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1/100 MG PMX-003 THE-O
Submitted By: Matt Mrozek

Just finished the Big-O this morning.  The kit is fairly simple and more like a 1/144 HGUC kit rather than a MG kit.  I think Bandai could have done a better job on the details and parts break down but I enjoyed it anyway.

Well she’s all done.  I think this might be my favorite build so far.  I just love the way it looks and I got my shading just the way I wanted.  I though about doing some light weathering but my shading achieved the look I was going for which was a slightly used look.  I could probably do some pigments here and there and I might in the future but for now she’s the way I want it.  No gun on this one.  After painting it I just don’t like it so just the beam sabers and I think thats all it needs.

A few things that I am proud of are the panel lines, the decals and my color choices.  I hate doing panel lines, I just seem to have a hard time with them but I think they turned really nice on this one.  Also I was have a hard time with the decals, they just didn’t want to lay down and I had some serious silvering going on.  With a lot of patience and a lot of Micro Sol I finally got them to lay down.  For the colors I went with a 2 toned desert scheme.  I think it looks so much better as a 2 tone.  Similar to my Kyshatriya, there just would have been to much of the same color.

The markings are the Dry Transfers that came with the kit and all the little warning decals are actually from my MG Sinanju that I did not use. The only thing I added were the metal pipes around the waist.  I decided to paint them 2 tone as well using Mt. Color Titanium and Alclad Exhaust.

Colors used on this kit, so if you have read this you won’t have to ask.

Base color for all the armor: Mr. Color Dark Sea Grey
Light/Yellow colored armor: Mr. Color Sand
Darker/Green Armor: Mr. Color Middle Stone
Frame: Alclad Steel and Alclad Exhaust
Blue: Mr. Color Blue
Panel Lines: Custom mix of Testors enamels to look like the Dark Sea Grey
Red: Mr. Color Red Madder

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  1. This is really really nice. Definitly one of the better The-O’s ive seen.

  2. This is The-O
    This is the Big O
    This is the big The-O

    So confusing when people name a mechanical design as the definite article plus a letter. 🙂

  3. gotta love it 😉
    Guess Bandai will always cut a hole in our wallet~

  4. Thanks guys. I was pretty disappointed in the kit after snapping it. For the price there should be a lot more detail but after painting it’s one of my favorite builds. The kit is great for those who like to mod and add lots of details to their kits.


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