Apr 13

Syd has finished assembling the Gundam Double X and is ready to show it off while Ryan, not surprisingly, has another Star Wars kit to talk about.

Here is how to tell in your Gundam’s box what is a water-slide decal and what is a sticker:

Look at the text on the bottom right of the sheet.
If it says “マーキング●シール” it is a sticker.
If it says “水転デカール” it is a water-slide decal.
After you’ve been exposed to them a few times you’ll know it on sight.




Kits featured in this video:

1/144 Builders Parts: System Weapon 9 (Origin)
1/144 Builders Parts: System Weapon 10 (Astray)
1/144 HGBF Gundam Tryon 3
1/144 HGUC Revive RX-77-2 Guncannon
1/144 HG Gastima
1/144 HG Zaku 06R (Gaia/Mash Custom)
1/100 RE/100 Dijeh
– 1/12 Scout Trooper & Speeder Bike
1/100 MG Gundam Double X
– 1/72 Star Wars TIE Fighter

Gunpla TV


  1. Gunpla is Freedom!!!

  2. I want the hg age pls and rage on gunpla

  3. Love the mega Size!


  5. 🙂

  6. Do you think Bandai will release anymore Mega Size kits? If so, which one? Personally I’m hoping for a Mega Size Star Build Strike. How awesome would that be!?

    PS that Mega Size Age-1 would fit perfectly with my Mega Size RX-78-2


  7. Let my rage and sorrow win me a gundam!!

  8. My buddy Fellini will like this post: show me that fricking fenice mg… Ah thanks for the show , of course, i try damn hard to understand what u day in each episode.. I also apologize for my crappy english.. XD

    • why did they release the 2nd version of it and not the first? 🙁 i want the original asymmetrical one

  9. I saw the Black Tri Stars Zaku II (Origin Ver.) while flicking through Hobby Japan and was disappointed that they didn’t show the large Heat Hawk. But after seeing the System Weapons at the beginning of the video I’m beginning to think that Bandai might release the Heat Hawk that way.

  10. Commento number 8? What’s the time there? Are all of u still sleeping? Is half past ten in the morning here in Italy, the wheater is awesome … Outdoor airbrushing is about to begin 🙂

  11. Well I have been wondering about both the megasize and the 2 HG (Beginning and Age 1). For the Megasize, we haven’t seen the latest one in a while. Will Bandai make anymore Megasize Gunpla? As for the 2 HG’s, will they be produced as MG or RG in the future? That would be awesome if they did. 😀

  12. Id love the begginning gundam it looks real nice

  13. Wow all these Star Wars kits that are coming out are pretty awesome.

  14. I’m really looking forward to the release of the Stormtrooper Kai. In terms of the model kits, some clone troopers would be on my wish list although General Grievous does sound awesome.

    Really wish Bandai would rerelease some kits like the Super Custom Zaku F2000.

  15. Ive only been watching the show for a few months but ive gotta say Gunpla TV is my favorite model kit related show, keep up the awesome work. Sieg Zeon!

  16. that thing is huge

  17. Been watching since episode 40 when Ryan starts featuring and loving it since then. Thanks for making Monday a day to look forward too again and keep up the good work.

    p/s: I would love me some Mega Size AGE-1

  18. still waiting for a RE Dark Gundam bandai

  19. Mega Size…um….

  20. great episode again. How large is the double X mg kit? it doesn’t look that large, would be fun to see it next to a sazabi ver ka which is a pretty large MG

  21. MEGA SIZE!!!!!!!!!

  22. The Double X is one of my favorite Mobile Suits. When I first saw it in Gundam X, it was love at first sight.

  23. Hmm… The MG Double X looks small… Good episode as always, guys…

  24. DX finally!

  25. That’s huge…

  26. Which line of model kits do you guys think is more difficult kotobukiya or bandai?

  27. Pre-Ordered the Tryon 3, X1 Full Cloth, Denial and The End from my local store ‘coz I don’t have a credit card and I’m so exited for the new RGs! Is there a way for me to buy stuff from you guys without a credit card? My birthday’s coming up and I saw your very affordable prices here and I’ve been throwing my money at the screen to no avail. Love your show guys, been planning a trip to japan next year, hope I can meet you guys and buy stuff there :))

  28. great vid guys, keep up the good work

  29. great episode as always.
    would love to get my hands on that mega size age.
    keep up the good work

  30. Great episode and thanks for showing off the Transient Gundam Box art!
    Can’t wait for my pre-order of it to come in!

    Also thanks for the huge surprise in this give away! Mega sizes are rare indeed but damn don’t they look good.

  31. Who needs a Beargguy when you can have an AGE-1 Family!

  32. awesome vid as always,can’t wait for the new real grade to come out tho!

  33. I’ve been wanting a mega size for so longi hope i win :3

  34. Good day to both of you. Regarding water slide and regular decals, there is a color differennce in decal sheets. The water slides would be the light blue and the green would be the regular decals. Its also easy to diferentiate the regular decal to a water slide by the texture of the sheet. Again more power and greatday.

  35. About that RG 00 Raiser poster – what does it say in the 2 sections below ? What starts on the 3rd and 24th of April ? Thanks.

    P.S: Great episode, as always. Cheers !

  36. Looking forward to more RGs. Im hooked on them!

  37. Never would’ve thought you guys are gonna be givin away a mega size~Well anyway,great video as always

  38. gimme! gimme!

  39. I totally forgot to comment about what star wars I would like to see and I think Bandai HAS to release a figure of a character in the background and you think who on earth was that. A homage to the old kenner figurines. And I must say the Age-1 is a underrated design the more I see it in kit from the more I’ve enjoyed its design.

  40. Oh, and I have a question, is it possible to change the tools for building a kit like I’m new to gunpla and I’ve been interested in building one so I’ve been thinking…do I have to use nippers to cut of the parts from runners or can I just use a very sharp scissors instead of buying nippers…Once again great vid as always 😀

  41. you guys are the best… I hope i had kinda job when i grow up job that can make you happy and give you money hahaha..looking forward for my new RE kit hahah

  42. Looking forward to the RG 00 Raiser. Bandai must have done some miracle to fit a very complicated and detailed kit into a 1/144 form including its exo skeleton. Just finished building my twin satellite cannon while watching this episode. Having a Weapon Block since only shield and beam rifle is left for Double X. Thanks for awesome episode Sid & Ryan!

  43. Mega size looks great.

  44. i am very exited with the new guncannon and rx-78 revive please make a revie for it

  45. I too wish Bandai made more megasize kits.

  46. noooooooooo… i want the megasize…. i always like Megasize or NG1/60 kits. my fav kit for now is 1/60 exia.

  47. Oh gundam gods let me be lucky and win da big mega scale!!! Why Tieren ground type backordered!!! Nooooo!!!

  48. Finished my MG double x gundam and it was AWESOMMMEE!! I was wowed each time i put the pieces on, especially the legs… The mechanism is just…. i have no idea how to express it. It is a kit worth recommending!!!
    And pls, i have been waiting for so long, pls, i wanna win the mega size!!!

  49. Still have this “want-one” feeling here :3. Hahaha. May the luck be on my side xD

  50. Damn, that thing is huge!

  51. Hi Syd and Ryan,
    Awesome episode as always.
    Was wondering if i can put a water base top coat over an acrylic top coat after the decal?
    Thanks for the reply.
    Hope to see another amazing episode from you soon



  54. Maybe a little reward for doing a oh-so-difficult five page essay at 4:43 in the morning? I think I’m becoming nocturnal… those LEDs from that Mega Size could help with the lighting here….

  55. i hope i the one who that mega size

  56. Great show guys. Also here’s two questions for you.

    1. What was your first gundam kit?

    2. What was the hardest kit you ever built?

  57. The mega size kits are super fun to paint, would love another one.

  58. love that double x..

  59. MMmmmm so jealous of that Nobell winner!!!! But i think buying a star was kit will cheer me up 😉

  60. MEGA SIZE!!

  61. All these Star Wars kits look great. But I’m running out of shelf space as it is. I’d need a whole new one to start building all of them … guess it’s time to go shelf-shopping!

  62. MEGA SIZE!!!!!


  64. (insert winning comment here )

    were all just looking forward to anything that we can take out of a box and build 😛

  65. Mega size is cool and all but the lack of detail really grinds my gears as a modeler. They are just begging to get as tricked out as a real grade, only reason I never got one was because I don’t like the mobile suits in that line enough to buy one. By the way what would you like to see most as a mega size?

  66. Would be sweet to win that mega size kit! Anyways good episode as always guys! Keep it up. 🙂

  67. great shows guy, And a greavus model would be amazing to build and can’t wait to get my hands on my Honoo and show you guys my custom color scheme

  68. The mega size looks great but the Gundam AGE show was just terrible. Who the hell swaps Gundam by holding their breath and rolling in mid space?

  69. Hello guys

  70. FOr the love of God! let me win!

  71. How big is Mega Size Age 1 Normal????
    never had it

  72. How big is Mega Size Age 1 Normal????
    never had it
    cause I only collect RG and HG

  73. Mega Size for the win!
    great show as always guys

  74. Awesome show guys. I can wait for the Tryon gundam to come out. The wooooah i didnt know they did mega sized gundams! but i did started building gundam about a year ago so theres alot of things I still need to learn. I love the age series of gundams so i would super happy if i even win x)

  75. When I saw the mega size age I screamed out “OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD” I would be so happy if I won a mega size XD I’ve always wanted to show my dad the massive gundams. Since the largest I have at the moment is hg Unicorn destroy mode.

  76. Reposted from Episode 172 because I need to know the answer please!
    (my comments was no. 345)

    Where can I get the big posters of gundams? The ones that are behind you guys during the show… and so happened that you guys mentioned posters this episode. What a coincidence!

    I really love the Hi-Nu Gundam! I have the SD, HG and the MG version. I would like to get my hands on a Hi-Nu poster. Can I order through HLJ?

    Thanks again!

    • I think they answered that before. I believe that these posters are promotional items that are sent by Bandai for businesses only.

      I think they gave away some a while back.

      Maybe they might show up on auction sites like eBay randomly.

      I’d actually love to get one of those RG 00 Raiser posters; even more so if the guys at HLJ signed it too (Syd, Ryan, Scott, etc).

  77. Another great video. I always look forward to watching gunpla tv! That megasize though *_*

  78. the double x looks amazing, great kit as expected!!

    • Agree. The MG Double X does look “amazing”. But it would look more “amazing” next to an MG X Divider so we could have the X, X Divider, and Double X side by side.

      Y U NO MAKE MG X DIVIDER (even as P-Bandai)?!

  79. Bandai really should make more megasize kits. The shipping cost would be too much though 🙁

  80. Wow, I totally forgot about the megasizes !

  81. megacomment


  83. i want that mega size Pretty Please…

  84. thank you for the Mega Size Age Syd !

  85. Awesome I’m finally the winner hip hip horay

  86. wowowowow Gooooing Mega !

  87. MEGA SIZE Syd, Ryan ,I need that mega size but I also have a question so first GIMME THAT MEGA SIZE and second which gundam animes have you guys personally seen? Any favs?

  88. I saw Gundam Builders a few days ago and loved it, sort of a prequel to G:BF, Just curious are mega sized gundam still available or are they like stardust.

    • Are you talking about the show, “Model Suit Gunpla Builders Beginning G”?
      If so, I wouldn’t consider that a prequel per say. I think they were just testing out an idea that they worked through, and decided on a more kid-friendly type show (Gundam Age) for a it while they worked through things, which eventually gave us Gundam Build Fighters and Gundam Build Fighters Try.

      So if anything. Model Suit Gunpla Builders Beginning G was more like a prototype/beta for what eventually became Build Fighters & Build Fighters Try.

  89. Thanks for another cool episode. I’m almost done building the last of the RG kits (I have most of them) so I am looking forward to the next as well. I actually have about six kits all lined up and ready to be panel lined but work and the rest of life seems to try to keep me away from it.

  90. Hmm, gonna win one gift somehow… Great info as always, splendid!

  91. I AM

    W HAT
    A ND
    N O
    T O

    T HAT
    H OW
    A TE
    T HREE

    G REY
    U NDER
    N O


  93. I want to win!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially the mega size

  94. Gunpla is awsomeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. syd have you ever try dealing with resins before? if so, was it hard when you first try it? btw cool review for mg dx, and wish me luck for the mega size i really want it O_0

  96. I want that Mega Size! Great episode as always guys!

  97. I love the Beginning Gundam when Syd do a little paint custom on the gunpla! I just <3 it!!!

  98. I want the Mega Size and the Beginning Gundam

    – What gundam would you guys want to see megasized?

    • Imagine if Bandai made a Mega Size of Sid (not Syd from HLJ…Sid from Gundam Age)…

      Now that would be impressive. Maybe like a small size baby could ride on it, and then someone could modify it by adding in hovering and flying capabilities of it, and then…

      ::runs away::


  100. great episode as always guys
    i really looking forward to some big kits from star wars!
    and please show the work in progress of that kit in the show like older episode guys. i really like those parts of the show.

    i want that mega size so bad Hha

  101. Sieg zeon

  102. I

  103. I dont see any kits that interest me this year except for the RG wings and RG Double O Raiser. Come on Bandai atleast do a 2.0 older kitslike the GP01 or the GP02A. Even the RE line only the Nightingale is worth buying(for me). where’s my 3.0 Zaku Bandai????

    • There’s a ton of kits that Bandai could be doing and should be doing. But it’s pretty annoying to see that they’ve been cutting back on releases for the past few years.

      I think releases like MG Unicorn Phenex, HG Neo Zeong, and PG Unicorn really costed them a lot in terms of money, man power, resources, etc and that might be why they’re cutting back on releases across all scales/grades.

      I dunno. I don’t work at Bandai and I don’t have a business degree, but it’s just an educated guess that I’m making. Yea I know Bandai is a big company and they probably have lots of money, but I can only presume that expensive items like those 3 probably pushed back a lot of development.

      I also think it’s weird that they haven’t done a 3.0 for the MG Zaku, but to be quite honest, the 2.0s that we have are perfectly fine. And be honest… the Gundam 3.0 wasn’t that much of a difference. It used a lot of parts from the 2.0 and the only big changes were incorporating that P-Bandai LED add on set and some minor changes to the outer armor pieces.

      In terms of PGs, I hope to see the Exia and 00 Qan[t] soon. And they would be good candidates since a smaller PG release would be a nice change since we did get the PG Strike Freedom and PG Unicorn; both of which were pretty damn big.

      In terms of MGs, I hope to see more from the Wing, Build Fighters, and maybe 00 stuff. It would be cool to see 2.0s from the G Gundam series too. And whatever happened to the “RM Ver” lineup of the Seed HD and Seed Destiny HD line up? They kinda just stopped all of a sudden. Freedom RM Ver. and Justice would be a nice release followed up by things like Force Impulse RM, Sword Impulse RM, Blast Impulse, Saviour, Infinite Justice RM, Strike Freedom RM, and Destiny RM…

      Another thing that’s concerning is that they’re not releasing as many P-Bandai items either and instead opting to re-release ones they had released.

  104. Wow MEGASIZE :O

  105. Love my mega RX 78

  106. MEGA Size: BEST Size.

  107. s said on April 13, 2015

    *Kitbashes Gundam X and Gundam Double X
    NSFW Gundam is born

  108. Great show guys i wish i can win either the mega size or the hg i just wanna win something anyways syd now that the gundam build fighter try is over when do u think they will realease a Mg Build Burning gundam?

  109. I want to win so badly! give me those! haha =)

  110. I wonder if I could modify the Mega Size into a Head Display…

  111. Great show as always. I want that mega size!

  112. i want mega…SIZE…

  113. me want that megasize!!!!

  114. Let’s see ALL STAR WARS Kits!!! That TIE looks awesome can’t wait to see (somehow) how it looks all battle-damaged and painted!
    I’ve been watching for a few weeks now and I love this show guys you are all awesome. It would be great if you bring back some tutorials, I just built the Nobell yesterday with my girlfriend and she loves it and is super exited with Gunpla!

    Congratulations to the winners and crossing fingers for next week.

    Keep up the great job!

  115. Mega Size!!!!!!!!

  116. Mega Mega Oppai!

  117. I’d love either of those suits; would give me a reason to watch another Gundam series (as if I needed one). XD

  118. The Tryon 3 is more like a Super Robot redesign style of the MSZ-010 ΖΖ Gundam.

    So basically the “REVIVE” HGUC line up is the 2.0 equivalent for HGUC’s.

    Funny thing about the HG Black *Trinity* is that they only give you parts/accessories to make 2 of the *Trinity* units. The one they’re missing I think is the giant axe weapon. If Bandai does what they do, they’ll probably make that third guy a P-Bandai release and include the axe weapon and probably some decals. I mean it’s bad enough that fans will probably end up getting 2 sets of this HG…But make that third one a P-Bandai just to troll the fans…That’s just (typical) Bandai pulling off a Bandai…lmao

    MG Fenice Rinascita is a good release. Though I think we’ll get the regular Wing Fenice as a P-Bandai… >_>
    I already have the MG Fenice Rinascita on preorder though.

    That SD Lighting Gundam is nice and all, but how about we get a MG of it along with Lightning Zeta, Lightning Full Burnen, Build Burning, Try Burning, Kamiki Burning, Powered GM Cardigan, Winning, and Star Winning at least?

    It’s pretty obvious that those little ports on the backside are for that G-Falcon. Rumor has it that Bandai is going to be putting out a P-Bandai version of that guy with altered colors and some decals. Though on the P-Bandai front in regards to the Gundam X series, we still haven’t gotten word/rumors/leaks for an MG of the X Divider. I hope we do get it, and maybe also the X Maoh from Build Fighters while they’re at it….double dip on the MG X mold that we got a while back.

    “Look at those guns; they’re massive.”
    That’s what she said.

    Jar Jar? They’ll make that one P-Bandai.
    General Grievous would be a cool release as with all the other Darth characters (Sidious, Maul, etc)
    Darth Maul’s brother is, Savage Opress.

    I think most people will recognize the kanji from water from like Naruto… 水

    Can I have an RG 00 Raiser poster?

    “Pull it out! Pull it out!…SHOW IT TO ME!!”
    That’s what she said.

    “There’s a couple of Age-1’s to giveaway; 1 HG and 1 MG.”
    O_o I suppose he meant Mega Scale unless they secretly plan to include the MG Age-1 Normal in there to the lucky winner?

  119. Wow a Mega size that would be fun to have.

  120. Praise the Emperor!

  121. Oh. Em. Gee! A PARTS SPLITTER?! Gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie!

  122. Ah, my internet is working again, time for Gunpla TV!

    Also, a quick question, I have $20 to spend, what do you guys reckon I should use it on? (Inb4 Star Wars kits)

  123. Awesome Episode as usual!!! I wish I could win the age kit it doesn’t even matter which one 🙂

  124. I lovw both the mega size kit and hg… Gimme gimme gimme!

  125. great show as always guys,i hope to see more ships from the star wars universe in the future…or maybe even an at-at!


  127. I would love to get that MEGA after all i was born in 1973…and episode 173 fits!!
    Great show guys i do have a question for you. You received some more DMK bumblebees but no optimus primes (DMK 01). Do you know if it will be re-released?

  128. THAT MEGA SIZE DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want it bad!!!!

  129. Great show

  130. Wow, a mega size giveaway! I’d love to win either of those age-1s. i’m also excited for the tie fighter for my brother, whose name is ty.

  131. Thanks for your show Syd and Ryan, got my double X from Hlj, cant wait to put it together but I already have a huge backlog of kits I need to build and since i don’t have much room for them I need to choose wisely which one to build first.

    P.S.: cant wait for the new Wing Gundam version.

  132. Holy mega size! Yes please!

  133. Finally an age kit! in the site it’s out of stock since october!!!

  134. can you guys review the gundam honoo with the new weapon kit please ^.^

  135. oh man that mega size…


    you could say I embody EXCITEMENT

    Now gimme a RG Qan [T]

  137. I just built one of the Revell Star wars kits it was not nearly as nice as any Bandai kit I have built. So I hope Bandai will keep up making Star Wars kits.

  138. wow. very mega. such size. much want. wow.

  139. Yes an Age Gundam!

  140. HI guys. Another exciting episode as usual. I have a question for Syd. Do u wash your kits before painting?

  141. Wow, the MG Double X looks AMAZING!!! I didn’t realize how enormous the panels were! Also, thank you so much for the info on the waterslide decals, I’ll be sure to look for that as I progress into the decal stage with my kits. Thanks again as always, for another awesome show!

  142. Whilst watching your show I really got excited for all the TIEs bandai is hopefully going to release. It would be very cool to have an Interceptor and bomber. Maybe even a TIE Defender.

    The AGE 1 needs more love, I think it’s a great reference to the RX-78-2 whilst still being very unique in it’s own way.

  143. 30:56 Think you meant mega-size instead of MG 😛 was wondering where did the MG pop out from 🙂

  144. Great episode as always guys! And I was just wondering if you guys are gonna be doing any tutorials anytime soon and Syd what are your Stanley Cup playoff predictions!?


    Oh, one more thing. Sieg Zeon!

  146. Really love the Double X’s backpack.
    Also that Mega Size Age and Custom Beginning looks great~

  147. Woah a mega size that’s as good as a Tupac of eminems for fifty cents it’s ludacris

  148. I know AGE gets a lot of hate but I really like the designs of the main suits/gundams. The enemy suits are all a complete mess and some of the worst stuff in Gundam though I think. Age-2 is my personal favorite.

    Would love the HG Age 1!

  149. i really really really really really really really want to win something

  150. I’m really excited for the MG Rinascita. Great episode as always guys. 😀

  151. after seeing that mega size i totally want it gundam age sort of resemble legos to me but that kit looks awsome

  152. Gundam Age: Bad series, great Mobile suit designs. I’ll be kinda saddened if I don’t get either of ’em. On another note, damn that Double X is sexy.

  153. awkward silence turtle

  154. Gunpla is freedom!

  155. Wait, what?
    A new member to the family, the Bear Naked…? LOL

  156. Great episode as usual guys. I just thought today how amazing it would be for you guys to give away a mega size, and there it is! Congrats to whoever wins it! 😀

  157. i just want that mega size to see if i can put more electronics in it!

  158. Yes a Mega would be great to have. The one kit i would love to see Bandai build for Star Wars is a complete inside out lightsaber with the crystals and all. Love GunPla and also would like to see more tutorials too. GUNPLA TV is great and Sid the mic is supposed to be pointed towards you so we can hear you better.

  159. I already ordered Double X with regular X,and I can not wait!After War Gundam X needs a remake with Unicorn animation!!!

  160. A look at the Transient please!

  161. Ryan just wants to be funny but Syd won’t let him. ;_;

  162. People give Age a hard time but it did have some very nice mech designs.

  163. Gundam is love gunpla is life

  164. C’mon Mega Sise Come to Mee..!

    send it to Victoria for me Syd!!

  166. Winner winner chicken dinner

  167. omg i want an mg double x now X.X

  168. Mega size is awesome!
    I agree with Ryan, where is the mega size Bandai!

  169. Great videos guys
    I’ve watched all of them.
    Informative for sure.
    Mega size wow !
    George aka SGT Spike

  170. Still considering to purchase the Double X but I am definitely going to pick up the MG Fenice Rinascita when it comes out without question… when is that June?

  171. Great episode as always and thanks for taking the time to show the new kits that come out like the double x

  172. Ooh, a mega size. I don’t have one yet, and I do like the Age-1 design even thought I haven’t seen the anime.

    Awesome show again guys, always look forward to coming home from work on monday and relaxing with some Gunpla TV.

  173. loving that D-X, still have to watch the anime tho but loving the design

  174. I too love the Mega size. I have the RX-78 and it was a very fun build.

  175. it’s so BIG , MEGA!!!!!

  176. my girlfriend will break up with me if i don’t win that mega size.

  177. That mega size is crazy I don’t know where I would display it! Great video guys!

  178. Mega size!!!!!

  179. And I thought a PG was big…

  180. I guess you can say it’s a MEGA give-away! Lol but anyway, do you guys know what mg wing kit the wing gundam fenice is based on? I’m really interested in knowing. Thanks!

  181. Woah Mega

  182. OMG Mega Size

  183. actually crossing my fingers for the two HG’s as opposed to the mega size, I’ve always wanted to see what a painted kit would be like, just don’t have the supplies to do it myself.

  184. Double X?
    i prefer triple X
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  185. That mega size doe

  186. That mega size doe looks cool

  187. I didn’t think a mega size would look that big, it must take a shelf just by itself.


  189. Hope i win some thing.

  190. Thanks for another great episode guys!
    More great Star Wars products for the upcoming movie.
    Any other news of upcoming summer gunpla releases?

  191. I want to mega size myself!!!

  192. awesome gunpla guys are awesome !!!!

  193. Well I never realised that the mega sized ones were available! I new there was the RX-78 and a Zaku, but I thought they were exclusive issues. Are there any other gunda ms that got the mega sized treatment?

  194. would it be wrong if i said i wanted to see bandai make some pod racer kits? they definitely aren’t one of the first things that come to mind when thinking of star wars, but i thought they were a pretty fascinating aspect of the franchise, all the same

  195. Please. i want dat mega size

  196. Megasise model is mine bwahaha

  197. I may have to start buying some of these Star Wars kits, all of the ones you’ve shown are pretty good looking for the price and time it takes to build them. Great episode as always guys, keep it up!

  198. Great show as always. As much as I enjoy watching you guys talk gunpla, I really want to see more of Anna and Lindsay. You have to admit they are better looking!

  199. Hey I know I won the MG Wings but looking at the Mega Grade AGE-1 as well as the HG AGE-1 and Syd’s custom painted HG Beginning Gundam. I think I’ll try my luck again and hope for either position, but still it would be cool if I won the MEGA Grade AGE-1.

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  462. lucky 480

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