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User Content (UC) : MG XXG-01D Gundam Deathscythe EW
Submitted By : Elexis Cruz

Read the review and liked what you seen? Why not grab a MG Deathscythe from HobbyLink Japan?

The one series that actually got me started watching Gundam was Gundam Wing and one of my favorite from that series was Deathscythe. Interestingly enough, one of the first Gundam kits I’ve put together was the 1/144 Gundam Deathscythe Hell Custom. It was years ago and I’ve since lost the kit (constant moving around contributed to it).

I was utterly excited that Bandai decided to release this redone MG version of the Deathscythe. Although, I would have preferred the Hell version, the EW version still looks very cool to me. So here, I share my build process of one of my favorite Gundams.


Like everyone who builds these kits, I go through the manual section by section. I love how the manual has been divided into sections for each main segment of the kit. It makes assembling any kit very easy, even for beginners regardless if they understand Japanese or not (and I can barely understand it myself). So far, I have completed work on the Torso, Head, Arms and Legs and currently working on the Waist.


Notice that on the parts I’ve completed, I have already applied the dry transfers and stickers. By experience, I feel it a lot easier to begin applying all the decals and stickers once I complete a particular part. I’m sure a lot of experienced builders, but beginners may end up completing the kit before putting any sort of line details and decals on it (I’m guilty of this when I first built my 1/100 Exia).


One of the things that I did notice with this kit versus the older kits that the stickers have been cut a lot closer to the art to reduce excess sticker material when applied. Even though, I still had to cut the stickers a lot closer to give the stickers a lot cleaner look.

Like other kits, I seem to have had a few leftover decals that is not listed on the manual. This actually is a good thing as it encourages builders to be more creative on what to do with them. My placement of these extra decals was somewhat inspired by Naoki’s build featured on the November 2010 issue of Dengeki Hobby. The end result actually looked quite good in my opinion.

Deathscythe is one of those Gundams that does not have a rifle-type weaponry, so as soon I completed the unit itself, putting the Beam Scythe and Buster Shield was a breeze. It actually took me just a little over an hour including line detailing and sticker/decal application (assembling Unicorn’s Beam Rifle took longer).


General poseability of the kit is fairly decent. Without major customizing of the limbs, you can achieve some good dynamic poses, but don’t expect it to look anywhere close to the anime version. The other thing I have observed (which is the same for the MG Wing Gundam EW) is that the hands, notably the fingers, are fully molded into either a fist, a light grip or flared out. In other words, unlike the other MG kits, the only finger you are able to move is the thumb. This pretty much limits how much you can manipulate the grips to get the pose you want. To me, this is somewhat surprising considering how the fingers on the RG RX-78-2 is very poseable. If you want to be able to move those fingers, you will have to mold your own.


All in all, this is a good kit with some plus sides and a few negatives as well, but you should enjoy putting this together. It kinda took a little longer than normal to complete it, but overall, I’m very satisfied of the results. Now all I have to do is wait for the rest of the gundams (Looking forward for Heavy Arms). Next kit to build… MG 00 Qanta.

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  1. nice build here~

  2. I’m also looking forward to Heavy Arms, was my favorite the first time I saw the series on TV way back when. I hope they do the normal rather than EW version tho, I don’t understand why all EW versions are so much more popular, I also prefer The regualar Wing 0 to EW Wing 0 Custom, but I seem to be alone on that one.

    At least The Hell version of Deathscythe getting released in Feb looks awsome.

    • @ Twisted_Karma yes the hell version looks very mean, be sure to get one on pre-order before all of ours are spoken for!

  3. Deathscythe

  4. Heavyarms was my favorite from that series. I already have a KA. Ver. add on kit to make it, but if Bandai releases an official version I’ll be sure to get it as well.

  5. nice build! hopefully they will create an MG of Tallgeese… that will be cool to match Wing Gundam 🙂

  6. I like this better than the Deathscythe Hell EW version…Only cuz u get to have the shield and the ability to store your beam scythe

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