Dec 14

As the year wraps up Bandai releases a slew of High Grades from Iron-Blooded Orphans so Syd recruits a wide-eyed Todd to help him out. The 1/100 Barbatos is all armored up and gets a review in this episode, as well!

Kits featured in this episode:
1/144 HG Man Rodi
1/144 HG Gundam Gusion
1/144 HG Hyakuren (Amida)
1/144 HG Gundam Barbatos + Long-Distance Transportation Booster
Character Stands Plate: Iron-Blooded Mikazuki
Character Stands Plate: Iron-Blooded Orga
1/100 Gundam Barbatos

Gunpla TV


  1. great episode!

  2. Great episode. Looking forward to getting a 1/100 Barbatos 😀

  3. man i bought tickets a month in advance and still got crappy seats

  4. I haven’t bought a RE yet hope I win!!

  5. Tod is back!!!!!!!

  6. Oh man, episode 191 giveaway results are savage hahahaha. anyways,congrats to the winners!

  7. If I could win that RE MK III, that would be greeeeaaaaat.

  8. padawan Todd is lucky to build that ibo barbatos transport booster!

  9. Well I am glad I at least won the hi mach, Sorry Syd and Ryan Get to see SW:TFA on monday 12/14/15 at the premiere also please bring the girls back because Todd seems like a nice guy but not a good on camera fit. For Ryan SW BF just practice and play the campaign to get better then smaller battles.

    • “Meet my unrealistically high expectations or get out!”
      – realrebelus, 2015

      No, but Todd’s doing just fine; there are only so many ways to talk about formed plastic.

  10. gimme gimme

  11. free GUNPLA!!!!!

  12. Hope I get lucky

  13. Syd & Ryan, Bros for life! Star Wars jacket x2 & same color as well. Hope next week’s episode won’t be too short as its only a day before Force Awaken and you two will be too hype to film. Enjoy the movie.

    The gimmick of 1/100 Barbatos’s gun is really unique.. first time seeing that. Worth the price for a NG kit with an inner frame.
    I have yet to try a PG but I would like my first PG to be a PG Ball. Please Bandai, make a PG Ball! Thanks.

    Yay for the first RE/100 giveaway on the show!

    • Have you ever built the MG Ball? (Either the Ver. Ka or the 08th MS Team Ver.) It absolutely blows most other MGs out of the water, even the most complicated modern ones, in terms of detail and color separation. It also makes for a great sturdy toy, and it’s super cheap to boot.

      A PG Ball, even just a scale-up of the MG, would be amazing.

  14. Been wanting a mark 3 for a while

  15. building 1/100 barbatos while watching the show, would love bandai for making more ibo related kits

  16. Mark III Gundam baby

  17. Alot of detail for a non-mg kit

  18. Looking forward to getting my barbatos. P.s the secret to battle front is the konami code

  19. Gundam Mark III looks good wanted it!!!!

  20. I would love to win anything which i doubt i could. Unluckiest person alive. T.T

  21. I love the design of Gusion.

  22. I wish i would have looked into the long distance transportation booster before i bought my hg barbatoes but oh well i will probably still pick it up, it never hurts to have spare parts.

    also i cant wait for the review of the gusion its my favorite from the ibo series.

  23. I’d really like to have that Mk-III.

    P.S. finally we see Ryan’s Falcon in the show again. 😛

  24. I’m sold on the 1-100 Barbados, but I wonder what the “High Reesolution” 1-100 version will be.

  25. Since episode 200 is coming up I was wondering what everyone thinks will be the 200th general release Master Grade. I’ve got my fingers crossed for the G-Self.

    p-please bandai.

  26. I like how your hoodies are cut differently so the pics on the fabric aren’t in exactly the same spot. Would love to win that MK III.

  27. this episode kind of felt like the older episodes, i liked it. also i think i’ve been convinced that i need to pick myself up a 1/100 barbatos

  28. Well, I’ve ordered the banshee and the led (despite how bad I think I am at building). I was torn between the unicorn and the banshee. Made me went back to go watch the entire series again to gauge how I feel about each one.

    What finally pushed me over to the banshee is because I would have lusted over the p-Bandai final battle unicorn more if I got the unicorn.

    Thanks for the episode guys. Looking forward to the IBO kit reviews next week.

  29. Han shot first! RE MK3 please.

  30. Great Episode Guys, as always of course, never a doubt ;). I really hope I win that Mk. III that would be my first RE kit, I’ve been wanting to get them, but I’ve got too much backlog as is to justify buying them atm. Although I’d make an exception to that if Bandai would kindly bring out an RE/100 NZ-000 Queen Mansa (aka Quin Mantha)!!!


  32. I can’t believe I won. Thanks fam!

  33. i wish i could win one of the gunpla prize. long time follower.
    another great show.

  34. My pg gundam rocks but it is intimidating when I put it together more so then my other builds but it still rocks out on my shelf lol. P.s. I got the winged gundam endless waltz.

  35. Syd: “…nice and snug, bend my arm, line up my hand joint … some part comes off again, what a surprise! *sarcastic voice*”
    LOL, we still love you Barbatos, and MK III INCOMING!!! + Star Wars RuleZ

  36. The mark 3 has some really nice looking colors and it would be awesome to get a re/100

  37. Nice comparison between the 1/100 and the 1/144 Barbatos.RE/100 is definitely a scale I want to try to get my hands on.
    P.S.:Also am hyped for star wars episode 7 and may the force truly be awakened

  38. Hey guys, great show! (and good luck to Todd) – my question is: If you had to choose between two Dark Side powers, would you choose Sith Lightning or Force Choke? Hope you guys enjoy yourselves in the movies.

  39. The RE looks nice : 3

  40. Tip for Ryan. People tend to think FPS games are all impulse but strategy is a vital part. Learn the map, learn the attack and defense patterns, and learn the sniper nests. Being one step ahead mentally beats having better reaction speed. It might be a game but The Art of War by Sun Tzu is applicable.

    Note: Wish to opt out of this giveaway, please choose another if my number comes up.

  41. I can’t wait to get my kits I got MG Full Armor Unicorn, MG Banshee, MG Qan[T] I’m so excited

  42. re100 mk3? yes please!

  43. About the Hi_Res Barbatos, I’ve heard that the inner frame is pre-assembled. If this is true, it will be a big disapointment, thus I ordered the 1/100 NG Barbatos just in case. Also, if your going to do something with the V2 gundam, please do a what inside of the new Zoids death stinger that is supposed to be available on Dec. 24th.

  44. N O T I C E M E S E N P A I ! ! ! !

  45. 1/100 barbatos @.@ so beautiful

  46. Hell yes 2016 will be an amazing year for movies – Cap America 3, BvS, Deadpool movie ( this is gonna be awesome) and X-men Apocalypse..prbly more that I can`t remember right now, but either way …my eyes will burn out from going to the cinema too much lol

  47. May the force give me that gundam

  48. The force is with me… to win that Mk.III!

  49. nice

  50. that mkIII will need a paint job lol which i am more then happy to do.
    any news on the super fumina, i want one but am not able to order one!!!!!

  51. So the odds are about 1/200 to win? Im kinda suprised there isent like thousands of comments on here? Is Gunpla not to big outside japan?

  52. mk-ii is my favorite design but i’d like to have a go at that mk-iii! happy holidays guys!

    @ryan, what’s your play style on your star wars game? it might be helpful for advice from other gamers. one important thing though is to always use cover to your advantage and not rush forward and go rambo gung-ho lol always kills me in FPS games…

  53. win win?

  54. Can’t wait to see that Gusion built. It’s a pretty interesting design for a Gundam series mobile suit.

  55. get todd to delete any star wars comment haha. MK-3. i dont think i can win again this yr. 🙂 or can i

  56. Mk III PLEASE!!

  57. The Guision looks pretty cool. Like an upgraded Grimoire (one of my favorite MS designs).

  58. Free Gunpla is always great Gunpla
    Great show as always

  59. Keep up the good work guys, love the show. P.S. Can’t wait to see the MSG Thunderbolt OVA.

  60. Hope I win the RE, the beast

  61. RE PLS

  62. I’ll support until I get older! And that I can afgord to buy that time with my own money 🙂

  63. Wow! I would really love to win that MK3

  64. wouldn’t mind having that mk-III, much like anyone 😛

  65. Hiho 😀 i cant wait for the Hi-Res Barbatos and Ted is a little bit scary 😀 like me …dont get between me and my gundam !! ^^ like too see him often in this great show of yours. keep up this nice work greeting from germany…with bradtwurst express 😀

  66. The Gusion is supposed to use the same Gundam Frame as the Barbatos so it will be interesting to see how Bandai translate this aspect of the suit into the actual model. I would have thought we’d need to wait for the 1/100 Gusion scheduled for release next year, but we were all surprised by the inner frame of the 1/144 Barbatos.

  67. I like the new gundam show so far plus the new gundam. How ever i still want to know when it come to starwars is who is that new sith lord is

  68. C’mon luck!

    Great show again by the way!

  69. I’m a fan of the RE/100 kits, already have the Mk iii & Dijeh & I will get like 10 of the Leo if it’s made but I’m just not feeling the 1/100 NG Barbatos . I love the design and the anime is fun too but the NG just doesn’t look sharp enough. I also noticed that it looked very weak and unbalanced.

  70. great episode guys, looks like i got to get the Barbados 1/100 now

  71. Cant wait for my 1/100 barbatos to arrive!! And i hope the hi res batbatos be a full on model kit!

  72. Re 100 would be awesome!

    Nice episode as always

  73. The 1/100 Barbatos looks amazing. I might have to pick one up

  74. Oh man xD I laughed out loud when Syd made the Office Space reference, while Todd sounded so satisfied “it’s Christmas already”.

  75. i just got my 1/100 barbatos and it will get a lot heavy experiment specially the canon
    i like the price tag for a 1/100

  76. Battlefront’s problem is that the damn shitheads at EA thought it’d be nice to not have local servers. They did it in beta and took it out at launch. I asked for a refund a few weeks back and to be honest, I’m glad I did. The beta was so much better. They ruined it

  77. Oh you need to comment HERE to be able to win the gundam. I’ve been commenting on the youtube video =/

  78. Can’t wait to see how the Long Transport Booster looks! Hopefully I can get one for myself soon.

  79. I was actually looking to buy this kit. Thanks for all that you do guys. Much appreciated.

  80. Darth Syd and Darth Ryan… that scene was way funnier than it should be; now I want that jacket. Also, that guy that got two PGs in one go, I’d like to be that guy one day.

  81. Great episode!

    I’m looking forward the 1/100 scale Gusion and the High-Res Barbatos.

  82. That 1/100 Barbatos looks neat, but I’m way more excited for that Hi-res 4K Full HD version.

  83. 90% of the people who play Battlefront have struggles and complaints with it.

    I am slowly getting better. The best thing is adjust your loadout and star cards to your play style. I like to go back-and-forth between a more aggressive run and gun style to playing that mid-back line support roll. I either use the EE-3 or the RT-97C primarily. As for star cards I prefer the Impact grenade, explosive shot and the jump pack. That jump pack is so useful to either get you into the thick of things or out of it.

  84. I have my own insane Nightingale.
    I was expecting it to be big.. but NOT THAT BIG!

    Anyhow keep up the good work!

  85. wake up to a new episode and there is already about a hundred comments. i love watching you guys and look forward to this. are you going back to having a schedule yet? love the hoodies by the way, and no spoiling it for us

  86. YAY!!!! I actually won a pamphlet 😀

    Now let’s hope I get’s a Mk. III, it’d look awesome along side my starships 😛

  87. Tod you are too young to build all those kits by yourself!, Don’t choke on those pieces young man!

  88. How can you guys feel awkward about getting the same sweater? If I saw someone wear the same thing as me, I would give them the biggest high five and say they have great taste in fashion.

    Also, Todd… You’re hilarious. You being on the show was a great idea. XD

  89. Hello again!! I won an Origin booklet! Finally I win something!
    Maybe it’s time for winning the Mark 3 too!

    Oh please! Don’t spoiler anything about SW next week. I’m the type of guy who waits as much as possible to see a movie! So internet will be very dangerous for me in the next weeks!

  90. Skits in Gunpla TV? I like it!

    Also, “stand a good chance of winning” yet I still haven’t won anything… I blame it on the random number generator and will proceed to claim that it’s rigged!

  91. “Always two there are. No more, no less. A Master and an Apprentice.”
    Well and recently we have Todd added to the team or maybe…

    Anyhow, good lord that huge amount of Gunpla boxes that comes in never seizes to amaze me.

  92. Have you guys been watching IBO so far ? Opinions ?

    Syd did you see the fan-art theory that the Gundam Gusion actually hides a smaller Gundam inside ? A bit like the Virtue in Gundam OO, what do you think about it ?

  93. I’ve always wanted an RE

  94. Have never tried out an RE before but they look really nice

  95. Good work guys. Hope I win.

  96. Great episode guys. Mk-111 would be great to get. very excited for the STAR Wars movie this weekend. Hope you guys have fun.

  97. I’m starting to really like the Barbatos. The 1/100 has a lot of potential.

  98. Always a great episode ryan and syd, which is better to get the HG Barbatos or 1/100 barbatos? Hope you guys have fun watching star wars and as always have a great christmas 🙂

  99. I wish I would win that RE for Christmas. Please santa syd!

  100. Nice jackets. Where does one find such a jacket? Great episode guys! I’m stoked for the new Star Wars movie as well. I really am starting to dig the new IBO line.

  101. there’s gonna be another version of gusion soon

  102. I wan’t the MK III

  103. hail lord ryan and lord syd

  104. pg is the coolest.

  105. MG is the coolest! What do you guys think about bandai pumping out 1/100 scale kits but they are not in/have potential for the MG line? And of course I’m hoping to win that Mk 3

  106. …hi syd and ryan, speaking of star wars i think it will be available on 17th here in the philippines but dont worry i wont give spoilers after i watched it ahahhahahahaha… the barbatos looks amaizing but the gushion also catch my attention aftrr i wathced episode 11 of the ibo…

  107. Can’t wait to watch Star Wars!!!

  108. Hey guys, great episode. I have a feeling the hi-res kit(s?) may be to the 1/100 scale what the RGs are for the 1/144 scale. Adding a bit more detail and possibly quality as well. Looking forward to it. And Star Wars of course!

  109. The 1/100 Barbatos looks real amazing, I can’t wait for the others in that line.
    That Mk III Gundam! Holy crap, that would be awesome to win!

  110. Can’t wait for that HD Barbatos!

  111. Good stuff!

  112. WHOA That’s a lot of Gundam models to build.

  113. And may the force be with you guys.

  114. Now i am even more Hyped for my 1/100 Barbatos that my friend got me for christmas from you guys, I got him the Origin’s Char’s Zuku to complete his collection of Origin’s MS and as i am collecting IBO series right now. I didn’t notice it in your last two video’s but does the NG have a cockpit gimmick? I really like that about the MG series. And maybe if Santa is nice to me this year money wise i will be able to finally get me a PG MS, or maybe just let me win one of your giveaways, either way i will be happy. Great Show as usual, can’t wait for the next one, and the plot of Star wars is…. lol just kidding.

  115. I hope you guys get the 1/100 Graze on the show. I also hope it’s as good as the Barbatos; you don’t get many grunt suits in 1/100 scale. The last good 1/100 scale grunts we got were back in the Gundam 00 lines.

  116. Chewbacca is actually Lukes father. *spoiler*

  117. I never know what to write down as a comment. :/

  118. GP02! I want to see a 2.0 of it soooooo badly T_T

  119. New episode, and my shipment from HLJ arrived… Today is a good day 🙂

  120. Hi

  121. nice IBO HG, thank you for the presentations

  122. Very detailed review of the 1/100 barbatos. Thanks guys!

  123. Will the PG Banshee be hard to find in the future? I’m on the fence about getting one..

  124. Oh, I want one of those jacket/sweaters!

  125. Great episode guys! I can’t wait to see all those IBO kits built.

  126. I like gunpla.

  127. I liked the off-shoot clips you had this episode that wasn’t just at the desk. You should do that stuff more often! Great episode and may the Force be with you!

  128. The NG Barbatos is somewhat disappointing. All the more reason to wait for the the Hi-res version or the eventual MG. I want to get a PG soon but my problem is I want to paint it so that it will look its best which means more money to be spent 🙁

  129. i did not expect the NG got the cannon gimmicks at all, that’s nice. I’m hyped for the V2 Ver.Ka and i am waiting for the next MG announcement from Bandai, i hope they will suprise us (in a good way). Nice show guys, love it.

  130. ….. RE.Born… can wait for 4K Barbatos !!!

  131. Those hoods…..

  132. I’m glad you’re building the Gusion Syd. Can’t wait to see the 1/100 version. It’s gonna be one serious hunk of plastic.

  133. Man that barbatos loooooks sweet specially dat long rifle/bazzoooka/cannon…

  134. Oh wow, I hope Santa Claus has enough room in his sleigh to bring me as much Gunpla as you guys just got in! 😀

  135. Hi syd seeing the 1/100 Barbatos just puts my 1/144 Barbatos being delivered to me to shame any way I would love to win the re100 Gundam mkIII

  136. I honestly not quite understand Bandai politics on master grades. They put so much effort in producing Barbatos in pretty much any form… except MG. I bet making this new Hi-Resolutin Model will cost a lot more than MG because it’s basically action figure with attachable armor. It looks rather nice and everything, yet…

    And I’m still waiting for Build/Try Burning Gundam =|

  137. well even if many of us don’t usually win gunpla here, we still got kits being delivered to us, which is just as much a reward. 😀

  138. Great show. Can’t wait to see the IBO long-distance transportation booster review. Do you think that this will eventually be released in a 1/100 scale or will it only be a 1/144 HG release similar to the likes of the Meteor Unit from Gundam Seed and the GP03 Dendrobium because of its would be size?

    I know that I am a little late to the discussion but I would chose the 3.0 version of the RX78-2 simply because I love the level of detail on that kit and it also happens to be the first RX78-2 kit that I have built.

    Speaking of the RE 1/100, I’m hoping to see the Re 1/100 Kshatriya in 2016 but it would be awesome to win the RE Gundam MK-||| in the meantime ^_^

  139. Freeeeeeeeedoooooooooom!

  140. Really looking forward to the Gushion build on the next episode! ^^

  141. Hail the Emperor!

  142. Great ep guys i got the 1/100 barbatos cant wait to build it thinking im gonna mod it

  143. Here’s to hoping Episode VII doesn’t suck. May the force be with us all….

  144. The mark III was my first model kit and I really enjoyed it

  145. This is the first time I’ve actually seen your show, and it’s really great! And the Star Wars hype is very real XD dig the hoodies! I recently got into gunpla a few months back, and I’m enjoying it a lot so far even on a tight budget XD I really can’t wait for the Gusion to come out! I like the bulky, turtle-frog(?) look to it! 😀

    The RE MkIII looks really cool. I bet it looks amazing in person!
    I haven’t heard of the REs before, but looking through the line they have, the Dijeh looks pretty amazing too!

  146. Ravioli ravioli give me the gundamoli

  147. Yes, I’ll take the Mk 3, thank you very much…

  148. i would love to get that Mk III, i want one to paint using the titans color scheme 😀

  149. Great episode Syd and Ryan, I wish Bandai could make a PG Barbatos, that would be AWEsome!

  150. Cant wait for the release of star wars, but i cant wait for my PG Banshee to get here

  151. I’ve heard nothing but good things about that Mk III kit. Someone here is going to get really lucky.

  152. Mk III hmmm?

  153. Merry Christmas Syd and Ryan! i greet you first, it means you have to give me a gift. send that MKIII kit to me. Ban gon wan she co, cah 🙂

  154. Can’t believe you guys are almost at 200 episodes!

  155. Wow, never seen the MK III before but it looks awsome! hope i could get a chance to see it in person; and what series or book is it from?

  156. Great episode as always.

  157. Cool episode! I have a question. BANDAI did an RE100 Nightingale. Does this mean that we could see an HGUC 1/144 scale Nightingale soon? Thank you Gunpla TV. May the force be with you. Always!

  158. RE100 Kshatria would be awesome.

    Looking forward to the HD Barbatos, but wondering if there will be an MG kit.

    Love the PG kits. My Banshee is close, Unicorn is waiting in the wings. GIVE ME PG PHENEX!

  159. My girlfriend just bought me a MG Gundam Mk-II 2.0 for my birthday! That Mk-III would be awesome next to my Mk-II

  160. Ryan, didn’t order the LEDs for the PG Unicorn and Banshee because…wait for it…I got the LEDs when the were in stock before haha. Just needed to wait for the kits to restock. side note, too bad HLJ doesn’t do P-Bandai stuff, but I did also get the PG Full Armor Expansion for the Unicorn and the Armed Armour BS & VN for the Banshee.

  161. Could Bandai have started selling kits at a worse time? So many kits, so little money.

    Either way, good show, and I was a bit on the ice about the Barbatos. But now, I say that looks pretty damn good.

  162. Barbatos reminds me of Code Geass knightmare frames, this isn’t a bad thing.

    Digging the new anime too

  163. I plan on ordering the 1/100 Barbatos, IBO Gusion+ Man Rodi within the next week or so. I might even start getting some MG kits including the Zaku II and Gouf Custom. What other MG kits would you suggest?

  164. The High Res Barbatos is definitely on my list of kits to get in the future.

  165. Yo! That RE Mk-III would be awesome! Been on the fence about getting that kit. Getting one free would solve that real quick!

  166. Can’t wait for the High Res Barbatos!!

  167. Todd looks like he’s nicely fitting in =)

  168. The Barbatos looks good but I don’t like it and i don’t know why but for the peolple that want one i will say go for it.

    I hope to win the MK-III

  169. I hope the High-Rez Barbatos isn’t just a recolored 1/100 scale one and is actually closer to a real MG.

  170. OMG! Winning that MKIII will be so sweet! It will be the best Christmas present ever!

  171. So is the High Resolution Barbatos simply going to be another plastic model using metallic-plated plastic? I was under the impression that the frame would be pre-assembled and utilize diecast metal along with plastic, and the armor would come on plated runners?

  172. Another great episode. Loving IBO. Posted a pic on your Facebook page of my pg collection.

  173. I will fulfil our destiny. I will finish what you started. I will show them…a painted RE 1/100 MKIII.

  174. I can’t wait for the Hi-res Barbatos. I will pay pretty much anything for that beauty.

    Thanks HLJ for being awesome (and for carrying the sexy Sahelanthropus, mmm)!

  175. i build the inner frame for Barbatos last saturday. still not sure if i want to build the armor around it, or keep it al terminator like

    i did give it a overal gunmetal paint job and the wires a silver color to make it stand out…. i want more of those inner frames 🙂 fun to build and fun to play with

  176. Nice episode. May the force be with you always.

  177. Gusion baby!

  178. i don think i will get those re100

  179. Hope I win mk 3

  180. That inner frame really got me sold on the 1/100 Barbatos.

    Great episode again.

  181. Another amazing episode guys!! I am going to see Episode 7 on the first showing on Thursday at 7:30! 😀 Can’t wait! Also I am loving the Barbatos! Happy Holidays Guys!!

  182. A unique kit. I have placed an order for 4 Barbatos Kits for the kids in the house :). This will be their first build and we are eager to start building it. Happy Holidays.

  183. Another great episode guys. For advice on Star Wars, use the Force Ryan.

  184. I hope the Schwalbe Graze gets a Hi-Res kit. Thanks for the episode, and I hope I win that MkIII!

  185. Thanks for selecting me as winner !!!

    Also thanks for having a look at the models I posted. I also added some more. Please check them out.

  186. Dat Barbatos tho…

  187. I love your show.

  188. I want the 1/100 Barbatos to just for that gun :]

  189. Nice show like always hommies, keep it up.

  190. I wanna win sometime in my life time. Been watching since episode 1.

    Looking forward to the Barbados HD.

  191. found this series a month ago and in that time i caught up to all 191 episodes! hope i can end the month by winning an awesome kit!

  192. Another great episode guys. The Barbados looks amazing.

  193. I hope I can win, awesome episode.

  194. Loving the show, I’ll love to buy some kits but not enough money for that in this time of my life

  195. Today is my birthday, I hope I can win the MkIII, cmon random number generator!

    Great episode as always guys! I’ll be watching Star wars too on first day, yeah!

  196. Thanks Darth Syd and Darth Ryan for this episode, the kit I really like to have this coming christmas is the MG RX-78-2 Origin ver. hehe just posting. Advance Merry Christmas both of you and the rest of HLJ.

  197. i wish i could have that 1/100 barbatos

  198. Great episode i would love to see the Gusion side by side with the Barbatos to get an idea ho how big the Gusion 1/100

  199. the hi-rez barbatos looks amazing but I hope its not “extra finish” like price range

  200. Hi syd and ryan, cant wait for the upcoming IBO kits

  201. Nice! I haven’t built an RE yet, this would be a great way to check them out.

  202. If there gets to be too many sets to build Why not have everyone do a kit?

  203. You aRE giving a RE? REally? I REplied only because I pREfer bigger kits. I would appREciate this as a pREsent!

  204. When you gonna do anothere top 5 mg.again?

  205. I would like to win the prize that I don’t end up winning.

  206. Awsome episode!
    The Barbatos looks good, but some how it just feel too naked to me.
    Maybe I’m more into the traditional armored mech type of models while Barbatos just too skeleton-ish.
    Anyway hope I can win one of those give aways!

  207. i hope they will release a MG barbatos.. i know it will kick some a**..

  208. Ohh, man… Barbatos kinda scream for a custom! Awesome episode! Going to watch Star Wars with my friends tomorrow. THE HYPE IS TOO HIGH!

  209. LOL …. love image 5 out of 28 (the best). Keep up the good work Syd, Ryan and Todd.

  210. Even after building 40 something MGs and a PG (Astray Red Frame) the Banshee I have on the way is still incredibly intimidating. There’s so much detail and work to it.

  211. Mk III is one of my favorites since I read Shin MS Senki!

  212. RE 1/100 Gundam MK III!

  213. I hope I can make it through a week spoiler free before I get to see the Force Awakens, also, still waiting for that MG Super Fumina Bandai

  214. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Can I have the RE? 😀

  215. sweet RE there,.

  216. do you think the HD version is like and MG?

    wow love to win even once. XD

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  225. Lol the sweaters. In regards to not sucking so much, the biggest problem my brother has when playing is he gets too close, i mean he just gets so close its utterly ridiculous you have a gun, a blaster rifle at that, stand back dont walk closer shoot from a distance thats what guns are for!.
    Anyways you guys are sooooooo lucky to work at Hlj, if i had the cash id be buying Gundam’s left right and center, but no matter how Much I want the PG’s if i dont have the money i cant get em. The 1/100 Barbatos looks really cartoonish, and Plasticky, i’ll just wait for an MG.

  226. Lucky Todd, getting to build all that!

    IBO designs seem to emphasize function over form, so they’re more basic and more functional than previous kits. This is a huge contrast with what we saw in ‘Build Fighters,’ with all the over-the-top anime style, weapons, and effects. IBO even uses bullets and other physical weapons rather than beam weapons.

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