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Red Five Battle of Ceres (1st Limited Edition) by Kotobukiya (Part 2: Review)

Red Five Battle of Ceres (1st Limited Edition) by Kotobukiya (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)

Rrobbert184-Red Five-Review (1)

Red Five is all put together. I’m about to heap some praise at the end, so let’s see why!

Rrobbert184-Red Five-Review (2)
All you need is a good pair of nippers. Although the manual says use cement sometimes, you don’t really need it, and it’s held together well.

Rrobbert184-Red Five-Review (3)
Front, side and back shots.

Rrobbert184-Red Five-Review (4)

Rrobbert184-Red Five-Review (5)

Rrobbert184-Red Five-Review (6)
The arms can bend only a bit more than 90° thanks to double joints.

Rrobbert184-Red Five-Review (7)
The legs can bend in a similar manner.

Rrobbert184-Red Five-Review (8)
Let’s see what we’ve got when it gets really loaded.

Rrobbert184-Red Five-Review (9)
Sword counter!

Rrobbert184-Red Five-Review (10)
Beam cannon!

Rrobbert184-Red Five-Review (11)
Heavy machete!

Rrobbert184-Red Five-Review (12)
Multi launcher and HEP cannon!

Rrobbert184-Red Five-Review (13)
When you add Ceres War style, and go full burst mode, this is what you will get!

Rrobbert184-Red Five-Review (14)
As for the size, it’s bigger than a big High Grade in the Turn-A.

Rrobbert184-Red Five-Review (15)
Roughly the same height as MG Gundam 2.0.

Rrobbert184-Red Five-Review (17)
Some final thoughts. First of all, I was blown away by this kit! Its features, its weapons, its stability — almost everything about is fantastic. Add all that to a really fun build, and what more could you ask for? I wouldn’t even want to paint it because it looks good enough right out of the box already, and the colors match perfectly. If there’s anything I might want to have improved, it would be the ability to stand up. But then again, it includes a stand that can be used for this and any other Koto kit. Considering the price and quality of the kit, I’m curious if it’s not one of the best kits for the year from Kotobukiya! Hope you enjoyed this, and I hope if you get it for your shelf, you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

Rrobbert184-Red Five-Review (18)
Full burst mode cross fire!

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  1. The effects for the freedom are drooping. 🙁

  2. The ability to stand was probably not a high priority as the model is supposed to depict the appearance of Red 5 during the battle of Ceres, which occurred outside of any planetary atmosphere.

    Out of the six Units in Team Rabbits only Gold Four, Black Six and possibly Blue One could be made into model kits that would be able to stand unaided. Purple Two and Rose Three however, would be out of the question as they have no legs whatsoever.

  3. Would you have a video for this review Robert?

  4. I just finished this kit and it is awesome!
    but instead of the normal mode, i did the full burt rout, but hell you can do both, is as easy as swap a few parts and open a few flaps, here’s mine:


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