Aug 7

Bandai sprung this one on us a week earlier than we had anticipated, but rather than continue with our planned shooting schedule this month we instead decided to just build this thing for everyone to see. Enjoy Bandai’s latest RG, the 1/144 Red Frame!

(And, yes, Syd put the waist backwards at first. That’s what happens when you’re looking at a reverse image in a viewfinder while building. He realized it after shutting the camera down and corrected it.)

Models featured in this video:

1/144 RG Gundam Astray Red Frame



  2. What an awesome surprise, was totally not expecting to see the RG ASTRAY Red Frame built today 😀 Nice one guys.

  3. thank you for the updates hlj

  4. Hi Syd.I was like “face palm” when I saw you connect the waist,lolz. But I really enjoyed your build and can’t wait to start mine. I ordered 2 of these kits to get 2 swords. Now I really hope Bandai makes the Gold Frame Astray, although I think it’s technically impossible with gold plating.

  5. nice!

  6. Absolutely amazing detail with the sword, pretty dissappointed they only give the one, but they also give the shield and rifle as a frame from Gundam SEED should have, was sniggering at the waist there. What would you think of a MG Justice Syd? it wouldnt even need too many new parts simply reusing a large amount from the Infinite Justice

  7. Thanks for the show. That RG looks really good. Thanks again.

  8. Can’t wait to get this guy, will be here in Costa Rica around mid September so the wait is gonna have me going crazy!
    Can’t wait for a quick review in Gunpla TV and some awesome pictures!
    Keep it up Syd!

  9. After building the PG, you don’t notice the ass being a crotch? LOL
    As the PG borrows heavily from the PG Strike frame, do you see any similarities with other RG Seed frames?
    Are you sure the holes of the pegs for the side skirts should be facing up? It looks a bit goofy to me this way, but maybe it’s me just nitpicking…
    Anyways, looks great, but I stick to the PG, maybe once I start collecting RG’s, then this one is definitely high on my list!

  10. YES its out! hopefully i can get it by 15 aug which is my birthday XD
    I’m real glad that I’m getting this as my first RG


  12. I just love the design of the head piece, it’s perfect.

  13. i recent bought the PG unicorn, but i could not find the LED kit. i was wondering when will you start reselling the LED kit.

  14. I’ll take Swords for a thousand trebek.

  15. Oh, no! I still have to finish painting mg MG Red Frame and this is already out? But seriously, that idea of kitbashing this RG into the Sengoku Astray kinda made me think. Especially since I’m building the HGBF Sengoku right now. hmmm…

  16. One of my favorite Gundams in my favorite grade! I am happy!

  17. My favorite Gundam in RG series!!! sends chills in my spine! I’m so excited to get myself one.

  18. Wow. I missed a lot of Episodes from HLJ especially in Gunpla TV. I am spending my day today just watching all I missed episodes since 2 months ago. 😀

  19. great show like always ,i hope to win one of those posters. if not oh well. XD

  20. Just ordered the RG red frame and it’s being shipped by you guys, I can’t wait to build it after work 🙂 PS. Please keep up the good work as always ryan adn syd.

  21. I can’t wait to get the RG Astray. I’m super excited. 😀 I want to do a custom Green Frame.

  22. Nice show as always. Excited to get my RG Astray

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