Apr 25

Plenty of Plamo is coming your way in episode 202. Ryan busts open that Masterpiece Liger while Syd and Todd look at the first HGs from the Thunderbolt anime as well as two 1/100 scale kits that just arrived.

Also, check out our Shizuoka Hobby Show Sneak Peeks!




Items featured in this episode:

1/72 MPZ-01 Shield Liger
1/144 HGUC Gouf
1/144 HG YMS-03 Waff
1/144 Full Armor Gundam (Gundam Thunderbolt Ver.) — Anime Ver.
1/144 Zaku II + Big Gun (Gundam Thunderbolt Ver.) — Anime Ver.
1/100 Grimgerde
1/100 RE/100 Efreet Custom

Gunpla TV


  1. Love the show keep up the good work!

  2. I heard the announcement for FA-78 (thunderbolt ver) Ver. Ka
    If it is true, GIMME
    Great video btw


  4. Efreet looks awesome. I’m also looking forward to the new Gyan revive. Will you guys be taking a look at that?

  5. Sweet kits 😀

  6. nope they’ll make a rg amazing exia and exia dark matter

  7. How can the thunderbolt Gundam move so fast with that much armors and weapons?

  8. let me win the fenicee baby rinacista 😀

  9. Efreet and Grimgerde look really cool. Hopefully we get some variations for the Efreet like the Nacht and Schneid.

  10. gotta love those RX-78s XD

  11. Great video, btw cant wait for the new crossbone manga

  12. Oh boy, didn’t expect there to be so many stickers for the Thunderbolt kits.

  13. so hyped for the Mg FA-78 ver.ka

  14. great show guys.

    Now here’s looking foreword to all the comments for the Fenice Finascita one of the coolest looking remakes of the wing gundam. XD

  15. That FA Gundam Ver Ka though. Can’t wait to see it on the show.

  16. Hope they do a 1/100 big gun

  17. Awesome kits hahaha the liger was one of the first kits I had…. It definitely brings back memories

  18. I would love to win the fenice rinascita !!!!!

  19. 1/100 scale Grimgard is finally out. Thats gonna be my next kit.

  20. Yo, I wants that grimgerde and efreet custom, are they already out?

    • Yes, they are. Click on the links in the episode description and you can pick ’em up!

  21. can’t wait for my 1/100 grimgerde to arrive, best design to come out of IBO!

  22. me me me

  23. I was going to pick up a zaku and after seeing that zaku II with that huge gun. I’m definitely going to buy it

  24. Dat gun XD

  25. I am building the 1/144 HGBF Gundam Fenice Rinascita. It is an awesome kit. I would love to win the 1/100 MG Gundam Fenice Rinascita.

  26. I am so excited for the 1/100 Grimgerde and RE1/100 Efreet custom to be built and shown next episode 😀 Hopefully the 1/144 Gundam will also get a 1/100 treatment.

  27. Syd finally got his revenge… Still Todd done it a bit better ^^

  28. Nice !!!

  29. 1/100 grimgerde for the win!

  30. I hope I win that MG kit! I don’t actually have that one and GBF is my favorite series of Gundam, I have all the HG kits ^_^

    and you pronounce the second part like “Rin-ah-sh-ta”

    and for a little more info on the kit’s name:

    ‘Fenice’ means Phoenix in Italian and refers to the fact that the ‘Gunpla Builder/Pilot’ kept rebuilding and improving it time after time, like a phoenix rising.’Rinascita’,also Italian, meaning Rebirth. The overall name of the Gunpla is a reference to the Phoenix being reborn from the ashes.

  31. Man I hope I win. I was at Anime Expo and met you guys and got to see that exact one.

  32. Seeing the new thunderbolt kits is helping me make my next purchase. Thanks for all the information. Keep up the awesome work.

  33. It will be great if I can win that awesome kit this time. Would definitely buy a Efreet soon!

  34. When you hear Jazz..you know he coming ..Thunderbolts awesome

  35. I don’t mind winning that fenice renascita.
    Hope you guys can also sell P-bandai exclusive.
    As always good EP.

  36. that masterpiece liger is so awesome.

  37. Thanks for the great show! Oh and btw I started dm-ing her on instagram and en Saud hi once! That’s all though… Progress progreprogre

  38. thank you for the reviews of the Thunderbolt kits 🙂

  39. That’s my fave gbf gundam! @.@

  40. I would love that mg rinascita. it’ll match my hg of that kit

  41. I need that Full Armor Gundam, it would look so good with some damage and dirt on it. Also hoping I win that mg gundam fettuccine

  42. Thanks for doing the Liger build Ryan, looks like its going to be pretty dam cool, also congrats on the twins!!

  43. PlaMo is the elixir of YOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Also…Syd,Vindictive much?

  44. The Full Armor Gundam is very cool. I will need to get it at some stage. Thanks for showing that on the episode.

  45. Keep it going guys. Your show is awesome and thank you for the free online coupon.

  46. 202- Nice…. That site that Sid was talking about might have been Myspace. That was the big social media site before FB. I like the thunderbolt Anime series. Can you do the new MG thunderbolt reviews when they are released? Thanks again HLJ, and hopefully, I win that MG!

  47. i want that big gun kit now… @Syd, nice try on the revenge against Todd lol

    @Ryan, i’m pretty sure you were thinking of myspace hahahaha

    nice to see you guys again! ’til the next episode with the Freedom 2.0 unboxing!

  48. something something… daaarkkkssssiiidee

  49. Mg thunder bolt

  50. Twins?! Enjoy your good nights rest while you still can Ryan.
    Never expected the Liger to growl and move its head like that.

  51. Awesome Review guys will probably purchase the Masterpiece Shield Liger but mod it to become similar to the bang ver.

  52. I wanna win win win!

  53. Congratulations on the twins Ryan! And good luck at the same time.

    Great episode guys. Loving the Origin and Thunderbolt kits so far. Pretty excited to see the Efreet built as well.

    Keep up the good work and the fun!

  54. love your show

  55. Im waiting for some new unicorn kits thanks to the re-release of the anime, hopefully something cool. Also i want that kit to customize.

  56. MySpace, Friendser, Hi5, oldfriends. In Hong Kong they have their own social network site.

  57. Congratulations Ryan! I’m from Italy, to answer your question on the pronunciation of “fenice” until the “i” your pronunciation is pretty good, for the “ce” sound is similar to the “che” of chestnut. On google traslate the audio pronunciation it’s acceptable https://translate.google.it/?hl=it&tab=wT#it/en/fenice . Good episode as always, i’m very curious to see the liger and the Freedom 2.0 =D

    • Bravo! Gliel’hai spiegato meglio di quanto ho fatto io al messaggio 71.
      Vabbè…ho letto il tuo messaggio tardi.

  58. Wow! I am not a fan of HG but the Origin and the Thunderbolt Ver. kits are really good looking.
    Nice review as always!
    Also, I would like to have that MG Rinascita on my hands! (^^^)

  59. Excellent show guys. I’m really excited about the FA-78 Ver. Ka MG that got spoiled recently. It’s nice to get a MG of a suit that isn’t from SEED.

    Also when Ryan pointed out the little gold men in the Zoids it made me wonder, do you guys remember zoids model kits from the 90s? I seem to remember having a white brontosaurus but I’m not sure. Here I thought I was a Gundam only kinda guy but maybe I’ve had Zoids kits for a lot longer?

  60. Ryan please remember babies aren’t stupid or smart, they are ignorant. They only become smart or stupid if people act like they are.

  61. Looking forward for more MG kits! Also, why isn’t there an MG Justice? Seems odd that it’s without an MG, whereas the Freedom have 2 already.

  62. Like always, Great episod.
    Congratulations Ryan, great news to hear that you expanding you family 🙂 Hope everything will go well 🙂 I like the Full Armor Gundam, I Like bulky suites.
    The Fenice Finascita would be a nice one for the collection 🙂

  63. Can’t wait for The Shiz Show

  64. cant wait for the freedom 2.0 next week, nice…

  65. I’m excited to see how the Freedom RM compares to the original. Great episode guys, I hope you have a good holiday over golden week 🙂

  66. Was waiting for the MG Freedom 2.0. Guess I’ll have to wait till next week

  67. Have a happy Golden Week! And congratulations, Ryan! Can’t wait for the next episode!!

  68. Fenice…. Winning?
    Love your work HLJ.
    John from New Zealand

  69. Hi. I’m Italian but it’s almost impossible to me to explain how to pronounce an Italian word in english!
    I Try.
    “Fenice” sounds like “phoenix” but remove the final “X” and add the sound “Che” at the end. The same “Che” of “Che Guevara”.
    So it’s like “Phoeni”+”Che”.
    The problem is the accent because english speaking people always put it in the wrong place. So even if you say “phoeni-Che” you will probably put the accent in the wrong place.
    I don’t even try to explain how to say “Rinascita” or it will took me days! But You say it quite well.

    If someone is interested the translation is “Phoenix Rebirth”. It’s wrong in English and it’s wrong in Italian too. Japanese guys have big problems with “Engrish” and with “Itarian” too. In Italian a better name could be “Fenice rinata” but it sounds horrible! 😛

  70. like the look of that full amour gundam thunderbolt. think i will have to order one right now

  71. I have been hearing rumors about a MG Full Armor Thunderbolt Gundam ver. Ka. excited to see that.

  72. got married a few weeks ago and i have my wife building gunpla with me .. she loves to build with me …..

  73. Tod is doing better, he seems like hes getting more used to being on camera

  74. Can’t wait to see what other kits bandai will release for this year, good show

  75. That Waff looks great, great episode as always! Can’t wait to get my 1/100 Grimgerde 😀

  76. Yeah! Fenice! 🙂

  77. friendster…
    older than that would be msn chat. lol.

  78. Hey guys great show!

  79. Waff a great episode of Gunpla TV!

  80. why not make the waff making a waffle diorama… ?

  81. Ha, already got my surprise Syd, and thanks I promptly used it in the Gundam sale you had on to get some Nice G-Reco kits (ehehehehe Elf Bullock) and (finally) a Barbatos.

    Now I just need to wait for the Nobell restock and pray I get one and I’m all good!

  82. …so we are getting two more workers at HLJ? That means even more kits shown and made right? Congrats! I can’t wait for my 2 month old to start helping me out with my kits too.

  83. great kits and a great episode..keep up the goodwork 🙂

  84. Waff is going on here?

  85. Die Walküre, Grimgerde!

  86. Can’t wait for the MG thunderbolt kits!

  87. Love the show guys and I really like those thunderbolt kits. Having an Italian background I would love to get the MG Fenice Rinascita.

  88. >Aldo: Omar speaks the third most Eye-talian so he’ll be Donny’s assistant
    >Omar: I don’t speak any Italian
    >Aldo: Like I said, third most


  89. The Italian dandy!

  90. Looking forward to the Freedom 2.0 comparison.

  91. PM said on April 25, 2016

    Like always, Great episod!
    Looking forward to the Freedom 2.0.

  92. Another great episode :] I like the designs of the Thunderbolt kits a lot, but i wont be picking up the high-grade kits, instead im waiting for the master-grade versions that will be coming later on 😀 Im getting both the full armor gundam and zaku

  93. Another Great ep. Dont have the MGBF Gundam Fenice Rinascita in my collection … would be cool 🙂
    & Congrats on the Twins Ryan

  94. I hope they’ll release a mg of kamiki burning. can’t wait for the upcoming freedom 2.0. great episode guys!

  95. still waiting for bandai releasing mg dynames
    they did the x-gat series, why not gn series

    fenice looks good great

  96. My interest piqued when a Zaku was mentioned. I want that big gun! I wonder if that Zaku can do the Red Comet Kick

    The amount of times Todd said ‘sticker(s)’ is close to the number of stickers on the FA Gundam Thunderbolt

  97. HG Revive kits looks quite tempting.

  98. Great show! Just subscribed for more content!!

  99. I like the look of the WAFF almost as much i like WAFFles. Btw i loved ep 200!!

  100. so . when you are planning on doing tutorials again ?

  101. Ooooh, a MG giveaway. Yes please.

  102. Looking forward to Tod’s complete build of the 1/100 Grimgerde.

  103. Gundam wing was the first gundam anime that i got to watch when I was a kid hope to win. Grats to episode 202 and more to come

  104. The hg full armor gundam is nice, but the mg will be epic!! I am saving my money for the mg.

  105. Commencing mission 🙂

  106. it’s in rasta colors awesome, come on RNG!!!

  107. Love these shows. Best gunpla resource out there

  108. Ryan’s goatee is looking pretty sweet.

  109. I am just a bit surprised that you guy don’t have snapchat yet. I think it would be a great addition to the list of social media specifically for the Hobby Show coming up. I am looking forward to see what 1/700 IJN kits Hasegawa and Aoshima will be releasing! Winning the Rinascita would be awesome as I am visiting a friend in Italy later this year and it will be a great house warming present.

  110. Congrats on the twins Ryan. Twice the fun 🙂 Get some rest now, you’ll need it.

  111. that fenice rinascita looks sick!

  112. I would love Ricardo’s mobile suit. :3

  113. my next wallet hole will be the 1/100 Grimgerde, thanks…..

  114. I love the color scheme of the fenice. I tend gravitate to the gundam with green in their armor.

  115. Congratz on the twins ryan and really looking forward to next week with the 1/100 efreet and freedom 2.0, hopefully unboxing or maybe todd might surprise us like last week with graze ein!!

  116. Great work gentlemen.

  117. ooh! sexy rinascita. i definitely want to get the thunderbolt kits once all the bills are caught up. keep going guys, and Syd, make sure Todd knows we haven’t forgiven him for letting us down on episode 200

  118. Good luck Ryan! You’ll need it.

  119. RNGGGGG awesome video as always, thanks Syd and Ryan!

  120. woah this new HGs are awesome wish i had enough to get them. and congratz on the twins Ryan 😀

  121. Omo omo would love the rinascita!!! Keep up the good work!!

  122. Can’t wait for the MG Thunderbolt kits!

  123. Hope I win the prize

  124. ahhhh that gorgeous Efreet, second favorite zeon suit(behind the zaku 2)I will own one of those beauty’s one of these days.

  125. Always entertaining and informational! You guys are awesome!

  126. I love the Wing Gundams so I hope I win haha!!!! 😀

  127. Awesome episode guys. I’m really looking forward to building the the kit that I just bought from you, the RG Astray

  128. I think Bandai’s biggest reveal for the Shizuoka Hobby Show was already leaked. I won’t spoil it for people who want to be surprised, but if you want to see it, go on any of those blogs that post scans and custom kits like Gundamguy or Gundamkitscollection.

  129. Are the manga variants of the thunderbolt kits discontinued? Asking bexause I miss a couple if them in my collection.

  130. Best line of the episode:

    “I like looking at my nuts and bolts…” ?

    I’m hoping to win the MG Fenice Rinascita

  131. The Thunderbolt kits look great, I can’t wait to see the Master Grades 😀

  132. what’s the chance of gumpla tv coming to the Anime North convention in Toronto?

  133. Nice episode, I really like the thunderbolt kits even though i have never built one. Mostly because I tend to only build MGs. Happily, MG Thunderbolt is finally coming!

    Random question, do you guys listen or have you listened to Babymetal. Started listening to them recently and find them amazing, I like both metal and j-pop, and this is a mix of both!

    Thanks for the message from the competition, Syd, I cannot imagine how tedious it must be to have to email a thousand people with the same thing.

  134. Seeing those HG Thunderbolt kits makes me excited for the MG versions of them coming out.

  135. Those Thunderbolt kits look really nice.

  136. I can’t wait to see the Thunderbolt kits in MG form.

  137. That Grimgerde looks tasty.

  138. Gundam build fighters is one of my favorite anime ever I pray to the great mejin Kawaguchi that I win

  139. I am italian guys, so for the fenice it is Rinàscita, no accent on ”i” no accent at all, Rinascita simple as it is 🙂

  140. Grats Ryan.

  141. please, gimme that fenice gundam

  142. Fantastic show as always! I have lots of hope for the Re 100 line so far they haven’t let me down

  143. My new German car could use some Italian fenice. Wait a minute what am I saying? My Porsche is perfect the way it is, minus the small bits of rust.

  144. Watch i wont win anything, again.

  145. Very tempted to get that Efreet now, thanks guys!

  146. I like all those “2.0” improvements on the new MG Freedom but that plasma canons which go over the shoulders and also the wings look really strange… I prefer the original design 🙂

    Anyway, good episode guys!

  147. Looking forward to the Efreet!

  148. Congrats on the twins Ryan! And I am liking the whole suprise finished kit. I think syd and todd should have a contest once a month where they each pull out a secret kit they have built and then let the viewers judge?

  149. Ravioli ravioli give me the gundamoli

  150. cant wait for the mg freedom 2.0

  151. Praised be the Emperor!
    And that I win the giveaway!

  152. Loved episode 200, it was a fun episode that made my pre-exam week a bit more fun.

  153. the MG FA gundam thunderbolt ver ka is going to fucking massive. hope you guys talk about it next episode.

  154. Shizuoka Hobby Show! Will Bandai finally unveil the Char’s Zaku II MG 3.0? Or is the dream dead? Find out next time on Hobbylink TV.

  155. Can’t wait to see the Efreet! I’ll probably receive mine at the end of Mai 🙂

  156. The Italian Stallion is also a film Sylvester Stalone starred in. Don’t look it up and watch it because it’s ……. well…… It’s a porno…….. Yeah….

    PS – Pronunciations:

    Fenice = Fe-nee-ché
    Rinascita = Ree-na-shee-ta

  157. good kits!!!!

  158. Really wanting to get the Thunderbolt kits. I believe Thunderbolt MGs are on the way and I am really wanting one of those. Can’t wait to see you guys cover more kits.

  159. Congrats and condolences Ryan :pp

  160. Hello! Good show!

  161. Eeeuyyyy pizza pasta


  163. That Fenice is a great looking kit.

  164. Awesome thunderbolt kits, can’t wait for the master grade versions. Congrats on the twins Ryan.

  165. A shame that the HG Thunderbolt Anime Version doesn’t fix the problems I had about the Manga version. Good show though. Looking forward to that Efreet and Grimgarde

  166. MG Thunderbolts is also coming. Im sure your excited also Syd. its an MG! 🙂

  167. Thank You!! for the discount code

  168. YEAH.


  169. Cant wait to see the Zoid and Grimgerde built. Great show guys.

  170. My comment was read on the show! Haha great show as always guys. I just built the HG Barbatos 6th form and was actually extremely dissapointed with the weapons options there was ONLY the Wrench mace, no gun, no original mace, no katana i think Bandai really dropped the ball with that one.

  171. Nice show as usual. Now let me have that fenice…

  172. That moment when they read your comment for the first time.

    *fanboy squeals*

    I’ve spent my last few weeks watching Gunpla TV non stop, it’s so great to just hear other people talk about things you know/love and discuss over stuff. I love you guys so much so please never change (unless if it’s for the better), and stay awesome! 😀

  173. I love the fenice, the hg was amazing and I can only imagine how great the mg is.

  174. I wonder what frame the new mg fa thunderbolt gundam will use. Gonna be a big box with all them shields.

  175. Grimgerde 1/100 is a instabuy!!

  176. First Episode I have been able to watch in a long time.

    Ryan, congrats on the twins!

    I definitely feel Zoids are underrated, that Shield Liger is awesome and I hope they make more kits… specially Iron Kong, I missed out of the first 2!

  177. random generator hates me but i still love gunplatv! may you always build syd ryan and todd!

  178. Do my eyes deceive me Ryan is building another model kit again?!? Spectacular news! Also have you watched Gundam Thunderbolt, and what did you think of it?

  179. Can’t wait see the assembled Efreet, hey Ryan congrats!

  180. I haven’t watched Zoids in years. Does anyone have any tips on where to start watching it the series television wise?

  181. That Full Armor Gundam looks like a beast, but now that they’ve announced the MG I’m gonna hold out for that one. I can only imagine how impressive he’s gonna look on my shelf. 😀

  182. I need this mg!

  183. Seeing the Efreet un boxing makes me consider buying it, still waiting to see your Sinanju Stein/Qubeley mash up Mallard as well Syd.

    As for the pronunciation of your give away prize I believe it is Ri na see ta, I would love to be the recipient of that MG as well, as it is one of my favourite designs from the GBF series.

  184. I like the look of the Thunderbolt kits, mixing a little more “industrial” look to the usual Sci-Fi. That Big Gun seriously lives up to its name.

  185. Mamamia Renascita !

  186. Can’t wait to see the Efreet next week. It looks amazing!!

  187. Big gun looks awesome! I wonder if it would look good with a MG too… O:

  188. Just finished watching Build Fighters, so I sure would appreciate the Fenice! 🙂

  189. Thought the Zoid came built, didn’t know it was a kit.

  190. Daddy Ryan Lol

  191. After seeing this episode, I’m really looking forward to receive my FA-78 which is still in the mail. 🙁 Also really excited that Bandai announced the MG FA-78 ver Ka, that will be an instant buy:-) Also, good luck for your twins Ryan!

  192. Congrats Ryan on your expanding family. I was waiting for Syds’s revenge, but didn’t see it coming so soon lol. I can’t wait to see all three kits that are being built and the prize would be amazing to win as well.

  193. Super excited to get my hands on the Freedom 2.0! Looking forward to seeing what it has too offer.

  194. Awesome show!

  195. Gundam Fenice Rinascita is the coolest Gundam ever!

  196. Thanks hlj foe being so cool and generous! =)

  197. congrats ryan a baby and a liger pretty awesome, cant wait to see the Grimgerde and Efreet

  198. Fenice Renacita! Awesome!

  199. Still awesome episode guys, keep the goodwork 😀

  200. nice, but are the thunderbolt kits just a slight variant in colors?

  201. Huge Congrats Ryan.

    The Zoid looks very cool, though from a modellers point of view, somewhat less complicated than the HMM Kits.

    Awesome episode as always

  202. great review

  203. can’t wait for that shizuoka show report!

  204. Ricardo Felini, best pilot in Build Fighters for pure character.

  205. Another great episode…

  206. Purchase the fa Gundam already but I saw new info about the ver ka. Mg
    Would be great if u guys are going to unborn it=D been deciding

  207. Great episode guys. Looking forward to yhe Freedom 2.0

  208. These look so good but I want that MG Thunderbolt even more hehe.

  209. VeRy NiCe

  210. Yay! Episode 202!

  211. Efreet ordered already and ready to go!

  212. I would gladly to have that renacita in my care. An MG Ver. Ka for the full armor gundam wew!

  213. Can’t wait for the MG Thunderbolt kits and to see Ryan complete the Zoid. Congrats by the way on the latest edition to your family ^_^

  214. Anime Expo 2016 Los Angeles, Ca. Lets build gunpla

  215. Hail, random number generator!

  216. Very tempted to pick up the Full Armor, but I’ve got my sights set on the new Freedom 2.0!

  217. Looking forward to seeing that Grimgerde put together! Would love to win that Fenice Rinascita, it one of my favourite mobile suit designs!

  218. Any updates on re100 Kshatriya? Seeing that they are releasing RE0096 currently 🙂
    Can’t to see the complete build of MG Freedom 2.0!!!

  219. Great show you guys. If I Win that awesome kit could you send a pic of you and the gals autographed? (BTW i have a crush on Anna)

    Keep up the good work \m/

  220. Ein Ein Ein

  221. At first I really didn’t like the way the Waff looked, but now I think I want one.

  222. Can’t wait to see the 2.0 Freedom.

  223. Congratulations Ryan! have you guys watched any of the zoids animes?

  224. efreet!!!!

  225. Can’t wait for your Shizuoka video!


  227. Some days you just wish you could be the Italian Dandy….

    A man can dream.

  228. That MG Gundam Fenice Rinascita will look good standing next to my MG Build Strike Gundam.

  229. Sweet

  230. I haven’t gotten around to build my full armor gundam. I really don’t like stickers.

  231. Mama Mia, that is a big gun!

  232. Looking to complete my mg build fighter kits collection! Short of the mg fernice renascita!

  233. Congrats to Ryan on his twins, great episode cant wait to see the Liger completed. great job Syd on getting todd back from his sneak build of the graze ein. love all this plamo would like to win the kit but if not oh well i have a big backlog to work on. Keep up the awesome work everyone

  234. Damn, that gun is way bigger than I thought….

  235. I want that fenice pls love gunpla from philippines!! Congrats ryan nice building?

  236. Finally, after a month not seeing the sun, I actually arrived at the latest episode of hobbylink.tv, a fine gunplabased show with your hosts: Sidecutter Syd, Megasize Ryan (that`s what she says :D.. no she doesn`t :C)and (fresh from BANDAI´s humanoid modeller series) Tod the builderbot.
    It was like a timlaps journey through gunpla-developement and forehead-growing.. and I loved it. Laughed a lot and since we are kind of similar age, it was interessting to see what childhood in the 80s was in Canada or South-Africa. Sadly Ryan seems to be too buisy and is a bit pushed aside in the show. I love his, sometimes not that cosher, comments and his runting. thats the prize you have to pay for the bigger gunpla-part (which is great). Best wishes to him and his wife for the comming birth, it feels like it was just weeks ago, when his first baby was born and Syd`s second.. Ah, before I forget, tell Scott, that I spent around 15.000 Yen for plastic (and 70.00 for shiping) during that time, just caused by your show. 😉 Best regards from Germany, can`t wait to see more ..o/

  237. im 50% italian do that give me a 50% extra chance of geting the kit?

  238. do they are doing the moterized zoids again huh. never really liked those.

    • My brother used to have a small one, which was like a little AT AT walker and it walked…I, for myself just could look at the pictures in toycatalogues. I dreamt many nights about finally getting one of those dinosaurs, but never got one. The past night..30years later.. I built my very first ZOID. Would be awesome if it would walk, but the ligars sounds are horrible

  239. Good episode

  240. Can’t wait to see what bandai has at the show, here’s hoping for a couple more big kits.

  241. ALOHA. bring me that Mg to Hawaii. Cheehooo

  242. Great Episode!

  243. Let me win please

  244. That Wing MG is one I’ve had my eyes on for a bit, would be awesome to win it.

  245. Starting builder here, thanks for easing me into the hobby with the show 🙂

  246. give me that price… 😀 peace

  247. Yas!!

  248. Someone should put all the unused parts from the kits together to build a hodgepodge.

  249. yay, thanks for the giveaway! hoping to win >3< hihi //crossedfingers

  250. bandai love to make a lot of sticker XD

  251. la k said on May 1, 2016


  252. UNICORN!

  253. The Fenice is a really under appreciated suit.

  254. BNuts said on May 1, 2016

    Let the Thunderbolt and the Phoenix be reborn!

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    The zoids masterpiece is not your father’s zoids. Congrats to Ryan, hope the family is well, although i think it will be a while until we see the zoids if there are twins on the way.

    Todd is coming along nicely. It is good to have a gunpla geek on the show. I totally get what he is saying about building older kits and how far they have come.

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    Greaty show guys!

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