


  1. Syd! That Barbatos hi-res looks amazing. I bet it’ll cost an arm and a leg, but it seems well worth it. I have to know, is the scale closer to a 1/144 or 1/100. The pictures make me think the latter, but without being there it’s hard to actually tell. Was there any indication of it being p-Bandai exclusive? My gut tells me it would have to be. As far as I can tell from pictures coming out of the show, it doesn’t seem like they’ve made the indication yet, though.

  2. the 1/100 Gusion and the HR Barbatos are the only ones im excited about. What scale was the HR?

  3. I want that Rabbit ear MS (wonder if its MS A or B ^^). Also Bandai is shooting itself in the leg. In 1/100 we have No Grade,HG, RE, MG and now HR… Also pump up for the MG Thunderbolts… Psycho Zaku would put MG FA Unicorn to shame… Hell even the PG would look small 😛 (also the wallet will commit sepuku on the thought of getting the beast)

  4. Hey Syd! It look like you have a rough life there! I feel sorry for you. I am so lucky sitting here and watch you doing all the solo. You are a rough diamond! 😉

  5. syd, i’m lost on the part where you said you’re not allowed to show one of the MG announcement next to the HG thunderbolt display. MG versions of the thunderbolts? or was that a side comment that MG versions of the thunderbolts are coming next year?

    • The announcement was that there will be MG Thunderbolt kits next year but I was not allowed to take any video of that part of the show.

  6. Syd, Good work for a solo run. Much good pic though it looked like he was so incredibly crowded in front of the booths. Really like the high definition line, hope to see much more in that line, when i think more details is what MG is really needed. Like the Freedom 2.0 seem to get. Now days MG is after RG in details, and that i think is so wrong. So Barbatos HD and Freedom 2.0 will bee added to my collection. I was hoping so bad for a RE Kshatriya, but no 🙁

  7. Awesome coverage! So the high-res is basically a detailed MG tier?
    And why weren’t you able to get in as press?

  8. awesome syd always love the hard work!!
    I am looking forward to all those kits…time to save start saving money for them lol

  9. Does the Hi-res look like Bandai’s attempt at a Frame Arms style of kit to anyone else? The frame looked like it had metal pieces holding joints together, and they were only showing the armor runners.

  10. Looks great tho the RE 1/100 is not what I would like but the ifirit is till a awesome announcement :).
    Same with the Hi res barbatos i expect it to be almost like MG grade. Perhaps this is Bandais way of combating the current bootleg market by not stating what grade it is it makes it hard for the kits to be boot legged.

    thanks for your effort syd looks like there are lots to look forward to!

  11. I can’t wait to get my hands on that hi-res barbatos.

  12. Holy… that paint job on the Nightingale in the finals. my mind is blown

  13. Holy crap that High Resolution Barbatos looks good, very disappointed in the V2 i never liked its design it seemed silly, OMFG YES FREEDOM 2.O!!!! YES Freedom was my first kit, this one looks AMAZING. Thanks for the hard work Syd 🙂

  14. Pretty sweet, so much new stuff, I can’t wait!

  15. There was some pretty funky suits on show. The motorized RX-78-2 is a show stopper. I commend Bandai’s ingenuity, but it’s still a gimmick at the end of the day. The suit that got me the most excited was the Gyan, but that’s because I love those old skool suits. I still have the real grade Zaku and Z’Gok sitting in their boxes; I really need to pull my finger out and build those bad boys!

  16. Hey,
    Thanks for the show. Wow, it looks amazing for the show.
    Hope to see more. Thanks again.

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