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Mecha Gaikotsu takes a look at the Toad Exoframe with the anti-artillery laser system, one of several mecha kits available from the Youtube Original Series Obsolete. Get your own MODEROID OBSOLETE kits right here!

New Gunpla Arrivals For January 14, 2022

Bandai presents a new haul of gunpla arrivals this week! Two new Gundam Breaker kits are here: the 00 Command Qan[T], and the quadrupedal Barbataurus! Plus, Entry Grade Strike Gundam drops in as another highly-affordable yet quality kit to add to your collection. See the details below! Gundam HG Gundam 00 Command Qan[T] Gundam 00 Command Qan[T] is customized by adding elements of Command Gundam to...

New Gundam & Plamo Preorders For January 7, 2022

This week, we take a look at some of the first plamo preorders of the year! But first, the latest additions to MegaHouse’s Gundam action figure lineup, including its first vehicle! We also get new offerings & old favorites from Kotobukiya’s Zoids & Muv-Luv lines, plus new Maruttoys bots. Check them all out below! Gundam G.M.G Mobile Suit Gundam Principality of Zeon 07 Ramba Ral...

Robot Damashii AMAIM Kenbu Review

Kenbu from AMAIM Warrior on the Borderline rolls out as an action figure by Robot Spirits. This full review includes a comparison with the HG Model kit! Get yours here:– ROBOT Damashii (SIDE AMAIM) Kenbu

HG Alteisen Review (Super Robot Wars)

Alteisen means “scrap iron” in German, but this kit is definitely NOT junk! Check out Mecha Gaikotsu’s review and consider picking this bad boy up for yourself! Get yours here:– HG Alt Eisen

Figure-rise Standard Amplified Batman Review

Bandai’s first shot at a Batman Figure-rise kit falls into the Amplified line… and features a striking mecha style! Get yours here:– Figure-rise Standard Amplified Batman

New Plamo Arrivals For December 31, 2021

We’re just a short ways away from the new year here in Japan, so it’s time for the final new plamo arrivals haul of 2021! An exciting new Mega Man kit is here, alongside a hot new ATK Girl! We’ve also got new entries from longstanding lines like Frame Arms and Hexa Gear – check it out below! Happy new year! Mega Man Megaman (Rockman) X Second Armor The legendary Megaman X S...

HG Bunyip Boomerang Review

Are you looking for a mecha model kit that feels different but still want that awesome Bandai quality? Then maybe you need a Bunyip! Check out Mecha Gaikotsu’s review and grab yours today! Get yours here:– HG Bunyip Boomerang

30MS Luluce Review

Mecha Gaikotsu reviews the Luluce, and shows you how to upgrade her, too into a Gundam girl, too! Get yours here:– 30MS SIS-A00 Luluce [Color C]– 30MS Optional Parts Set 3 (Mechanical Unit)

New Plamo Arrivals For December 24, 2021

We’ve got a lot of exciting new plamo this week from Macross, Hinabatchi-B.E.E., Zoids, and more! In addition to a pile of innovative new kits, we’re also pleased to present several new Gundam cutting mats, 1/144 buildings to level up your displays and dioramas, and a versatile new tool box for organizing your build space! It sure is a happy holiday for hobbyists – check it all o...

New Plamo Arrivals For December 17, 2021

When it comes to new plamo, Bandai reigns this week with the EG Strike Gundam, plus a new MAILeS & Figure-rise Standard from AMAIM Warrior at the Borderline! Plus, five new sheets of Gundam decals are here to detail up your existing (or upcoming) builds! See it all below. Gundam ENTRY GRADE Strike Gundam (Light Package Ver.) This light version of the Strike Gundam is now part of Bandai’s...

MG 1/100 Gundam Virtue Review

Mecha Gaikotsu presents part 2 of his MG Gundam Virtue review — it’s time to check out what Nadleeh can do when entombed in its gigantic armor as Gundam Virtue! (If you missed part 1, check it out here.) Get yours here:– MG Gundam Virtue