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Super Robot Wars OG: Alteisen


User Content (UC): 1/100 Alteisen
Submitted By: Yami

I decided to post some pictures of My 1/100 Alteisen in hobbylink tv since i find that Hobbylink tv only have review for Gunpla kits so far. Sorry if the picture quality is mediocre since i don’t really have a really good camera to use.

Alteisen is one of the lead mecha in Super Robot War Original Generation series piloted by kyosuke Nanbu leader of Atx Team. Alteisen is armed with Revolving Stake which is a shell powered metal stake that able to pierce thickest armor of a Personal Trooper.

I built my Alteisen 5 months ago and it is easily one of the best 1/100 SRW lineup that kotobukiya can offer in my opinion. The articulation quality can not be compared with Bandai’s Master Grade since Kotobukiya still had a way to perfect their plastic models. However this kit has some good gimmicks such as the LED for the eye and Heavy Claymore. This kit is taller than your average master grade kits since in Real Scale the mecha are usually over 20 metre tall. One suggestion if you plan to build this kit is that handle the LED carfully since the parts is easy to break.

If you are interested with the series you can start with SRW OG1 in GBA since it is translated or watch the current airing SRW OG Inspector(which i don’t recommend since it demands you to have abit knowledge about the series before to understand the story).

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  1. I also have this model and it is really great just by its sheer size. Too bad I snapped the LED cables during the assembly.


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