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Gunpla TV

Gunpla TV – Episode 68 – MG Duel Gundam Assault Shroud – More Falcon – Pla Plate Tutorial!

GunplaTV hears your pleas! In this episode we go back to our roots somewhat with Syd showing a little tutorial on some modifications you can try on your own Gundams and Ryan talks more about his beloved Millennium Falcon.

Kits featured in this video:

– 1/144 HG G-Bouncer (WMS-GB5)
– 1/144 HG Adele (RGE-G1100)
– 1/100 MG Duel Gundam Assault Shroud
– 1/144 HG Strike Freedom Gundam
– Mini Razor Saw
– Pla Plate Assortment
– Sand Paper Fine

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  1. Great Episode guys! Nice to see you guys back to doing things like these.

    Already asked this in the previous eps comments an hour ago, but might as well post it here.

    Would doing a masking camo count as advanced for the Sci-Fi competition? Since its just sticking pieces of masking tape on a kit while painting. Nothing too spectacular about that I think.

    Would be great if you can answer this!

  2. the link for mini razor saw goes to an armored core kit

  3. Hey Guys
    Another great show

  4. Hey awesome guys, I have a question for Syd that involves my Exia repair II HG and it’s beam sabers not staying put and always falling off. Is there a modification or a tip that could help me with this problem, and if so could you guys tell me? Thanks guys for doing these great videos for us and keep up the great work as always!

  5. Awesome, finally, some more tutorials, not everyone gets access to hobby magazines so it helps very much to see these, keep it up!

  6. excelent information

  7. Hi Syd, re razor saws and starting the cut. Try a few swipes backwards only with the saw blade, that should give you a more accurate cut. Love the show.

  8. panel line, how do you make it look more real and cool. when i do the panel line , sometime some parts of the gundam it can not be trace perfecting. please help

  9. Hey guys, I tried to send in my entry for the contest, but the pictures have MB rather than KB so it looks like I can’t enter. If there is another way to send my photos for the contest, please tell me.

  10. Hi Syd and Ryan,

    This is a question for Syd. How can you touch up clear armor gundam kits like your PG Strike? For example how would you remove nub marks without sanding the piece?

    Also did you top coat the Clear PG Strike?


  11. hi guys, luv the show.
    i was wondering, in your oppinions, what would be a good hg kit to start with based on its price and the model itself.

  12. Hi awesome guys! I was wondering about display stands. I bought the MG Full Armor Unicorn and i wasn’t sure which display stand i should get, because i can’t read the manual, i don’t know if i have to get a 1/144 stand or a 1/100. I know that this seems like a silly question but I have other kits that can use both kinds of stands, and because the Full Armor has that wierd display stand extra piece I don’t know which kind of stand to buy. Love the show and keep up the great work.

  13. Good Episode. Love the show but the actual mod seems a bunch of work for very little results I probably wouldnt do this one but keep up more mods!!


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