Jan 17

We’re back with another figure review for Episode 44 of Toy Tengoku, our first regular episode for quite some time. Today we’re taking a look at Good Smile Company’s figma ‘Red’, the main character of the Pokémon Fire Red and Leaf Green games. We also get to hear from Lindsay and David about what their interests are within the world of figure collecting. Finally, don’t forget to stick around ’til the end of the video for your chance to win figma Red!

Items in this episode:
figma Red (Pokemon)
figma Tracer (Overwatch)
Super Action Statue: RWBY Ruby Rose
Cu-Poche Frame Arms Girl Baselard
Nendoroid Ice Kirby
1/8 Yuri on Ice: ARTFX J Victor Nikiforov PVC
Meisho MOVIE REALIZATION Onmitsu Shadow Trooper


  1. Really, any of those would be fun to see. All of them, maybe? Eh? Ehhhh? 😀

    If it has to be one, throw my vote in for the Figma Tracer. She’s cute and chipper, and more importantly my nephew wants in on the Overwatch figma figures and I want to see what’s what with them.

  2. I would love to see the ice kirby figma 😀
    Hopefully I can add it to my collection soon!
    Keep up the good work! c:

  3. Please review the Darth Maul. I’m interested in the Star Wars characters done up in samurai style. I’ve never gotten into figure collecting so it would be interesting if I could start. They’ve always seem expensive.
    Thanks for another great episode! It’s great to see Toy Tengoku (really) return after such a long time.

  4. Should do kirby, the first one was great and i want to see the new one in action.

  5. Darth maul, or any starwars stuff, interesting samurai figure, great episode, hope u guys will do more of these figure review,

  6. Please review the Cu-poche Baselard next! I want to be convinced if it would look nice with my CU-poche Stylet!

  7. I would like to see a review of the kirby. And, keep the good work guys.

  8. Your video says to leave a comment on 43, but I assume you mean this one. I would love to see a review of any of those Star Wars figures, but the Stomtrooper is the one I would be the most interested in.

  9. Lindsey said leave a comment on episode 43 for a chance to win? Anyways, lets do movie realization darth maul! I have the figuarts DM and he is just amazing! Looking forward to the MR DM and winner for Red!

  10. One vote for Nendoroid Ice Kirby next please. He looks so awfully cuddly. Thanks for hosting this giveaway

  11. I think the Jango Fett would be a good choice. :v

  12. I would like you guys to cover the Movie Realization figures, i had an interest in them for quite a while (especially Jango) but they are quite pricey and im kinda hesitant to jump into a new figure line without some solid info about them first. The nendoroid Kirby would also be awesome to see, but i think everyone alread knows ita a amazing figure ( im basing my opinion on the original pink one )
    Ow yes, and more suggestion, you should ask Scott (you know, the big boss man) to show off his Kamen Rider figures on the show, im sure he would love to 😀

  13. If you can show at least 3 of then at least. I wanna see Rewby ones

  14. Would love to see a review on the overwatch figma!

  15. Glad that you continue the series for Toy Tengokou.. We expect more episode to come.. More power to your show..

  16. I would love to see a review of Overwatch Figma Tracer..

  17. I really want to see that cupoche Baselard, I’m kinda wanting to get one, but I’m not sure if I’ll be worth the price.

  18. I’m glad Toy Tengokuis back! Please review the movie realization Jengo. My wife got me the sand trooper for Christmas and it is a beautiful figure. Keep up the great work!

  19. Have been waiting for another episode of this!! Hope to see more Revoltech figures soon.

  20. Darth Maul, I love how he looks!

  21. Good to see the show continue! I vote for Darth Maul, quite a different look from the other Star Wars movie realization designs. Keep up the good work guys

  22. I missed this series, was wondering where it went. I agree Sailor Jupiter is my favorite too.

  23. I’d love to see the cu-poche baselard. I’ve been very intrigued with this line and am curious to see how they compare to nendoroids!

  24. Would like to see the BanDai Star Wars Movie Realisation, as I’ve been planning to pick these up and just never got round to it but if you can persuade me to I would definitely be looking to see what you review. Good luck everyone.

  25. Ruby Rose please. I’ve interested in getting one, but I would like to hear one’s opinion of it before I open my wallet.

  26. I would like to see a review of the Darth Maul.

  27. I would like to see the movie realisation storm trooper because I love the mix of traditional armour and sci fine. Also never seen one up close

  28. for me it is Meisho MOVIE REALIZATION Onmitsu Shadow Trooper, thanks in advance

  29. I’d like to see any of Star Wars Movie Realization figures! Jango Fett is kind of number one, but any of them will be cool. The designs of these figures are amazing.

  30. Great show, love your collections. I would love to see any of the Star Wars movie realisation figures because I love Star Wars and love Japanese culture and to be able to see a figure that combines both of these elements in one form factor would just be mind blowing ^_^

  31. darth mhaul all the way!

  32. Movie realization Darth Maul pls!

  33. Would like to see what y’all think about that Rwby figure. I’m curious of the quality.

  34. Man, HobbyLink tv is going all MTV and getting all these young hosts for their shows.

    Review Fett, he has a bigger box. I want to see what’s in there.

  35. Do review the super action statue ruby rose.. they’re supposed to be 1:12 but seem s their recent releases are way to big in scale with other 1:12 figs from other companies..

  36. I would like a review of Victor. Thanks.

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