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1/144 HGFC Nobell Gundam


1/144 HGFC Nobell Gundam
Submitted By: the13thprince

Hi, the13thprince here sharing my thoughts on the recent High Grade Future Century release of the 1/144 Nobell Gundam from the G-Gundam Anime. First of all this kit is one of my highly anticipated kit eversince Bandai announced an update for the G-Gundam, Gundam X and Gundam Wing line and Bandai delivers on this one. Note, this is a “speed build” or “out of the box” kit with only decals and panel lining applied so you would have a fair idea of what to expect should you buy this kit.

This is a High Grade release so the plastic, construction and mobility is at par with the other HGUC releases. The HGFC 1/144 G-Gundam is included in this post also to keep the Nobell company. The head sculpt on this kit is sweet down to the hair which plugs into the back of the Nobell’s head. The head is a one piece part so no need to worry about it getting some “split-ends”. By the way, it sure would’ve been nice if Bandai also included the Berserker Hair so you can pose the Nobell in Berserker Mode. Most of the parts are properly colored so no need to paint unless you want to make the kit 100% anime accurate.

Articulation is quite high on this kit although you have to watch out with the legs as the foot is only ball jointed to the main leg. Also there are no polycaps on this kit so all the joints are made from the same plastic as the rest of the parts. Included are several hands including the “V” or “Peace Sign” fingers to make those “kawaii” poses.

Accessories includes a Beam Ribbon which is made from a spiral of translucent pink plastic which are pre-cut into three different lengths. Unfortunately there’s not really a locking mechanism for the Beam Saber Handle to hold the Beam Ribbon so you can do as the manual says by folding the beam ribbon at the end or use glue or tape to fasten it. Also included is a pair of open hands for the G-Gundam so you can have the G-Gundam carry the Nobell Gundam just like in the anime. Bandai also included a figure stand since it’s rather impossible for the G-Gundam to balance while carrying the Nobell Gundam.

The G-Gundam also includes several sets of hands including the standard fist for holding beam sabers, a close knuckle fist, an open palm fist for those kung fu inspired poses and the God Finger hands. The wings for the G-Gundam can expand like those in the anime and the chest opens up to reveal an orb like device which in the anime is shown whenever the G-Gundam uses the God Finger. As for poseability, HGFC delivers though I haven’t tried if this 1/144 HG version can do the standing kick that the 1/100 MG version does with ease.

Overall, if you’re a fan of the G-Gundam Series the Nobell Gundam is a great addition to partner with the G-Gundam release. Its appearance might be weird given that it’s based on the archetype Japanese School girl but hey your collection could use some feminine touch.

Over and Out… the13thprince

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