Aug 30

Ryan and Syd drool over the two new massive Zoid kits and Todd gets his chance to talk about the two High Grade kits he wasn’t able to share. And don’t forget that we have a Parts Campaign happening —

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Kits featured in this episode:

1/72 Zoids Iron Kong Prozen Knights (PK)
1/72 Zoids Masterpiece MPZ-02 Saber Tiger
Figure-rise Bust Mikazuki Augus
Figure-rise Bust Makina Nakajima
Figure-rise Bust Freyja Wion
check out the Figure-Rise Bust lineup!
Active Raid: Figure-rise Standard – Elf Sigma
1/144 HG Gundam Astaroth Origin
1/144 HGBF Gyancelot
1/144 HGBF ZZII (Double Zeta 2)

Gunpla TV


  1. Super Fumina!

  2. Awesome show. Looking to buy some Keroro Gunso model kits from HLJ hopefully pretty soon. Also has anyone had experience building the HGUC Psycho Gundam kit. I wonder how it would look next tot he revive line of gunpla.

  3. LES GO!?!

  4. Nice review of the build fighters Gyanpla! I enjoyed it and might be thinking of getting one. The figurise kit is actually Elf Sigma according to greek lettering.

    Hope to get this Fumina as mine has one of her eye lens missing 🙁

  5. That Gyancelot was glorious looking, makes me want to get one to show it off with that majestic crest and cape.

    I need that Super Fumina in my life. It will become best friends with my Nobel Gundam and my desk will become gratuitously fabulous because of it.

  6. I just went to see Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive in the theatre on Sunday. It was a pretty good movie, incredible animation, decent story, translation from a Japanese script to English did leave a bit to be desired but if you haven’t seen it I’d say you might as well.

  7. HG Fumina pretty please

  8. That Gyancelot is awesome, could use a few licks of paint to really bring out the gold on it though. Can’t wait to purchase the re-release of Sentinel’s Black Getter off of your website tomorrow, haven’t been this excited for a figure in forever!

    ps: shameless plug to go watch Getter Robo Armageddon. It’s awesome.

  9. GIVE ME

  10. Give it to me!

  11. After almost 15 years I’m back to building Gundam. Thanks for the web show. It has provided me lots of entertainment and inspiration.

  12. Kia Ora Ryan, Syd, Todd, and the team HLJ,

    Good to see Ryan is back. Super Fumina(statement) in my life? No thanks.

    Epic is a term the church teenage goers used a few years back when they are having movements in the social, political and religious scene in 2012-2014. You will found a lot of computer games and movie trailers using the word “EPIC” during that period. I was reading a Christian book called “DC’s Talk” about different movement in world history. May be for those who never have a religion, we really are living in two different world.

    I was told to be extreme cautious toward people surrounding me especially those who are insane/crazy. As it may trigger their silly reaction. One word to share M.Y.O.B. Mind your own business. I am a little bit Sisi(Finnish Elite Special Winter Gear Force) aka “Chicken” or “Queer”. It is my honour of being a part of the Bandai’s modelling history.

    Well! Thank you for the tips of not putting the wing before putting all the parts into the central adapter unit. I will be careful building the spaceship prototype. By the way, New Zealand is going to start a drill on Tsunami Warning involving hundred of agencies. It is starting tomorrow and will be running until Mid-September.

    Yes. I am building a second HG Gusion Rebake. I am planning to customise it into six arms. And by all means I have two Union Custom Weapon Packs already. That will grant me two swords and two rifles. It is going to look cool with six waving arms for the “REBAKE”!

    That’s enough written feedback. I wish you a good week ahead.

    Yours Sincerely,


  13. Super Fum

  14. *Super Fumina!!!

  15. Wait did you say something about metal gundam parts where can I find it on HLJ I looked and couldn’t find anything.

    • You can do a search for Adlers Nest and their aftermarket parts will come up. Searching for HIQ should bring up those as well.

  16. Thanks for remembering me Cyd. :3

  17. Super Fumina for the win

  18. Oh My!!! Active Raid!!!

  19. i bet someone is gonna make a mg re-gz zzii

  20. again I know it’s cheaper to give away kits that you’ve built on the show but I know that at least I personally enjoy the build as much as the kit itself.

    P.S. that doesn’t mean I don’t want the kits(it just takes away from the fun)

  21. I hope someday soon we get a Zeta variant that transforms instead of partsforms

  22. Super Fumina Super PANTSU !!!
    Luck Iekkeeeeh

  23. nice new kits 😀

  24. love the show guy this is the first one i’ve been able to watch in a while and glad you guys are still going strong.

  25. Watching this while building my kits… Hi

  26. Can’t wait to see how the Astaroth Origin looks

  27. I been thinking about getting that ZZII, but I’m not sure if I should get it in HLJ or go to the anime store that frequent to buy it, its been so long since I’ve gone for a visit.

  28. My guess is that Final Fantasy 15 is delayed for a lauch release with the X1 Scorpio and/or the PS4 Neo, it would be a great system seller.
    Next month you can witness the sheer terror of the mg PSYCHO zaku, it would tottally take 2 or more livestreams to build that monstrosity.

  29. I’m new here. I have been keeping tracks of Syd’s WIP and reviews for some time. Do Ryan and Todd have their own blogs? Oh and Fumina please. Thanks Ryan and Syd (and random generator lol).

  30. Supa Fumina prize! 1000 replies incoming.

  31. Hope i can win something like ever. lol but im so getting the ZZ2 kit. looks awesome.

  32. Thanks for another great episode!

    I kinda prefer that ganz also, but i’m not really the biggest ganz man myself, much preferred that second kit you showed, looks more like kind of mecha.

  33. Astaroth Origin does look interesting. I MIGHT get one, if reviews are positive.

    Funny Todd should mention high heels in Build Fighters kits: I believe the Zetwo has the highest heels at this point. Nice job, Sakai (also, Bandai, why aren’t we getting a Super Fumina, Titans ver? Don’t think anyone would want the bunny ears? Guess again)!

    The Super Fumina wasn’t runner up, it was disqualified ’cause Sakai didn’t get Fumina’s permission to build it. I wouldn’t have given him permission to make that emaciated torso piece either. Yuuma won with the Lightning Zeta Gundam. Including the Scramble and Tryon 3, Build Fighters has lots of Zeta-based suits. When are they going to introduce the Transient Glacier?

  34. RIP in peace Gene Wilder

  35. haha would be funny to win that super fumina, anyways what do you guys think about the new season of iron blooded orphans season 2? plus do you think will we get a HG Z3 in the future?

  36. Another episode of Gunpla TV brings me more joy for the week!

    The Iron Kong PK looks awesome, the dakka and the magenta colorscheme looks really nice. However, I can’t take the name seriously, the reason being that “PK” is actually a swear word where I live, so I just refer to this as the Iron Kong “Pink”.

    Again, the new HGBF kits all look awesome! I’m definitely going to eventually get them all of them besides for the Beargguy P. The ZZII is the one I like the most though, it’s colors, bulk, size, firepower and transformation just sells me out in every way.

    The Astaroth Origin looks AWESOME. I love red suits, and the Astaroth Origin isn’t just red, but is menacing at the same time. It looks strong, sturdy and a bit bulky, yet looks quite agile, giving this guy a very nice and balanced look. He looks absolutely awesome, has nice gimmicks/weapons, i’m definitely getting this guy one day and nobody can change my mind.

    The Gyancelot looks great! I love the weapon with it’s Zeon symbol, and while I already love the Gyan, the Gyancelot’s new parts make this thing look a lot more knight-ish and regal, I dig it. The foil stickers don’t look good, but were to be expected honestly. I have the Gyan Revive in my backlog, but from what I know, it’s a very, very good kit, so i’m getting the Gyancelot as well.

    The ZZII is actually pronounced (Double Zetsu), and like I said, I LOVE THIS GUY. He looks sharp and has some really nice bulk that don’t make the kit look fat in any way. His colors and predominant blue colorscheme calls to me, I do like the classic Gundam colors, but I especially love this shade of blue. Did I mention that blue is my favorite color? This kit has a ton of blue and I dig it. He’s got some nice looking guns, and I love giant guns! He also transforms, and I really dig transforming kits, so this thing is easily one of my favorite build fighters kits for sure.

  37. The more I order from you guys, the more I realize that your like the furniture stores, there is always a deal/promotion going on, the deals, they never end!

  38. My sausage fingers really hinder me from doing transforming kits.

  39. How have they not made an Amuro bust yet?!?!?!?!

  40. Can’t wait to see how the Astaroth Origin looks and nice episode!!

  41. It’s todd time

  42. RNG MAGIC!

  43. Super Fumina!

  44. Modeling Fumina should be fun! I cross my finger to win her.

  45. That Figu-rise busts from Macross Delta are rather interesting 😀

    Now I’m thinking to build and paint one just to enter a big local scale modelling contest next month and have fun in the “Busts” category 🙂

    • OK, I just ordered Makina and VF-31C… sorry Freya, you can’t compete in this “bust” category 😛

      Now let’s hope it will come before the E-day 😀

  46. Fumina on Fumina bust….. hehe

  47. Great episode guys!!!

  48. Nice build fighter kits, got me pumped to see what other cool re-mods they come up with.

  49. great show! nic cages best movie has to be Wicker man though.

  50. good job guys

  51. Great show guys, can’t wait to see the Active Raid kit review next episode but speaking of the Super Fumina, I have just placed my preorder for the P-Bandai version, I couldn’t resist those cute ears, lol ^_^

  52. Let’s go again! Super Fumina!

  53. HG build parts for the win! When you buy that RG don’t forget to add some solid HGs, like I did 😉 still don’t know what a Super Fumina is but its Gundam and strange so I hope to win lol

  54. That zoid looks neat.

  55. Curse you bandai for making super fumina titans ver a P-bandai 😛

  56. I had to pause the video for a moment during the MR2 and Lamborgini segment, because I acutally thought I was watching Top Gear. Todd, your secret is out; you are the Stig! In addtion, have you guys ever watched Home Improvement? Everytime I hear Todd Time it reminds me of Tool Time from the show.
    As usual keep up the awesome work and I look forward to next week’s episode!

  57. super episode

  58. planning on getting the Fumina TITANS very. so the winning original one would be nice. haha

  59. Finally got registered here, that took it few month. Nice to see Fumina giveaway. Can’t wait my order with Figure rise busts to arrive. Good show

  60. Todd was staring into your soul, Syd. O_O

    Bandai: We heard you like busts. So we put busts on busts, so you can stare at them while you stare at them 8D

  61. Can’t wait for the shia quanta

  62. Aw i just bought a super fumina. Regardless, the gyancelot looks as great as ever, and it has the classic colors as opposed to the revive’s color scheme.

  63. The ZZ II reminds me of the old Zeta for some reason. I miss that kit.

  64. I wish the foot joints in the ZZII had mid foot joint

  65. I need the waifu bot

  66. Great video.

  67. You guys should do fancy transitions for when Ryan and Todd switch.

  68. You guys should do fancy jump-cut transitions or something where Todd flies off his chair and Ryan pops out from under the table or something; that’d be fun.

  69. There is a good model here, but there are more important matters such as the waifu that I must have

  70. That parts campaign, man… I ordered so many kits because of that! … Maybe I should pick up a few more before the campaign ends…

  71. Parts campaign is great, gave me even more reason to order the Denim/Slender Origin Zaku. Can’t go wrong with the Zaku kits. Great vid as always.

  72. that zoids are badass…

  73. Like the Zoids!!! and Fumina ………… !!!

  74. I wish the black Fumina that showed up brief in the recent episode of Built Fighter is available for sale. I like black better than yellow.

  75. Gyancelot Looks awesome just need double shield to make it more badass

  76. cool ep love the gyancelot not so much the zz2

  77. I want to see that Saber Tiger built!

  78. Watched the episode on Youtube you guys are great.

  79. That ZZII would’ve been better if it had proper feet..

  80. Great show love the zoids!!

  81. that Gyancelot is so nice! 😀

  82. Double Zetta 2 heels are so overkill but they actually great if you look at the overall aesthetic of the MS.

  83. I can’t wait to get a hold of those Delta busts, right now they are in my private warehouse!

  84. That gyancelot is pretty ridiculous! The Double Zeta is pretty cool but Bandai, please lay off the high heels!Jeezuz! Super Fumina…Hot

  85. You should keep Ryan away from the kits you give away before he breaks them. (^_^)

  86. Haha .. ruining the prizes ..

    All call him, the Gunplabuild-Bot, Tod not. But I call Tod, God and I already placed 2 Gyancelots and one Gyan rewive in my private warehouse. I am going to turn them into shiny knights. Always looked for a chance to use these nailpolish chromepowder. And of corse..heads will be swapped.
    As for the sigma elf.. I placed it in my warehouse too, but it depents on Tods review.. 😀
    Thanks for the show!

  87. The waifu is strong in this episode.

  88. “Gyantastic review!” -Todd

    “You just wanted to -revive- that joke.” -Syd

    I c wut u did there Syd.

  89. Thank you for making all the videos!

  90. Do you guys ever tried to do a full custom gundam?

  91. time to win

  92. Fumina-chwaaaann~

  93. That HGBF Super Fumina looks nice!

  94. yay Ryan read my comment!!!
    made my day thanks mate!

  95. Super Fumina for the win!

  96. That Z2 is dressed to the nines. Love it!

  97. that’s super! may you always build gunpla tv!

  98. personally never been a fan of Z II, or this for that matter, but that gyancelot looks pretty nice.

  99. Gyancelot!!! I love the design

  100. The ZZII is the second Build Fighters kit to be based on the ZZ; the first was the Tryon 3. I recently discovered that the Tryon 3 was originally scratch-built by a modeler in Hobby Japan magazine, and was originally called the ZZZ.

  101. SUPER FUMINA!!!

  102. Supa Fumina! That kid is wayyyy too popular 😛

  103. can i have a fumina pls…

  104. Gotta say the ZZII looks way better than I expected. Really cool sort of sleeper kit.

  105. There’s a bit too much blue in the ZZII. It’ll look great kitbashed with the Lightning Z though.

  106. Can you still get the Zoids Panzer Tier 01 Gorem? my sister brought me one over twenty five years ago but I have lost the odd piece over the years

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