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    The new FMP kits look amazing, great poseability, detail, accessories, parts separation, and gimmicks. There’s virtually nothing to complain about here for these kits because they’re just so well done. Massive props to Bandai, they really pulled through with this release.

    The BD kits are great too, with the 00 Diver and the GM III Beam Master, we’re starting off a little on the sticker heavy side, but with great sturdy bases that still hold up well today. I’ll be looking forward to future releases, especially with the Grimoire Red Beret.

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    The new Pacific Rim kits are so cool for mere HG’s. They’ve got an insane amount of molded detail, it’s really impressive for HG’s, and quite poseable too.

    00 Diver and FSD look great, they might be retools of older kits, but the older kits are great to begin with, so they’re bound to be nice kits as well if they’re parts separation is just as good.

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    Well, all good things must come to an end one day. It’s nice to see you again Ryan, and I’m glad you stuck with us as long as you did. I wish you good luck and happiness in future endeavours. 🙂

    Uprising was hit or miss, but the kits look fantastic. Both the Robot Damashii and HG representations are real standouts for their respective lines, and I honestly just want both because of how good they both are.

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    He’s a big boy, that’s for sure! Loving how he looks, such an awesome MG.

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    AGE II Magnum is looking like a great kit, based off the AGE-2, it’s already got a fantastic base to work with, so I’m heavily interested.

    The Loheng-Rinko is nice, looks to continue the trend of Bandai’s armored girls, I’d still like a Shia more though.

    Banshee Ver. Ka is unexepected but welcome, I love the thing’s gold and the decals, will definitely pick this up in the future. MG Unicorn’s a fun kit to have.

    Build Strike Galaxy Cosmos itself looks nice, but the backpack is just so plain and weird looking, I dunno if I’ll keep that backpack on it or not for accuracy sake, but the base kit is still as good as ever at least.

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    Now that poseability is just so nice. He’s a bit swole for my taste, but still looks cool.

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    The Hyde Storm is definitely an impressive kit, it’s just got so much presence and parts separation, and looks so cool, not to mention that sweet purple colorscheme. I heavily dig it, definitely contender for my favorite Hexa Gear.

    RE/100 Guncannon Detector surprised me so much but I was excited from the moment of announcement. I love the Guncannon Detector but never thought it’d get a kit, but low and behold, RE/100’s MS choices never, ever let me down. I love obscure MS like this, and the Guncannon Detector os one of my favorites, bless this grade.

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    Striker GN-X is a really nice one. The base GN-X kit is a bit dated, but the new parts like the extra armor, weaponry, and other nicks and doodles make this one really nice. Love the color separation on the new parts, and it’s nice we can finally kitbash an Advanced GN-X with this thing.

    Hyde Storm has me hyped, it looks like such a cool beast of a kit, I always take interest in Hexa Gear, but this one has me especially excited.

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    The MG GM Command was a nice surprise, never expected it to be retail considering Bandai’s love for P-Bandai, so it made me happy to have the kit come out, especially since it came from an awesome base that is the GM Sniper II.

    The Act Zaku is really neat, definitely a welcome addition to the HGGTO line with the fact it’s got so many improvements like the new ankle joints and the improved parts separation. It’s got great poseability and even more improvements, and I can’t wait to have one for myself.

    GN-X Striker was a welcome addition as well, love the fact you can take off the armor just like in the show to have a more base MS, it’s a very neat addon.

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    Aww poor Todd, hope you get better soon buddy, thanks a lot for bringing us another episode despite your injury. Please take it easy if you can. ^^

    The action bases really look awesome. Very stable and sturdy with their locking mechanisms, and love their adaptability to connect and use extra arms and stuff, definitely a welcome upgrade to the existing stands, glad they exist.

    The MG GM Command looks great, simple release, but a great kit nonetheless. As a GM fan, this Command is definitely one to pick up.

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    Mechatro Wegoes are unique and cute, I quite like them but I might wait before I pick a few up because there’s too much Gunpla I need.

    Megami Devices are also really nice, I want the newer Asura ones myself.

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    The new action bases are very welcome, not only are they an update and assumingly more stable, but they’re also more versatile, compatible and can display more kits in one. Definitely great for some group displays.

    The BD2 looks great, love the extra shoulders and the poseability of the GM Ground Type. It’s just a great kit thanks to the extra parts, and with the upcoming 03, I’m happy I’ll have a trio of poseable sturdy BD units. Cannot wait to have them all!

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    Blue Destiny Unit 02 is one I expected to be P-Bandai, but I’m super glad it’s retail, same with 03 because that means I can get all 3! 02 will be similar to the 01, just as fantastic, the best part are the included zeon shoulders, so I might just buy two to have both of them. Truly just such a nice HGUC kit.

    The car kits are nice, I’m interested in it myself now. I always wanted to try car kits, but as a snap fit modeller for now, I haven’t touched them. I might now though!

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    More Gunpla TV is more happiness!

    PG Exia looks like a really nice kit. Frame detail isn’t as much as I would’ve liked, and proportions while lineart accurate look weird IMO, but it still is a marvel. I love the LED gimmick, it’s so impressive, but at the same time I can’t say I’m willing to pay double price for it…oh well, at least there’s always the normal one to go for!

  • In reply to: Anna wrote a new post, Gunpla TV – Episode 255 – Figure-rise Mechanics Doraemon & PG Exia! Bandai brings us something new and unique with the release of their Figure-rise Mechanics Doraemon and his adorable little sister Dorami! Lindsay shows off her mastery of kit making again with a nice clear look […] View


    PG Exia seems to be one awesome kit, if only I could afford those LED’s. Ah well, that’s what the normal version is for. Head is a bit big, but otherwise, it looks like a nice PG kit.

    The Doraemon Figure-Rise mechanics are neat. Simple figures but they make nice display pieces, I hope we get more variety in Figure-Rise in the future, specifically from some anime or tokusatsu.

  • In reply to: Anna wrote a new post, Gunpla TV Special - PG Exia Unboxing For 2017 Bandai continues their tradition of big December releases with this much anticipated release of the Perfect Grade Exia! Follow along with Todd as he takes a look at and unboxes the all new 1/60th scale […] https://youtu.be/kA4vymBJCzU?rel=0 View

    Neat, those are some expensive lights though.

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    Hai there!

    Doraemon has always creeped me out since I was a kid, can’t say the figure-rise mechanics interests me too much. Still the mechanical detailing and the clear bits are a nice aspect, it’ll hopefully sell to those doraemon fans.

    Johnny Ridden’s Zaku II seems like a slightly upgraded RG Zaku II with more modern engineered parts and connections, which is great because the original kinda had a few issues. The 90˚ knee is great news, meaning this is the J-Ridden HM Zaku kit with the largest knee bend, which lets me stop debating on which one I want. Definitely will buy it eventually, if not sooner than others.

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    Another GM Sniper and it’s IMO the best one. The MG GM Sniper Custom is basically a perfect in every way asides from maybe aesthetic taste, it might not be for everyone, but as a kit, this thing excels.

    24th Century Weapons is a good option, more accessories are always good.

    RG Johnny Ridden’s Zaku is our new RG, and surprisingly it’s got more new parts than you’d think. It’s actually got new parts and different assemblies as opposed to the original Zaku, so that’s nice, hopefully that means Bandai has fixed a few of the issues of the original RG Zaku.

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