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    Episode 264 is up, introducing the RE/100 Guncannon Detector and the super handy Hobby Work Station Pro!
  • We’re back with some familiar faces for a mid-week special to tide you over ’til the next installment of Toy Tengoku. The team at HLJ try out the new Japan Exclusive Peach Edition Coca Cola and give you their v […]

    • Good to see Ryan again. It feels like it’s been a while.
      8:46 The ‘real’ Toy Tengoku team appears! Not surprise of their choices. I don’t drink soft drinks much, but I never liked the Diet or Zero variants as they taste horrible.
      10:54 “…a wild Todd approaches…” Oh Todd…Classic Todd…LOL I hope that Todd feels better soon.

    • I don’t really drink soda, but the bottles look nice.

    • Fun…enjoyed the ladies comments and great to see Todd “stairmaster” Brown make a guest appearance.

  • Another week another new kit to look at! Gundam Build Fighters seems to be here to stay and this week strikes back with the new Striker GN-X! Watch as Todd takes an in-depth look at the kit, and for those […]

    • Mario Renato piloted in Gundam Build Fighters the:
      RGM-79K9 GM Sniper K9
      RGM-89GM Ghost Jegan M
      TMF/T BuCUE Tank

      So I guess that the HG GNX-611T/G Striker GN-X is the only way you can get an HG GNX-604T Advanced GN-X?

    • What are the chances of Todd looking at the upcoming 1/72 VF-4 by Wave? (Or maybe even have one of the scale model guys look at it on the show if they have the time.)

      Or some of the Macross stuff from Hasegawa would be great, too. Anyway, always fun stuff. Keep it up.

    • big time want that hidestorm, cant wait to see it built

    • Dirty jokes abound in this one and of I did win I would take the first suggestion and get the striker gnx

    • 2000 yen!

    • seeing my comment get read made me realize just how old and crappy my username is. I made it when I first signed up at hobbylink.tv when I was 14. dayum time flies. gotta change my username though.

    • ah the good old end of month gunpla drought followed by the surge of new kits being announced for not build fighters season 3 now it’s SAO

    • Another great episode.. great review.. Striker GN-X looks fun to build.. gotta get one..

    • Leo love can’t wait till those little guys come out I will get so many I have been waiting since Gundam wing came out in the USA on Toonami way back in the day. keep up the good work you two and keep thoses awesome narratives coming.

    • Leo love can’t wait till those little guys come out I will get so many I have been waiting since Gundam wing came out in the USA on Toonami way back in the day. keep up the good work you two and keep thoses awesome narratives coming.!!

    • Poor Todd, hope you’ll get well soon! Great show as always!

    • I’m waiting for some news about 1/144 HGBD Gundam 00 Diver 🙂

    • It’s going to be interesting to see the differences between Aoshima’s, Kotobukiya’s and Bandai’s Full Metal Panic kits, especially with Bandai and Kotobukiya since both kits are in the same scale and also as my friend pointed out, it’s very rare for Kotobukiya and Bandai to go head to head making the same unit. All I can say is… “Let them fight!” lol…. And on that note, it would be great if you guys would do a comparison between the kits in one of your future episodes ^_^

    • Wonder if we will have an HG Aries?

    • That GN is Hot!

    • I would like to see Bandai come out with more RG gundams from some of the other Gundam lines. Like Turn A Gundam, 0080, 0083, 8th MS Team and from Gundam Fighters

    • I need RG 00 Kit’s nowwwww.

    • ravioli ravioli give me the prizeioli

      the striker gnx is such a good boy. I need it in my life

    • Oh the double entendres…

    • Gundam build divers!

    • that is a long thick dangerous gun also include a beam saber for penetrating enemy MS defenses 😀

    • Couldn’t Todd just build another leg out of plamo and put it over his broken leg like an exoskeleton?

    • Give me the 2k yen rngseus so i can get the GN or something

    • I need that credit to buy something for my GF, she really wants to get into gunpla but stuff is expensive here.

    • The world needs more MG kits…

    • Will we also see HGAC’s of the other Gundams?

    • What are your thoughts on the new Gundam series?

    • That is one thing about build fighter kits, they come with a lot of extra stuff.

    • Striker GN-X looks fun to build

    • Your “show of shows”! GN-X looks good. Really like the colors. Is Lindsay building anything? Heal up soon, Todd!

    • That GN-X keeps getting better every time I look at it, Thanks for the review todd!

    • REcently built my first Real Grade, the RG Gold Frame Amatsu Mina. Looks great.

    • the Striker GN X is so bulky and cool.. more of them i want 🙂

    • Please let me win RNG!

    • Poor Lynsey subjected to Todd’s inappropriate jokes. Although, if it wasn’t for her reaction, I wouldn’t have started to pay more attention.

    • Build Divers finally gets the rights to show AGE and Reconguista kits meaning that there’s the potential for a new G-Self custom or even a Gaeon custom with the giant hands for a backpack!!!

    • I want to win to buy more model kits.

    • Striker GN-X is a really nice one. The base GN-X kit is a bit dated, but the new parts like the extra armor, weaponry, and other nicks and doodles make this one really nice. Love the color separation on the new parts, and it’s nice we can finally kitbash an Advanced GN-X with this thing.

      Hyde Storm has me hyped, it looks like such a cool beast of a kit, I always take interest in Hexa Gear, but this one has me especially excited.

    • Gn-x was as fantastic as I would have thought! Awesome time!

    • Always excited to see new Kotobukiya kits. Hope that Hydestorm is worth all those Transformations.

    • Todd may be a gifted gunpla builder, but it seems he could ‘stand’ to put a little more thought into his wordsmithery.

      So what do you guys think of ‘Divers?’ I like seeing custom kits, but I wish we could at least see Sei take on Sekai. ‘Try’ got a lot of hate, but I liked it.

    • There is a new GM coming, thanks to Gunpla Build Divers. So… wish granted.

    • It has been 12 years since the last Full Metal Panic(FMP)season and roughly 20 years for Gundam Wing in North America. During that time, I have grown and learned new skills, thus evolving into the man I am now. It was my love of Gundam which propelled me to become an Engineer and the accurate portray of military structure in FMP which led me into the Navy. Maybe in the future, I will design and/or pilot these mechs, but until then I can keep on dreaming.

    • Waiting for next RG!

    • I am hyped for RG Gundam Banshee Norn this month.
      Todd what is your top 5 RG recently that you have built?

    • I still want the other gn-x’s not to be p bandai, the striker is all right but not really a win in my book. They look more bad ass.

    • I have a feeling that the RNG never picks a high number, and that it is always between 1 and 29.

    • pick me, pick me ……

    • Recorded before the big news, now I have to wait a week to hear what they have to say about Gundam Build Divers.

    • the dirty jokes HAHAHA lol. And the reactions, THE REACTIONS!! good close look on the striker gnx! when lindsay said “code geass” outta nowhere im like: “girl, you a code geass fan?!!?” Hoping for new Code Geass Model Kits and I’m leaning more on the Robot Spirits/Damashii/Tamashiis. Hope you are recovering well Todd!!

    • I really love the posters you guys have! Where’d you get those? :O

    • good review, cant wait for the hexa gear-bulkarm alpha review.

    • the striker looks cool, great show guys!! I know what te get for the 2000

    • Looking foward to the New R/E Guncannon Review! Hope i win this time:)

    • Hey, that’s pretty good.

    • The stickers on the arms I think add a cool color to the kit. I agree, the don’t stick out too much, *cough* IBO kits *cough*

    • Plus the shoulder cannon, shield, and the purple on the head look super cool. Great looking kit overall.

    • I am so far behind on my next custom, here to the new year

    • Striker GN-X looks great and a fun build. Gotta get one soon.

    • I guess next episodes will be about all those new diver pre orders.

    • I prefer the look of the GM Striker over the Striker GN-X.

    • Can’t wait to get the Leo.

    • Anyone here who has any thoughts on the “new” Build Divers(that and its not an new actual gundam series)

    • I am looking forward to your review of the HGAC Leo!

    • Todd, can ya do a series of tutorial of gunpla building from start to finish?

    • Good episode, keep up the good work.

    • Excited to have a multi-colored Leo sentai squad!

    • Have you seen the new Gundam Build Divers kits? They’re making a modern Kapool kit, and another GM. I’m curious to see what other kits bandai’s going to produce, as the ones that are already shown are very interesting.

    • Any new BB, SD’s ?

    • Build Divers reminded me that we still haven’t gotten an updated HG Kapool yet

    • Just like the Build Fighters ones, most of the Build Divers kits shown so far have no appeal to me with the exception of the Grimoire

  • Continuing from last week we’re back with another figure review for Episode 45 of Toy Tengoku. Today we’re taking a look at Bandai’s Meisho MOVIE REALIZATION Darth Maul, as envisioned by sculptor Takayuki Takeya. […]

    • I want Maul to maul me!

    • That Darth Maul looks pretty slick (but when does he not?). Personally, I’d like to see the MetalGarurumon figure as I grew up on those first two seasons of Digimon, and I’d love to see how well (or poorly) that transformation gimmick works.

      But cast my vote for the Ryu Figuarts because I have a feeling he won’t be getting many votes and I wanna root for the underdog. 😛

    • Wow gunpla TV on Mondays and ToyTengoku on Thursdays, I have 2 things to look forward to watching each week now ^_^

      The movie realization Darth Maul looks so cool.

      For the next episode, I would love to see the dragonball Goku & Bulma on the bike. If possible could u compare it to the Mecha Collection Bulma’s Capsule No.9 Motorcycle ^_^

    • I like to see your review of the Dragon Ball Son Goku & Bulma figures.

    • I just woke up and this is complete insanity, never in a million years did i expect to win the Red Figma, im so happy my face just wont stop smiling 😀
      Great episode by the way, Darth looks awesome (especially with the mask on and the double sided lightsaber katana) and i might have to seriously think about grabbing him, even thou i thought Jango looked better at first and now im not sure which one i like better xD
      For now i pre-ordered the Meishou MANGA REALIZATION Deadpool (coz its Deadpool, how could i not?).
      As for the next episode i would like to see the Digivolving Garurumon, transforming figures are always fun and i think i had a few transforming digimon figures as a kid so seeing the new one would be a cool nostalgia trip. I would also like to see the Mafex Joker 2.0 but i heard horror stories about the face print on this figure and im not sure i want to see it in close up detail xD

    • Metalgururumon! Really hoping they do a remastered verson of the angemon.hes the absolute fave. And was not expecting the movie realizations to be a larger scale than figuarts but dang, thats some classy packaging.

    • Darth Maul is one of the most badass characters that died too soon.

    • Wow.. Good Review.. I try a lot of time to post a comment but didn’t have luck.. Wish I win this time those Meisho Darth Maul! More power guys..

    • Next up I would like to see is that Blame Killy figure. Damn I must say Darth Maul is indeed horrifyingly beautiful and I love it!

    • i would like to see sh figuarts sfV ryu, im a big fan of sreet fighter v, and that darth maul figure wohohoho that is a sick design, would like to win it plzzzz give to me! hahahaha

    • Delightfully Terrifying. LOL
      I also heard that Star Wars designs were inspired by samurai so I guess it’s no surprise we’re getting these samurai versions of Star Wars characters in figure form.
      Apparently, the Sith (including Darth Maul) are left handed.
      I’d like to see the Desktop Real McCoy 06: Son Goku & Bulma next time.

    • Darth maul looks nice, i really like the face sculpt.

    • Metal garurumon

    • I really want to see that metal garurumon, has a kid, I grow up with a digivolving agumon, and I always wanted to get the rest of the team.

    • This whole line is absolutely amazing! I have almost the whole series so far. Love this version of Maul! Just preordered my S.H. Figuarts Obi Wan, Batman Ninja and Joker.

    • I only found out the Tengoku videos are out again. I’d like to see the Ryu figure. It looks cool. The Darth Maul figure could be enhanced by making necklaces with beads. But otherwise heard only good things about this figure, the winner will be a lucky guy/girl.

    • oh boy, that darth maul would look amazing on my shelf
      Please review the figure of the netflix series you mentioned, also do you think Figma would re-release their guyver figures in the furure?

    • I would really like to see the Blame! Killy figure to be shown off

    • i would like to see the Dragonball Goku and Bulma set for review

    • I definitely wanna see the Dragonball one

    • I would love to See the Goku and Bulma. Great to see something different coming from Dragon Ball franchise.

    • My vote is for S.H. Figuarts Ryu.

    • Ryu! Ryu! Ryu!

    • Of course Bulma and Goku – 🙂

    • That Darth Maul figure looks great!

      I’d like to see Goku & Bulma on next episode and it would be nice to see more than 1 figure on each episode.

    • Fun Star War joke: Why he was called dark maul because he has a lot of dark mole on his body with hair. I called him “Moley Moley Moley “, quote from Austin Power. People might find this not funny

    • That Darth Maul figure looks absolutely sick! I’d like to see that Mafex Joker, because I’ve only ever had figuarts and figma, and I’m wondering how they compare. If it’s also possible, I hope you guys unbox the RWBY figure in a future episode! Awesome stuff guys!

    • So many nice figures. but if i had to pick one it’d probably be the son gokuu and bulma with the joker being a close second.

    • the son goku with bulma would look really cool to add to my collection, but the darth maul looks really badass.

    • That Goku+Bulma set looks really cool

    • VONHEX replied 1 week ago

      Love the show I hope I win that Darth Maul

    • Benh replied 1 week ago

      I want that Darth Maul is my fav character of Star Wars, and taller about joker one

    • The Star Wars movie realization figure line has hit their stride with Darth Maul. Bravo!

  • In reply to: Anna wrote a new post, Gunpla TV – Episode 261 – MG GM Command Colony Type! Todd and Lindsay return and get back into the swing of things with a look at an actual new kit! And not just any kit but a new Master Grade! Well... a new variant of a Master Grade at least! Master Grade kits […] https://youtu.be/ulvBAeIt2cc View

    We’ll be in touch as soon as we can!

  • Todd and Lindsay return and get back into the swing of things with a look at an actual new kit! And not just any kit but a new Master Grade! Well… a new variant of a Master Grade at least! Master Grade kits […]

    • Is this a glitch or is this actually comment number 1? May the RNG gods favour low numbers 🙂

    • I hope I win so that I can get that new Zaku! (:

    • Let’s do this more episodes of gunplaTV yeah

    • The “break a leg” phrase originates from actors and musicians and the belief that wishing someone good luck basically jinxes it. so instead they wish each other to “break a leg” for the reverse effect. So break another leg!

    • Great show, I hope that I will win a gunpla TV give away one of these days ^_^

    • With the new RG decal promo is the RG unicorn (Bande Dessinee Ver.) part of it or will I need to get a couple more RGs…that I probably will anyway.

    • Holla holla 20 dolla

      Good content as always, keep up the good work.

    • (Striker GN-X enters HLJ Store)

      Striker GN-X: The 12-gauge auto-loader.

      Shop Clerk: That’s Italian, it can go ‘pump’ or ‘auto.’

      Striker GN-X: The .45 long slide, with laser sighting.

      Shop Clerk: (hands the Striker GN-X a .45 gun from the glass case in front of the clerk) These are brand new; we just got them in. That’s a good gun. Just touch the trigger, the beam comes on and you put the red dot where you want the bullet to go. You can’t miss. Anything else?

      Striker GN-X: Phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range.

      Shop Clerk: [annoyed] Hey, just what you see, pal!

    • Great show as always 😉

    • The number 10 is never a lucky number
      I’ve noticed Ban Dai’s been paying a lot of attention to the F91/ Crossbone series with all the new announcements like the MG’s, RE 1/100 and the P Bandai HGUC’s. I wonder if this means we might see an anime from those series.

    • In theatrical terms:- the side of the performance stage was marked with a line known as the “leg” or “leg line”, (or what is used now are masking curtains – also known as Legs). Passing this point meant being seen by the audience and those not required to be on stage had to stay back stage (hidden) and not cross (break) the “leg line/legs”. There was a time when performers would find work hard to come by and hoped to be paid. So “wishing” someone to “break a leg” originally meant you wished they would get paid as they would cross (break) the leg line/legs and get paid to perform. The saying has morphed into a saying for good luck and have a great performance. Thanks be to wiki ;P

    • GM looks great!! nice show guys. i could put that 2000 to good use:)

    • Hoping for more MG UC Grunt suits!

    • Another addition to my UC Collection.. I also wish to win that 2000 Yen so I can use it to purchase this model kit..

    • Come on random number generator, daddy needs some hlj merch! Great work guys!

    • Oh Zero Wing… Somebody set up us the bomb.

    • Great episode as usual you to! Rumors have it Bandai finally making a newer realease of the Leo Mobile suite from Gundam Wing, I really hope they do!! I will buy several no don’t. That GM is a great blank canvas to work with and it’s reasonably priced too! Have a great day Lindsay and Todd!

    • Good to hear your leg is getting better Todd.
      Of course January would be a little slow since December is when we usually get a huge release, and then January is the calm before the storm when it seems like we get everything.
      So in preparation for that, I’d love to win something to help ease the pain of all of the things I want from HLJ.
      Also, 12:05 #HouseGundam

    • I demand the prize

    • Your leg hasn’t healed yet? Have you tried using Tamiya cement?

    • That GM looks really cool, too bad the even cooler space version is P-Bandai exclusive.

    • I’m really looking forward to seeing that RG Tallgeese when it releases. Been putting off getting one for a while, hopefully this one will be perfect.

    • Show more GM

    • I’m so excited for you to build the gn-x. I feel the build fighters kits are getting better and better

    • I’m starting a project to make gunpla based on characters from ‘RWBY’ A 2,000 yen credit would be very useful. Yang could be very bangry without Denial’s head on her Try Burning custom.

    • Great episode! Yes, tools, etc. would be great to cover.

    • I might build this version too! I’ve already built the P-Bandai Command/Space version.

    • Oh my gah!

    • This time i wont 4get to comment

    • Okay, third time’s the charm, right? I’m low on budget and Saint Valentine’s is near.

    • The Striker GN-X looks really cool. Reminds me of a Frame Arms kit.

    • I can always use a extra 2000 yen in my wallet.

    • In the time of Ancient Greece, people didn’t clap. Instead, they stomped for their appreciation and if they stomped long enough, they would break a leg. Or, some would have it that the term originated during Elizabethan times when, instead of applause the audience would bang their chairs on the ground—and if they liked it enough, the leg of the chair would break.

    • Maybe we should all break our legs, not just for good luck in winning a prize, but to make Todd not feel alone or sad……. And to give him a good laugh at our unfathomable stupidity.

    • How many legs will we see broken!?!?!

    • I’d break my leg to get the time to build my Ninpulse! Or my custom GaoGaiGar figure I’ve been trying to build for all of forever ^^;

      Although… I don’t get paid much, so I could REALLY use that 2000JPY!

    • I’ve never been a fan of 00 But I enjoy the design of that GN-X, looking forward to it’s release.

    • Lindsay, just in case no body else mentions it, decals or water slide decals only come with ver ka or P-Bandai kits.
      Great episode! that GN-x looks nice for a change.

    • Zyphr replied 3 weeks ago

      Great to see some GM love from bandai. The colony type derives from gm sniper 2 obviously but it looks awesome.

    • I’m glad that bandai had released the mg gm sniper custom as a normal release, and an episode for different nipper comparisons sure sounds interesting!

    • What are the chances of Todd looking at the upcoming 1/72 VF-4 by Wave? (Or maybe even have one of the scale model guys look at it on the show if they have the time.)

      Or some of the Macross stuff from Hasegawa would be great, too. Anyway, always fun stuff. Keep it up.

    • Praying to RNGeus!!
      Great show as always!!

    • Looking forward to getting the MG GM Command someday one of my favorite grunt MS designs. Though I wish the regular Act Zaku High Grade wasn’t a P-Bandai exclusive kit since it comes with a beam rifle and beam sabers.

    • Deepstriker is great but that international shipping…

    • pt25 replied 3 weeks ago

      could you do a review on some basic tools in making gunpla?

    • cool kits!!! fmp kits up on preorder!! please review them!!

    • Just Love the color schemes of the GM Command.Can’t wait for the RE Guncannon Detector Review in February.

    • Just here to win the prize 😀 thanks .

    • Best wishes Tod !!!

    • Great show – any new Yamato kits coming out soon?

    • Let the gods smile upon my plight! Let me find your favor as well as a peer for this upcoming dreaded day of loneliness(valentines)

    • Chet replied 3 weeks ago

      GM is great, but I prefer more Zaku!!! NEED ZAKU 3.0!!

    • I really do love the war in pocket designs. They are pretty awesome!

    • Jason replied 3 weeks ago

      I can’t wait for the HGAC Leo, I think it might be time to buy myself an early birthday present that doesn’t come out till my birthday month.

    • Awesome and Thank you I won the giveaway.
      How do I redeem the prize?

    • lol awesome show guys keep up the awesome

    • Here is comment to not winning!

    • Love the GM!

    • The MG GM Command was a nice surprise, never expected it to be retail considering Bandai’s love for P-Bandai, so it made me happy to have the kit come out, especially since it came from an awesome base that is the GM Sniper II.

      The Act Zaku is really neat, definitely a welcome addition to the HGGTO line with the fact it’s got so many improvements like the new ankle joints and the improved parts separation. It’s got great poseability and even more improvements, and I can’t wait to have one for myself.

      GN-X Striker was a welcome addition as well, love the fact you can take off the armor just like in the show to have a more base MS, it’s a very neat addon.

    • That MG GM Command (Colony Type) looks nice!

    • The HG Act Zaku from Gundam The Origin used a new mold, instead of using the old HGUC Zaku mold.

    • i think you guys are being haunted by a leg yokai.

      The leg falling from the kit was super scary.

    • Here goes lucky #67

      Thanks for all you do guys

    • You guys keep improving episode by episode, thanks!
      Give me the money!!!!

    • Can you explain the bargain crate?

      the pictures of the gm look really professional!

    • Yes I’d like to win! 😀

    • I’m going to build an army of those HG Leos and paint them different colors so I can have a sentai squad going on.

    • Great episode! Here’s to more awkward (in a good way!) humor.

    • Dude! That’s so cool!

    • That MG looks pretty neat!

    • The kit seems pretty bland in color.

    • Some decals could help spice’n up that kit!

    • That clear visor with that detail inside looks pretty freakin cool!

    • Get well soon! I really need that 2000yen plssss

    • Bye bye there

    • there are so many new gunpla kits coming out these year can’t wait until income taxes to get back. Hope your leg gets better soon

    • Hi
      Any chance of news on BB, SD, and Musha / Senshi version kits? I need some cute Gunpla for balance.

    • a MG gm? Sounds good to me!

    • I would like to see a review of that Striker, looks amazing!

    • Great episode. Keep up the good work.

  • In reply to: Anna wrote a new post, Gunpla TV – Episode 260 – Action Bases! Happy New Year everyone! After a bit of a break the Gunpla TV crew returns! We break in the new year with a quick look at the new Action Base 4 and 5's that were released recently. Just how do they stand up […] https://youtu.be/1JoHbq_tVE8 View

    Todd still has a few people left to contact. He’ll be in touch!

  • In reply to: Anna wrote a new post, Gunpla TV – Episode 260 – Action Bases! Happy New Year everyone! After a bit of a break the Gunpla TV crew returns! We break in the new year with a quick look at the new Action Base 4 and 5's that were released recently. Just how do they stand up […] https://youtu.be/1JoHbq_tVE8 View

    Hi! We don’t sell parts by themselves, but if you’re a customer of ours we may be able to help you get replacement parts. You can read more about that here in our Help Center: https://support.hlj.com/hc/en-us/articles/200981734-Replacement-or-Broken-Parts

  • Happy New Year everyone! After a bit of a break the Gunpla TV crew returns! We break in the new year with a quick look at the new Action Base 4 and 5’s that were released recently. Just how do they stand up […]

    • Hey there Todd and Lindsay I have a question do y’all sell gunpla parts if so how may I order them because some of my gunpla are missing parts and I need them to replace?

      • Anna replied 4 weeks ago

        Hi! We don’t sell parts by themselves, but if you’re a customer of ours we may be able to help you get replacement parts. You can read more about that here in our Help Center: https://support.hlj.com/hc/en-us/articles/200981734-Replacement-or-Broken-Parts

      • Incase if you can’t get the replacement parts and you have a copy of that specific piece. (same piece on both legs as an example)

        You can try using resin to copy it.

      • Third and fourth options would be to contact Bandai USA and/or Bluefin, the official US distributor for Gunpla. I’ve read anecdotally that people were able to get replacement parts through those channels, with the caveat being that it takes a long time.

    • Get well soon Todd.

    • Happy New Years!!!
      I’d love to get me one of those new action bases!
      Keep up the good work!! 😀

    • I would love to have the store credit. I hope u pick me to be the winner. Keep up a good work guys

    • Wytre replied 4 weeks ago

      Happy New year indeed! Hopefully we get more MGs of 00 series and I do really hope I can win the 2000 yen!

    • sorry to hear about your leg

    • It’s funny but a friend of mine is quite unlucky or would you say lucky when it comes to broken legs and Gundams? Two times he has bought PG kits he has broken a leg or foot some way or another, giving him some nice downtime to build the kits.

    • Get well soon Todd

    • BNuts replied 4 weeks ago

      If you’re an anime fan (and who here isn’t?) all this talk of stands will remind you of something else. Get well soon, Todd, so you can stand.

      So the newly-announced Megami Device magical girl looks pretty ridiculous, but I could see people getting it for the effect parts alone.

    • was it the same leg as the lamp tod?
      also stay away from the figure bust from now on XD

    • Finally bandai gives a claw base, man I needed one. Hopefully I win the credit so i can get one, and something for Saint valentine.

    • Shame about your leg, hope you get better soon. Glad to see the show back as well. Cant wait for more new kits to come this year.

    • These action bases are awesome! Definitely look like they can help save base space and possibly have multiple gunpla on one stand almost!!

    • Happy New Year! Do you guys have plan for Lunar New Year?

    • Hope you’ll recover soon Todd. Was waiting for the stand reviews before my last order. Ended up ordering a few of the smaller stands when my private warehouse items reached the time limit.

    • jeel replied 4 weeks ago

      I wan’t that credit! 🙂

    • AB4’s 3 hexagons look way better to support MGs than AB1.

      Btw, get well soon Todd.

    • Really interested in these new actuon bases, can’t wait to try one out. Sorry about your leg Todd.

    • bump

    • Happy New Year everyone ! cant wait for the new kits this year,hopefully i am able to get more kits! Hope u get well soon tood!

    • The action base 4 looks great!

    • These new action bases look fairly decent. I like especially that they’ve cut a lot of the bulk and mass of the original 1 and 2, making for a simpler, less cluttered look. The one thing I wish these had is a support beam to keep the lower bar from collapsing onto the base. I doubt the hinge at the base of stand will be able to hold up for very long under significant weight.

    • A new one? Yippie!

    • I feel ya bro, I once broke my arm at the backyard of my house. Maybe if you had one of those action bases to raise you instead of a chair you’d be fine.

    • Happy New Year guys!! Hope your leg feels better, Todd 🙂

    • Aww poor Todd, hope you get better soon buddy, thanks a lot for bringing us another episode despite your injury. Please take it easy if you can. ^^

      The action bases really look awesome. Very stable and sturdy with their locking mechanisms, and love their adaptability to connect and use extra arms and stuff, definitely a welcome upgrade to the existing stands, glad they exist.

      The MG GM Command looks great, simple release, but a great kit nonetheless. As a GM fan, this Command is definitely one to pick up.

    • I would love to see a 2.0 Version of the GP01!

      Feel better!

    • Sorry about your leg Todd. Hope it heals up fast.

    • Would be love to see that GM’s review..

    • I hope you make a speedy recovery Todd! The new action bases look pretty cool, though I wish it had a third locking mechanism in the middle hinge.

    • I really like the updated designs that the Action Base 4 and Action Base 5 provides for RG and MG kits.
      But my question is why hasn’t Bandai made an Action Base for PG kits?

    • For an episode revolving around stands, I thought it was very helpful and informative. I like how Todd compared the old ones with the new ones. I am definitely looking to get one as it can pose more than just my Gunpla collection!
      On a side note.
      That right hand of the Megami Device does not want to stay! XD

    • Get well soon Todd! This was a nice episode about stands. My collection is lacking a sense of height outside of my bigger kits so it’s definitely helpful to know the difference between them.

    • I hope I win this time so that I can use it to try those action bases. hahaha

    • If building a leg lamp is an omen for you leg getting broken, then avoid making arm lamps, or any Gunpla part into an appliance. Just to be safe.

    • Sorry, Todd! Thanks for the episode. I was afraid Lindsay had been stolen away for that other show -the one about snack riots, penmanship and noodle shop crawls. Relieved she’s still with us. Bases are always cool and the GM Command looks outstanding.

    • I never win stuff because I have bad luck. LOL
      I want those new clear action base

    • Start the year with a “Break a leg” quote.

    • Hope you feel better soon!

    • Money, get away
      Get a good job with more pay and you’re O.K.
      Money, it’s a gas
      Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash
      New car, caviar, four star daydream,
      Think I’ll buy me a Fine model kit.

    • Wishing you a quick recovery, Todd!

    • great to see you guys are back. really liking the new stands. also GET WELL SOON!!!

    • Not a fan of those HG action bases because depending on the suit and the pose it is usually too top heavy and it might fall over. I like the standard MG ones.

    • i hope i can catch a break and get that store credit to get one of these new action bases.

      Was this joke funny?

    • If “break a leg” means “good luck” and I want to wish Todd some luck on a speedy recovery, do I tell him to break another leg?

    • So can the bases latch together into a solid piece?

    • Hope you feel better, Todd. I’m glad Toy Tengoku is back. Great job, Lindsey.

    • I know that actors will say, “break a leg” just before a performance for luck but I don’t think Todd should have taken it quite so literally ^_^ Talk about going above and beyond the call of duty for Gunpla TV. Anyway, I would like to wish Todd a speedy recovery. Looking forward to the next episode ^_^

    • Sorry to hear about your accident, Todd. Wish you better luck this year.

    • Happy New Year!

    • Happy new year and hope you’ll get better soon Todd. Just a quick question, I won a prize in a december episode, did you already contact me and I missed your message or you haven’t yet?

    • Happy new year guys! Hope you get better soon Todd.
      what are your thoughts on the new announcements for he HG Leo and RG tallgeese. I know I’m definitely getting those 2 when they release.

    • Just put some tamiya cement and plaplate and you’ll be good! In all serious, get well soon Todd.

    • Dear Todd, wishing you a speedy recovery!

    • Get well soon Todd!

    • I wonders, does Action Base 4 come only with higher size accessories for bigger models or it also includes smaller accessories from Action Base 5. I would rather put RG Strike Freedom on AB4 then 5, since with all weapons, fangs, etc it just take too much space.

    • Can you guys explain what the hlj bargain box is?

    • wonder if i m too late to win the prize..
      can’t wait for the RG tallgeese! please do a review on it.

  • Anna posted an update in the group Group logo of Toy TengokuToy Tengoku 1 month ago

  • Anna joined the group Group logo of Toy TengokuToy Tengoku 1 month ago

  • In reply to: Anna wrote a new post, Toy Tengoku – Episode 44 – figma Red & Figure Collecting! We're back with another figure review for Episode 44 of Toy Tengoku, our first regular episode for quite some time. Today we're taking a look at Good Smile Company's figma 'Red', the main character of the […] https://youtu.be/eNgNatnkIag View

    Slip of the tongue; you’re in the right place!

  • In reply to: Anna wrote a new post, Toy Tengoku – Episode 44 – figma Red & Figure Collecting! We're back with another figure review for Episode 44 of Toy Tengoku, our first regular episode for quite some time. Today we're taking a look at Good Smile Company's figma 'Red', the main character of the […] https://youtu.be/eNgNatnkIag View

    Yep, our mistake — you’re in the right place!

  • We’re back with another figure review for Episode 44 of Toy Tengoku, our first regular episode for quite some time. Today we’re taking a look at Good Smile Company’s figma ‘Red’, the main character of the […]

    • Really, any of those would be fun to see. All of them, maybe? Eh? Ehhhh? 😀

      If it has to be one, throw my vote in for the Figma Tracer. She’s cute and chipper, and more importantly my nephew wants in on the Overwatch figma figures and I want to see what’s what with them.

    • I would love to see the ice kirby figma 😀
      Hopefully I can add it to my collection soon!
      Keep up the good work! c:

    • Please review the Darth Maul. I’m interested in the Star Wars characters done up in samurai style. I’ve never gotten into figure collecting so it would be interesting if I could start. They’ve always seem expensive.
      Thanks for another great episode! It’s great to see Toy Tengoku (really) return after such a long time.

    • Should do kirby, the first one was great and i want to see the new one in action.

    • Darth maul, or any starwars stuff, interesting samurai figure, great episode, hope u guys will do more of these figure review,

    • Please review the Cu-poche Baselard next! I want to be convinced if it would look nice with my CU-poche Stylet!

    • I would like to see a review of the kirby. And, keep the good work guys.

    • Your video says to leave a comment on 43, but I assume you mean this one. I would love to see a review of any of those Star Wars figures, but the Stomtrooper is the one I would be the most interested in.

    • Comet replied 1 month ago

      Lindsey said leave a comment on episode 43 for a chance to win? Anyways, lets do movie realization darth maul! I have the figuarts DM and he is just amazing! Looking forward to the MR DM and winner for Red!

    • I think the Jango Fett would be a good choice. :v

    • I would like you guys to cover the Movie Realization figures, i had an interest in them for quite a while (especially Jango) but they are quite pricey and im kinda hesitant to jump into a new figure line without some solid info about them first. The nendoroid Kirby would also be awesome to see, but i think everyone alread knows ita a amazing figure ( im basing my opinion on the original pink one )
      Ow yes, and more suggestion, you should ask Scott (you know, the big boss man) to show off his Kamen Rider figures on the show, im sure he would love to 😀

    • If you can show at least 3 of then at least. I wanna see Rewby ones

    • Glad that you continue the series for Toy Tengokou.. We expect more episode to come.. More power to your show..

    • I would love to see a review of Overwatch Figma Tracer..

    • I really want to see that cupoche Baselard, I’m kinda wanting to get one, but I’m not sure if I’ll be worth the price.

    • Jon replied 1 month ago

      I’m glad Toy Tengokuis back! Please review the movie realization Jengo. My wife got me the sand trooper for Christmas and it is a beautiful figure. Keep up the great work!

    • Darth Maul, I love how he looks!

    • Good to see the show continue! I vote for Darth Maul, quite a different look from the other Star Wars movie realization designs. Keep up the good work guys

    • I missed this series, was wondering where it went. I agree Sailor Jupiter is my favorite too.

    • I’d love to see the cu-poche baselard. I’ve been very intrigued with this line and am curious to see how they compare to nendoroids!

    • David replied 1 month ago

      Would like to see the BanDai Star Wars Movie Realisation, as I’ve been planning to pick these up and just never got round to it but if you can persuade me to I would definitely be looking to see what you review. Good luck everyone.

    • Ruby Rose please. I’ve interested in getting one, but I would like to hear one’s opinion of it before I open my wallet.

    • I would like to see a review of the Darth Maul.

    • I would like to see the movie realisation storm trooper because I love the mix of traditional armour and sci fine. Also never seen one up close

    • I’d like to see any of Star Wars Movie Realization figures! Jango Fett is kind of number one, but any of them will be cool. The designs of these figures are amazing.

    • Bee replied 1 month ago

      Great show, love your collections. I would love to see any of the Star Wars movie realisation figures because I love Star Wars and love Japanese culture and to be able to see a figure that combines both of these elements in one form factor would just be mind blowing ^_^

    • raime replied 1 month ago

      darth mhaul all the way!

    • Movie realization Darth Maul pls!

    • Man, HobbyLink tv is going all MTV and getting all these young hosts for their shows.

      Review Fett, he has a bigger box. I want to see what’s in there.

  • In reply to: Anna wrote a new post, Gunpla TV – Episode 259 – Christmas Special! Ho Ho Ho, it's the end of the year and Christmas special! Two kits are up for review this week! Todd has the odd looking Mechatro WeGo in 1/20th scale and Lindsay delivers the goods with the the first appearance […] https://youtu.be/RDnvPm_fuKo View
  • Ho Ho Ho, it’s the end of the year and Christmas special! Two kits are up for review this week! Todd has the odd looking Mechatro WeGo in 1/20th scale and Lindsay delivers the goods with the the first appearance […]

  • Toy Tengoku is back with another special episode. This time we are trying something a bit different, Ghost Chili Curry! Lindsay and Ryan join David as he attempts to eat his way through a pack of this spicy […]

  • Exam time! Usually those words when spoken will conjure up sweaty palms and feelings of great uneasiness or dread. Except not this time! Well at least we hope Todd doesn’t have sweaty palms as he takes an […]

    • the first one

    • Would love to see the Blue Destiny in MG.

    • I see that Bandai likes the Blue Destiny a lot, but its kinda weird to me, its a very obscure MS based on a old game/manga and they pump out one version after another, kinda makes you wonder why? Saving money? or maybe they plan to do something with this particular MS in the future? I kinda wish they would show this much love to more obscure Zeon MS, ow yea and make a MG Zaku II 3.0 already! xD
      Ow yea and one more thing:
      Merry Christmas from Poland 😀

    • Mg of BD1 will be great!

    • Another great episode as usual.

      On a different note is bandai going unicorn crazy since they announced yet another MG unicorn variation bringing us up to 9(I think) regular releases not counting the countless P-bandai exclusive variations.

    • Merry Christmas to you guys. Gundam is freedom ,gundam is life, hope you guys will have a prosperous life.

    • Great show as always! Merry Christmas and Happy new year to all!

    • i wanna build an edible pizza…

    • I keep having problems logging in and commenting here. Once logged in and try to go the current episode, the system logs me out and I have to log in again so I can post a comment. Any of you have the same problem? Anyways, looking forward for the next episode where Lindsay will again have a model to present since Todd keeps hogging most of the kits. Stop being so selfish Todd!

    • Did you see the Last Jedi?

      • Yes, all the HLJ team went to see it on the opening day. Some questionable moments but overall a great film.

    • happy holidays HLJ! love ur show! keep up the good work, hope 2018 will be a good year for gunpla! keep pumping all those great kits

    • Merry Christmas everyone, great job about reviewing HGUC Blue Destiny Unit 2 EXAM. Love you guys and cant wait for the next episode.

    • Really interested in seeing the new action base, wondering how much better it is than the old ones and if I should get it to replace one of my old ones in my Setsuna MS display.

    • That 2000 yen will be well spent on the Blue destiny

    • Sing along to my Christmas Plarol:
      On the twelfth day of Christmas, Hobby Link Japan send me:
      12 Blue Destiny
      11 Johnny Zaku
      10 GM Sniper
      Battleship Yamato
      8 Armslave Gernsback
      7 Reversible
      Wing Zero EW
      4 Unicorn
      3 Justice
      2 Gundam Vual
      And a Perfect Grade Exia!

    • Those EXAM units look so odd in terms of colours. I mean, white inner frame? WTF?

    • So a friend asked me to comment ‘ egggsyeyey ‘ for ¥2000 so I did 😛

      Love the show! keep it up, Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all.

    • Merry xmas everyone! ^____^ yes I came here just to say that lol.

    • Whispers *2000 Yen*

    • so todd how’s star wars TLJ ?

    • What will 2018 hold for us modelers?

    • Merry Christmas guys!!! pleasant holidays!!! 2000 goes a long way:)

    • Ah, 2000JPY, that can go far if you’re clever ^^ I want it!

    • Merry Christmas guys!! 2000JPY would be a great Christmas gift!! 😀

    • Hey, Bandai! Make some MG Gelgoogs form 0083!

    • merry x’mas!

    • Merry Xmas ! Thanks for the gift 😀

    • “In the 19th century, silver Spanish dollar coins were common throughout Southeast Asia, the China coast, and Japan. These coins had been introduced through Manila over a period of two hundred and fifty years, arriving on ships from Acapulco in Mexico. These ships were known as the Manila galleons. Until the 19th century, these silver dollar coins were actual Spanish dollars minted in the new world, mostly at Mexico City. But from the 1840s, they were increasingly replaced by silver dollars of the new Latin American republics. In the later half of the 19th century, some local coins in the region were made in the resemblance of the Mexican peso. The first of these local silver coins was the Hong Kong silver dollar coin that was minted in Hong Kong between the years 1866 and 1869.

      The Japanese then decided to adopt a silver dollar coinage under the name of ‘yen’, meaning ‘a round object’. The yen was officially adopted by the Meiji government in an Act signed on June 27, 1871.[13] The new currency was gradually introduced beginning from July of that year. The yen was therefore basically a dollar unit, like all dollars, descended from the Spanish Pieces of eight, and up until the year 1873, all the dollars in the world had more or less the same value. The yen replaced Tokugawa coinage, a complex monetary system of the Edo period based on the mon. The New Currency Act of 1871, stipulated the adoption of the decimal accounting system of yen (1, 圓), sen (​1⁄100, 錢), and rin (​1⁄1000, 厘), with the coins being round and manufactured using Western machinery.”

    • great show lol todd is king of the trolls
      I could use that Yen i could buy more kits

    • It’s a Saturnalia miracle!

    • Ive been curious about the megami device kits for a while. Good to see somebody with anime knowledge on the show now!

    • nice HG, gonna get it someday.

    • Ermahgawd store credit

    • Merry Holidays to all HBJ team!

    • Happy holidays everyone.
      Tod what if the winner is a meany and unsubscribe after winning ? how would that make you feel ? Ha Tod ??? Life questions Tod Life QUESTIONS !!!!
      With love from Egypt 😀

    • SOL Hornet was a fun build for me, comparable with Baselard.

      Bandai’s heard fans’ pleas for a Gunpla Girl based on Rinko Iori… but they’ve done something very weird with her: it’s the Loheng-rinko. Yes, Rinko has been given a ‘Gundam SEED’ treatment: She’s in Captain Murrue Ramius’s uniform, with armour making her resemble the ‘Archangel.’ I guess it makes a strange kind of sense: Rau’s crew did refer to ‘Archangel’ as ‘the Legged Ship,’ and Bandai is using Rinko’s legs for the catapult / Lohengrin ‘legs. (thus also the punny name, on which I believe the whole model choice was made).’ Why the ‘Archangel,’ though? Perhaps because Sei’s gunpla has been based on the Strike, and Archangel is Strike’s mothership. Rinko IS Sei’s mother. I still think it’s weird seeing Archangel’s engine cluster as a backpack, though, and it’s one of my least favourite capital ship designs from the franchise (my favourite is Ptolemaios II from ‘Gundam 00).’ Another strike against the ‘HGBF Mrs. Loheng-rinko’ is the price: over 2,000 jpy. That there’s an RG price tag. I hope they’ve at least improved the joint system, if not the face! This one’s doubtless not as articulate as the others.

    • It’s great that Bandai finally releases a new Action Base for the 1/144 and 1/100 GunPla kits.
      Given that it’s the end of the year, it should be expected that we wouldn’t get any new releases. However, we have lots of new kits already announced for 2018.

    • Hey,I don’t know about you guys, but I got a suspicious site alert when I tried to enter the site.
      Anyway, I’m happy to see more Kotobukiya Kits, i still haven’t built any of them, but they have some really appealing kits, like the Metal Gears or the skells from Xenoblaee X.

    • Merry Christmas! Any chance for a preview of the new Yamato 2202 mecha collection sized Andromeda?

    • Great episode as always!

    • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

    • Here’s hoping for a surprise. Happy holidays and a happy new year, everyone.

      One thing I’d have loved to see is a comparison to the older 2007(?) release, which I remember being quite solid in its own right, perhaps not even needing a new mold.

    • Happy Holidays!

    • Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year.

    • Merry Christmas!

    • Can’t wait for the Mechatro kit episode. I’ve been on the fence about the kit for a while

    • Great episode as always! Really looking forward to seeing that Christmas tree again Todd! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    • Oh Lindsay 😛

      Merry Christmas to all at HLJ!

    • I love the orange on that blue destiny. Makes that kit stand out so much, even for an HG. Happy holidays awesome dudes!

    • Merry Christmas to everyone at Hobbylink Japan. I hope they make a MG Blue Destiny. I could think of somethings on HLJ with 2000 yen.

    • Hey!

      The new action bases are very welcome, not only are they an update and assumingly more stable, but they’re also more versatile, compatible and can display more kits in one. Definitely great for some group displays.

      The BD2 looks great, love the extra shoulders and the poseability of the GM Ground Type. It’s just a great kit thanks to the extra parts, and with the upcoming 03, I’m happy I’ll have a trio of poseable sturdy BD units. Cannot wait to have them all!

    • happy holidays! i believe bandai will be releasing full metal panic kits as well now. hope to see a review on that

    • Happy Holidays! 2018 looks like a great year for kits from all sorts of different companies, i cant wait.

    • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    • Awesome store credit giveaway. I can only dream of winning. Happy New Years 2018. wow so fast 2018 here I come

    • I don’t have anything clever to say this time, so here’s A Comment ™.

    • great show

    • Happy New Year Guys

    • rng give me strength

    • 1. 2. 3. 4. How many Gundams are on the floor?

    • I can’t imagine unit 2 without the red shoulders, Looked great on the efreet and looks great here.

    • Happy Holidays!

    • Merry Christmas HLJ and everyone else.

    • Merry Christmas, guys! Missed Todd’s “tree” this year. Great show anyway. You guys could review pots and pans and it would be fun to watch.

    • I hope to see those action bases on detail.

    • Mele Kalikimaka to Todd, Lindsay and all at HLJ. Hope you didn’t have to work too hard on Christmas.

      Action bases are often overlooked but poses look so much better and sturdier, especially important with a cat that likes to play Gunpla Dominoes.

    • happy holidays!!!

    • Loving the Blue Destiny. I read the manga a while ago and really like the MS designs!

    • That will be a long build! Are you painting it? It might take a while, if you need help ask me, lol.

    • Merry (belated) Christmas!

    • Merry Christmas!

    • Merry Christmas and happy new year to all HLJ staffs. Next year will be getting the Sazabi ver.ka and PG Exia Lighting version from you guys. Just preparing my wallet to handle it.

    • i was really curious about Megami Device kits since you guys mentioned last week (?) the next episode is going to be fun!and the Blue Destiny looks like a nice kit but i think it has a bit too much blue for me haha it would be a fun kit to paint

    • Having a mix of model kits (non Gundam) from time to time is great.
      Keep it up.

    • Spent my Christmas in the hospital and I hope I could win!

    • The blue plastic looks kinda ugly.

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