Feb 2

If you didn’t catch our complete build of the 1/100 RE/100 Gundam Mk-III you can check it out but don’t worry, Syd goes into detail about the completed kit in this episode. The PG Unicorn makes another appearance as do our newest semi-regular co-hosts.

Kits featured in this video:

1/100 RE/100 Gundam Mk-III
1/144 HGBF Mega Shiki Gundam
1/144 HGBC Mega Ride Launcher
1/60 PG Unicorn Gundam


Gunpla TV


  1. Totes in. Great episode as always guys.

  2. I thought the Mk 3 would be bigger.

  3. Hope I win that HGUC 1/144 Schuzrum-Galluss.
    More awesome gunpla coming out in February 2015

  4. Gunplaaaa! (y)

  5. Yo yo yo dis da best show. Syd and Ryan are my number one bros.

  6. a wise person ounce said ” that’s what she said”
    Great episode as always

  7. the leds are eye drooling ~

  8. Great episode guys and gals


  10. Nice Episode Guys, look forward to the next one.

  11. Great reviews once again, hoping to see the try burning tho, looking forward for that kit

  12. Hi guys great episode just wondering what are your thoughts on the seed/destiny franchise? Even though the anime isnt really well liked the series(in my opinion) has some of the most interesting looking gundams, destiny gundam being my favorite.

  13. That PG unicorn is looking awesome! Keep up the great work guys

    PS. You need a “That’s what she said” Compilation

  14. I’m loving it 🙂

  15. Great Episode as always guys!! Can’t wait for the next Ep!!!

  16. That PG unicorn is looking awesome! It still looks cool even without the LEDs powered on.

  17. Nice episode… and the led in the pg unicorn looks complicated i think..

  18. man i want that 100

  19. Great episode once again guys!
    Gunpla scene is still kinda bland since it’s just the start of the year but I am feeling that this will be a year of UC (Universal Century) kits with the release of the first Gundam: The Origin movie. Already ‘blessed’ by the MK-III, we might see some MG ver 3.0s aside from the already announced HG Char’s Zaku (Origin Version) and the Guntank Early type.
    Looking forward to your next episode!

  20. What you all think about RG 00 Raiser ?

  21. Great job on that PG Unicorn, and I want that Jegan so bad!

  22. I think the next MG will be the g-self. Great episode fellers.

  23. why you all talk about AKB48
    which girls you like ?

  24. All good kits this week on the giveaway, I already own one of them but haven’t built it yet. Not gonna say which one because the sinister random number machine would probably give me that one. Good show guys and loved the ladies Mega-Shiki Info.

  25. Another great episode. Keep up the good work.

  26. Great video I realy hope to win that zaku 2

  27. Great show guys as always my thirst for gunpla has once again been replenshid. 🙂

  28. the PG Unicorn looks great with the LEDs keep it up guys! =D

  29. I hope i win. You guys are awesome.

  30. Great episode as always!

    On a side note, I believe the Schuzrum Gallus is supposed to be the Strum Gallus – Engrish got the best of the kit (like the upcoming Hi-Nu Vrabe which should be Brave).

    • Strum? Or Sturm?

    • Well, it’s not engrish, as Schurzum isn’t english. Schur in German means shear, and Schurz in german means Apron. Zeon’s mobile suits all carry Direct German names, or names Derived from modified German words. Although apron would make no sense in it’s name, I guess shear[ing] could, idk.

    • And why would you go that far as to guess that Vrabe should be Brave but due to an “engrish” error got twisted? With that logic every other word that doesn’t make sense in english is a wrongly written or wrongly spelled english word. There are languages out there other than english.

      • In the case of Brave/Vrabe, I believe the Japanese use the same katakana for ‘v’ and ‘b’ sounds. You could just as easily anglicize that as Brabe/Vrave.

        (This coming from my very limited understanding of Japanese script. If I’m wrong, please correct me.)

  31. Pewpewpew! Great stuff

  32. Hi Syd and Ryan,

    another great episode. keep up the awesome job.

    p.s. the “rifle stock” for the mk-III is supposed to go inward Tommy-gun style 🙂

  33. Not enamored with the new Shiki, but that’s par for the course with these Build Fighters kits. A lot of hit and miss. (By the by, the undergating is a result of the original base kit – the HGUC Hyaku Shiki – being gold-plated.)

    Does anyone know any specific episodes where they discuss Hasegawa (Macross) kits? I’m going through my old collection and found a VF-1S I started waaay back in middle school and am currently in the process of cleaning it to start as fresh as possible. Lots of super glue to scrape and sand away. Yuck.

    Anyway. To repeat a question I asked before: Any possibility of including those posters in giveaways and/or selling them on the store? Good luck with the drawing, everybody.

  34. Awesome episode guys! Love the look of the Mega Shiki 😀

  35. Great Video guys! keep up the good work! 🙂

  36. Loved the episode. Really wanna win! Hey when will there be more unicorns in stock??? And please let us know what the new MGs of the year will be!!!

  37. Apparently complaining wins us gunpla? Wah wah, this show is awful.


  38. i like turn A, syd, u know syd mead designed turn A gundam MS, so syd have to like it. 🙂 the niggata one is call the NG48, i like perfume, ak48 is a bit much.

  39. Syd what do you think would be a good idea for the next MG to come out?

  40. Great video as always! It would be cool if you guys build exia dark matter mg. what’s the next rg kit?

  41. I like turn A gundam’s POWER MUSTACHE, but not the overall design so much. I’m hyped for the February restock of your HGUC-Acguy (Acguy 2016). Almost ordered a Gundam Mk-III today but another kit caught my eye.

    Another great episode guys!

  42. That PG Unicorn is looking hella sexy! Keep the videos rolling in, always looking forward to watching them!

  43. can i win the PG Unicorn 😀 ?

  44. I really like the Reconquista in G designs.. hope that the G-Self will get a MG soon…
    I wanna free stuff btw 😛

  45. Dammit, Syd! you’re really making me want to get a unicorn pg!

  46. Really good review. Keep it up guys!!

  47. I just started this hobby like 2 months ago, you guys really help us newbies. Thank you so much.

  48. Dang why didn’t I win 😀

  49. Woot more Gunpla!!

  50. Awesome episode as always guys, never cease to disappoint. One quick question, I have recently started fully customizing my kits, Using all given decals, painting, and flat coating. I wanted to know, what is the best way to go about flat coating clear parts? Specifically 00 Kits, like the HG 00 Qan [t] and the MG GNX-III. It’s pretty hard to mask every joint sometimes, and 00 kits in particular have a ridiculous amount of clear parts.

    • Good question, I recently was thinking about a way to make the clear parts on my ex stand out, hope Syd sees this question thread!

    • I’m not sure what issue you’re having… Flat coats are clear, so there shouldn’t be any issue spraying them over clear parts. If you’re trying to avoid spraying the clear parts at all, then simply pop them off, spray the rest of the model, then re-apply them.

      Perhaps you could explain your problem in greater detail?

      • The main issue i’m having is hazing. I have a MG GNX-III that i built 2-3 years ago that was in shambles, completely destroyed for whatever reason. I decided to use it as a sort of spray paint punching bag to test things out. i used Tamiya TS-80 Flat coat and sprayed it all over. Looks incredible on every surface, except on the camera on the crest of the head and GN drive cover in the chest, they both completely fogged over.

        • Ah. Well, I’d defer to Syd and/or other more experienced hobbyists on this, but if it were me, I would just not spray the clear parts. Remove them from the kit, flat coat the kit, and then re-apply them afterwards. They should be fairly easy to install/remove on those 00 kits. Alternatively, you can sand and polish the fogged-up part using sandpaper in increasing grits (400 to 600 to 1000 to etc.) and polishing compound.

          I must admit I don’t remember ever having this problem myself, but then I just recently got back into the hobby, so my memory isn’t particularly fresh.

          Good luck. Working with clear plastic is never fun.

        • I have just one word for you. Masking. You won’t be able to flat top coat clear parts without them fogging up. It all depends on the amount of the coat itself of course. I tend to airbrush Mr.Hobby aqueous flat and to tell you the truth, all I need to do is a few light trigger presses here and there. You go heavy on that thing and the only thing you get are problems. So a light coat is all you need. I’d imagine Tamiya spray can flat works more or less the same. If you think clear parts are a nightmare to flat coat, you should try flat coating black. The effect is similar to bleaching (if you go nuts with it) and the end result is more of a dark grayish color than black. As for the Future, it’s great for glosses but tends to yellow the whites after a few coats. I’ve used it for years. It’s a cheap replacement for the gloss coats and can be applied with a regular brush.

    • Edit;

      Could this be solved with a gloss or pearl coat? or would the end result still be the same fogging?

      • Gloss finishes might help. Looking around the web, I see a lot of mentions of Future floor polish being used as well. You might be interested in that. You’d have to make sure to either spray them apart from the rest of the kit or do a lot of masking, though. Unless you want the entire thing glossed up.

        I didn’t consider it at first, but weather may have something to do with it. If you spray in a particularly hot/cold/humid environment, you can get fogging issues. I doubt that’s the case in your situation, but there you are.

      • Well what do you know. Apparently you shouldn’t flat-coat clear pieces ever.


        “Flat top coat will fog up any clear parts. Make sure to remove or mask any exposed clear components like mooneye visors or the green orbs on the MG Gundam Exia, for example.”

    • *that first comment was meant to say “Never cease to entertain” i had two conversations happening at the same time and got confused.

  51. We need more stock of gunpla on website :3

  52. PG Unicorn…FLASHY as always

  53. The Mk III actually looks pretty badass. Also what happened at the party last weekend???

  54. *loud typing intensifies*
    the PG Unicorn will be my new night light

  55. The Thunderbolt series looks like an interesting take on gundam and possibly the gunpla as well.

  56. Don’t worry about getting replaced by your more hotter, cuter counterparts. We watch you guys for your geeky character.


  58. That Psycho Zaku is calling out to me

  59. Keep up the good work guys, can’t wait to get the RE 100 MK 3.

  60. I’m rather disappointed in bandai over the RE/100 release of the mk3 and the upcoming GP-04. Both of these are kits that could easily be made into MG kits, as they’re not very large. RE/100 is ok if they’re releasing more kits along the size of the nightengale, but to release two MS that aren’t even in the size league of kits like the Perfect Zeong, Ex-S, The O, Sazabi, etc is not cool in my book. MG Mk3 and Gp-04 should have been done along time ago.

    • I agree. Slightly taller kits don’t qualify for the re-100 and they shouldn’t. The Nightingale was ok. An MG of the thing would cost somewhere around 15000 yen but these three, MKIII, GP04 and the Dijeh should and could be done as an MG kits with more big kits such as some mobile armors from the series, for example, keeping the exclusive right for the re-100. I don’t mind all that much but they got a bit lazy and more greedy opting out the cheaper and easier solution for what could have been done the way that people would enjoy more.

      • Dealing with the size constraint was never the sole factor in starting this line. The Nightingale, Mk. III, GP04 – none of these kits are wildly popular. They’ve got their fans, but (owing largely to the fact that they were never animated) not so much that they could make up production costs of an MG kit. This line isn’t just for large designs; it’s for designs that are “second-tier” popularity-wise.

        That said, I would really dig a RE/100 Dendrobium. Because Dendrobium.

  61. Great work Cid, Ryan, Anna, & Lindsey, Hope the Paint work on the Unicorn goes well. Keep up the good work can’t wait to see whats next.

  62. All amazing kits *DROOLS* :O

  63. that megashiki is one sexy mobile suit

  64. Still my dream kit, Unicorn is

  65. Another Great Episode (:
    Thinking of picking up that mega shiki ! It looks really nice with the separate mega launcher.

    • my thoughts exactly, maybe they will also release the old hyaku shiki in a bad ass gold in the all gundam project lineup. i hope so at least

  66. 165?? amazing show.. feeling bad that i’ve only known about you guys now. Pretty new to the hobby and i’ve just built 2 HG kits. Waiting to built a Master Grade. Which would recommend Syd? I would want something that would be interesting and complex

  67. The Unicorn is so Christmasy! Bling-Bling!

  68. give me all the gundams. all of them

  69. Great episode as always! The Megashiki is looking good 😀

  70. I thought the Grimoire was a popular design as far as G-Reco suits go.

  71. Still new to Gunpla, wont say no to a new one to add to my near empty shelf!

  72. Glasses girls for the win!!! #teamanna

  73. My inner Asian called out to me when I heard there was giveaways.

    Also I always enjoy the last bit where you guys address the community; always a ton of laughs when you guys take verbal swings at each other!

  74. Bandai give us a RE/100 Dark Gundam

  75. Excited about the next 2 MGs coming out 😀

  76. i’m liking the look of the mk.III could do with a lick of paint! but nice looking non the less

  77. Pg unicorn looks nice with the LEDs and all, but i think the LEDs are a waste of money, you can most likely buy tools and materials to makes the LEDs yourself with enough research and dedication and all

  78. can’t wait for more of that PG Unicorn!

  79. I hope I win this time!!! Third time’s the charm!!!

  80. Entered these for ages, surely time to win one 😉 great work guys as always

  81. Decaaaal DECAAAAL

  82. I hope we start seeing Reconguista in G MGs soon!

  83. MK III is a must have for me! The RE100 line is amazing.

  84. still waiting for MG Kshatriya!

  85. great Episode once again guys. looking at the mkIII and the pg unicorn make me want to buy them even more but i don’t think my wallet could handle that right now. great to see a kit from build fighters try getting some screen time.
    keep up the good work.

  86. Waiting for my RE 100! Great review guys!

  87. The mega shiki looks so awesome!

  88. an RE Kshatriya would be great!!

  89. The next 2 MGs coming out i want so bad

  90. RNG RNG, work your magic!

  91. Yay for the newest semi-regular co-hosts!

  92. What do you guys think of the Gundam Tryon 3, and Super Robots mixed in with your gundam?

  93. Please RNG!!!!!! Choose me!

  94. never knew that the pg was that complex. now i want one..

  95. as an idol fan and a gundam fan, that is the first time I hear of such theory, couldn’t agree more. I wish there is some kind of special movie featuring all the gundams together, it would be like AKB48 concert lol.

  96. That zaku is on steroids. great episode and keep the bromance lol

  97. Great episode as always guys! Let me win! 🙂

  98. Great episode syd and ryan. Syd do you think Bandai is getting on the undergate train? and I have to say I love me them Jegans. and I’m still begging for a MG release a RE release would be very disappointing.

    • The undergating on the Shiki is just a holdover from the HGUC Hyaku Shiki, which was gold-plated and thus featured undergating to mitigate visible nub marks marring the gold finish.

  99. yet again very nice kits

  100. wow cannot wait for the next episode!!!!

  101. lol!!! that mega shiki and mega ride launcher combination sequence cracked me up. good one guys! awaiting more MG release announcements and looking forward to more episodes.

  102. SIEG ZEON

  103. Time to win one of this 3 badass kits 😀

  104. So many comments, so less chances to win :c

  105. Awsome video hope to have more of this kind of videos

  106. good work guys! I hope for the Jegan

  107. I want that Zaku… Or the Jegan… Pretty please… By the way, good episode as always guys. Keep it up…

  108. Hi Guys, I’m a french Ninja and I need to have a fast mobile suit, so I hope you will give me the High Mobility Zaku for my next mission. Thank you for all this videos. Bye.

  109. This is probably the most energized I’ve seen Ryan on Gunpla-TV in a long while and Syd was unusually cheeky to boot. You two have coffee or something prior to filming?

    Either way its great to see you energized Ryan, I look forward to further updates about japenese idols next week!

  110. You guys can always pass me the kits if you need to make more space 😉

  111. Dear ladies and gentlemen,

    Sorry, have to get this of my liver, already 110 comments and only 4 likes…?! All comments just to win Gunpla? A shame…… 🙁

    Anyways, I (at least in my opinion) have a cool car, am a mechanic, look good enough (as to some women that’s an understatement, can’t see it myself), do some wicked martial arts and build Gunpla and other plastic models. So what does that make me, still a nerd…? LOL

    Oh, and even play video games…. Damn, I’m a nerd!!!!
    Ah well, as long as you have fun doing what you’re doing and don’t collect action figures and keep them sealed up in their boxes (get it? 40 year old virgin…)

    And got to love your cat, when she’s trying to help build your kit. Leaps on the table when it is full with parts that just have been cleaned or painted… If only there was a plastic model of a mouse that I could get her so she can build it.
    I’ll sneak up on her and jump right into the box with parts. Hahahahaha.

    Great episode as always, please keep them coming for as long as you can!

  112. I came here to win prizes & laugh at you.

  113. I need me some grunt suits… grunt suits 持ってきてください!!

  114. been waiting for the episode! please feature the RG wing already. that mk III looks great. keep posting new episodes guys!

  115. I take offense to being called the gunpla emo! Well not really, everyone has their own preferences towards ms designs, mine are just a little more odd ball :P.

  116. Great job as usual guys. This sounds cliche, but I’m hoping one day I’d win an MG kit from u guys lol, coz they’re quite pricey for me.

  117. So what is the Reborn series exactly? Seems like MG. well anyways, good video guys, u guys always bring nice info

    • To be precise, it’s a HG. Long time ago when HG kits started coming out they were all 1/100 scale. In time they disappeared leaving room for smaller 1/144 HG kits as they were cheaper and more desired than the big ones. But now that 1/100, with MG kits, became so popular again they decided to re-release the old 1/100 HG line and call it the RE-100 or Revive-100. It should have been an exclusive for big and expensive kits that would cost 10000+ yen as an MG in that scale, such as the Nightingale kit would be too expensive to produce and sell. But they took the wrong turn somewhere and decided that they should do some of the regular 1/100 designs that could easily be done in an MG form, for a lot less money that would again cost less for the buyer. An MG looks much better with a lot less effort than the new MKIII. I think I’ll start calling them “pro kits” simply because they would require a full paint and detail job to make them look at least as good as an MG does without the paint.

      • Woodfish hatin’ cuz he ain’t got the skillz. 😛

        To be more precise, the Reborn 100 series are a “revival” of sorts of the old 1/100 kits that stopped being made after Seed/Seed Destiny. They were around for most of the 90s Gundams – V, Wing, X, etc. – and were typically of higher quality than the smaller 1/144 HG kits of the same series. The problem was that they were becoming almost too good. The difference in tech between Bandai’s MG kits and their 1/100 kits was shrinking. Essentially, they were competing with themselves.

        So they axed the 1/100 “No-Grade” kits, and for… wow, a decade now… they stuck to a simpler formula:

        1.) 1/144 HG kits during a show’s run.
        2.) 1/100 MG kits of the popular suits at key moments, with the first release (always?) being the lead suit.

        Fast-forward to 2014, and I suppose some board executive and gunpla enthusiast managed to convince the rest of Bandai to invest in the RE100 line, which would seek to focus on two key points:

        – larger designs in 1/100 scale at a reasonable production cost and selling price
        – making kits of some of the more obscure but popular designs in Gundam history

        The Nightingale, the first RE100 release, was always fairly popular with Gundam fans, but its size made a decently-priced MG impossible. RE100 fixed that.

        The Mk. III and GP04 are likewise fairly popular, but not so much that Bandai would be able to recoup the losses needed to make MGs of them. RE100 fixed that.

        …and so on and so forth, hopefully.

  118. Talking about idol groups and girl groups: What are your views on Perfume? Of course, Hope I win!!!!

  119. That’s a nice Jegan! Please be patient with Ryan, Sid!

  120. Great episode, guys! Keep up the good’npla work!

    Anyway, hope I win something, anything.

  121. The Mega shiki looks damn good ! No need for the silly rider on his back, it ruins it.

    Great selection of kits again Ryan, I hope I get lucky one day 🙂

  122. Hey Syd and Ryan!
    great episode as usual. it will be very interesting to see Disney to modify C3-PO like transformer or like an Iron man.
    Anyway, I was wondering if you guys know if MG Double X will have LED unit inside it’s chest part(Green part) or not.

    Anyway, keep up the great show guys.


  123. Oh gawd, that unicorn made me want to buy an LED kit for mine .-. Still building it and I can’t get over how big it is!

    There’s too many things putting my wallet in a coma though, first the unicorn and other kits I got after Christmas, and now Bionicle is coming back… Please have mercy on a mere student!

    • yeah its always around christmas/ new year my wallet is hit hard. new semester, just finished buying ppl gifts… thats why hobby link tv here is so generous to their fans with free kits! (hope i win this one)

  124. Nice job, really interesting video 🙂

  125. Oh man I would love me a free psycho zaku

  126. The Schuzrum-Galluss is so cool on the anime, gives the impression of being piloted by a way more skilled person than the main characters haha.

  127. I love your reviews of the newest kits. It’d be nice to see you panel line and decal the mk III up too.

  128. I’m lucky, I know …

  129. Love the episode guys. You know what I would love even more? Moar episodes

  130. You cannot have too much Zaku’s!

  131. Just built the mega shiki myself… its awesome 😉

  132. Is it worth it to get the Mega Shiki and just paint it gold?

  133. Great video as always 🙂 Can’t wait for MG Exia dark matter to come out ^^ Love the mega shiki too 😀

  134. mega shiki looks nice

  135. great episode as always! can’t wait for you guys to review the MG DX

  136. That Gundam Wing Zero Ew poster is looking cool !

  137. Will it be this time??

  138. Wow! The comments build up Fast!

    I’m still on the fence about the PG Unicorn.. Shipping. Lighting kit availability, and loan approval ;)’

    Got the Re/100 Mk. III and really like it. I have a bunch of MG’s but sometimes the inner frames seem wasteful if you build with armor on, and paint. Removing pieces scrapes the paint (for me)

    Also I really want to know what your cohosts did last weekend. Sounds like it might be at LEAST as interesting as Gunpla

  139. Pick me! lol

  140. Thanks in advance !

  141. Another great video! What other kits would you like to see LEDs incorporated into?

  142. 4 TEH WIN!!1

  143. great review guys,
    MKIII & Mega Shiki look awesome. looking forward for next MG kits.

  144. The RE/100 Mk III looks awesome but the PG unicorn took the spotlight! Looking forward to see him with his armor on!

  145. Great episode! Looking forward to the Master grade announcements for mid year, hoping to see some love for Zeta gundam and Build Fighters Try…. need me some MG Build burning

  146. I’m always considering making a HG sometime…But all I’ve got till now are PGs, MGs and SDs….Maybe I can win one this time and start my HG journey:P

  147. Hey Syd and Ryan great show as always. I missed the MG Infinite Justice by 10 posts bu oh well.

    So is Face-Palm Gundam ready for dat Star Wars Episode 7?

  148. I wonder if they’ll giveaway the PG unicorn one day 😀

  149. Gotta love the Thunderbolt kits. Another great episode guys, keep it up!

  150. RE100 looking good. my next gunpla to build

  151. If I would to get the PG Unicorn and would not like to spend extra for the LED pack, would it be possible to “engineer” your own circuit with your own LED lights???

    • I think you can do it with some basic skills on soldering wires & related led basic circuit system. I did success mod my HG Unicorn Destroy mode with LEDs. MG Unicorn might be a little bit challenging due to the inner frame design(*I don’t have one but can be found on youtube) As for PG unicorn, they already prepare the pass-way for their own LED set so it makes it easier for a DIY without trimming much on the kit itself, enjoy & hope you success as well 🙂

      • Then should 1 be connecting them in series or parallel circuit, which would be better??? And what type of battery n volt amount??? Hope to gain more inform about these from you

        • That’s going to require a lot of trial and error on your part, unfortunately.

          Take a look at LEDs first. Find out their max voltage (shouldn’t be much) and go from there. (Note: Some hobbyists underpower their LEDs because LEDs can give off too much light at times. A head’s-up.)

  152. Hey syd and Ryan,

    I’m new to gunpla but I’ve already built the sd sengoku astray and the build strike full package HG and the next one that I’m current looking to buy is the sinanju HGUC and also I was wondering if your ever going to do a review on shin musha mg, endless waltz heavyarms HG, and RX-121-1 Gundam TR-1 Hazel Custom HGUC?

  153. The mk.lll is to blue for me

  154. thx

  155. Great episode as always, I love PG Unicorn & the engineering have been putting in(*haven’t actually owned one just yet). Big thanks to Bandai which came out RG series with inner frame caught my eyes & started my collection ever since 🙂

  156. One of the best episodes ever!It was fun, it was informative. Great kits builded and not only in boxes. The girls are start having fun. I like d also the “Gundam Christmas Tree Unicorn”.
    And remember that Idols are like Gundams. They both have internal frame! But Idols don’t transform 😛

  157. Do i have a chance to “win”

  158. Where. Do you commenttk to win the gun dam here or in YouTube ideally wanna win the ZAku so awesome

  159. Are the RG Strike Rouge or Strike Deactivate mode realtively easy to find in hobby shops around Japan?

  160. I just don’t get why i never get picked. (—,—) #sosad

  161. Autotype is messing me upp

  162. WOW~ a jegan thats great~ a galluss thats awesome ~ a psycho zaku 2 that are speechless and eyes blinking!

  163. i follow you from episode 1! and it is always interesting! 😀

    i hope to win Schuzrum-Galluss or High Mobility Zaku!

  164. is that my time to win the price yet??


  166. gifts, gifts, gifts

  167. love the episode

  168. I wonder when will bandai release GBF try in mg line it would be awesome to have like star winning in mg form? Maybe?


  170. I tend to rewatch older episode of you guys as i build gundams. And let me tell you, you guys are like a part of me, i wish you guys get more “screen time”. Really enjoy your shows, cause there are no other gundam youtubers as awesome as you guys, now that robert is gone…

  171. The more I see the perfect grade Unicorn. The more I may want it!
    Damn it looks nice without armor.

    Now I am looking foward to perfect grade 00 Raiser!

  172. Great show as always. And don’t’ worry Syd and Ryan, it’s okay to admit you follow idol groups. We still think you guys are the coolest. I watch AKB48 all the time. My favorite member is Iriyama Anna.

  173. Sweet video guys and girls ,I’m waiting on my re/100 MK III to come in the mail now

  174. Thanks for the video! I suppose those under gates on the Mega-Shiki are probably a carry over from the Delta Gundam

  175. Do we have a date for the Gundam Academy Gunplas (from Gundam Build Fighter Try)? I’m referring to the white kits based on Exia: GN-9999 Transient Gundam and GNW-100P Gundam Portent. And if so, are they only going to be HG? (Hoping for future MG)

  176. Why the giveaway merchandise always already been built? I hope someday Hobbylink TV give a new un-built kit as giveaway….and a PG (finger-cross) 😉

  177. Germany loves Gunpla TV…… O.K. maybe just me but yeah Gunpla TV.
    Keep up the good work.

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    Anyways, I have a question! I’ve been having trouble with nub marks. It seems no matter what I do I get stress marks, even when shaving down the nubs milimeter by milimeter with a new blade on an x-cto knife. Do you have any tips for getting rid of these?

    Also, I might be in the minority, but I’d prefer more episodes of Gundam TV where ypu guys talk about stuff (like this one) over building episodes. I feel like episodes where you build stuff are like spoilers, since seeing how these kits come together is like 80% of the fun.

    • 1.) The only surefire way to get them visibly gone is sanding smooth then (optionally and optimally) painting over it.

      2.) You can sometimes use your fingernail or blade tip to “scrape” at the white marks and reduce their appearance.

      3.) Sanding down with some fine-grit sandpaper (400-600 grit) will usually get you pretty good results.

      4.) Thin model cement (the kind you can brush on) sometimes helps, too. Brush a small amount onto the nub mark. Let it cure. Scrape/sand away.

      And a last resort:

      5.) If and only if you have deft fingers and aren’t afraid of slashing your thumb open every now and again (I have the calluses to show for it), you can get some extremely fine cutting done by choking up on the knife (with your index finger on or almost on the back of the blade). Hold the plastic piece in your other hand and bring it up to the blade, then “pinch” lightly on the plastic with your knife-hand thumb to get better control. Use your entire hand to “slice” the blade toward your thumb. You can also rock either the plastic against the blade with your other hand or rock the blade against the plastic with your knife hand. The point is to “slice” with a length of blade rather than “chop” by just pressing down with one part of the blade.

      Hope that helps some.

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  197. Guys how much Gundams do you build on average every month? I hit an all time high last month with 5 new gundams I built and I have more on the way, think I need to go to gunpla rehab.

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    • Bandai’s kits are just so popular it’s hard to keep them stocked — but they’re going to have a major restock of a LOT of kits, soon!

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    It’s gonna be a gunpla few months as I’m ok temporary disability. Managed to finish my MG Gelgoog, and a Strike Noir so far. Not sure of the next kit.. thinking RX-782 3.0. I’d love a PG Unicorn.. just not in the cards right now.

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  367. Long time anime/gundam watcher, but only recently started looking at getting into gunpla a little! Previously had some experience with Games Workshop and Zvezda models, and now looking forwards to getting into the groove once more! Though, not so looking forwards to the 4 week delivery times, and however much i’ll need to spend on new paints. Enjoying the shows, maybe i’ll get lucky and see my name on one.

  368. Nice work as always gents. As well as the ladies, that Mega Shiki is looking fantastic.

  369. nice work on the episode. and for the record I am a fan of the Turn X design. probably my favorite design in the whole franchise and hoping for the HGCC soon.

    • p.s. I laughed so hard with that “your girlfriend accepts you for who you are or you must have a really nice car”.

  370. 144 it’s ok, ; ) IT’S FREE YEAH

  371. RE/100 MKIII is really on of the better designs and it will look beautiful after a paint job by a serious modeller, trust me. Sometimes lees is more and I would trade all those fancy MG gimmicks for a cool design anytime! 😛

    PS.: Still waiting for those GD-53 0080 decals I ordered back in 2013. My longest open order ever 😀 Hey Syd, could you please check if it is discontinued or there is still hope? Thanks!

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  386. Great great great! This Show has it all guns n babes, idols n gundams. A sidekick who always find a way to mention Star Wars. And an “That’s what she said.”.. keep it going, be brave Nerds.

    Ps: schuzrum. Reading it my brain change it to Schutzraum. German für bunker or literally safe/protective room.

  387. Hey, Anna and Lindsey make another appearance! I hope they’re becoming regulars on the show. Syd’s unicorn frame looks awesome.

  388. Hey Syd and Ryan! Quick question, do I win?

  389. Great episode guys! I hope I can get my hands on that PG Unicorn one of these days! Hope I win!!!

  390. Nice Episode !!! After that i wonder…Maybe i should use the PG Unicorn instead of my Table Lamp

  391. Nice show as always, I really enjoy watching ur episodes, i didnt used to post comments cuz i was lazy and to be honest i have very bad luck but i had nothing to lose jajjaja

  392. Sweet, sweet plastic love.

  393. Hey Ryan Syd, since there were rumors about the PG Unicorn Gundam, do you think they’ll be rumors about a PG Unicorn Banshee(not the Ver.Ka., not the Norn Ver., the OVA Ver.)?

  394. Thanks for doing this great show. Because of you i´m back to the Gundam world.

  395. A question to the members: Is there a simpler way of checking these comment “threads” than manually searching through the long list of comments? Thanks all.

  396. what RG kit would you guys want to see release by bandai this year?

  397. Really like the look of the mark III. I’m a big fan of the zeta style face. Great show as always

  398. great episode as always!!
    any idea will bandai release green psycho frame part for pg unicorn?

  399. wish my girlfriend (also named Anna) was into Gundam as much as HLJ Anna was haha…anyways great episode guys!

  400. hey Sid from age season 4 and Ryan. AKA amazing Ryan, i would first like to say i had being into gundam for a while and never really new that they had a tv show from hlj on youtube, looked at the first episode !!!! 4 years after it came out, MAJOUR OMG how could i have not known about this.

    i had also wondered how how big as hlj`s privated warehouse and i see it is quite large i thought it was bigger like the size of warehouse as in a really large warehouse.

    The first question i would like you guys to answer on your next episode is. The gundam phoenix with extremely shiny paint work. i would like to know if there is a paint you can buy that if you put it over layers over lets say the dark matter exia HG or MG you could get the paintwork just like shiny the dark matter but in the dark matters colours. the second is are bandai going to do an amazing exia RG and if so can you please put me down as one of those who would like to pre order that kit. The last final thing i would like say is from watching this show i dont know why you don`t have more subscribers, because i watched a couple of episodes and it is really useful for tips on kits and painting and the PG unicorn AWWWWWWW so awsome with LIGHTS!!! i will definetly keep watching this show and could it be possible to get the real mejin on the show, and i mean the guy who created the build burning gundam

  401. Great episode as always, looking forward for the new kits this month.

  402. !!!!! 😉

  403. I don’t win anything but that high mobility zaku tho


  405. Hope this entry still in time!

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  413. I love gundam because of you guys

  414. Amazing. Gundam is getting better and better!

  415. Great episode as always! Why don’t you guys publish photos os the winners with their gunplas, just like you did with the Neo Zeong Contest.
    I think that would be fun!

  416. Great episode as usual. What is going on with HLJ’s supply of MGs? Are you guys just selling out quickly or is Bandai not producing MGs in the same quantities anymore?

  417. haha love this larger crew, adds more variety to the show! also hope to win and if i do, THANK U SO MUCH

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  419. Please let me win guys!!!

  420. Damn, those thunderbolt kits are just loaded with gear lol

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  422. Great episode as always. Keep up the good’npla work
    Waiting for the new fullcloth crossbone gundam release

  423. Please!! hope i win!

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