• From “Gundam Build Fighters Try” comes a Figure-rise Standard kit of the Gundam and Gunpla fan Fumina Hoshino! You can pose her with her hoodie on or off, and she comes with three types of facial expressions to […]

  • Let’s be honest — anytime Fumina Hoshino gets a kit, it’s an anticipated kit. This time’s no different, but it’s a bit of a special one — it’s the first time she’s appeared as a Figure-rise Standard kit. (Not […]

    • I literally am buying this mostly for the petit-petitgguy… And the yellow tummy and paw pieces for a winning yellow. Should go nicely alongside the Pretty In Pink and the blue exclusive that was bundled with Gundam Base Ayame…

      Do I have a bear problem?

  • Two swell kits are in from Bandai Hobby this week! It’s been quite some time since we were graced with a kit from the Gundam Build Fighters TRY series, but that’s just what we got with the release of the […]

    • Maybe Figurise Standard could eventually do “Supaidaman” from the Tokusatsu series? That’d be pretty damn cool.

    • Yay, some Gundam news! Fumina Hoshino looks really nice, please do a build of her Evan!! 😀
      The Kamen Rider Hibiki looks good too. I like pretty much all the Heisei era riders, but Hibiki has to be one of the most unique designs because he just doesn’t look like a typical Kamen Rider with the large bug eyes, and his attack style is also pretty cool!

    • Even if there’s no Gunpla related products I think there would be pretty weird to give the show another name. I don’t know, I don’t like changes. xD

    • It sucked when Syd and Ryan left. The thought of Todd eventually leaving…

      I agree that it would be difficult to change the name of the show since GunPla is the more popular thing sold through HLJ.

      The HG SF-01 Super Fumina kit was definitely not the best; especially with the sticker use.
      Bandai reused this kit to make HG SF-01 Super Fumina Ver. Titans Maid and HG SF-01 Super Fumina AEUG Maid Ver; both of which are limited edition kits.
      I presume Bandai will be doing more releases through the Figure Rise Standard kits.

    • can’t wait til u guys built the RG Zeong

    • finally a non-armor Fumina

    • Everyone emptying out their warehouses?

    • Always glad to see more Zoids releases.

  • From Kotobukiya comes a really big kit, despite its 1/24th scale. It’s the Steelrain transforming Hexa Gear! Choose between the bulky ‘Big Mode’ helicopter, or the humanoid mode reminiscent of the All Terrain […]

  • Got the Gunpla Release Drought Blues? Time to dust off the backlog!

    Today we’re looking at the HGUC RX-78GP01fb from “Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory”! An oldie but a goodie, this kit comes with all the […]

    • Nice small kit, definitely unfair to compare it to the more modern kits, it was pretty good for its time! Would make for a nice desktop buddy if nothing else! 😀

      • Of course it’s unfair to compare a 20+ year old kit to newer kits. It was also unfair to compare it with its RG counterpart. Honestly, It think older kits are not the ideal choice; especially if there’s a newer version of it available. But it’s still interesting to see how much GunPla has improved over the years.

        Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory seems to be one of those UC series that Bandai doesn’t give much support to. The entire HG and MG line up are due for an updated release and RG RX-78GP02A Gundam “Physalis” & RG RX-78GP03S Gundam “Dendrobium Stamen” are due for a release.

        But then again, in terms of UC, Bandai has been obsessively focused on Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn and its sequel Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative. So I guess it’s no surprise that other UC series haven’t really been getting much attention in terms of new kits & updated kits.

    • good, less stickers

    • it had a core fighter?

    • Maybe we should get more retro reviews during Gunpla Droughts.

    • Weird that Bandai only made an RG for RX-78GP01 Gundam “Zephyranthes” and RX-78GP01-Fb Gundam “Zephyranthes” Full Burnern.
      Given Bandai’s tendency, I would expect them to make an RG for RX-78GP02A Gundam “Physalis” and also RX-78GP03S Gundam “Dendrobium Stamen”, and re-release the HG RX-78GP03 Gundam “Dendrobium” in new ‘Real Color Version’ like how they re-released the HG GNR-001E GN Arms Type-E as a ‘Real Color Version’ that is intended to be used with the RG.
      The MG versions also are long overdue for an upgrade I think.

      For fans of this series, I think the RG release of RX-78GP01 Gundam “Zephyranthes” and RX-78GP01-Fb Gundam “Zephyranthes” Full Burnern is the current best way to go considering that the HGs are roughly 20 years old.
      I guess the HGs are also due for a ‘Revive’ release too.

      If you’re new to GunPla, I honestly wouldn’t suggest older kits.
      I mean for one, they don’t have the part separation nor gimmicks that newer kits have. They also tend to use more stickers, and some MGs use screws.
      Things like that could be a major turn off for newcomers and could push them away from the hobby.
      Luckily, every now and then, Bandai releases an updated version of existing kits across all grades & series, and the older kits (15+ years) are typically found in (of course) the older series.
      Kits released for the newer series are in line with modern GunPla kits so they tend to be good.

    • “The wifi password is on the back of the router”
      The back of the router: 0:12

  • What year is it?!
    With October looking slow for Gunpla releases, our Gunpla TV crew looks to kits we already have on the shelves, that haven’t appeared on the show.
    Our first of such kits is the HGUC Gundam […]

  • Bandai has just dropped its latest list of Gunpla preorders & more, which will be released in January 2021! We have a cool new bunch of RG kits to look forward to, including a Zeong and a 08 Alpha Evangelion […]

    • Great things coming up! Love Imperialdramon, probably my favourite Digimon after Omegamon, and that kit looks amazing! The Zeong too, that RG kit looks like it’ll have a chock full of detail, really can’t wait for them to get released!!

    • Still keeping my fingers crossed for Bandai to reach Digimon Tamers…

    • I hope they make Susanoomon at some point. That would be…. *chef’s kiss*

    • does bandai still make waterslide decals for their RG line? I searched for them and I didnt found anything

    • Imperialdramon, pre-ordered. Can’t wait for that one.

    • What would it take to get a RG RB-79 Ball? Feddie fan here!

    • dat Spiricle Striker Mugen looks like a zeon spellcaster MS lol

    • yo dat size of the Zeong

    • Bandai be whipping out that massive Zeong.

      At least until they decide to do the forbidden and make it into an MGEx or a PG Unleashed.

    • The Kits I have built during the pandemic have a distinct nuance. To say they are over cooked would be an understatement, not an inch is left
      un-weathered, battle damaged or afflicted with after market parts or accessories from ‘Wave’
      There’s power cables, rivets, photo etched goodness and weapons affixed to every centimetre. Hatches are open and paint is chipped, panels are lined & L.E.D’s are blinking, kits are bashed and Green Stuff mashed.
      Resplendent in a rash of decals they stand on custom bases and dioramas as opposed to being plonked on the shelf snap fresh.
      Built in isolation, remaining unpublished and safe.
      If time and budget can determine sensibilities or psychological impact influence creative expression then perhaps kits built during these times will reflect in some way the current climate.

  • We’re working on 7-11 giveaway plans — keep an eye on for the details when it launches, or you can subscribe to our newsletter to get the announcement to your inbox when it happens! (

  • The other day, Todd took to reviewing the Fokker DR.I & Red Baron from Suyata, a new model kit maker out of China. Today, we’re going in reverse just a bit and showing you what you get in the box before the kit […]

  • October is perfect timing for Perfect Grade talk! Just this week Bandai unveiled their big kit for December, and it is none other than the PG Unleashed RX-78-2 Gundam! Todd and Evan discuss some of the details […]

    • Any news on that 7-11 giveaway stuff or did I miss something?

      Also, the monthly giveaways. Have they stopped?

      Good to see Todd back, but there’s also some great new faces.

    • Bandai and MiHoYo both want your moneys. Who will get more? Gunpla or ‘Genshin Impact.’ The competition begins!

    • Although I am not likely to purchase the PG Unleashed RX-78-2 Gundam, it’s still very impressive to see what Bandai has been able to achieve. For too long, PGs have essentially been a large scale MG with some unique gimmicks here and there; all while Real Grade, Master Grade, High Grade, and even Super Deformed kits have been making huge improvements over the years.
      From the looks of it, the PG Unleashed line up appears to be essentially a PG 2.0/PG ‘Revive’ type of situation; a big improvement in the PG series.

      I was wondering why no winners were announced for these monthly giveaways. I guess things like this happen every now and then. One day I hope to win that ¥5,000 giveaway though.

    • First extreeeme, now unleaaashed?? Gunpla is getting way over the top now, haha! Can’t wait for that PG to be released and reviewed, it’s gonna be awesome!!

    • Not a fan of the RX 78-2 in general. That being said, the more I look at the new PG Grand Daddy, the more excited I am for it. Already pre-ordered it.

    • is DX Head Quarter 1/12?

    • dat PG size

    • I am spending more time on each kit nowadays, due to the present climate my kits built under covid have benefited from the added attention.
      My consumerism has been curtailed but I can still enjoy the show and hope to put that PG Unleashed in my collection one day.

    • The only unleashed thing here is my own poverty lol.

    • I was wondering where the comment contest went to.

  • We’ve got a special episode today! It’s not every week that we get a chance to review two kits of the same subject from different companies!

    One of the most famous ships in the world, the RMS Titanic, has been […]

  • Suyata is a new manufacturer out of China we’ve talked about before. This time, they bring us an interesting super-deformed style kit of an interesting subject: the Fokker Dr.I tri-plane from WWI!

    In addition […]

  • There’s no Gunpla this week, but Kotobukiya and Meng save the day! What’s more, we also have a new HLJ member to introduce!

    Evan and Thomas take a look at the impressive Steelrain: a helicoptor, vehicle, and a […]

  • The gang’s all here for the new Grand Cross Color HGBD:R Re:Rising Gundam! The EX Valkylander, Wodom Pod, Gundam Aegis Knight, and the Core Gundam II (not to mention the Uraven Armor) from “Gundam Build Divers […]

    • I can’t stand those colours. Yisus lord. xD

    • Thanks for the review! Nice to have all the components in a single package and colour scheme, although I think it still suffers from the awkward proportions. Maybe the design for a multiple mecha combining Gundam in the future will do the concept justice!

    • The PFF-X7II/BUILD DiVERS Re:Rising Gundam [Grand Cross Color] seems like an homage to Mobile Fighter G Gundam’s Super Mode/Hyper Mode.

      To be honest, I’m surprise Bandai Spirits did not opt to release this via Premium Bandai considering this is a recolor of existing kits.

      In regards to the golden colors used on this kit, it’s really not that best looking, but it’s not too bad.
      Tamiya and Mr. Hobby has a variety of shades of gold that you could use to improve the look of this kit.

    • I know it would have raised the price, but I think Bandai should have gone for actual gold, together with some bronze and white gold. I predict most people who get this will just repaint them metallic gold.

    • its like the ending to frame arm girls

    • gundam cheese

    • I only care about the Wodom Pod. Turn A LOVE!

  • Today, Dave looks at the RG Evangelion Unit 02! As with the other EVA units, this one features a wide range of motion after assembly, with particular attention paid to ensuring the armor parts don’t interfere […]

    • dats alot of stickers

    • Cool kit! Great to see that the engineering has improved at least over the past 2 kits. Would certainly be nice to give it some additional equipment in a DX version, wonder what they could give it, hmmm…. how about an Angel for it to fight? Haha!

    • You said “…EX version..” but it’s actually DX version; as in ‘Deluxe’. Anyway, I’m curious as to why this release does not have a DX version. If I had to guess, it’d be because instead, Bandai intends to release a variant that includes the parts to make the 02’β and 02’γ versions.

    • lol nice mouth

    • “Insert obligatory Eva reference here.”

    • The torso articulation could be better though.

    • Not an Eva fan but I’m happy the fans got another kit.

  • Today, Dorothy reviews the super simple Pokemon Plamo Gengar! This ghost-type Pokemon model kit only comes with a few stickers, and features easy, snap-fit assembly! ‘Ghost’ check it out now!

    In this episode:- […]

  • We’ve been waiting for the new gold-colored Re:Rising Gundam ever since the Aegis Knight’s release brought with it the reveal of the Re:Rising Gundam in the first place. To recap, the Re:Rising Gundam is a […]

  • The last week of new Gunpla arrivals for September 2020 is here. And boy do we have a monstrosity this week!

    We kick this week’s episode off with the introduction of a new cohost, then jump right into the […]

    • Great! Thank you ^_^

    • Waiting with trepidation for a chance to win that Haro…

    • Great to see the HLJ team expanding, with even more international staff! Great job on the diversity front, hope to see you do some review videos Gustavo! Not a fan of the Re:rising Gundam, but at least the gold colour pattern makes it look more uniform. Put it next to the Extreme MG Unicorn and there’s only one clear winner here… XD

    • Hello Gustavo. Nice to see a fellow fan of Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Wing, and SEED. It’s also nice to see that HLJ is expanding its staff with people from different countries. Perhaps they can work with you guys to make ordering from HLJ to more countries more accessible and less of a headache (import taxes, customs, etc).
      I also heard that video games are super expensive in Brazil.

      The HG PFF-X7II/BUILD DiVERS Re:Rising Gundam is just a culmination of the ‘DLC’ ridiculousness that requires the purchase of 4 separate kits. Then Bandai releases HG PFF-X7II/BUILD DiVERS Re:Rising Gundam [Grand Cross Colors] in 1 set to really ‘encourage’ fans to get it as well.
      Honestly, the overall design of this mobile suit doesn’t appeal to my preferences much at all.
      I suppose it’s a nice idea and represents the end and culmination of the series, but the mobile suits itself looks like a jumbled mess.

      I look forward to that giveaway later.

      The 2020 October releases include:
      – HGUC NRX-055 Baund Doc
      – HGAC XXXG-01H Gundam Heavyarms

      The 2020 October P-Bandai kits include:
      – HGUC RX-124 Gundam TR-6 [Woundwort] [Clear Color]
      – HGUC Second V [Clear Color]
      – HGAW GW-9800-B Gundam Airmaster Burst
      – HGAW DT-6800A Daughtress
      – HGBD GF13-017NJ/B Gundam Shining Break (Before)
      – HGBD YG-III Gundam G-Else (Before)
      – MG Expansion Part for Gundam Barbatos
      – MG XXXG-01SR Gundam Sandrock EW (Armadillo Unit)

    • what about the giveaway?

    • like the gundam bowls

    • I don’t really care for the color scheme of that gold monstrosity.

    • It’s really cool to see there’s such a diverse group of people working at HLJ. It must be a great work place.

    • As I haven’t been watching GTV since the import tax increase I was surprised at how much Todd had changed. Longer hair, slimming down I hardly recognised him, you could say its a Ver Ka of the previous model. Now taking this analogy to its logical conclusion I am curious to discover the upgrades to the other presenters.

    • Isn’t kit bashing food just called cooking?

  • The Gundam lottery returns to 7-Eleven here in Japan, this time with clear Entry Grade kits, Haropla, and more! Dave and Todd go on location to try their luck — tune in to see what they win!

    We can’t sell any […]

  • We are still a few weeks from the release of Fine Molds’ fantastic new F-4 Phantom kit, but we’ve got a sneak preview sample to show off, and it looks like a winner! Take a look, and also hear about the company’s […]

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