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1/72 Jigabachi AV Repackage by Kotobukiya (Part 1: Unbox)

1/72 Real Mechanical Collection: Jigabachi AV by Kotobukiya (Available From HobbyLink Japan Hlj.com)

rrobb_jigabuchi (1)

The Jigabachi AV is military attack helicopter from Ghost in the Shell. This Repackaged version also comes with 3 Tachikomas.

rrobb_jigabuchi (2)
September 2013 release from Kotobukiya, MSRP is 3200 Japanese Yen (2560 from HLJ.com)

rrobb_jigabuchi (3)
3 Tachikomas in the same scale, talking cutely.

rrobb_jigabuchi (4)
The movable gunpod should be fun.

rrobb_jigabuchi (5)

rrobb_jigabuchi (6)

rrobb_jigabuchi (7)
The manual is colorful on one side, and construction seems simple enough.

rrobb_jigabuchi (8)

rrobb_jigabuchi (9)
Light grey makes up the bulk of the body, with the rotor and one other plate in a darker tone.

rrobb_jigabuchi (10)

rrobb_jigabuchi (11)

rrobb_jigabuchi (12)
2 identical C plates.

rrobb_jigabuchi (13)

rrobb_jigabuchi (14)

rrobb_jigabuchi (15)
3 identical plates for the Tachikomas, some paint will be required to make them shine.

rrobb_jigabuchi (16)
The included stand should make for some good aerial attack poses, and seems sturdy.

rrobb_jigabuchi (17)
A solid unbox overall. The 3 Tachikomas may be the highlight, but the grey and blue may both need some attention to bring out the full potential.

Stick around to see them all put together!

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  1. I have the original kit, but have yet to build it. My understanding is that basically the only difference between the repackaged kit and the original was that the new kit includes three Tachikomas, instead of just one. Looking forward to seeing how your build goes. Also interested to see which portions of the kit you paint (other than the Tachikomas), if any.

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