Dec 28

Ho Ho Ho, it’s the end of the year and Christmas special! Two kits are up for review this week! Todd has the odd looking Mechatro WeGo in 1/20th scale and Lindsay delivers the goods with the the first appearance of a Megami Device on Gunpla TV, the 1/1 SOL Roadrunner! But wait there’s more! Todd’s wonderful sprue Christmas tree makes a return as well as a new Christmas themed special build. What kind of craziness has the mad builder Todd cooked up in his lab this year? Watch to find out!

Kits in this episode:
1/20 Mechatro WeGo No.02 Orange
Mechatro WeGo Items
1/1 Megami Device – SOL Roadrunner





  1. First! Come on RNG!!

  2. I wish I had free money

  3. I am going to throw a guess at what will be going up. Is it the MG 1/100 Deep striker.

  4. Makes me remember that Japanese leg umbrella ghost. Why Todd only brings creepy stuffs?

  5. i want that lamp for that cos cover fandom

  6. Magnificent lamp! You two are quite enjoyable; I like your energy.

  7. Here’s hoping for that 2,000 yen prize.

    In case anyone is interested, the MechatroWeGo kits feature artwork by Keiichi Arawi, who wrote the gag manga Nichijou (My Ordinary Life). One of the limited edition 1/35 kits crossed over with Nichijou and included figures of those characters in place of the stock schoolboy/girl.

  8. via GIPHY

  9. Nice lamp😂

  10. Id like to see the breakdown for Todds lamp. Well done sir.
    I dont know what it is but the wego robot reminds me of the child robot companion from MASK.

  11. That freaking lamp is hilarious. I can’t believe Todd actually made it.

  12. This Gundam Leg Lamp is AWSOM!!!
    Some free credit will be nicely welcome 🙂

  13. Use the other leg to make another lamp and paint it black then you’ll have a complete set Todd. XD

  14. 2000 yen plesss

  15. RNG gods give me strength

  16. In the fit 2000 yens in coins for sure, have everyone good goodbye of the year

  17. Merry Christmas

  18. come on Todd! dat sexy leg lamp gotta be next year’s giveaway!

  19. Sexy leg lamp Todd…

  20. That is a nice lamp.

  21. Happy new year everyone!

  22. “A Christmas Story” is definitely a great movie. I love how Todd took inspiration from that leg lamp that the father character in that movie was so obsessed over.

  23. Lindsay, I feel I would be derelict in my duty if I did not point out that you had Roadrunner’s gun backwards, in the pictures in this post too. I should also point out that the armour for both parts of the Megami Device sets can be combined for a ‘Full Armour Mode.’

    My contribution aside, I think that 2,000 yen credit would make a nice birthday gift, yes?

  24. Have a Happy New Year ^_^

  25. That leg lamp is probably one of the most stupid things I’ve ever seen. I want one.

  26. Gimme that Store credit!

  27. Let’s try my luck and happy New year

  28. Happy New Year!
    And there’s a photo shoot of the leg…of course there is…

  29. i want it!

  30. It’ll shoot ya in the eye

  31. Leg lamp madness! I admire Lindsay’s language skills if she can enjoy that much anime straight off Japan TV. The SOL Roadrunner looks great too. Happy New Year!

  32. I saw the 20th Mg a few minutes ago…I’m a little bit “out of me” by now….If I win this giveaway I already know how to spend it!

  33. Happy new year to all!

  34. Todd….. You’re a genius! XD

  35. I’m finally building the MG Banshee Norn!

  36. I’m Guybrush Threepwood, a mighty pirate!

  37. The leg lamp looks great! can’t wait to see his next creation hahaha and i liked the Megami Device kit! but i think i like frame arms girls better, especially the armor

  38. Ralphie: Ohhhh fuuudge!

    Ralphie as Adult: [narrating] Only I didn’t say “Fudge.” I said THE word, the big one, the queen-mother of dirty words, the “F-dash-dash-dash” word!

  39. Don’t get me wrong, free store credit is free store credit, but I kinda prefer when you guys giveaway kits, dunno, just my opinion.

  40. Give Me Gun-Damn plzzz!

  41. I can’t believe how much effort Todd put into that leg lamp.

  42. Give me the money!!!!

  43. January Bandai’ announcement: MG Gunlamp Ver.Ka.

  44. Oh that lamp! Forget the money, i want that lamp! (No… i prefer the money to buy more kits)

  45. Great show guys. happy holidays. 2000 would go a long way:P

  46. Slow ….. Embarrassed …. Clap
    oh tod ….. geee
    And I have seen the star wars and it was Great in parts and Meh in others

  47. I’ll probably buy the Banshee Ver. Ka just for the water slides and box art.

  48. New year new kits

  49. That Lamp is quite sexy. I cant wait to see what Bandai has in stores for us in 2018.

  50. Come on free money!!!

  51. Huh, that’s certainly an interesting lamp design, Also nice to see the gunpla tree once again!

  52. Todd is the king of meme builds now.

  53. Come on free giveway and a Happy New Year ! Hope I win something

  54. What a surprisingly well made lamp haha!

  55. Love the leg… 😀

  56. The red light for the leg lamp does place it in a sexy context. i would get a dimmer reddish led bulb and let both fire at the same time!

  57. hmmm… i used to believe that lindsay was there to off set the geekyness of todd. now im think that maybe shes the geek and todds just a hyperactive fanboy.

  58. Great job guys! I hope I win! Have a happy new year!

  59. Who created the Gunpla TV episode intro?

  60. M G D E E P S T R I K E R

  61. Omg that lamp was the best thing I have ever seen.

  62. Great lamp! Happy new year to all!

  63. Happy New Year!

  64. I am writing an article for a magazine introducing Gunpla and will defiantly mention your show.

  65. Happy New Year!
    Wow, that sexy leg lamp….

  66. Love you Hobby Link Japan. I bought my first Gunpla from u.

  67. I want that lamp! HAHAHA

  68. Awww yeah. Lindsay going full neckbeard-mode watching 7-8 series per season.

  69. THats an awesome lamp! Although I believe a gundam wing leg would be sexier

  70. Good looking lamp!

  71. that lamp sure was an interesting project! I hope you had a happy holiday as well.

  72. Happy New Year 😀

  73. Nice lamp. What will you think of next?

  74. happy new year to everyone!

  75. After you mentioned the movie, I had the slight suspicion that there was a leg lamp under the box 😀

  76. #LegLampForPresident

  77. Love the lamp Todd! Also great to see more Kotobukiya kits on here. Just Got my Asra Ninja in and stoked to get her built!

    Let’s go RNG, that store credit will help in getting Bandai’s newest MG, deep striker! 😍

  78. I can somehow see the Mechatro kit as a base for a Gundam Gusion(human suit version).Also ,is it just me, with a large emergence of anthropomorphic humanoid figures I can now somewhat see a Toy Story situation happen(or Framearms girl situation)?

  79. Will next year be a Zaku shaped faux bb gun?

  80. Oh god. Is that MG Deep Striker… O__O thats… very unexpected…

  81. Megami devices look awesome; however, I was a bit disappointing with Megami Device WISM Soldier, since it turned out you can actually create just one figure from the parts (there was single torso if I remember correctly).

    I wonder if Lindsay can build something from Gigantic Arms to complement Frame Arms girls she have already build.

  82. Display your leg lamp in your window with pride. Just do not let Lindsay “accidentally” break it beforehand.

    I am looking forward to the new MG F91 version 2.0 for 2018.

  83. Awesome leg lamp, Todd! You’ll have to dig deep to top it this year.

    Happy New Year to everyone at HLJ!!

  84. Gun-Damn I bought my first gunpla from hobby link japan and if I had those 2000 gun-damncrediIts Id buy more Gun-dam

  85. Todd, you should go into gunpla furniture.

  86. Mechatro Wegoes are unique and cute, I quite like them but I might wait before I pick a few up because there’s too much Gunpla I need.

    Megami Devices are also really nice, I want the newer Asura ones myself.

    • Exactly the same situation here. I’ve been thinking of getting one of those for weathering, dioramas and all that cool stuff.
      But there are sooo many kits and paints to buy, and so many ideas to turn into reality…

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