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Rensoho-chan by Kotobukiya

Rensoho-chan by Kotobukiya (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)

Rrobbert184-Rensoho-chan (1)

Shimakaze’s best friend Rensoho-chan is here and built in plamo from the game Kantai Collection. How will it look on your shelf?

Rrobbert184-Rensoho-chan (2)
The cover art shows off cute poses as its main selling point.
Rrobbert184-Rensoho-chan (3)
The back of the box shows off even more gimmicks like the turret, the optional faces, and a buoy.
Rrobbert184-Rensoho-chan (4)
The box is smaller than even a small (by today’s standards) High Grade.
Rrobbert184-Rensoho-chan (5)
And it’s only 1200 JPY! Get a 20% discount at HLJ.com! Besides, I’m curious that it says for ages over 14 years. Difficult or dangerous to build?
Rrobbert184-Rensoho-chan (6)
When you crack open the box, this is what you’ll see.
Rrobbert184-Rensoho-chan (7)
The manual keeps up the generally cute theme.
Rrobbert184-Rensoho-chan (8)
With some simple steps in it.
Rrobbert184-Rensoho-chan (9)
And the official color guide at the back. Shades of grey indeed.
Rrobbert184-Rensoho-chan (10)
And a nice simple 2 plates.
Rrobbert184-Rensoho-chan (11)

Rrobbert184-Rensoho-chan (12)
All you need to put it together is a good pair of nippers and around half an hour.
Rrobbert184-Rensoho-chan (13)
This is what you’re going to get in its dull form. The face is coming!
Rrobbert184-Rensoho-chan (14)

Rrobbert184-Rensoho-chan (15)

Rrobbert184-Rensoho-chan (16)
Although it’s small, the parts you would expect move well.
Rrobbert184-Rensoho-chan (17)
With all these optional parts, let’s see what we can get.
Rrobbert184-Rensoho-chan (18)
A happy face and a waving hand.
Rrobbert184-Rensoho-chan (19)
Just by changing a few parts, it’s time for battle damaged mode!
Rrobbert184-Rensoho-chan (20)
And finally, retired.
Rrobbert184-Rensoho-chan (21)
As for the size, it’s actually quite small compared to even a SD Gundam.
Rrobbert184-Rensoho-chan (22)
Some final thoughts. As the game Kantai Collection becomes more and more popular in Japan and all over the world, the figures are selling too. Bandai and Good Smile have made some of the battleship girls into figures already, and here comes a cheap cute mascot from Kotobukiya. 1200 JPY is something I’ve never seen from Kotobukiya, and to be honest, I was a little bit disappointed when I saw just 2 gray plates. But when I was building it, I enjoyed it very much, because the overall quality was outstanding.  But anyway, as you see, with just by a little effort, you can get a kit you can play with and swap off the various emotive faces, which is the whole point of this kit. And you know with a bit of paint it would look even better!  This has been a nice foray into small fun kits from Kotobukiya. Thanks for reading!

Rrobbert184-Rensoho-chan (23)
“Now I’ve got my heavy arms!”

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  1. woah! rrobbert into kancolle too!
    the hype!


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