Dec 18

Things are wheelin’ on here at GunplaTV without a new Gundam kit to show this week. Instead we take a look at a new car kit that has just rolled into stock from our friends at Aoshima! So grab a snack and take a backseat as Todd gets behind the wheel of his review of the 1/32 Suzuki Hustler by Aoshima!

Kits in this episode:
1/32 Suzuki Hustler (Phoenix Red Pearl)
1/32 Suzuki Hustler (Candy Pink Metallic)
1/32 Toyota Prius (Emotional Red)
1/32 Toyota Prius (Super White II)
1/24 HEXA GEAR Hyde Storm
1/144 HGUC Blue Destiny Unit 2 EXAM



  1. One Piece: A show that sexualized its iconic characters to bring in new watchers after years of airing. Don’t believe me? The amount of viewers increased after they changed Nami’s outfit to a pair of pants and a bikini top. Because fan service has a way of getting noticed.

  2. Aside from Gunpla I collect cars also.That will be a nice addition to my collection.Suzuki Hustler!!! Awesome!!

  3. I stopped watching Dragon Ball just for this!

  4. Hi Todd, i was inspire by your Christmas tree and i have done my own too.
    Hope to see the improvement of yours on the next episode.

  5. Nice build on the little Suzuki, Todd. Looking forward to Lindsay’s promised (?) kit. Also, Lindsay gets trivia points for the Delorean comment. You guys are fun to watch. Cheers.

  6. Well you can tell bandai didn’t want to interfere with the PG since there wasn’t anything for a white after it being released.

  7. Could you imagine if the trailer’s sample is all we see of RX-78-02 in ‘Ready Player One?’

    Having built SOL Hornet I can say that Megami Device is fairly sturdy, and a comparable build experience to FA Girl’s Baselard (and less complex than Innocentia). Its gimmick is that they are designed as pairs where you can create a Full Armour Mode by putting all of one’s arms and armour on the other. It’s a fairly mercenary merchandising strategy, as you would need 2 of each to create all the Full Armours.

  8. Just wanted to say thanks guys, I have been going for some rough times and this show is one of the few things that makes me look forward for another week.
    Anyway, the Hustler seem pretty cool, but those stickers look just awful to apply, seems like a good time to practice painting.

  9. Chopper head tings!

  10. Vroom Vroom

  11. Even though I know most car kits are still made of plastic I always expect them to be heavy and solid feeling for some reason.

  12. hope they make a mg counterpart for the snapfit car and of more recognizable car. they could put the elderly driver sticker on it, marketed toward people that have build many kit but cannot be bothered to paint anymore 😛

  13. Can you do some review on the evangelion model kits from Bandai? thanks

  14. Nice to see some non- gundam plamo once in a while!

  15. Have you meet anime seiyuus or anisong singers?

  16. Chopper is Bro-pper!

  17. I knew Kei cars were small, but WHAT IS THIS? A CAR FOR ANTS? How can people be expected to drive anywhere if they can’t even fit inside the car?

  18. I’d love to see Aoshima or any other company do car snapkits with more parts separation and less stickers for experienced but casual builders. A kei sports car like a Suzuki Cappuccino or a kei pickup truck would be up my alley.

  19. I’m ready to win a Super-Dooper-Chopper—mmm—Whatever!
    I remember that kit once builded! Super cute!

  20. From one long-running anime series to another. Let’s get some Bleach plamo next! 😉

  21. it’s always nice to see more Plamo on the show that’s not just giant awesome robots
    Stay awesome

  22. We needed a longer articulation segment for the suzuki 😛

  23. “Get to the chopper!!!”

  24. Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. 😀

  25. Seeing a megami device kit would be cool.
    PS: you two are awesome

  26. Nice episode! I think i would like it better if they release a non-sticker version. Stickers don’t last.

  27. Hai!

    Blue Destiny Unit 02 is one I expected to be P-Bandai, but I’m super glad it’s retail, same with 03 because that means I can get all 3! 02 will be similar to the 01, just as fantastic, the best part are the included zeon shoulders, so I might just buy two to have both of them. Truly just such a nice HGUC kit.

    The car kits are nice, I’m interested in it myself now. I always wanted to try car kits, but as a snap fit modeller for now, I haven’t touched them. I might now though!

  28. Illuminati is secretly using gunpla to spy on people. Happy holidays.

  29. Happy holidays guys! 😀

  30. Thats awesome!

  31. The hustler has a nice shade of red!

  32. Happy holidays Everyone!

  33. You guys should do a video with the MG GM Sniper Custom that just came out, I think all the attention went to the Exia.

  34. I always thought of picking up one of those One Piece kits, they look pretty cool!

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