Oct 20

In this episode we’re bringing you a look at Bandai’s new Frame Robo line which features some interesting and new model engineering. We also look at the newest HG kit from Gundam Origin, the Gouf Prototype (Tactical Demonstrator). And, of course, we give away what everyone was so excited about, the HG Kshatriyas!



Kits featured in this video:
1/144 HG Prototype Gouf (Tactical Demonstrator)
Frame Robo Gaia Frame

Check out the entire Frame Robo lineup here.

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  1. The astrays are one of the best types of gundams

  2. The prototype look classes. Need one, I want one. Gundam so badass mechs

  3. Now I have to get another Gouf kit

  4. Interesting concept for the frame robo kits. They look fun! Looking forward to all the other gunpla this month, and i hope i get the G-Self!!

  5. looks like the frame robo kits will be something i will collect looks good

  6. I’d love one of those kits!

  7. You butchered my name! :c
    It’s Gun-dar-i-um, like the alloy used to build the RX-78-2 with.

    name butchering aside, the new Gouf kits look really nice with one exception: the new head sculpt has a strange extended nose that looks…Goufy.

  8. I like the astray gundams but bandai needs to make an Mg Astray Mirage kit.

  9. Good jobs guy’s, like always!!!

  10. I’m still digging that G-Self’s rabbit ears. Any chance we’ll get to see the Hasegawa VF-25 Super Messiah next episode? I know it’s closer to the scale aircraft models that would be Brian’s forte, but it would still be great to see them discussed on the show.

  11. I”d say that people are excited over the Iron Blood Orphans kits because they’ve reached a new landmark for HG kits. Of course, I ponder if Bandai will continue this trend for later kits or for anything else new they make? Once again someone on the internet wishes they had a crystal ball to dwelve into the inner working of Bandai

    • Also, the designs are generally good designs. They stick closer to “traditional” Gundam aesthetics than G-Rec’s designs did, and although I personally like a lot of the G-Rec designs, I can see why people didn’t.

      Plus the Barbatos looks mean. There’s that.

  12. Long time watcher, first time comment because man dat Syd custom give away.

    I had no clue about the arm switching gimmick on the new Gouf kit, might of actually sparked my interest where previously I was thinking pass.

  13. That strike freedom would make an excellent addition to my real grade collection

  14. I messed up my real grade strike freedom because I put too much paint on the frame and broke the right thigh. I hope we get more real grade…

  15. By Odin’s beard! Damn you, Syd!!! I just bought an RG Strike Freedom on Sunday. Why you taunt me so?

  16. I love Iron Bloodied Orphans and find the barbosa gundam better then the G self thing. I would love to win the freedom or the gold frame, Please give away more MG’s and PG’s thanx.

  17. Come on Strike Freedom!!!

  18. Those Frame Robo kits look really interesting. I probably won’t be building them but I’m curious to see how much of this technology will be used in Gunpla.

  19. That Gouf is looking really cool

  20. Robow, yolow, roboh, amazing! :3

  21. I would really like that kit

  22. Great show. Not really liking that frame robo thing, but I’d love to win one of the kits!

  23. I really thought you were suppose to fold the Frame Robo into different forms, but it turns out it was just a cool looking runner.

  24. Great episode as always guys! Personally I really enjoyed the Battlefront beta. The flying is my favorite part.

  25. The protoGouf looks awesome, will be getting one of those when I can. I would love to win that G-self so I can try to turn it into a Custom Gunpla. Loving the show you guys rock out loud! May this show be going for as long as possible RAGE ON GUNPLA!!!

  26. Hope I win on this giveaway. Just saw episode 3 of Gundam iron blooded orphan. Really hope that I win something this year 🙂

  27. That HG Gouf Prototype is definitely the star of the episode despite most of it being focused on the Frame Robo. I hope to see it with all the stickers soon!

  28. Kinda bummed that someone won the 2 kshatriyas other than myself but then again, its a 1 in a million chance, and i am certain that other people feel the same way. Id love to get the G-self however, since it’s so sleek and mainly white, gotta love the color scheme as well.

  29. that frame robo looks so bizarre compared to the gundam kits. Also five years ago I was moving from New Jersey to California with my now, wife. Thankfully Gundam kits were already part of my life prior to us dating, so she knew what she was getting into from the beginning =)

  30. I Enjoy the hand swapping Gimmick, Curious of what else will have this besides the first concept zaku, Also wouldn’t mind to have that RG I haven’t had a new gunpla in a while D;

  31. That HG Gouf origin is awesome hopefully gonna win one of these prizes especially the strike freedom

  32. love me some Gouf!

  33. Ohhh men youre giving the modified astray gold frame by syd, its awesome i consider it as a collectible item if i win it hahahaha…

  34. That gouf looks so old fashioned

  35. Ramba Ral is the best!

  36. Gonna have to pick me up a Gouf prototype, it looks awesome!

  37. The black finish on the Gold Frame looking mighty sweet!

  38. Man that gouf is beautiful.

  39. Fall cleaning special

  40. The kit from IBO are freaking awesome with the inner frame…..!!!!

  41. It’ll be interesting to build the frame robo, I’m getting the Saturn frame for dat sword. Not a huge fan of the prototype gouf but it has its charm I guess.

  42. Hey Syd and Ryan, great show as always! I can’t help but notice how the Gouf Prototype looks kind of like an elephant! My boyfriend and I are huge gunpla fans, and it would be great to win one of those awesome kits! Keep up the great work!

  43. In direct response to your question Syd. “Yes”, people actually bought me the kits…

    before I got my first job…

    and had to fend for myself in this expensive world of ours. 🙁

  44. I love you guys! Been watching since I started the hobby two years ago and have been watching every new episode ever since

  45. seeing you guys played with the prototype gouf makes me want to buy the god damn thing

  46. waiting till ibo shows some more upgrades of the gundam before buying it. ooh look a rg.

  47. No matter what type of Gouf it is, they all look badass!

  48. I wish you can introduce more kits…
    I still miss Bandai Star wars kits…

  49. These origin kits make the original hguc look like toys! Anyways congrats on the 5 years and of course I hope I win that RG!

  50. Sometimes I don’t comment about things since I want to see people who want a giveaway kit to have a better chance. I would love to see a table top war game that uses 1/100 or smaller scale gundam kits.

  51. The word Gouf actual means to removed soft earth from under a structure, happy 5 years of enduring each other, lol, i only want that Strike, if i win any other one just pick another winner in good spirit

  52. Wow that Frame Robo might be a Good support Unit for a Customized Gundam Kit, love that flexible plastic and that mixmatch feature

    looking forward for new designs

  53. Cool beans guys! hope you beat friends as well lol

  54. Dayum tht gouf looks smexy.

  55. Great video guys, I have got to get my hands on that Gouf now! And the IBO kits look p good, hoping to see some come my way at Christmas

  56. are there other frame robo

  57. The Gouf is my favorite Zeon suit, so it’s nice to see another one in HG form. I’m loving the details on these Origin kits.

  58. Will you have frame arms girls on the show in the future?

  59. That gouf design looks awesome
    Congratulations on 5 years!

  60. I really enjoyed the Battlefront beta as well (though I though the vehicle controls with the mouse was tough!)

    I wonder whats better; a beam saber or a light saber?

  61. great episode guys! you are my go to channel for gunpla news and reviews! congrats to you guys and more power!

  62. Are you guys planning a halloween episode?

    By the Way that blue Glaze looks awesome, I totally want one.

  63. Love the Gouf

  64. YES! More Giveaways! Love you guys! 😀

  65. Great episode again, very tempted to get that Gouf now haha. I’ve got that RG Strike Freedom on my shelf with the P-Bandai expansion and it’s awesome!

  66. Great episode guys! It’s good to have you back on a regular schedule, although the specials were pretty cool. I just started a custom paint of my G-self today! Hopefully the paint and parts I have left out don’t annoy my roommates too much…

  67. GouF!!!!

  68. I really like the G-self but it still amazes me that we’re getting an MG V2 gundam before an MG G-self. Man this christmas is gonna be great!

  69. that gouf looks nice. I’m really a big fan of Zeon’s gen 1 suits. I long for a revive or origin Dom kit. I’m hopeful since we got the black tristars’s high mobility zaku 2 kits from origin.

  70. You guys can’t resist talking about Star Wars…

  71. I would love to get one of em!! Please fulfill my wish syd and ryan =)
    Much love from Brunei <3

  72. Hey guys! Another funtastic episode! That Gouf is looking pretty spunky with its long snout!

    I would really like to get my hands on that G-Self! I’ve wanted to try and practice detailing kits, and the G-Self is a kit that is in need of finer details!

  73. So much gold and neon.

  74. Hey Syd congrats on your new baby (i know its a late greeting but, anyways hehe)!

    As for the kits, gimme some!

    More power on HLJ.

  75. the prototype gouf looks really cool. i really like the gouf as a suit and recently built the older kit and the r35. i really liked the r35 and can recommend it highly!
    question regarding the frame arms. will they ever release them in multiple colors or will they all be the one color with other colors coming from stickers? or is it too early to tell?

  76. I’m really looking forward to seeing more IBO kits

  77. great episode as always guys. gouf looks cool!

  78. those frame robo seem like they will be fun to build

  79. Hey Syd and Ryan, great show as always. I’m excited about the new Iron blooded orphans kits, even though I have roughly 200 gunpla kits in my closet that I recently purchased from the HLJ website,but I plan to build one every weekend, it only takes me about 2 to 3 hours to build a hg kit and only a day and half for the MG kits, and I plan to start building some PG kits here real soon as well. I’ve been building gunpla kits on and off since 1999.

  80. great show as always!

  81. Thanks for showing the Gouf prototype.

  82. the show was great with a gold bonus

  83. I really would like to see a new battlefront beta test. Missed my chance 🙁

  84. Great show guys, hope to win one of the kits

  85. if vader piloted a gundam which one do you think he would he chose?

  86. Really want the kits, great episode as always

  87. At least one of those kits… at least… one…

  88. So the final Star Wars trailer was shown today. Can’t wait to hear your reactions to it next episode!

  89. RG Strike Freedom!!! MY FAVORITE GUNDAM

  90. Would love to win, those frame robos are an interesting idea, maybe they could do a gunpla themed one?????

  91. Aaaaargh, Battlefront!!!

    The single time I got to play Vader my dog decided to jump up and yank the controller cord right out.

    R.I.P. Buzz the dog.

  92. SO MUCH GOLD!!!!!!!!!!Its like a bullion.

  93. Great episode as usual!

    The Gouf looks good but I have to build all he kits in my stash before… 🙂

  94. this is so freaking cool!

  95. 5 Years Baby!

  96. I’d gladly accept any of those three kits as a prize! I love you guys, I love Gunpla, and I love watching you guys talk about Gunpla! Keep it up and I think you’ll put Friends to shame and outlast even the longest of series!!

  97. still haven’t got round to getting a gouf kit, maybe this will be the one i get first. already been buying up kits for christmas to ensure my kids get the ones they have asked for in time for christmas. wouldn’t mind that rg kit

  98. moar!

  99. i like gooooold

  100. Never really been a fan of the prototype gouf I only like the original version, what do you guys think of the original gouf revive so far.

  101. the gouf arms are a very interesting concep but, in the overall apparence, i prefer the original version

  102. Nice episode! Loving the new origins kits

  103. Origin kits are very fun to look at as you can get a glimpse in the evolution of UC weaponry and the train of thought in the execution. Looking at the proto-gouf that arm swapping gimmick actually makes sense as a way to quickly test out the combat potential of multiple armaments. R&D mobile suits are always interesting because they try things outside the norm which is probably why the GP-0 type gundams are loved. BTW still waiting for a RX78GP-00 Gundam Blossom and a rare gundam where the fighter plane mode looks as awesome as the ms mode http://gundam.wikia.com/wiki/RX-78GP00_Gundam_%22Blossom%22.

  104. Star Wars Trailer 3 is just out. Hope you can talk about it next episode knowing you guys are Star War fans!

    IBO kits are really fresh to build, especially the HGs with inner frames.

    Thanks for the episode!

  105. great show once again guys loving the new HG’s build the barbatos and god i love it (shame of the seals tho but loving the inner frame)

  106. Great episode! I can’t wait till Bandai releases the 1/100 Iron Blooded Orphans kits. I wonder how these kits differ from the Master Grade kits.

  107. next on nbc: goufin around

  108. Gouf is looking pretty look might have to pick one up

  109. great episode, thank you for reviewing the Gouf

  110. I want to buy a gndam kit from your site but my parents don’t own a credit card.my aunt has one and she told me she will allow me to use it.I will buy the barbatos in January.I can’t wait.!!!!

  111. i want gold gundam!!!


  113. I don’t think Iron Blooded Orphans is particularly dark (compared to other works such as Aldnoah: Zero) as none of the principal characters named in the promotional material has died yet and the canteen scene in episode 3 was far too Moe. I’ve also noticed that there don’t seem to any female pilots, its almost as if Sunrise did this as a response to Cross Ange that didn’t have any male pilots at all.

    Having thought about it for a while now I’d really like to see how the Barbatos compares in size to other 1/100 kits like the RX-78-2 or Victory.

    • Should be the same size as a same-scale RX-78-2. 18m(/18cm) head height for both, which is several (centi)meters taller than the Victory.

  114. LOVE THAT GOUF! Looks kinda funky but I like it!

  115. Heh, you guys can’t beat a Battlefront video I saw. It had a guy playing as Vader take down an X-wing with a lightsaber throw.

    And I actually really dig the look of the Frame Robo. They kinda remind me of the original Beyblades for some reason… I think I may just have to order all three (off HLJ of course :D).

    Btw kinda glad I didn’t win the Kshatryias though, I’m out of shelving space!

  116. I dunno…. I’ve thus far only collected MG gunplas….

  117. I love that new plamos are introduced to the show, but frame robo seems really plain. Even other kits marketed to kids were a lot more interesting, like bear guy and yokai watch.

    Still waiting for all the episodes to come out for iron blooded orphans, so if possible, please add a quick spoiler alert before diving in too deep on that conversation xD.

  118. I guess its time for me to win the giveaway 🙂

  119. Really liking IBO so far.

    Already have the HG Graze & Barbatos on the way from HLJ.

  120. Great show as usual guys. The plastic on the frame robo looks really flexible. I imagine painting isn’t going to work out so well. Syd should spray a piece and let us know. Thanks again for 5 years of making it OK for adults to play with toys!

  121. Here I am again trying to win something!
    Nice episode as always btw.

  122. I’ve already seen a couple painted IBO kits. You can see that the kits are already very detailed just out of the box, but even adding just a bit of paint to them brings said detail to a whole new level! Those inner frames are so sexy!

  123. I want that Strike Freedom!!!

  124. Great show guys, been watching you for years, keep up the good work!

  125. great show guys!!! the price are getting better and better! hope I can win this time : )

  126. That Gouf!!!!!!!!

  127. RG bling for my shelf!

  128. 5 years!! Good jobs guy’s, like always!

  129. Great show guys. I was kinda mis-informed about the Frame Robo’s because Ryan in one of the shows said you can just fold the frame into a robot, not knowing bout taking it apart. But it’s still fun.

  130. That gouf tho!! Im Sure you guys have seen the new star wars trailer by now! What did you think?! I’m so excited!

    P.s.I’ll happily take any of those models you’re giving away haha

  131. awesome gouf.. commenting means winning.. hope to win this time.. more power guys..

  132. Another great episode! My birthday is coming soon and winning one of those kits would be an awesome birthday gift from you guys. 😀

  133. sweet hehehe I want that G-Self! Nice Episode! Keep it up!

  134. Yay! G-Self! Yay! Gold Frame! Yay! Strike Freedom!

  135. What game will you guys buy and play this Holiday?

  136. I love my Gouf prtotype! Fantastic kit but be careful with the shoulder assembly! I made a mistake and ended up breaking a pin in the hinge for the armour (newbie mistake probably) 🙁 bit of glue and ecerything is fine though 😀 can’t wait for my IBO kits to come this week 😀

  137. The Gouf looks pretty dope.

  138. I am just waiting for the Origin MG RX-78 Gundam, that guy looks awesome!! I agree that this has to be one of the best times to get into Gunpla or to be a part of it already. Amazing HG Kist with The Origin, Iron Blooded Orphans, Revive… it is just amazing.

    Now thos Robo Frame things… not a fan of the design that much but, I like that there are no runners left over and small gate pieces to clean at the end, it’s a very smart way to optimize the construction and use as much of the plastic as possible. That is clever, and friendly with the environment 🙂

    I womnder if that ingeneering can be translated to Gundam.

    Oh and Pluto is still a planet to me!

    (Have you watched the Star Wars final trailer? IT WILL BE AWESOME!)

  139. A free G-Self would be perfect for customizing.

  140. Great show guys! I just gotta say the frames are pretty lame though…

  141. That gouf looks really awesome.

  142. If Netflix knew one of my favorite shows had this kind of production level they would sh**!

  143. pick me pick me

  144. Great show, really like the Gouf design too, I’m waiting for an MG Gouf Custom update.

  145. Oooh, fantastic give-aways! Not too sure about the G-Self, to be honest, back when that was out I was still buying GBFT sets. Really kinda annoyed they left out a lot of the playability seen in the series in those sets, SD joints and polycaps just don’t fit HGs.

    But anyway! Hoping to get the Gold Frame (as I know someone who has the Red Frame, so it would be amusing to brag about =P). I really enjoyed Gundam Seed too though, so I’d love to get the Strike Freedom =P

    Also, I didn’t get to post on the previous video, congrats on 5 years!

  146. Somehow I did not like the looks of the roboframe. I hope the gundam alike ones coming next will look better

  147. that gouf kit looks amazing even its supposed to be a older model haha

  148. Wow, because of this vid I might try a Frame robo. Look really fun!

    And I’m probably the only person here that would like the G-self HG rather than an RG. Damn I love that design even if the series was pretty hard to follow. The G-self is probably one of my favorite new designs despite all the hate it gets from almost everyone.

  149. Wow it doesnt look goufy!! Pun intended

  150. Great episode guys. As usual, keep up the good work. And I wonder if I can win this time… by just wondering 😀

  151. OMG the Metal Builds.. Did you guys see the Metal Build Strike Freedom that’s coming out? That’s like the best figure i’ve ever seen.

  152. Man, I remember when Pluto was a planet. I feel old.

  153. Why is Bandai so invested in Frame Robo? Are people really that interested?

  154. I’m liking the kits from origins, very cool.

  155. Yes the Strike Freedom

  156. That new Gouf is looking pretty swanky. Might look into getting one…

  157. Hi Syd, speaking of the G-Self do you think we will ever see a MG? Would love to get my hand on a MG G-Self Assault Pack Type and the Perfect Pack Equipment Type.

  158. The new Gouf looks very militaristic and cool, but i like the Gouf Custom from 08th MS way more. I’d love to get one of those great giveaway kits too! Great episode!

  159. nice show guys! and that gouf 🙂

  160. Those HGIOB kits are looking awesome! I hope complete inner frames become the standard for high grades.

  161. I got lucky enough to play the Battlefront beta on my roommate’s PS4. Pre-ordered the special edition Darth Vader PS4 for myself and can’t wait to play Battlefront on it.

    Only downside is that it cut into my gunpla budget but darnit these episodes got me longing for a new build!

    Keep up the great work guys!

  162. “Gouf Troop”
    “Sailor Frames”

    Yeah, they’re lame puns. Sue me.

  163. Gaaaahhh!!! Congrats to the dude who won the kyshatriya!! I cant wait til my gouf comes in the mail!! Gun metal cords!! That gundam astray gold frame was the first comeback kit I built!! And I think I actually discovered hlj because of it I was watching rrobbert184’s review of it and he mentioned hlj so I checked it out!! And I’ve been hooked ever since!!

  164. Hey Syd and Ryan cool show as usual. It has been months since I last got a kit and winning that g self would be awesome

  165. i’m never a fan of HG not because of the details but mainly because of the size. always love the 1/100 scales or 1/60 scales. BTW i just bought a 1/60 Zeta Gundam that is from 1985. Its a nightmare as every parts needs glue. kinda feel sad for those that are into gunpla that time.

  166. Nice video guys, I love u guys and all gunpla models!

  167. It seems like many people commented just for the sake of winning those khsatriya

  168. nice episode.
    thanks to you guys,
    GunplaTv is the one of the few things that keeps me going every MONDAY!

  169. Want that gold frame so badly.. Really wish they would make an RG version of it, in love with the RG’s.
    Also 5 years ago was my last year of high school and pretty sure when I just found out about hlj/ watched gunpla tv. Bought quite a few kits back then.. when import taxes weren’t ridiculously high over here (Canada)

  170. One strike and yer out!!. What’s there not to love aboot that gouf!! Great show, thanks again guys

  171. hnng those giveaways

  172. great episode as always guys!

  173. Awesome work guys like always.

  174. Congrats guys on 5 years, you continue to supply our gundam and all mecha related needs.

  175. Quit goufing around, guys!!

  176. Can’t Help Goufing around !!!!

  177. great show guys, always hoping to win something

  178. Still waiting for Robot Spirits Nobel Gundam. Nice show and cant wait for the gundam expo

  179. Great show can’t wait to see more iron blooded orphan kits

  180. Awesome show guys can’t wait to see more MG kits

  181. Awesome show with awesome kits! Thanks guys!

  182. I need one of these for “M-self” =P

  183. cool video guys… i have a question… do you guys get earth-quake at the storage?… if so how is the damage…?

  184. Nice episode. Can’t wait for the next

  185. You rock my world men !

  186. I really like all the features of that HG Gouf Prototype. The new HGs are pretty advanced.

  187. I think its great their improving the HG line, just wonder how they will be able to do the same with RG

  188. Gouf Prototype looks good. I like every kit with wire type weapon.

  189. livin la vida loca

  190. Must have amatsu Mina!!

  191. Great show as usual! Love that Gouf

  192. nice ep guys think ill try out the roboframes

  193. Nice episode guys. it’s true that the HG line is improving. wish that they improve the other lines too.

  194. Might have to try those robo frames.

  195. As always, great episode and review on this kits. Can’t for the new metal build and i hope to win soon on any of your episodes. Great gift for my kid.. More power and reviews guys

  196. We need a RG XX to kitbash with the Strike Freedom. Because you can’t have too many big guns.

  197. Hope i would be able to get one of those kits …. :/

  198. I like the Gouf prototype, specially the color. But the design mmmm, not so much. I prefer the Zaku (Char’s Custom) Origin.ver. because of the massive gun. I think I will by a frame robo not for me but for my son….

  199. Thanks again for a fun episode as usual. I have not commented in a while due to work keeping me really busy. I have had to go back and catch up on videos. I enjoyed the PG Banshee build too. I love Goufs so, I will HAVE to get the Prototype…….. Oh shiny!

  200. I know it is a bit late but 5 years ago I started my sixth semester of college (after a two-year hiatus) and I developed what I now call “Gundam Fever”. I had been building Gundams kit and watching Gundam shows long before that, but with “Gundam Fever” I took things to an unhealthy extreme. Man, college isn’t easy with “Gundam fever” – my end of semester grades can attest to that. Though I did pass those classes eventually so it is fine now.

    I still remember that yellow Sinanju of Syd’s (I like to call it the Bananju).

  201. Astray Gold frame always stay gold. Huh!?! I just mixed a quote from the Outsiders and Gunpla!

  202. Totally gonna get all the iron blooded orphan gundams. Thanks for the review.

  203. The HG kits finally have frame parts. Very interesting. Might get one of the Iron-Blooded Orphan HG kits.

  204. Sweet! Hope I win!

  205. i just placed an order from u guys.. a big order for me .. the joy of gettin new gunpla yessss

  206. Sieg Zeon

  207. 2 Kshatriya 1 Cup, Syd go home your drunk. 5 years ago i was still going to school, and being turned down by girls. Strike Freedom COME TO MEEEEEEEEEEE!

  208. Gundam G-Self!

  209. the show isnt that great but a hg g serufu will be nice

  210. I’m not convinced by the prototype gouf color it look too much like a toy rather than a model kit. But more the most important matter is what the hell did de mecha designer drank when they desingned the g-self?

  211. The Iron Blood Orphans model kits show just how far HG model kits have progressed. Not just with the internal frame but with the articulation all together. I can’t wait to see how Bandai continues to evolve their HG line and how it will affect all their other kits.

  212. can’t wait to get the HG Prototype Gouf

  213. I want the strike freedom gundam build fighters is like my favorite series.

  214. that Gouf looks really cool! frame robos, are not my thing, sadly because the promo pics look really incredible. great show guys!

  215. Bandai needs to produce the kits from A.O.Z. that dengeki hobby magazine used to include in some of there magazines. You guys know if that is ever happening or at least let Bandai know this needs to happen.

  216. Great episode as usual. Congrats on adding a new type to the family!

  217. Awesome episode, hope to win the Sid modified Astray lol 😀

  218. I was wondering if they were going to reuse some parts from the char origin zaku in making the gouf. Alot of releases coming up for sure, keep up the great work guys.

  219. Man, I loved building the RG Freedom. BUT its been a while since I’ve actually built a kit since i’m kind of low on funds. But i think ill end up getting some more kits sometime next year.

  220. I could use an RG Strike Freedom because my RG Strike Freedom needs some new parts. Loving Iron-blooded Orphans, can’t wait to get my hands on the 1/100 Barbatos. Christmas is coming, there will be gunpla on sale everywhere. Another great episode Syd and Ryan. 5 years ago I was an ignorant 4th grader attending primary school.

  221. hehehe i want that freedom ^^

  222. A?

  223. Gold frame for the win!! I agree, it is more valuable than the metal build.

  224. so,. “sayonara” Reconguista, and welcome IBO

  225. Hi guys, love gunpla tv and love HLJ just as much. The G-Self from the previous gundam series looked like an insect to me. Still looked kind of cool though. Gundam origins suites are looking pretty awesome, the Gouf prototype looks great! Must buy one. Let in rain zakus and zaku like suites for ever more.

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