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Eastern Model, A Manufacturer To Watch

Chinese model kit manufacturer Eastern Model may not be familiar to many. But, we’re seeing more and more quality kits come from this maker that are worth talking about. Let’s take a look!

Arachne from the A.T.K series, originally released on July 14, 2019

Not only do they create their own kit lines similar to Kotobukiya’s Megami Device line with their A.T.K series, but also they have big collaborations with companies like ‘Dimension Studio’ and ‘Morestorm’.

Recently, they have brought out two new kits for pre-order. First up is Serket from their 1/12 scale A.T.K Girl #ATKGirl plastic model kit series! You can display this scorpion-themed unit as a stand-alone combat support mechanical being, or attach it to the main body as armor!

The bewitching and sultry silhouette and scorpion figure is very reminiscent of the quality products that Kotobukiya is also producing. We have seen before many kits that can be displayed as just a simple girl figure but also transformed with armor. But this new kit now can add another step to the transformation, so say goodbye to Serket and hello scorpion!

The second kit is also very impressive looking. This one is based off of the mythical beast Genbu! You can also position the large shield she comes with as a cannon. Additionally, her sword can become an incredible-looking whip by replacing some of the parts.

Unfortunately, she is on order stop right now. However, if you check back on October 31st, she may become available if we may be get more kits than planed.

So, how has this company gone under the radar for so long? The main reason is a lot of Chinese companies don’t use social media in Japan, or in English. There’s also not much information about the company at all. But they sure know how to create brilliant quality products, and also have experience using inner frame technology with well-known franchises.

Here, for instance, is a Megaman Zero kit Eastern Models released in July. We did not manage to get our hands on one but looking at Japanese reviews online it did not fail to impress!

Keep your eyes peeled for this manufacturer in the future. We’re really impressed by their releases so far, and will continue to stock their products for international order. As with Meng, we are seeing more and more quality products from China being sold in Japan.

If you like the look of Serket, make sure to get a pre-order in ASAP!

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