Apr 23

This week Todd finished work on the Bandai Full Metal Panic Mao’s Gernsback Ver. IV and dug out his Aoshima kit to bring in for a quick comparison. A number of new items are in from Bandai Hobby this week as well such as the quirky new Haro ad well as Dr. Slump Arale and Piccolo!

In this episode:
Haropla Haro Basic Green
Haropla Haro Shooting Orange
Haropla Haro Diva Red
Figure-rise Mechanics Dr. Slump Arale
Figure-rise Standard Piccolo (Dragon Ball Z)
1/60 Arbalest Ver. IV
1/60 Mao’s Gernsback Ver. IV



  1. Welcome to Gunpla TV David!

  2. looks like I will need to order a haro and ground gundam

  3. You build me Gunpla, baby, gunpla-a. Like a Gundam, baby, Gundam, gunpla-a.

  4. The Gernsback IV always reminds me of the Graze units in the Gundam IBO series because of the head and legs armor design. They both look kinda plain, but the build is easy and fantastic 🙂

  5. I never thought I would see someone so passionate about a pink poo model kit. xD

  6. Another awesome video! That FMP kit reminds me of Tallgeese from Gundam Wing, love the similarities! Can’t wait for the next model kit review!

  7. I think that Bandai has come a long way if they were able to make a model kit of poo. Just saying.

  8. The first ever plastic model poop on a stick? Bandai as always is a pioneer in the world of plamo.

  9. Let me win please

  10. Ah ma back..ma back I need Gernsback..Are you gonna show the Laevatein by Aoshima when it comes out?

  11. great show guys!! picalo looks cool

  12. I’m waiting for my own Haro Shooting Orange delivery as well as 00 Diver.
    Anyway, that Piccolo looks awesome… without a cape – with it on it has too long neck or his shoulders are too low 😡

  13. win!!!

  14. i wish they would bring some pbandai kits to mass pro for us pleb amerivans

  15. Great show guys! Nice comparison.

  16. I’m actually kind of amazed that Dr Slump is still a thing after all these years

  17. I Love Full Metal Panic! I Want MORE!

  18. lovely kits they are nice review!

  19. Even though it’s smaller, the new kit looks much better. This looks like a great kit overall.

  20. I challenge Todd to watching ‘Full Metal Panic.’

    I will watch a ‘Gundam’ series I have not seen yet. Maybe ‘Wing.’ I couldn’t understand it when it came to North America originally.

  21. PM said on April 23, 2018

    Full Metal Panic 1/60 , wait for a long time

  22. HARO!!!!

  23. You can’t go wrong with having a haro in your collection

  24. I bet Lindsay is screaming at the computer about the Dr. Slump kit. Well darn, the FMP kits are on backorder.

  25. Driving for more than hour in Texas feels very dull.

  26. In Canada ‘Z’ is pronounced ‘Zed’ (sometimes). And no, we don’t say ‘aboot’. That died out decades ago. Sadly ‘eh’ hasn’t.

  27. Full Metal Panic is getting a lot of kits!

  28. im really excited for the piccolo and arale kits but seriously, its about time we got a haro kit, how has it taken so long. but hey, im glad we got one. hoping for that 2000 yen because i plan to get those 3 kits.

  29. Nice review guys. I hope next times you can list out the retail prices for us just in case. Maybe next time join in and make a show of 3, David?

  30. I can’t wait to get some of those Haro kits. I bet there will be some creative kitbash ideas from other builds with these kits.

  31. Those Haro have me really worried for the health of my wallet.

  32. Oh, I did not realize that Piccolo had already been released :v

  33. I think M9 stands for mark 9? Which is a version of saying version 9.

  34. There is a rg nu Gundam who will come soon?

  35. It’s the 23th of April, and in Canada, now its 20+ degree Celsius, because Canada. (Reference to last week when it snowed)

  36. I’m one of those that like to enjoy the source material of these kits as well as the builds. It always great to be watching the kit you are building and also see it up on the screen. SAZABI IM LOOKING AT YOU

  37. i’m really happy about the full metal panic kits, mainly because its an affordable arbalest finally!

  38. Haro Haro !! cant wait to build a Haro! (^^)

  39. yo can i have a poster in the background of the video instead?

  40. Great show nice to see the full metal panic kits

  41. I pre-ordered the basic green haro when I first heard about it, I cannot wait to build it

  42. I was wrong, Sid was not the special guest….

  43. Another awesome review on Bandai Full Metal Panic.

  44. nice

  45. “I need that poo on a stick for a kitbash,” said no one ever I hope

  46. Those Full Metal Panic kits details looks great for an HG sized kits

  47. how is it possible that you don’t know arale!!

  48. let me win please!

  49. The new Haro kits are a blessing, you have no idea how much I’ve always wanted one, and now we’ve got plenty to choose from! Although I think I’ll end up eventually buying all of them, especially the pink one.

    The new Gundam Ground Type is neat, although I don’t see a huge point to it as the old one is already fantastic. Oh well, updates are always neat I guess, but I’d like a new GM or Gundam NT-1 even more.

    The Piccolo is really cool, the parts separation and the effect part is good looking, a nice collection to any DBZ fan.

    The new FMP kits are so nice looking, so much detail, poseability, and top notch engineering. Overall I’m very happy with them and can’t wait to get my hands on that Arbalest!

  50. Nice looking haul to get

  51. Whoo hoo! More Kits to add to my wishlist. Looking forward to more great videos from you all.

  52. im waiting to see if they are going to make an rg version of the 00 diver. If they do it will be on my list of models to buy

  53. Hoping to win!

  54. The Gernsback looks great, looking forward to seeing more FMP kits.

  55. I like to win that 2000 yen store credit.

  56. Todd and David have great chemistry together hosting the Gunpla TV show!

  57. Face palm Gundam still exists?

    Would emptying my private warehouse of 12 items only to see a preorder arrive the next day qualify?

    Now my Haro sits alone on the shelf, left behind.

    Please reassure him that he will soon have company in the form of a BB-CSRX78-2 and the Akuyaku #1 (which you guys did such a good job of promoting)

    Until then, feel free to look in on the little fellow from time to time and keep his box dust free during his isolation.

  58. Nice surprise to have David on this gunpla TV! Also nice to see FMP getting so much love with all these kits! Would love to see the Aoshima FMP Laevatein make an appearance on gunpla TV when it releases 🙂

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