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Toy Tengoku Special – Ghost Pepper Curry Challenge!

Toy Tengoku is back with another special episode. This time we are trying something a bit different, Ghost Chili Curry! Lindsay and Ryan join David as he attempts to eat his way through a pack of this spicy curry. Not for the faint hearted, this curry is designated as being an 18+ only delicacy and includes a whole Bhut Jolokia, the most notorious spice from the Northeast India. To encourage David not to give up after his first bite we also added some prize incentives along the way. Will he finish? Join us to find out!

– The curry in this episode: 18+ Painfully Spicy Ghost Pepper Chicken Curry Medium (1 Packet)

– The hottest curry HLJ has to offer (this one contains 2 ghost peppers): 18+ Painfully Spicy Ghost Pepper Chicken Curry Hot (1 Packet)

– A ramen version of the curry attempted in this episode: 18+ Extremely Spicy Ghost Pepper Curry Ramen (1 Pack)

Your Name Taki – 1st place prize
Pokemon face parts – 2nd place prize
Metacolle: Captain Phasma – 3rd place prize

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  1. 18+ curry , that curry look so hot haha


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