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  • I’m out of the country for a week and I already miss these Gunpla events!

  • The Playing with Plamo 2017 Contest Entry Submission is officially closed and we’ve got a lot of great stuff to sort through on our way to awarding all these prizes. Thanks to everyone who entered and made this […]

    • Whaaaat??!! Nothing will be,the same.I missed Ryan already, how shall, I live with that? But I would do the same..;-) Wish you the best!!

    • Best of luck Syd on your travels. It has been really fun watching you as host and seeing you talk star wars and gunpla and so on.

    • Thanks again guys for hosting the contest. I like my entry so much that i just placed an order for another model hehe. Nice to see Ryan back! And OMG!!! Syd, the second you said “how to say thsi”, i called it, hoping it wouldnt be the case but unfortunatelly it was. Sad but hey, great to know you’ll be having fun and visiting new places. Godspeed my friend. You encouraged me a lot on this awesome hobby!

    • Syd and what he made gunplaTV is arguably responsible for many modellers (addiction) hobby becoming what it is today, certainly the case for me.

      Appreciate all the hard work and time you put in mate it’ll be sad to see you go but its more then earned and i wish you luck and hope you enjoy your adventures, if you’re in the very bottom of aus ever drop on in.

      hopefully you drop back in from time to time, after all whose spare room full of kits are were going to comment for

    • Wish you the best Syd. It was this show that introduce me to gunpla model.

    • crap….. if we get the sports car will he stay?

    • How will the future gunpla tv look like? Todd alone?

    • Wish you all the best Syd, good luck on your next adventure.

    • Hi Syd. I’m happy for you! Wish you all the best for your holidays!!

    • Syd feels like that crazy uncle you see at family reunions who you really get along with because they are into the same weird hobby as you are. It will be sad not to see him here as often. A big part of why I got back into the hobby after forgetting it even existed for 15 years was because of Gunpla TV.

      Best wishes to you and to your family.

    • Syd, we are sad to see you step down from GUNPlA TV, especially because you and GUNPLA TV were a huge part of why I got into GUNPLA. That being said, as a father of 2 myself I can completely understand. I do however have a few questions about your announcement. Are you still going to be with HLJ? And it kinda sounds like you would still make the occasional appearance, is that possible? As for the future if the show, I am still excited and optimistic for it’s future, Todd has really grown into a comfortable presence as a host. It also sounded like Ryan might return more frequently to the show which would be great. We’ve seen the banter between you and him develop over a long time, and the same between yourself and Todd. I can’t wait to see how it develops​ between​ Todd and Ryan (or whomever). Best wishes bro!

    • “That’s what SHE said…”

      Wil be sad to see the end of an era, Syd IS Gunpla TV, but such things have to be done. Besides, Todd will do just fine I think, and it will be nice to have Ryan back in the show also. Hopefully, with his experience, if there is time we’ll get some in-depth content from Todd with guides on customising and painting gunpla (i.e. he will demonstrate how to add a BALL to a kit, you know it, I called it). Safe travels, have fun, and good luck to Todd and Ryan πŸ™‚

    • Goodbye Syd! Hope your vacation is a good one, and that you get to do everything you want to do (And maybe build some Gunpla on the side)!

    • Damn! My heart just sank a little bit,best of luck Syd.

    • Damn it Syd. This is seriously depressing…

    • So I can expect to review my entry after May 23?

      Well, Syd, I hope you enjoy your travels, and you’re right you should do it while you can. Question, though: will you continue to blog your reviews and such on Gaijin Gunpla?

    • Damn bro. we will miss you man. but yeah family comes 1st

    • I’m following you since episode 1…so…thank you for all. Be happy!

    • First robert184, now Syd, HLJ does have a lot of people that leave me long lasting impressions. Wish you well with whatever you’re doing Syd.

    • Well Ryan best wishes, you will be missed, and Syd Never Leave us

    • Noooooo Syd! Watching this i could tell you had something bad to say, but this is something even i didnt expect. You always seem so happy and excited when the new kits come in and you get to open them up and build them, I never expected you to leave like this, but i suppose we all have to leave a legacy at some point.
      With Ryan and Todd as the new hosts with guest appearances of Anna and Lindsay( I’d assume) I suppose it wont be an incredibly large change but you will very much be missed by model builders everywhere.
      May the Force be with you, and always remember Gunpla…is FREEDOM!

    • Sad to see you leave Syd. I wish you the best of luck!

    • good luck syd and all the best to you and your family.

    • The next episode of HLTV should be “The Best of Syd” showing a bunch of outtakes and funny moments through the show’s history.

      Then at the end Syd takes off his HLJ shirt and leaves it on the table. And as he is walking out of the HLJ warehouse we see that he has a full back tattoo of the RX-78.

      Ok, maybe not the last part but a best of episode would be cool.

    • good luck Syd and to your future endeavors. they said that the happiest persons on earth, are the ones who invest on travels.

      Go travel the world Syd, and collect that 7 dragon balls!!!!….. πŸ™‚

    • have a good time off Syd, hope we’ll see you pop back sometime later!

    • Thank you Syd for showing me the world of Gunpla! Please do an episode with Ryan and Todd before you leave!

    • Thank You for all those years with Gaijin Gunpla, and You will be missed. But I hope show will still exist and will be others to continue what you have started. Good luck with the things You want to do.

      PS. So can we apply for a position in πŸ˜‰

    • I couldn’t even finish watching. Sad news for us but want the very best for Syd, who made Gunpla TV what it is. I like Todd a lot and respect his knowledge, humor and love of the hobby…at least we still have that. Ryan is really not a builder but still a nice guy. Again, all the best to you and your family, Syd, and thanks for making Gundam cool again for me after all these years away from the hobby.

    • Good luck Syd, enjoy yourself and don’t get into too much trouble πŸ˜‰

    • Syd, I waited until today, May 4th, to comment. May the force be with you. Thank you for all the tips and for bringing popularity to gunpla and to plastic modeling in general.
      Promise to come back and do a “The Last Jedi” review special though.

    • I’ve had a blast watching everyone on Gunpla TV since the first episode, but Syd will always be the face of the show (no disrespect to Ryan and Todd). Thank you to everyone who’s built models and given us insight into those builds. This show is always fun to watch, and I’ll never stop.

      Be safe, Syd, and have fun.

    • THANK you Syd!!! May the force be with you!!!

  • Bandai has made April a lean month so we only have the High Grade Vual Gundam to show, but does that mean that next month’s Shizuoka Hobby Show is going to feature a lot of big reveals? Possibly. Be sure to watch […]

    • Yeah, new episode!

    • Been busy with building my gundam for Playing With Plamo competition, glad to finally have the time to catch a new episode.

      Kinda sad I missed the zeta givaway.

      Looking forward to the Shizuoka Hobby Show coverage.

    • Gundam Vual is my favorite design from the IBO line-up!

    • YES! Waterslides!

      So, here’s a question for you two – at some point Bandai have to stop releasing PG Unicorn variants and actually release an all-new PG. If you had to put a bet on it, what would you LIKE to see as a PG release, and what do you think would in reality be more likely as the next new PG release? I would like to see a Sinanju Stein, but I reckon it would be something more mainstream like a GM or a Barbatos.

      Also I am calling it now that Todd says “Ball” ^_^

    • Kamille Bidan is the pilot of the Zeta Gundam, since he was a boy but Kamille is supposedly a girls name he ends up shouting “Kamille is a man’s name!” a couple times during the series.

      Anyways cool Vual, and looking forward to the Evolution Zeta. Great show as always guys.

    • Am I the only one that feels like they should have released a few more kits in April instead of trying to overload March? Anyway I finally got a Freedom 2.0 and I have to say it looks amazing in person just on the runners. I can’t wait till finals are over.

    • I built the previous HG Zeta a while ago but ran into trouble assembling the legs as the lower leg assembly had both sides almost identical which lead me to glue two sides from the left and right legs together, only realising my mistake when I began assembling the second leg. With this in mind, I’d be interested in seeing how the leg construction of the new kit differs with the 2003 version.

    • Ewww a partsformer, how loathsome, well it still looks cool though, if only it transform.

    • Might not an active month but new episodes are always nice.

      I already bought, built, and taken review pictures of the Gunpla Evolution Project Zeta, and it’s a nice kit. It’s definitely the most sturdy, articulate Zeta we have, but the excessive stickers kinda put a hamper on…well…everything, still happy we have it though. I was kinda disappointed on how little “new stuff” was done after all the “Evolution” advertising, the torso was the only new innovation I really saw with the arm joints, and I still feel it could be perfected more, especially since it’s a little finicky and could break under pressure, with the tight tolerances not helping. Still though, it’s a new Zeta, and I think it’s the best Zeta we got so far, so i’m glad to have it.

      The decals are awesome, these will go well with any IBO kit I might pursue in the future, especially the Ryusei-Go ones, I aim to get all 3 and maybe 4 units, so I gotta get there.

      Vual is an awesome design, i’ll still have to pick it up despite the problems i’m hearing because I just can’t resist not getting such a good looking MS. Stickers are annoying but hey, it’s an HGIBO kit, expected them. I just love this design too much, with the repair aesthetic, colorscheme, and design.

    • Finally the waterslides are back!

    • I was already super excited for the new Zeta, but even more so after seeing the runners. That kit can’t arrive fast enough!

    • no one beats the granddaddeh

    • i wanna see the the full city in 1/100

    • For Playing with Plamod, if i used Gundam Marker to replace some sticker, what category should i apply? Thanks!

    • Help a guy out! I have another custom HG planned, but I need that Skull Weapon to complete it, and no one has it for under $20.

    • Decals! Thank you Bandai. Vual looks good. Like the darker colors. Thanks Todd and Syd!

    • I think the Zaku 2.0 is perfect as is. The only way they can do a Zaku 3.0 is to include higher detail like more panel lines and more color separation. I would love for them to improve many of the older mobile suits like the older GMs with a better frame and articulation.

    • Reading the dates the kit was released makes me feel old. Its like, wow I remember when that was new.

    • From the tsunami of kits to a dry-spell. I don’t know which one to get sad about(My wallet crying due to it being sucked bone-dry or the crying due to over-spillage)P.S. To the competitors vying for the top prize in the Playing With Plamo Competition, Good luck and may Akihiro’s nippers be with you!(Can’t enter due to study reasons) P.S. Tod actually got my name right its pronounced with the j as in jungle.

    • My Seven Swords is almost ready πŸ˜›

    • I love thew new Gundam Decals! I wish they would make more for RGs especially ones like the Sinanju since it has a glossy finish that makes the stickers show up more.

    • That Vual could probably looks so much better with minimal effort, matt spray it, then some easy dry brushing and decals.

    • Damn, always wanted a zeta 2.0! Then you whip it out and i was like (woah)

    • Someone from my elementary school, who I haven’t seen in years but saw on the bus, told me he has a MG Zeta in his closet, but never built it. So, who knows? If I win this one, and buy off his, I’ll have two MG Zetas.

    • Wish I got me that zeta. The new revive that isn’t called revive now looks really cool though.

    • The box art of the new HG Zeta is so cool!!!

    • That Vual looks great. I’m glad I’ve been a big fan and kept more up to date with the Gundam franchise.

    • Can’t wait to get the Vual!

    • Waterslides are the most fun part of building a modelkit to me. Glad the “dry season” is over.

      Ill see myself out.

    • So uhh..this might have been asked before, but BANDAI did tease a ZZ Gundam Ver. Ka. coming sometime this year. Any news on that? πŸ™‚ Great show as always guys!

    • oh my zeta!!!!

    • needs a matte top coat and it would look amazing! Out of the box, black looks a little too plasticy

    • Great show guys can’t wait to see what comes out next

    • Really enjoying the show. I look forward to every episode each week. I can’t wait for your Shizuoka coverage. Keep up the great work gentleman.

    • Great show as always. I love the vual, cant wait for new anouncnents.

    • Can’t wait for Shizuoka!

    • ZETA GUNDAM awesome… Nice show guys so sad because Syd is leaving the show… I’ve been watching this show since episode 1…

    • Wait… Proportional Accuracy and the Greatest Range of Motion in HG History!


      Yup, we be in the quiet before the storm boys. Shall we all chant: Shizuoka, Shizuoka, SHIZUOKA!!!

    • So great that we’re finally getting decal sets again!

    • great show. πŸ™‚

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  • We had the MG Providence Gundam last episode and now it’s time for another stellar kit. Actually, a few of them. Is Christmas in April?

    Don’t forget that the Playing with Plamo 2017 Contest is in full-swing. The […]

  • In this episode Todd is probably a little too excited talking about the newest Option set while Syd finally finished the MG Providence Gundam and brings everything out for all to see.

    Don’t forget that the […]

  • Send an email to saying you’ve got some Gunpla TV Fanart and they’ll let me know and then I’ll contact you about where to send it. Thanks!

  • We have multiple distributors supplying Gundams and the product doesn’t always arrive from them all on the same day. Likely the remainder are coming today and the orders will be filled. Thanks for your patience!

  • March has brought a change in weather and a whole lot of great Gunpla releases. In this video we’re going to unbox the newest Real Grade kit, the 1/144 RG Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Mina!

    • This kit looks sweet and shiny!

    • Hey Syd, I preordered mine back in January but its now on Backorder, will I have to wait till it gets back instock? I have some things in my private warehouse that I wanted to ship with it.

      • We have multiple distributors supplying Gundams and the product doesn’t always arrive from them all on the same day. Likely the remainder are coming today and the orders will be filled. Thanks for your patience!

    • Super Fumina, out the door to do more shopping, apparently. RG Gold Frame is a beautiful kit. Shiny black, like the Bandai _____ _____ kit (rhymes with “Darth Vader”)and red and gold looks so good. I need to build another RG. Thanks guys.

    • Show Fumina unboxing next please haha. Like the black glossy Gold Frame armor. Just the gold frame hoping it will glossy like armor but have to see the end product 1st to consider it as a must buy or not.

    • awesome, this kit looks amazing, with the exception of the pointy aladin feet, I was wondering, if I buy this kit, are there enough parts to build the Normal astray feet?

  • We showed the MG Providence in an unboxing video already so we won’t get into that here — which is good, because Syd and Todd were too busy disagreeing over who would get to present the newest kit from Gundam […]

  • It’s here: The newest MG kit the 1/100 MG Providence Gundam and its Premium Edition counterpart! Let us show you what’s inside!

    Kits featured in this episode:

    – 1/100 MG Providence Gundam
    – 1/100 MG Providence […]

  • Tearing themselves away from their new favorite thing, Syd and Todd switch modes and present the newest Iron-Blooded Orphan kit while oogling the just-released HG Atlas Gundam!

    Don’t forget HobbyLink TV’s […]

    • milk that cow

    • Nice wrist action there Todd hehe.

    • Mhmmmmm

    • I see you’re pretty good at milking Todd. ( Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°)

    • No more GOUF-ing around! Finally shipped my stuff out of the private warehouse for the competition, but I don’t know if my bank account can handle the 1/100 Bael and the RG Amatsu Mina. T_T

    • I want the GOUF and Freedom!!! I would love to get some free stuff. Very new to all of this, started watching the first few episodes and I was hooked. I have seen all episodes up to the 150’s, as well as the most recent 3 episodes. I ordered the MS option set 9 from you guys to turn what will soon be my second kit into the Landman Rodi which I think is one of the coolest mobile suits around. I already have some nice metallic orange for the custom painting required.

    • I’m a recent fan of Gundam, it’s always been been in the background during my youth but I never really delved into it until the release of Gundam IBO. Since then I’ve been thrust into the model kit community, watching a variety of gunpla videos and constantly researching about them. As a result of getting into the franchise late, I was immediately appaled by the Zaku designs, favoring lead mobile suits instead. Until I watched Gundam The Origin Films and picked up an Origin Char’s Zaku II and amongst the kits i’ve purchased its my second favorite. The Origin line seems to have so much quality making me appreciate even the designs I used to dislike. I’m intrigued by several kits in the line and that Gouf is amongst them, I should probably get my hands on one.

    • The kit roll out for March is looking pretty nice, especially the Atlas Gundam.

      Question for the two of you: who are your favourite characters in the Iron Blooded Orphans anime?

    • This episode was a bit empty compared to the others. I guess not all of them can be winners and you guys need some downtime between massive releases. I just want to know what other MGs will come out this year. Hopefully we can get a Stark Jegan a GM-III or the Loto.

    • I actually like the new Kimaris Vidar… not as much as the Vidar tho!

    • I really like the look of the Atlas Gundam, for sure I will get this kit.

    • nice frame arms girl poster

    • I do much prefer the original Kimaris over the Vidar. Though with all the Kimaris forms, it’d be cool to make a combination with the best parts.

    • Can’t wait for the new HGUC Zeta and RG model.

    • hi todd

    • Cannot wait for the new announcement on the new RG number 25

    • This is me commenting, waiting to win

    • ZAKU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • A pleasant start of the flood has come,this is but a trickle of what is to come… My only regret is that I can never get close to the 1/1 scale RX-78-2,a huge blow to my gundam-fanboy-dreams.*cries pathetically*

    • The Design of the Barbatos Lupus Rex is to compensate for Mika’s fighting style of punching and ripping things apart indefinitely. That is why the arms are reinforced so they don’t break apart like what happened in the Hashmal battle. Also the yellow claws were added for this reason. The toes are questionable as I really don’t know why they were given yellow parts but the Tail Blade was added for more versatility and seems to work well with the AV (Alaya Vijnana) System. I really don’t understand why the Rex was given the small shoulder armor, which is why in model form the Barbatos Lupus Tekkadan shoulders work a lot better. Overall for me it’s not a bad design, but a fusion of the original Lupus with the Rex would look a lot cooler in my opinion. Also thank you for presenting the Kimaris Vidar, it looks really sharp and will definitely be getting this kit hopefully soon along with the Bael.

    • LOL I’ve asked three times already but I’ll try one more time. Have you guys decided on anime expo yet? I would love so much to see you guys again.

    • rg unicorn definitely coming.

    • Gouf! Gimme!

    • i want an mg atlas gundam…. and that would be my first thunderblt kit

    • I kinda need that proto gouf in my life… but i dont have any cash right now πŸ˜›

    • any of the two will be nice to have

    • Everything’s about that Zelda Breath of the Wild lately and I can’t complain, it’s a fun looking game. If only I could get it. :'(

      I really like the new version of Char’s Zaku, i’m probably getting both because while they’re different, they’re also similar and I love how both look in their own rights. Non P-Bandai variants will always be a big plus for me, we need more of them nowadays. I love the Amazing Strike Freedom, it’s a neat idea, and it’s a neat looking MS, i’ll definitely pick this one up, love the design, and love how it reuses the Strike Freedom parts, I dig it. HG Bael seems like a neat kit, I especially love the shoulder emblem, but i’ll have to wait for the FM Bael to get my taste of the first demon. Atlas is a must have, I can’t see why people are hating it’s stickers, I think Bandai did a good job already and it’s not like other HGTB kits aren’t sticker heavy, they even have more! Nevertheless, I really want to have have this new HG Atlas, it speaks to me in a way I like and I can’t miss out on this one.

      The new Kimaris Vidar is a mixed bag for me, as a Kimaris fan i’m obligated to buy it since I have the HG Kimaris and will get an HG Trooper, but it’s quite different. The color shade is off, the coloring itself is weird, and has some serious stickers. Still, i’ll get it because it’s a unique design and I do like it.

    • Not a fan of the new kimaris, I thought the Vidar was better looking and totally agree that they’ve taken a step back in design.

    • Only a matter of time for that MG atlas. Great show as always guys.

    • Arigato syd, todd and ryan! May you always build.

    • Bah, everyone knows that the Gouf Custom is the only real Gouf πŸ™‚

    • Looks like Ryan is all about that Atlas.

      I think Vidar and Kimaris Vidar are different enough to get both. But where Vidar is much better as a 1/100, KV probably won’t get one.

    • yeah, new video.

    • Looks like Atlas also has fairly good color separation.

    • Lol gawd imagine doing the milking cow action in a public place xD

      Anyways hate that Kimaris Vidar, so ugly. Super sad that the Vidar was just a stand. Now the Amazing Strike Freedom looks pretty rad, and hope its backpack doesn’t have a ‘bird’ gimmick :/

      Great episode!

    • I cant wait for a MG ver ka Atlas

    • all i see is a kimaris wearing black pants, i prefer trooper, with kimaris vidar’s shields
      jesus yamato give me that freedom please

    • I can’t help but smile and laugh at the Kimaris Vidar’s drill knee. It certainly is something different that we’ve never seen before.

    • Iron Blooded Orphans kits always have something weird in them!
      Probably Bandai is trying to be innovative. They are trying to do something new everytime and they risk a lot!
      For example the feet of the Vidar….did you see them? How weird they are?
      Is it now better a common “old style” foot of a Rx78?
      Sometime is better to not look for something strange at all costs..or you get lots and lots of weird kits like the IBO line or the Reconguista line.

    • Frame Arms Girls are nice.

    • Definitely not todds first time with that action

    • I like the kimarus in all ways and forms but each form always comes with a hamartia that ruins it for me, the first form and it’s onion head, the trooper had butt too big, the vidar had his hacksaw feet, and the kimarus vidar and his pointy toes, it’s like someone at bandaid is trying to mess with me

    • I like the kimarus in all ways and forms but each form always comes with a hamartia that ruins it for me, the first form and it’s onion head, the trooper had butt too big, the vidar had his hacksaw feet, and the kimarus vidar and his pointy toes, it’s like someone at bandai is trying to mess with me

    • The Kimaris Vidar could use a bigger lance.

    • great show. i’d love to have my hands on that gouf. I like those Origin mobile suits.

    • what is your favorite gundam series?

    • I kind of wonder how the hell did all the Kilmari’s designs approved. They all use ph***c weapon that just gets bigger with each new version….
      And about the Kilmaris Vidar being the odd-one in the bunch. I think different color scheme would make it look better.Like the legs in its default Kilmaris color and no yelow accents on the offwhite.

      PS. Cant belive Todd didnt fight for Atlas. Its TODD B. version afterall ^^

    • In comparison, The vidar looks cooler than the Kimaris Vidar, plus in The Kimaris Vidar I think you can split the heels and the toes to make it flat so it can stand in flat surface

    • first kimaris, the kimaris trooper, then vidar, but then we go to the kimaris vidar. really wished to have seen what the vidar trooper looked like. oh well


    • Waiting for the payment notification for the RG Gold Frame. Then it is time to clear out the private warehouse along with the Atlas. Syd “saving” that last sticker sheet for last was a bit mean. Really was hoping there won’t be any yellow stickers for the Atlas.

    • Gouf gouf gouf!
      A nice classic ms

    • Great Show guys Building a SD for the contest wish me luck

    • I personally really love the look of the Kimaris Vidar, to me it looks like a mashup of all of the villains Mika has already faced/killed.

    • Dat gouf!

    • i want the freedom

    • hopefully bandai will make a 1/100 full mechanics on the kimaris vidar. next release this march would be awesome can’t wait for my premium providence please release it faster HLJ. waiting for it. that freedom though. want to have that hg kit..

    • I really prefer the look of the Vidar over the Kimaris Vidar. I think Vidar might be one of the best looking suits on IBO. I think they would have had more success going with a more upgraded Vidar look. The Kimaris Vidar feels a little to Frankenstein monster for me.

    • Todd reminds me of George McFly in 1955 from Back to the Future.
      I mean that in the nicest way possible.

    • You really gotta love those origin kits. Old mobile suits but updated with modern mechanics.

    • Looks like Gali Gali likes chickens…

    • Great episode as always guys! Todd’s face tho when Syd didn’t hand him the Atlas.. PRICELESS! Can’t wait to see the completed model!~

    • Looking forward to see those new releases. Great episode!

    • Can’t wait to see that Amatsu. Wish it was gold played, but hey still looked awesome from the pictures I’ve seen.

    • Gouf reminds me of the meme “you dun goofed”. xD

      But back to the 1:1 Unicorn. You guys should totally bring out an HG, MG and PG scale and take a family photo for them once it is ready!

    • The kimaris vidar look cool
      Great video as always

    • really looking forward to the mg providence hope to get it when it comes out. It will be my third kit not counting the one I built in the late 80’s.

    • Hey Guys, great show as always! I’m looking forward to getting the 1/144 HG Gundam Vual in April which coincides with my Birthday! Great looking kit to add to my IBO Manga Gundam collection. Just a suggestion for your show. How about showing us some other Gundam related products that we could use for our kits like new decals, custom parts and so on. Just to keep us moderate gundam fans up to date on such stuff.

    • Come on Syd there’s no need to fight over kits just pull Seniority, That’s what they do at my job all the time,lol.

    • Man, Vidar look really good and mean, like I wouldn’t mess with that guy but then it turn into Kimaris, Steppe down in my opinion.
      What do you guys think of the Nintendo Switch?

    • Vidar Kimaris looks great!

    • Vidar is best kimaris

    • Looks A cool kit to customize that Vidar Kimaris just didnt really like that feet , need to change it to make it badass

    • planning on buying the gundam Vidar

    • Gouf for the win! Great show as usual. Todd “Mr.” Brown had a good line up…those Kimaris space boots are crazy. Origin Zakus and the Atlas are must haves…thanks, Syd!

    • Just built the Kimaris and now there’s a cooler one

    • not sure how i feel about the kimaris vidar i think its one of those one you need to see in person

    • Looks like they did a fairly decent job with ratio of plastic / stickers for the yellow on the Atlas Gundam. Looking forward to the build to see how it turns out. I would like the Gouf but if somehow I get selected for the Strike Freedom please redo the selection for it. I want nothing to do with Kira Yamato but I do like Rau Le Creuset so looking forward to the MG Providence coming out.

    • That Gundam Bael looks very NICE!!! I will def pick up the 1/100 … not to much of a fan of the 1/144, but 1/100 lots of potential πŸ˜€

    • Can’t wait to get my hands on those new kits. Also now that Bandai Star wars Kits are being sold in the U.S.. are you guys going to bring them back on to the show?

    • i like vidar more than kimaris vidar..

    • I wonder why they didn’t incorporated some of the weapons and design of the Vidar to the Kimaris Vidar.

    • This video is great because i liked the evolution of the kimaris. It is also great that the atlas is coming because i enjoy thunderbolt a lot.

    • I dun goofed didn’t I?

    • Very nice! Strike Freedom would be great

    • Another episode another time i wont win anything.

      Though i am curious about the comparison of both strike freedoms.

    • The kimaris evolution walk

    • Seems like everyone wants the mech, not the pilot.

    • yes

    • Earth Is Flat. Fight me.

    • I won a prize? Finally. After years of trying. Thanks.

    • So excited for the MG Providence! That Gouf I want!

    • Is that supposed to be a blue “Kimaris”? Get that weak thing outta here.

    • While we are on the subject of posters in the backround: I have always been wondering where one might get one of those?

    • Hope they make another thunderbolt MG soon. Keep up the awesome work!! πŸ˜€

    • Hopefully I can get an entry done for the competition once finals are over.

    • I hope there won’t be a 3 year year wait for an MG Atlas Gundam

    • I hope bandai make AOZ kit, like woundwort.

    • so many zaku… so many kimaris…

    • With IBO Season 2 coming to an end. What is both of yours favorite kit from Season 2?

    • Yay I finally won a kit. I will cherish it as an artifact of Gunpla TV history.

      You see, the trick to winning is to talk about Frame Arms Girls…

    • I still prefer the normal Vidar :/ totally didn’t expect it to get that bulky when they remove the camo, usually its the other way around.

    • Love the show. Am soooo tempted by the 1/144 scale kits; especially the RG range for which I am generally curious, but I have only 1/100 kits. Mixing the scales…. nnngghhhhhhh, not sure how that would look on my shelf. That new RG Astray Gold Frame may push me over the edge though. Looks soooo nice!

    • Another Char Aznable MS, the collection is growing…. And, I kinda hear syd said orgy kits?

    • New TB kits!!!! Order has been out through πŸ™‚

    • That Frame arms girl poster reminds me, I need to buy some frame arms girls.

    • The Kimaris gunplas are great, each form different than the last. Whereas Barbatos hardly changes in each form. The anime shows that Kimaris is overhauled to better fight in a specific battlefield while Barbatos is overhauled because it sustained heavy damages. I think the anime shows the disparity in wealth and resources between Tekkadan and Teiwaz versus Gjallarhorn and Gaelio. It also shows how weak Gaelio is as a pilot. In season 1 he insulted Mikazuki for having an ancient mobile suit and when he couldn’t win against him (Mikazuki) he brings out Kimaris and thinks he would win. The second season has Kimaris changed greatly to fight faster and with more maneuverability. Kimaris Vidar also shows Gaelio’s weakness, he has to rely on the type-e einz brain machine just to stand on equal footing with Barbatos and Bael.
      Great gunpla they are.
      On a side note, Kimaris Vidar is not showing in the hlj website, is it just me or what?

    • aawaaa my eye’s my eye’s,O switch. does that cow have horns?

    • Time to build a Nintendo Switch and play a Kimaris Vidar!

    • informative as always for a gundam noob like me

    • Sometimes I miss Brian because he loved to show more different kits.
      I would love to see some more non gundam related kitson the show, too.

    • I like the crazy “ski boy” gundam.

    • the Kimaris Vidar looks better in anime, the model itself not that well sculpted and coloured. I wonder will they ever produce a 1/100 version.

    • i now have every 1/100 of galios suits except kimaris vidar. perhaps if i bash them together.
      Wish hes also get a full mechanics

    • Can’t wait for 1/100 Bael

    • kimaris vidar. gross. get that outta here! I don’t wont that in my house!

    • Plamo plamo Everywhere!!

      Thank you!

    • I kinda operated under the assumption that the Kimaris was just the frame and the armor was mostly interchangeable. Since we’ve seen that they can identify gundams by their reactor output maybe the camouflage was masking the reactor output? Maybe I’m trying too hard to rationalize giant space robots?

    • a Gouf with Kimaris Lance.. it would be awesome

    • Great show guys. Im curious for the IBO kits do you prefer the HG or 1/100 versions? In terms of gimmicks and maneoverability the 1/100 seem much better, but they also seem flimsy in comparison i guess?

  • Just a reminder that the Playing with Plamo 2017 Modeling Competition on HobbyLink TV is well underway!

    This week’s episode features a couple of Iron-Blooded Orphans kits one of which includes a first production […]

    • Gimme

    • And the winner for this week’s giveaway is ….. Me !

      Going back to the episode, not a big fan of that chicken feet on Julia’s suit. I’d probably pose it in flight mode on the stand when I get it.

      Look way cooler that way

    • Lucky lucky me! May you always build gunpla tv!

    • New episode new fun!

      I’m personally very excited for the new HGUC AE Zeta, i’m very curious to what’s special about it and what Bandai have done with this line. I’ve always wanted a Zeta but they all had a certain problem or more that kept me from jumping on it, and as a person who doesn’t mind partsforming, this one is likely going to be the one for me! I’m very excited for this one and can’t wait to see how it is! I want the Gundam Vual so bad, it’s asymmetry, it’s black and purple colorscheme, and it’s alien-like design, I love the way this looks and I have to have one, no questions asked.

      The new pink Petit’gguy is interesting, i’ll probably get one just for Bear’gguyception, and because I do like the shade of pink here, so i’ll likely own one for myself. I like the way the Kimaris Vidar looks, but I really don’t like the colorscheme, not a complete turn off, so i’ll have to think about getting one of my own! I’m likely not getting that Freedom 2.0 special set though, i’m not a huge fan of the busts, and I don’t really want one, so the normal one will easily do for me.

      While I wasn’t initially a fan of the Lupus Rex at all, it’s definitely growing on me when I look more at the FM, and i’ll have to consider getting one eventually if this keeps growing, and this kit looks great. Reginlaze Julia also looks pretty sick, i’m a huge fan of the way she looks and i’ll have to get that kit for myself too! I can’t deny Julieta’s MS, and that kit specifically looks great, just wish a few of the parts weren’t hollow, but it seems that Bandai have been doing a lot of that recently, which is a real shame.

    • Hoping to see the new kits that come in March!

    • might have to get a lupus rex now.
      ZAKU I me

    • For the PLAMO Competition will a smart phone camera work? Or do I need to get a camera?

    • March is making my wallet cry.I’m probably gonna set up my kidneys up for

    • that would be the MG Wing Fenice Rinascita Todd πŸ˜€

      Initially I thought of Wargreymon after looking at Lupus Rex

    • Zaku? Did… did somebody say Zaku??? *gasp!* ZAKU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      P.S. How is Ryan? I miss him

    • Waiting for new RG and nice episode.

    • Gimme!

    • I’m really not sure which barbatos I want. I want the 6th form for the mace, because I can turn it to the original anyway. but I kinda like the lupus too.
      … but I hate duplicates.
      what do.

    • that FM Lupus REx looks awesome, hope i can one for myself

    • the more they bulk up barbatos, the more i appreciate its 1st form, ironic. and have you guys heard about the new 1:1 scale unicorn gundam in odaiba? could it be the promotion for a rg unicorn?! that would be awesome

    • Finally ordered my 1st Perfect Grade, a PG Unicorn and guess whats announced this past week, a 1:1 scale Unicorn.

      Still a bit disappointed that it doesn’t seem like we’ll be getting a 1/100 Full City, at least not any time soon.

    • If I had to pick my favorite series, it would be Zeta because of Kamille “a man’s name” Bidan and Quattro “definitely not a Char” Bajeena. I also really enjoyed the original Gundam 0079. Where these old shows lacked in animation quality they more than make up for with their old-school charm with some unintentional comedy.

    • Nice kits todd and sid i love the barbatos lupus rex….. more power to hobbylink tv!!!!ο»Ώ

    • A big problem with the Rex is that Mace-sama. It’s so big, but the joints in Rex’s arms aren’t stiff enough to hold it up. The shaft is also flexier than it should be. At the moment I’m favouring the HG Lupus, for price as well. Bandai had better come out with an improved final version, or I might get the Bael instead (although HG or FM I have no idea).

      Also, that poor, unfortunate Helmwege, standing by until the very end. They could’ve at least had him use the Shock Horns.

      I’m looking forward to seeing what the judges think about the Playing With Plamo entries. They all look awesome! I do not envy the judges their task.

      According to ‘Flying Witch,’ the fox says ‘woof!’ Time to put that whole thing to bed.

      Does that poster mean there’s a ‘Frame Arms Girls’ OVA anime?

    • hope i win the zaku……….

    • Great show guys love it, really want to get more plamo now. put a papa guys stache on a 1/100 barabatos

    • Hey guys, good episode. I was wondering if the HMM Gojulas The Ogre kit from Kotobukiya was a limited release, or will it be available once more at a later date? keep up the good work and remember, “gunpla is freedom… Strike Freedom. hahaha”

    • ACCELERATE EVOLUTION YEAH!!!! Bandai always finds new ways to explode our minds and guys you are awesome with these gunpla collections you have and of cousre the giveaways.

    • Accelerate evolution – this year , revive – last year ..

      — i think there is still 1 more barbatos form for this 2nd season IBO.

    • i’ve been re-watching reginlaze julia in ibo and never noticed the claw arm thing.

    • Something tells me it won’t be the last Barbatos. Great show guys!

    • I’m very excited for the new HGUC AE Zeta. Also I heard that the 1/100 Rex has some loose limbs rendering it from holding its giant mace is that true?

    • Oddly enough I like the original Barbatos better than the other since its proportions are the closest ones to the RX-78.

      RIP 1:1 you will be missed. Not sure how I feel about it being replaced by the Unicorn.

    • I’m excited to see you build that new Kimaris, i think it’s the first kimaris thats really spoke to me if you don’t count the Vidar

    • Really surprised that even the 1/100 Lupus Rex don’t come with yellow claws. Thought only the 1/144 was like that. I wasn’t interested in the Reginlaze Julia until watching this episode.

    • 2 things
      – wile i was pre-ordering the mg providence i noticed its under high grades instead of mastergrades your site has a few little mistakes like this.
      – lastly i hope i win

    • Is that a Frame Arms Girl poster!?

    • I’m digging the proportions of the 1/100 rex compared to the HG counterpart. Keep up the good work guys! HLJ fow life!

    • Hi Syd,

      I’d like to submit more than 8 pictures for the Playing with Plamo competition. Is there any way this can be made possible?


    • I honestly don’t like the Lupus Rex’s and Kimaris Vidar’s looks.ο»Ώ

    • Kimaris vidar honestly looks like a downgrade. When they said take off vidars camo, i was like what camo? If anything, kimaris vidar is teh camo and vidar is the final variant. i forgot the person but there was one guy who made an awesome representation of kimaris vidar. Much more sleek and more menacing.

    • Is Anime Expo a go for you guys this year?

    • I wish there would be more variants to kits other than the Barbatos! Since the Mg ZZ Gundam ver.ka is coming, I hope there will be an MG Tryon 3. MG versions of the Beargguys would be awesome too because there is a pretty old MG Acguy!

    • As much as I love you guys, I was struggling to get a good look at that Frames Arms Girl poster the whole episode! “Move more to the left, argh cmon!”.

    • Todd’s favourite series is Build Fighters?! Yay! I’m not the only one πŸ˜€

    • You guys are just awesome!! Missing Ryan not being on the show! BRING HIM BACK LOL.

    • Really liked Build Fighters it was just fun.

    • I can’t wait for gumdam Providence and the rest of the march release kits.

    • Other than working pistons I don’t really see what Bandai can do to make an MG Barbatos feasible

    • Rex means king in latin… As a huge fan of Jurrasic park (original movie still the best one by far), I find it hilariously odd that I only now just learned that. and on a Gundam show no less

    • Kira Yamato is the best pilot!

    • That Reginlaze Julia has a really good design.

    • I love Zakus!

    • Nothing against the IBO anime, but I hope to see less Barbatos gundams with this, it never appealed to me xD

      And also, THE AWESOME NEWS ABOUT 1:1 SCALE UNICORN AAAAAHHH!!! I was sad to see RX-78-2 go, but this is a great compromise!

    • I have to agree, big feet are better. Things with big feet less trouble standing on their own then small feet.

    • Who is sexy?

    • rex looks sweet

    • I don’t think we’ve seen the last of the barbatos. at very least they’ll probably go back and make forms 2-5. also GIVE ME DAT ZAKU PLZ

    • Nice episode. Would love to see that Zaku I show up on my doorstep. Origin is great. Todd’s Barbatos collection looked good. 6th Form did tried to stage dive but missed the edge of the table. Syd managed to get me to like the Julia. I do like the black and white color scheme. Looks good. The Vual looks like that donut shop employee who fell in the vat. All good. Thanks guys!

    • All hail the HGAE Zeta!!! Just finished building my MG Zeta 2.0.

    • Hi guys, nice to see all the 1/100 Barbatos together! regarding julia long legs, pretty interesting pigeon feet and way to stand! ha!

    • Another great episode guys!Love the Barbatos Lupus Rex Design. Its like a hybrid of Gundam and Evangelion. Also love Reginlaze Julia, hopefully Bandai release the 1/100 version.

    • Looking forward to the new Zeta.

    • Reginlaze is pretty sexy

    • Another great episode. Still not sure about the Reginlaze, maybe it is the character who pilots it that is pushing me away from getting it.

    • The 6th form collapse was so perfectly timed after that deadpan joke it almost looked planned.

    • Zaku!

    • i need to make the reginlaze look omre like a chinese dragon. perhaps some red

    • Can’t wait for the new HGUC Zeta gundam…

    • You guys are showing off fancy new kits while I’m sitting here building an HGUC GM… I’m gonna use this kit to practice modifying proportions and painting.

  • Kur0 and Profile picture of SydSyd are now friends 4 years ago

  • mrKitMaster and Profile picture of SydSyd are now friends 4 years ago

  • For this week’s episode of Gunpla TV we have two kits to show with very different looks but we had a lot of fun with both.

    Be sure to check out the ongoing Playing with Plamo 2017 Modeling Competition on […]

    • I like giant robots.

    • Dappergguy is dapper.

    • I’m just not a fan of the Rex’s proportions.

    • Not really a fan of Rex’s design and the lack of yellow on the HG is highly disappointing. I wonder if the FM also has the same problem

    • Papagguy looks quite proper

    • The Lupus Rex’s sub-arms would look cooler in action if they were holding some guns or swords from other kits/ option sets while wielding the corncob mace! Also will Gunpla TV show kits like the Mechatro WeGo? They look cool

    • Oh gods I have been looking for that powerdoll kit everywhere! So hard to find!

    • Karyu replied 4 years ago

      I like the shoulder armor of the lupus and the long arms of the rex? does the 1/100 come w/ the red shoulders of the lupus?

      …and hand that powerdoll over here thank you.

    • Not looking forward to masking and spraying those yellow fingers, I can understand that the correct color separation is a bit much to ask but couldn’t you at least give us some stickers Bandai?

    • To be perfectly honest, I don’t like how the Lupus Rex (or even the regular Lupus) look. It’s too much for my taste.

    • I was hopeing you would try a 4 legged pose with the lupus rex for the entire review!

    • I hope I’m not to early in commenting to win this weeks price.😉

    • Would like to get Powerdollz. Hope i win.

    • Wow that lupus Rex is awesome! Nice episode guys!

    • Isn’t “Lupus” a disorder or something? Maybe a failure in the Gundarium alloy?
      Beargguy is pretty cool.

    • Hmmmm! I know I have a spare Acguy kit somewhere!

    • On a scale of 14 to butts, how much do you like gunpla?

    • I would like to the that powerdoll2 please give it to me!!!!!!!

    • it would be awesome to have that mustache in rx-78-2
      lova that powerdolls2 it looks smooth and bulky.
      looking forward for the next show.

    • That Reginlaze kit looks surprisingly good. Love the angular design on it, plus the included basic stand is a good plus.

      Definitely going to have to get one for myself soon

    • If Tod love big feets, what does Sid love?

    • Im Waiting for Bael and the New Kimaris, You can Kitbash Lupus Rex with Lupus’ Arms if it looks Disoriented, I think those Extra Arms can hold all Barbatos’ Maces

    • I didn’t know they made POWER DoLLS kit, The More You Know.

    • wow, I didn’t know that Barbatos come with a base.

    • That’s a big box for the 1/100 barbatos.

      How about that Kimaris Vidar?! Undecided on whether I like that or not.

    • awesome show,

    • I would like the POWERDoLLS2

    • Zyphr replied 4 years ago

      the papa guy is very classy, definitely a must have for me

    • Cannot wait for HG gundam bael on March 2017

    • I don’t know what that is but I need it.

    • The giveaway kit looks great

    • ffoeg replied 4 years ago

      Cool Rex. Also luv that thunder thigh kit!

    • I agree with you on the Lupus Rex kit, they should’ve at least included the stickers for the fingers. Papa bear looks cool with the top hat and mustache.

      Lovely giveaway kit, I want that!

    • Dollz

    • holy cow that kit has massive thighs.

    • ME … WANT … POWERDOLL … never seen that kit in my life but it looks awesome. … Syd and Todd as always, great job, and yes please please please let’s get away from building Barbatos and all his 500 forms, there are plenty of kits that we will love to see you guys build and review other than IBO, just my opinion of course πŸ˜‰

    • When will it be my time to win.

    • BNuts replied 4 years ago

      The impression I get of the Rex is that Bandai rushed it to roll-out, and that’s why it doesn’t have the coloured parts it should. I’m hoping the final version is ‘finished.’

      From pictures I’ve seen, Kimaris Vidar continues the trend of being armed with modelling tools. This time it’s drills. But I like the Dendronium-style shields.

    • 40th comment ftw!
      oh well..

    • Hung replied 4 years ago

      I would like to win the POWERDoLLS2

    • raime replied 4 years ago

      My lucky day! May you always build gunpla tv!

    • Big fan of papagguy but sadly I dont have the money and I cant find it in any of my local hobbystores:(

    • What’s a Powerdoll? Looks cool though.

    • OMG, now I feel old cause I did play PowerDoLLs 1 & 2. They were really old school turn based strategy game for PC, I played them as a fix for more after playing the Front Mission games back then.

    • I need powerdoll power now!

    • Man I cant wait to get that Barbatos Lupus Rex!!!!!!

    • That Power Doll’s thighs make the Tallgeese look like it skipped leg day.

    • wow a new kit sadly it looks really cool so it would have been interesting to show on the show

    • I would like to win the doll.. Out of all the papa bears.. I think this dappler is the one who is going to make me buy this line.

    • I would love to see a 1/100 of the reginlaze julia.. I hope they make one

    • Ducks go quack. Cows go moo. Gunpla is awesome, and you guys are too.

    • Awesome show guys cant wait to get back into building plamo again

    • Nice! Totally wouldn’t mind that Powerdoll S2 kit as the only Plum kit I have is the Murakumo ARK Cloud Breaker 01. Anyways great episode as always!

    • Daven replied 4 years ago

      I love Powerdolls!

    • I can’t wait for Lupus Rex to come in 1:100, gonna be a good day

    • pt25 replied 4 years ago

      I want that!

    • shika replied 4 years ago

      plum? plume?

    • Great show as always guys! Short and sweet~ Makes my Mondays a lot more tolerable! That Papa Guys is so dapper! I’d like to slap that mustache and top hat on the PG RX-78-2 and make a dapper PG complete with a bowtie! That black and white color scheme would be awesome!

    • More Gunpla news is always awesome.

      Both new Petit’gguys are amusing, I might get the soda pop one because I like blue and ice cream. The Reginlaze Julia is a must have for me, the hollow parts are a disappointment, but otherwise the kit looks sick, i’m definitely getting one for myself. I might get the FM Lupus Rex one day for a Rex since the HG has parts that i’m not fond of, but since i’m not a huge fan of the MS I probably won’t anyways. The stand is a nice inclusion for the first timers though, and I can see fans of the MS buying this great kit.

      Not a huge fan of the Beargguys in general because the concept doesn’t fit my tastes with me, but I think this is a neat one despite that. Still won’t get one myself, but this guy is certainly a dapper fellow.

      The HG Rex was unfortunately disappointing to me. My main problems are the stickers, missing color applications and incorrect arm proportions, although the Full Mechanics will serve as the kit for me anyways. Oh well, the standard Lupus will be my Barbatos’s king.

    • the lupis rex is looking pretty sweet

    • Not sure about the papagguy thing, seems like it should come with a ball gag and rainbow stickers but i would like to win the powerdoll

    • Let me win those Thunder Thighs Please

    • forget MG beargguy, i want ballguy v2: MG ball on HG beargguy body!

    • 1/100 Barbatos lupus rex looks great and even better that it comes with a stand, can’t wait for your review on it!!

    • I love those arms and tail but I also like that doll!

    • I would love to put that mustache on the Turn A Gundam…

      Yeah POWERDoLLS2!

    • it’s awesome that they provide a stand with that rex. weird they call it rex but the arms are long…. i want powerdolls!

    • I have used the spare acguy bits to make a gas mask for a beargguy towards a fallout power armour i’m working on

    • PLUM!!

    • I want Powerdolls, I like dolls, I play with dolls…^^

    • Powerdolls2 looks so much like Hyakuren. Maybe it is just me. Maybe this time i will be lucky-er.

    • Always a great episode keep up the good work and i would love to win that Powerdoll Kit it looks amazing

    • PowerDolls baby. Yeah!!!
      never heard of them, but i won’t scoff at a free kit
      cheers πŸ™‚

    • i love dolls…robot dolls!

    • Great new kits!

    • I just hope that the Bael kit lives up to the hype in the same way McGillis has set in the anime.

    • Lupus Rex defies Gundam designs..

    • Just ordered my Barbados Lupus Rex in 1/100. can’t wait. for a project. Big, pretty, unassembled kit? count me in.

    • I hope bandai makes a 1/100 helmwige reincar and flauros. Those kits would look much better up scaled.

    • power doll … not I cant use my “they are not dolls they are action model” argument πŸ™

    • Jiloo replied 4 years ago

      Man, that PowerDolls Suite looks awesome.
      Too bad their out of stock.
      But maybe I can win one?!

    • Have yo guys decided yet whether or not you’re coming Anime Expo this year? I really hope you guys do!

    • Quite a huge departure is the rex from the common barbatos design. It’s strange but quite intriguing as well. Keeo up the great job guys.

    • I think you’ve just sold me on the Lupus Rex, I was on the fence for the longest time

    • Imagine a Turn A with the Papa-guy’s mustache.

    • Jeeg replied 4 years ago

      I hope Bandai stop this Bearguy-mania soon!
      If they want to do other mobil suits that looks funny that ok! Just stop the Bearguy (and sons, and wife, and mother, and…I don’t know! Whatever!)

      Guys I interested in the line called “Super Minipla” because is about the Super robots of the 80’s. Can you show us those kits?

    • Zail replied 4 years ago

      I’m really enjoying all of the IBO suit designs and I really need to get my hands on a 1/100 Lupus Rex.

    • logic

    • what ever happened to Ryan?
      and i’m really tempted to buy that julia. I have a thing for those buff, oversized, power house kits. maybe i’ll include it with my order of the HG Atlas from you guys? we’ll see..
      oh… and Powerdolls!!!!

    • Can’t decide between 1/144 Lupus Rex or 1/100.. Hope they do a Mega size Barbatos or just more Mega size πŸ™‚

    • Come on Mr. Random Generator, we’ve had our differences but we both can agree that PowerdollS2 would look great in a Titans/Aries color scheme.

    • wait Syd you’re passing on the powerdoll “S2”?? that’s weird, but i wouldn’t mind building it in your stead

    • it’s that possible for berbatos to get another final form?or rex was his final?

    • Hubyx replied 4 years ago

      And Syd has cut his finger again. Nice show guys!

    • I’ve never built a Powerdoll before.

    • wow that power doll s2 kit looks awesome! great show as always!

    • Jimmy replied 4 years ago

      You guys excited for the Switch? Any games you’re planning to play?

    • Yo an unbuilt kit, sign me up

    • Power Doll? Never heard of it but sure, send it to me. Thanks!

    • I do want that POWER DoLLS kit I missed on the cosmos hahhaha

    • thunder tigh

    • Those soda popsicles are pretty good

    • Hope i win the Doll.

    • I want that power doll!

    • Hello Syd and Todd, I do have a question but also wanted to introduce myslef. I am a Paramedic in Oregon (United States) and I am brand new to both Gunpla and models. My only experience is a few models when I was a kid. I work the night shift and stay on nights during my off days. I have been looking for something to do at night on my off days which wont wake up my wife and kids and since I have been a life long GUNDAM fan I figured I would give Gunpla a shot, plus it’s crazy cool looking. I Began to watch YouTube on the topic and came across GUNPLA TV, and the PLAMO competition (I am going to be submitting my first build). I am currently watching all the episodes and I am currently up to episode 80 along with the most current 2 episodes. My question is what are both of your favorite Gundam Series, mine is 0083 Stardust Memory, but the mobile suit fights in Iron blooded Orphans are so rough and tough that its a close second.

    • I come to take that power dolls 2! Oh dear RNG God I plea Thy to get this for me!

    • Bee replied 4 years ago

      I guess calling dibs won’t work, lol.

    • How’s it going Todd and Syde, feels strange to have an episode “so short” compared to recent ones. LOL. Any ways great show you guys and everyone else at HLJ, keep up the great work. As soon as I get my digital camera in the mail I’ll be able to post my entry in the 2017 modeling competition, got a lot done so far, still got a ways to go before I’ll be satisfied with the end results. After viewing the other entries in the intermediate level I feel torn, on one hand I feel more motivated to complete it, on the other I feel like I didn’t do enough work based on what I have seen so far. All the entries look really good so far, soon my entry will join the legions of other gunplay to be judged worthy of the prize. LOL Best of luck to everyone else in the competition. May Gunpla TV go on and on for ever!!!!

    • “No, sir! I didn’t see you playing with your dolls again.”

    • Great episode, have heard the 1/100 Rex has better proportions. Excited to get that kit in!

      Also, that powerdolls 2 kit has some major Chun-li like thighs… I need it!

    • I’m really tired of seeing new Barbatos, but it won’t probably stop even after the show ends.

      Guess that’s how people feel about the Unicorn gundam for those who don’t like the design (should be one or two people out there, I’m not one of them though).

    • Over played bear guy but I’m still gonna buy that Papa guy!….really though bandai….stop.

    • Thanks again for another great episode. I’ve never heard of power dolls, but that kit looks pretty cool.

    • Fuyoohhhhh hope to get that power dolls 2 hope so la

    • Kur0 replied 4 years ago

      thank you for another great episode …

      as for the reginlaze julia review next episode..please.. can you show me the leftover part from the new reginlaze?? can it be made into the old reginlaze even if not perfect??
      thanks before..

    • power dolls pls. It’s my turn now.

    • I now want to put a mustache and hat on all of my kits.

    • Thank you for making all the videos!

    • McG replied 4 years ago

      The thighs on that powerdolls are on point!

    • I miss Ryan. Great episode guys.

    • Thank you guys so much, HLJ is the best!

    • Wytre replied 4 years ago

      Oh well, screwed up my a levels. At least gunpla is still there for me hahaha XD

    • Ahem replied 4 years ago

      I am 2 minded about getting the Rex.

    • pls!

    • NFI replied 4 years ago

      I like dolls i play with dolls

    • I wanted to get the power dolls back I remember that kit hope I’m not to late it was a crazy week. Love your store and your weekly update videos. I will soon be back to building Plammo. My thumb is working again got a back logged of 30 kits and more coming lol.

    • Gunpla!!!!

    • Wow, wow, wow. Everything is nice. Powerdolls? Sounds gooood. :):):)

    • The box for the 1/100 Lupus Rex is going to drive me crazy. I love the look and idea of it from a packaging design standpoint but a box lid that doesn’t fully close is going to annoy me.

      Stupid complaint, I know. Great episode!

    • I recently saw that Bandai is making more Petit Beargguys. They have blank signs that you can draw or write on. I bet the first one that gets built is gonna have something lewd drawn on it!

    • ey bOss pls I want Powadolls to play with ma Barbie Lupus Rex

    • Will you be making a feature about the current contest entries and their work in progress images? it be nice to hear what you guys think about them.

    • Damn, I need that powerdoll! Love the big thighs and weird proportions!

    • Hey guys, was the HMM Gojulas The Ogre kit from Kotobukiya a limited release, or will it be available once more at a later date?

    • i want powerdolls2!

    • nice doll, power doll that is πŸ™‚

    • Hey guys, for the PLAMO Competition final entries will a smart phone camera work? Or am I gonna be stuck purchasing a camera?

    • Hi there!!! Great show keep it going! Still new to gunpla, i receved the RG Zaku II, quite tricky those big cables on the legs… but it went well afterall. That kit you are giving away surely make a great piece in my new colection πŸ˜‰

  • Last week’s episode turned out to be pretty big but I think we may find a return to normalcy this week with our HG Iron-Blooded Orphan kits. They may be small but they stir some strong emotions. That’s my lead in […]

    • Keep up the good work guys!!!

    • Helmwige Reincar is now one of my favourite IBO designs (minus crotch sword holder)! I hope a 1/100 FM will come out for this soon, along with the other knight like MS like the Graze Ritter!

      Also, If I put an led unit into my gunpla, is it still ok for the beginners?

    • BNuts replied 4 years ago

      ‘Rouei’ is pronounced ‘Row-eh.’ Coincidence that Lafter and Azee used it in the Battle of Edmonton? I think NOT!

      Looking forward to seeing how the FM Rex improves on the HG.

    • KOS-MOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • kwm replied 4 years ago


    • I want KOS-MOS O_O

    • Great show guys love it

    • I have to agree with him about the feet. I hate any figure with small feet, it makes it so difficult to stand. Also, i hate bearguys.

    • I like your guys show so much. Did you guys know the Tekkadan is use the Hekija to get their revenge on Jasley Donomikols for killing Naze Turbine, Amida Arca, and Lafter Frankland.

    • Karyu replied 4 years ago

      Lemme have Kosmos as my Valentine!

    • I just wanna win something

    • Those two new kits look good and the Barbatos’ next form is looks even cooler.

    • I’ve been so busy with school I haven’t touched my entry in 3 weeks nor taken a break in general. Hopefully I can finish it by Spring Break or I won’t have anything to submit.

    • My Playing with Plamo entry is still in the private warehouse since I’m waiting for the new RG Astray to ship with it. T_T

    • i like that sinanju style back thruster on rouei

    • I didn’t realise there were Xenogears kits. They should make some kits for the other game as well.

    • My playing with plamo entry is coming together faster than i expected, but now I got to the hard part too quickly! My body isn’t ready!

    • Winner winner chicken dinner

    • kotobukiya’s model to box ratio is just weiird

    • Great video! Love that HG Helmwige Reincar!! Can’t wait for the 1/100 Barbatos Lupus Rex, probably going to get one in the future!!!

    • Im still wondering if i’ll buy the Gundam Barbatos Lupus or the Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex. Hope you show the Rex next week!

    • I love watching the episodes while building things . keep on guys!

    • I hope bandai makes a 1/100 full mechanics helmwige reincar

    • cant wait for 1/100 Barbatos Lupus Rex Review.

    • Awesome video guys! I really need to pick up one of the Barbatos kit at some point.

    • atski replied 4 years ago

      Amazing kits! .i wish i get that kosmos

    • Looking forward to your Lupus Rex review.
      Hope I win!

    • Hung replied 4 years ago

      Hope I win!

    • Episode is short and sweet. Excited for the March releases! Cool prizes too.

    • I hope Kotobukiya will do more model kits of mecha-ish girls from other series. They seem to be doing well with all those Frame Arms Girls.

    • PM replied 4 years ago

      Great show and looking forward to your Lupus Rex review.

    • Great episode. Just couldn’t stop laughing after seeing you guys make the Helmwige Reincar happy. That’s some relationship you have with it, after just building it. I want to win the KOS-MOS!!!!!

    • shika replied 4 years ago

      i think the hyakuren and hyakuri are space type suits.the rouei, land type.

    • ayy lmao.

    • that fantasy star would be interesting to kit bash into a ms girl πŸ˜‰ i want to join the competition but i just started on my kit about the same time you guys announced. the problem is i show some 3d stuff i was doing for the kit but not the actual kit itself. can i still join?

    • really digging the ibo kits

    • Great new kits πŸ™‚

    • I like these 3 HG IBO kits in fact I got my shipping just 2 weeks ago and Helmwidge just got it yesterday (cant wait to build it) all from HLJ. Thanks for HLJ for this IBO kits and fast shipping.

    • I like to win, so I can get my daughters in to model making. πŸ˜‰

    • I want to win at least once from your giveaways… something… anything… πŸ™ </3

    • 1st time here on but glad to be here! Looking forward to getting the Reincar. Also hoping to win that Kos-mos Ver. 1.

    • Great episode as always guys….BUT I LOVE KOSMOS OMG!

    • Sweet episode and a pretty good giveaway

    • Kos-mos kits looking very cool! Btw thank you guys for all your work with episodes! You are making a great stuff!!

    • Kur0 replied 4 years ago

      i want to get that reincar…

    • Oh the silly things that can be done with the papaguy mustache, hat and cane.

    • KOSMOS!

    • Hey Mr. HELMWINGE, you seem happy to see me. Hahaha. I gotta have that kit now. Will order soon πŸ™‚

    • A bit of a light episode this week, but at least its still good to see anything! Thanks

    • Ronin replied 4 years ago

      Great show and I’m starting to like these IBO designs.

    • that Barbatos Rex is a FREAKING BEAAAAST

    • I think FF Figurized busts are impossible. SE hasn’t exactly lent their characters on other companies ever since they made the Play Arts Kai line.

      I think they prefer everyone to appear on Play Arts Kai or Trading Arts or whatnot πŸ™

    • “How’s it hanging?””Slightly to the left” HAHAHA

    • It’s hard to believe Todd hasn’t played Xenosaga. That’s something he should fix. It’s a great series. Just make sure you have lots of popcorn handy for the cutscenes.

    • Bee replied 4 years ago

      Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Start!

    • ‘Nother episode, more fun.

      I’m not super excited about this option set, more for the next one, but hey more stuff is always cool. Not a fan of the Lupus Rex, and the HG looks like a mediocre kit due to sticker use and weird proportions, not a fan of the design either so an easy pass, even for the FM. Never saw the appeal in Beargguys and Papagguy does not do anything to change that opinion, looks classy though.

      All these HG kits are on my wishlist right now. HG Rouei was there from the start and never came off. I’ve built the Hyakuren and enjoyed it, but I did much prefer the design of the Rouei more, and was sad we didn’t get a kit by the end of S1. I’m happy we get one now though, and although it has a bit of stickers and barely noticeable hollow parts, it’s on the wishlist and it’s never coming off.

      Hekija is also a kit i’m interested in. A shame about the hollow parts on the feet, I wouldn’t of minded it if it didn’t have that thruster gimmick or the toe that arches upward, but still getting one. Fan of the MS, fan of the pilots and I need to show my respects to Lafter. :'(

      Helmwige Reincar was a kit that appealed to me a bit at first, but I wasn’t terribly excited about it, then the colorscheme was shown and I wasn’t a huge fan of it, and seeing the mustard yellow didn’t help. Yet after seeing the box and the kit a few times, I now really want one. Funny what time can do to your opinions sometimes. I’m definitely getting all these kits though, and i’ve got good expectations. πŸ™‚

    • helmwige looks like shovel knight. and ofc hope i win

    • Can’t wait to get my Lupus Rex with his deformed hands, and seeing as most winners say this, I hope I win!!

    • Beork replied 4 years ago

      Really love those IBO designs, glad Bandai is staying away from too obvious Gundam designs

    • Jiloo replied 4 years ago

      Wouldn’t mind to win this Kos-Mos from Kotobukia.
      Love girls with big guns! πŸ˜‰

    • Jeeg replied 4 years ago

      After all those mobil suits is awesome to see figures! Expecially figures so nice!

    • anyeo replied 4 years ago

      KOSMOS !!!

    • had to order a couple of those papagguy kits. lol

    • The reveal of the lupus rex was kinda underwhelming for me, I really hope the new Vidar will look better.

    • Oh cool I had completely forgotten there was a KOS-MOS kit. Unless I win it(unlikely) I’ll go ahead and pick one up.

    • I’ve seen some comments online criticizing the fact that you can’t upload any pictures of your progress off of the website, but I understand the rule. I agree with Syd about how people finish a great project and then they enter it into every subsequent contest online or otherwise. Nothing wrong with that I guess…but there’s a certain fairness with making something specifically for a major contest.

    • I can win a plastic girl, touched by a real girl? Sickkkkk

    • raime replied 4 years ago

      Xenosaga! May you always build gunpla tv!

    • I really enjoy your show and reviews! Awesome! Hope I could win one. Cheers!

    • Jimmy replied 4 years ago

      Any chance you guys will show the Love Live figurise busts?

    • I have plans to buy and build a Reincar up to match my custom Graze Carta….also always love an opportunity to win non-GUNPLA stuff

    • The Reincar might look better with the Rouei’s legs.

      Xenosaga please!

    • I really love your reviews, but it would be nice t show some more gimmicks and/or articulation.

    • Hope to win Kos Mos!

    • Dear RNG-sama,

      I’ve been waiting since December for my present, hopefully this week is the week I manage to win a kit xD

      Arigatou ~

      Cant wait for the full review on the Lupus Rex, Really want that kit, but after last weeks episode I really want a Bael, imo it looks awesome !

    • great show as always looking forward to new releases

    • Um wow, that Helmwige Reincar sure does have an interesting way of stowing away its sword.

    • Good show as always! Are we gonna get any more 1/100 ibo kits other than barbatos with bigger names?! Where is full city?

    • this video made me checked Xenosaga, I never had the time to tried that game before, maybe I should someday.

    • great episode as always

    • Todd went full weird…

    • Ha, sorry sorry about going off topic with FF VII.
      I got it going on my Ps2.
      So…what were they thinking with putting the sword there?

    • Can’t wait to start working on my kit for the competition, currently it’s sitting in my private warehouse waiting for a pre-order to come in stock before I ship. I’ll be making a 1/100 Space Shuttle Enterprise this year.

    • i hope to win KOS-MOS! best girl
      in Xenosaga series

    • Yes guys, I would like to win one of those “perfumed” boxes. Also, thanks for another great episode. Not a huge IBO fan but I’ve bought 3 kits from the show so far. They’re pretty cool. Thanks HLJ crew and Gunpla TV.

    • It’s always good to win a kit, whether it is gundam or not. Can’t wait to see the review on that new HG Zeta.

    • I realy like the IBO kits specially Helmwige Reincar and I just got it 3 days back. Thanks to HLJ for fast shipping and a secure packaging.

    • Gotta be in it, to win it!

      Love hlj, love the show, thanks to the hole team your the best. When i get your message, its gonna make my day.

    • interesting giveaway. not sure if I like them or not. but can’t argue about the guns it comes with though.

    • Kotobukiya’s humanoid kit is quite good when compared to an action figure with the same price range + we can mod it to our likes

    • Danny replied 4 years ago

      Give me Kos-Mos!, Great show guys.

    • Love the show and hope to win.

    • Hubyx replied 4 years ago

      Great show guys!

    • I played the Playstation 2 Xenosaga game, it was a fun game!

    • GUNDAM!!!!!

    • helmwige, hmmm cool kit but deff not displaying with a ginormous sword on his crotch!!!

    • Woah Kos Mos , Loving that old Xenosaga Game. Hoping to get that kit one day if they re release it

    • nice

    • Arc. replied 4 years ago

      I like the Rouei.

    • Nice episode as always guys. Excited to get the new 1/100 Rex. The Full Mechanics line has been my bread and butter. Sort of related but do you guys think the 1/144 arm proportions for the rex are a little wacky? It seems like they’re much larger proportionally on the HG than the 1/100. The HG has a bit of an ape look going to me.

    • I am looking forward to your review of the HG Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex.

    • NFI replied 4 years ago

      That helmwige designs and color reminds me shovel knight. Probably going to buy it

    • i like the Iron blooded orphans themed episode πŸ™‚ thanks for their reviews πŸ™‚

    • la k replied 4 years ago

      Rouei looks pretty good, but think the weapon is ridiculously big.

    • ak786 replied 4 years ago

      Great show as always guys. I’ve got a question about the playing with plamo contest. Under the beginner category it mentions hand painting is ok but what about airbrushing? If I use an airbrush to detail up some parts but not to do a full paint job would it still qualify for beginner or get bumped up to intermediate?

    • Lets do something smaller: Breaks open two expensive kotobukia kits πŸ˜€
      Played both pso2 and xenosaga but i like pso2 alot better πŸ™‚

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