Dec 7

Ryan’s back! And he has his voice back! And he uses it to full effect talking about various things, not just Star Wars! Syd talks Star Wars as well but teams up with Todd to review the newest HG Revive kits as well as the newest 1/100 kit, the Barbatos, which Syd shows off in only its frame form before armoring it up right on the show!

And, holy cow, word just came down to us that the PG Banshee Norn, the PG Unicorn Gundam, and the optional LED set are going to come back in stock this month! These sell out so quickly so if you missed out last time or have now become interested in these amazing kits, you now have a chance to get one for yourself!

1/60 PG Unicorn Gundam 2 Banshee Norn
LED Unit for PG Unicorn Gundam/PG Banshee Norn
1/60 PG Unicorn Gundam

If you’re interested in the Tamiya Weathering sets that Todd mentioned you can see the full list here.





Kits featured in this video:

1/100 Gundam Gusion
1/144 HG Dom Test Prototype
1/144 HG MS Option Set 4 & Mobile Worker
1/144 HG New MS C (Temporary Name)
1/144 HG New MS D (Temporary Name)
1/144 HGUC Revive RX-178 Gundam Mk-II AEUG Version
1/144 HGUC Revive RX-178 Gundam Mk-II Titans Version
1/100 Gundam Barbatos

Gunpla TV


  1. Come on Shinn s Zaku

  2. Loving the new kits 😀 Can’t wait to get my hands on a 1/100 Barbatos

  3. Nice episode!

    My favorite version of the RX-78-2 is actually The Origin version!

    The main reason is because….when the knee bends, the knee armor actually slides to protect it! In every other iteration of the kit, the knees are always exposed 😛

  4. My favorite Master Grade RX-78-2 has got to be the one that dons Samurai armor: yes, it is the Shin Musha Gundam (based on ver. 1.5 RX-78-2). Though it is not exactly the RX-78-2, the color separation and complexity of the parts make for a beautiful kit. I fell in love with the suit when I first saw it in Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2.

  5. The Gm cardigan is so cool, definitely wouldn’t mind winning that

  6. more RG kits please!!!!!!!!

  7. Any chance I can get the mk 2 instead?

  8. the 1/100 Barbatos is awesome! the Revive MK-II is awesome! Can’t wait to get my hands on the Revive MK=II both AEUG and Titan!

  9. Hey guys always looking forward to your show. It airs on Sunday here in California and it’s how I kick off the new week. I have a question though. Do we still need a account to be eligible to win? I would not mind having any of those kits. Well anyway. Thanks as always and keep bringing us some quality entertainment.

  10. ZAKU DA

  11. Great video like always. Can’t wait until exams are over so I can finish my PG Unicorn build :]

  12. Power arms powerderedededrrrrrrdrrrr!!!!!!!! NEED MORE ARMS!

  13. I actually only have the sd version of the rx-78-2 so I guess that one’s my favorite.

    PS. Shin Matsunaga Zaku is the best

  14. Is it me or does the new guy sound like Bob Ross?
    If he said ‘happy little trees’ maybe the comparison would become clearer.

    Also Ryan did not have to say sorry in the beginning, I think we were all happy to hear his family is getting bigger. 🙂

    And the HG MK II revive looks really good with the weathering. I might try the same when my kit comes in. The 1/100 Barbatos looks nice but I think I will wait for the HD ver. to see the price difference and the color separation. I find painting in small accents to be difficult.

    I never built any MG RX-78 but if I did I would pick up the Origin because after building the MG V-dash ver. Ka I want to avoid any kit with a torso core fighter gimmick.
    And the MG RX-78 Origin does not have a core fighter in its torso.

  15. Something, something, daaaarrrkk siidde…

  16. great episode!

  17. Too much rx78 released by Bandai the currenty I like the mg rx78-2 ver 3.0

  18. Thank you for reading my comment in this video it really made my day. I must admit however i skipped the Barbatos build because i like to discover how it all fits together while its in my hands.

    My favorite Rx78 is the 3.0 because i enjoy all the little details and color separation.

    keep up the good work!

  19. super BARBATOS!!!!!!!!

  20. Glad you guys going to do tutorials again. Will it cover basic tutorials only or advance stuff like Scribing and hight extensions on MG kits since they have inner frame.

  21. why not a V2 gun dam live stream

  22. Power Gn Kardishan….???

  23. Comment! So u just have to do it here to win goodies??? Pick me! Hope to win next time if its a MG XD

  24. man christmas has really bled me dry

  25. Great episode , Don’t like the Barbatos design that much but its still a cool kit ,
    My Fav MG RX-78-2 has to be MG ver Ka love the decals and the look of it pretty much !

  26. Gimme the Zaku ><

  27. I’m in need of a Zaku !!!!!!

    Rx-78-2, only because I couldn’t choose a Zaku

  28. My favorite RX-78 is the 3.0 because like the RG it’s got the colors and proportions of the 1/1 RX-78 statue that I quite like. And I want that Shin Matsunaga Zaku!

  29. OH, FREE KITS! 😀

  30. I’m loving the the MK II revive. Can’t wait to get my hands on both!


  32. RX-78 3.0 is the best version so far. It’s the most detailed and has the most gimmick of all versions.

  33. i like gundam

  34. maybe for the 200 have ryan finish the falcon

  35. I haven’t built any of the MG RX-78-2s, but my favorite one, based on looks, is the 3.0. I love how it looks like an actual machine that could fight in battle rather than just a replica of a fictional mecha.

  36. yes, new episode! welcome back Ryan. been waiting for the barbatos build. i must say, the details on the 1/100 Barbatos is great.

    to answer your survey, i myself prefer the MG rx-78-2 ver 3.0 due to the excellent detail, overall proportions, and gimmicks. the others look too cartoon-ish for me.on the other hand, the new MG rx-78-02 orgin version has some pretty cool new gimmicks and those included effect parts for the weapons. it was a great contender but the ver 3.0 won me over with the proportions and likeness to the 1:1 gundam on display at Diver City. i hope one day i get to see it in person and up close.

  37. 3.0 is the RX 78-2 to rule them all but the origin and that stomach bend and those effect parts are very nice.

    • The shoulders are pretty nice, too. The v3’s shoulders are easy to knock loose and a pain to reseat without taking off the arm.

  38. I’ve been following you guys on youtube, and then found out I could get kits if I started watching you guys here. That aside, I can’t decide between the HG Revive Mk. II or the RG version. ><

    Also, am I the only one who wants to win the hi-mock? You should've probably done the Zaku last for more impact.

  39. The MG Shin Musha Gundam is by faaaaar the best version of the MG RX-78-2, why? Well look at it xD Its a gigantic bad ass shogun that murders every thing in its way. You just cant beat that

  40. I’m new to gunpla my very first kit and only one is the rg freedom strike. Perhaps It was a bit to advanced for me without the proper tools and I messed up on a couple things. Happy to see these new kits are easier to build and will pick up a couple more in the near future.

  41. Great show guys, My favorite Rx-78 MG is probably the 2.0 given it’s detail and better movement

  42. The Gundam mk.II AEUG and Titans looks pretty good, and that barbatos looks awesome can’t wait to see the hi res model coming out soon.

    Anwyays ryan and syd also todd, keep up the good work and I’ll be looking forward to your next video. I wonder what are you going to do for episode 200? 😛

  43. Wouldn’t mind getting any of those kits, but the Shin Matsunaga zaku and Hi-Mock are really appealing.

  44. My favourite RX-78 would have to be the NT-1 ALEX which was my go to suit when I played MS Sensen 0079 all those years ago, followed closely by the GP02 because of its massive cannon, shield and feet. However I have yet to appreciate their realisation in Master Grade form as they always seem to be out of stock.

  45. Merry Christmas everybody! enjoy the last month of this year! 😀

  46. Let me win 🙂

  47. Great video as always and i think the best mg rx 78 2 is the 3.0 because it share a lot of similarities with the rg who i think is the best line.however the origin version looks very nice and i would like to build both of them since I didn’t build them

  48. There needs to be more white zakus, they just look way cooler!

    • You couldn’t be more right, here is my idea

      A White Zuku Force like the Black tri stars, maybe a group of zuku in white that are spec ops for battles on polar and moon surfaces. LPBS, Lunar Polar Bear Squadron. Consisting of a 1 Sniper Zuku, 3 Mid Range Combat Zuku, 2 Close Range Combat Zuku, 1 Demolition ( bookza and Rockets ) Zuku, 1 Heavy Artillery Zuku (weapons like Heavyarms) and then a Sazabi inspired MS to lead them. Color Scheme Mostly White with Silver/Grey Frames, accents of black, grey, and blue. With a Black Polar Bear Head Logo with a white Cresent moon scar over it eye for the emblem.

  49. Gotta be RX-78 2.0 for me. there’s no doubt that it looks more cartoonish than most of the other mg RX-78 variations, but i’m pretty sure its also one of the most accurate representations of how the rx-78 originally looked when it first appeared way back when; that’s why 2.0 gets my vote

  50. Great video like always.

  51. i think the mg Rx 78-2 that i prefer the most il the 3.0, it’s desin gime me a more “real machine” vibe maybe for the more colors of plastic in the armor

  52. got my mkII’s on order. i have had big trouble trying to get hold of a super fumina. wouldnt mind that gm cardigan.

  53. RX-78-2 ver 3.0 is my favorite, the Origin ver. is great but the knee armor is a big turn off for me, I wonder why not a lot of people mention its awkward articulation.

  54. can i win again? please…

  55. Great show and Barbatos build by Syd! Also looks like Todd’s getting used to the flow of things. Welcome back to Ryan also, glad he is better.

    As for the RX-78-2, it surely has to be the Ver 3.0. Being lucky enough to have visited the Big Gundam in Odaiba, the Ver 3.0 is pretty much the replica of that great statue on my shelf! Although I welcome the new RE100 line – what I wouldn’t give for another 3.0!

  56. i agree syd,”shin matsunaga” is probably the best among of all zaku.

  57. My favourite Zaku!

  58. Great episode as usual.

    The 1/100 Barabatos looks cool but I’m looking forward the Hi-Res Barbatos.

    • Danit. My comment didn’t work. Just responding to myself. No I’m not crazy. just waiting to hear my name called with anticipation 🙂

  59. I love your channel hope to win the that zaku.

  60. I’m so unlucky in life that I will win the Hi-mock for sure! I hate the hi-mock! So….ordinary in design.

    My favourite Rx78 is the Ver.Ka. In those years I had no idea that “mecha design” was a real job! I drew robots for my entire childhood just for fun. The Ver.Ka was the first time I realize how much complex and interesting can be to draw sci-fi stuff and also make it believable! The Ver.ka was the first Gundam to look believable, bulky, squarish, full of details, but also powerful like a real war machine!
    No strange spikes, or strange useless piece of metal everywhere on its body! Hajime Katoki is awesome!

  61. With over 30 years of experience I bet a good number of viewers wouldn’t mind hearing about more tips from Todd. And I couldn’t be any more excited for the Revive MK-II Titans; by far a great improvement and a glimpse of what I could look forward to in the future.

  62. Great episode guys. I have a great idea for the 200 episode! Have some hlj decals and lets make a hlj themed gundam!

  63. Hey guys! I just finished building the 1/100 Barbatos I had ordered from you. Great kit but the shoulder armor on mine seems way too easy to pop off.

  64. Hi-mock is one of my favourite kits, real fun and simple. Great poser and stuff! Usually recommends it to beginners. 🙂 Recently built the Zaku kit, I was a bit disappointed with it. :/ Doesn’t pose well imo… oh well! 😀

    Cardigan is also super cool, would really love to own that, looks so cool with the arms and shields.

  65. My favorite MG of RX-78-2 is the Ver 3.0, because it has a very challenging build and also has a pro vibe when you finish the kit. I’m also looking forward for Gunpla Tutorials again from you guys, it’s been a while. Sieg Zeon!

  66. …the revive mk- ll looks amazing, either off the two would be a nice choice for building a kit… the barbatos on the otherhand looks soo good for a non grade kit… forcthe prizes i hope i could win the shin matsunaga zaku hahahahaha merry xmas guys

  67. My favorite RX-78-2 is the 2.0 ver. because of the clean and very cartoony look. Like it came from the anime.

  68. Good job on the MKII Todd. They look amazing, and the Barbatos is fantastic. Need to order asap, my hand has been itching to build some GunPla.

  69. P O W E R E D G M C A R D I G A N ! ! ! !

  70. The Mk.2 was always one of my favorite designs as far as Gundam type suits go. Though I like alot of them the mk.2 always stood out to me. Though still nothing beats the Zaku II. Gimme that Matsunaga!

  71. A lot of people are building the Gundam’s inner frames first. Do you think Bandai has finally wised up to this? Or do you think the Barbatos is special and this isn’t the start of a new trend?

  72. I really like both of the MKII sets. i have both as MG next to each other and i like both of them very much.

    And i have the Barbatos on the way. i cant wait to build him

  73. great show again guys. i’m glad todd is joining you.
    as for master grade 78-2’s i prefer the detail on the mk2.
    and i would love the powered GM cardigan. and i cant wait for the HD barbados. waiting to buy one till i see the detail on that

  74. My favorite is RX-78-2 3.0. Love the details. =P

  75. Wow a nice long show, thanks guys. Also 200 hype

  76. i cant wait for revive gyan <3333

  77. Favorite RX-78? In MG form, it’d have to be the old RX-78-4 or -5, whichever had the giant gatling cannon. Because yeah it was overdesigned, but it had the giant gatling cannon. You don’t bet against a giant gatling cannon. The OYW version probably comes in a distant second.

    Any idea when the new Frame Robo kits will come in? I’m hoping to make Christmas gifts out of them.

  78. Oh man my favorite RX78-2 would be 3.0. The look it has, the color separation, how it looks just oob, and I put in the yellow LED and when it lights up its so cool! Also, winning the powered gm cardigan I could modify it with my super fumina and have HYPER FUMINA!!!!!

  79. My favorite RX-78-2 is the original 1995 MG coz it was the first kit I ever built that my older brother got me in 1999… when I was 7, which spawned my love for everything Gundam. I still have it to this day 😀

    Oh, I almost forgot. ZAKU!!!!!!!!

  80. Hey guys love the show. Waiting for my 1/100 Barbatos to arrive. Would love to win the Zaku or GM Cardigan.

  81. That GM cardigan or zaku would be great to add to my collection

  82. My fav RX-78 MG is the 3.0. I’m a fan of kits that have a realistic design, and the 3.0 has great panel lines, panel colour separation and proportions. The stickers/decals also add a lot to that realistic look.

    Would love to see more 3.0s, make more of the RGs into MGs!

  83. The OYW version was my favorite because of the awesome panel lines, but the new Origin version has won me over with it’s more real militaristic look instead of the cartoony 2.0 look.

  84. Todd did a great job

  85. I really would like to win this awesome Zaku.

    Do you think we will ever get 1/100 Graze Kai?I love this design.And also,is there any news on 1/100 MS option set?

  86. Love IOB Anime I would love the super fumai’s Powered GM cardigian

  87. ugh you guys are giving away my favorite zeon pilot’s suit ;-; I can only dream of winning that.

    But even then I enjoyed seeing the revived MK II’s.

  88. Should I get the 1/100 Barbatos not that a Hi-Res is coming out? By the time the Hi-Res comes out, maybe the MG will come out… AHHH MY WALLET.
    Hope I win that Zaku, it’ll be my first ZAKU!

  89. My favorite RX 78-2 would be the 3.0, first because of how bad ass it looks compared to the other kits and just because it has a core fighter which makes it better than that origin ver. I love the foot articulation of the origin ver but without that core fighter, even with the superb articulation, I’d have to go with the ver 3.0! 😀 I hope I win one of those posters or that Shin Matsunaga Zaku!! Here’s to hoping for a birthday miracle!!! Love your show guys!

  90. My favorite RX-78-2 is the one year war version, it just looks awesome with the different shades of plastic, the panellines and the dry-transfers. though it didn’t have a core fighter so thus so far I haven’t been able to build any version of the core fighter but somewhere in the future I’m planning to get the 3.0 so maybe if I have to believe syd my OYW has to give up his spot as my favorite rx-78.
    anyway great episode guys can’t wait til the next one!

  91. I’ll take the GM cardigan.

  92. Hi guys! Can you kindly give us a date on when will be the holliday sale so i/we can save money for it. Thanks! Nice ep as always.

  93. Haven’t built a RX-78-2 MG (sucks to be me, due to time constraints and a lot of models that still need to be built), but I can say that I like the ver2.0 just because I like how it looks compared to the others and would build it when given the chance.

  94. I hope if im lucky i could win the power GM carigen i’ve been wanting to get that kit for the longest time. Plus I cant wait for Star wars episode 7 I hope its awesome like episode three was.

  95. Hi syd I would Love to win that hi mock or shin matsunaga Zaku as they both look great

  96. My Favorite RX-78 is the OYW 1.5 version. It’s got a decent amount of posability, and I love the panel lines on it.

    Also Syd, Johnny Ridden Zaku is best Zaku.

  97. And Ryan forgot to mention that the only way to win one of the HobbyLink.TV giveaways you have to have a registered account at HobbyLink.TV.

    I would be glad if i won either the Shin Matsunaga Zaku or the custom GM from Build Fighters Try.

    Btw will there be a HobbyLink.TV application made for use on android or iOS devices?

  98. I don’t know what it is about it, but I really hate the RX-78 design, the mark 2 is good though.

  99. Powered GM Cardigan please!

  100. Gundam barbatos is awesome.. but it is still no match for zaku

  101. Wow episode 200 coming up. Congratulations on a successful series. Happy to say I’ve been watching since the start and haven’t missed one.

    I do have a question for you guys: Is there a way to get spare Bandai part runners outside of Japan? My PG Strike Freedom’s wing peg broke and I need to replace it. I’ve tried to pin it but there’s just too much stress on the part to hold. It’s my favorite kit and looks so sad with out it’s wing.

    Thanks again for all the good shows, and would love any of this week’s kits to show up under my Christmas tree.


  102. Rx 78 2 ver 3.0 is the best so far I think because of its gimmicks and machine like detailed. Compare to others

  103. That frame was really impressive!
    Would love to get the Shin Matsunaga Zaku!

  104. Great episode and can’t wait for the 200th! I also want to ask way in advance, please do a full comparison of the Hi-Res Barbatos compared to the regular 1/100 you finished building today.

  105. “Keep your pants on, and your nippers ready” should be on a HLJ T-shirt! I’d buy that and wear it proudly.

  106. I cant decide to get the Titan MKII Revive or RG Titan MKII, if the revive got the test parts like the RG it will be perfect. I like Todd, hí way ò review í very great, hope to sê more of him with you guys.

    • I haven’t really build the revive MK II and not planning to get one 🙂 But, I don’t think you’ll go wrong with the RG MK II 🙂

  107. I prefer the RG, but I can understand people who like a simpler, cleaner look preferring the Revive.

  108. Nice episode guys, waw has it been that long? Lol make me feel old into the hobby since once been watching since episode 4 I think. Well cheers and here’s to win a kit

  109. Oh my goodness gracious, it didn’t work the first time I asked for a kit, BUT OH MY GOD PLEASE LET ME WIN MATSUNAGA-SENPAI’S ZAKU 😀

    Nice episode guys, the new Gundam Mk-II looks really impressive for a HG kit.

  110. Wow a Shin Matsunaga Zaku, cool! A Hi-mock as well , sweet! I definetly need a zaku in my collection and definitely need more grunt suits, all I have are gundam type :).

    Anyway good to see you Ryan glad that you are feeling better and nice build of the 1/100 Barbatos Syd. Keep up the good work everyone and may the force be with you!

  111. Ive only ever built an rx78, Bit would build the rx78 revive if i had to pick a mg kit. Can i hit to birds with stone and have a chance to win one of those kits too?

  112. I would like to win the Zaku

  113. My favorite RX 78-2 MG is the ver Ka. Just love that detail.

  114. Probably the MG RX-78-2 3.0 Gundam Clear and look at all those inner frame :). Oh, and hope I get that Zaku !!

  115. Great show

  116. I’m truly loving IBO! The barbatos is now one of my top five favorite mobile suits! Keep up the good work guys!

  117. I have never owned a Zaku kit, would gladly give Matsunaga’s a loving home.

    Keep up the good work with the double length episodes guys.

  118. oh Syd why you still feel the burn of the RG astray crouch build XD

  119. It’s amazing the difference a little bit of weathering can make to a kit! The Hi-Mock is still one of my favourite kits. It’s just so simple and fun! The IBO kits are giving it a run for it’s money though. Can’t wait to see what that new HG Barbatos looks like!

  120. That barbatos looks real nice! Hopefully I can grab one of those prizes ;D

  121. WIN! Loving the MK 2.

  122. So tempting to order that PG + LED on restock. I need better skills. Don’t want to waste a PG.

    Super Fumina 😉

  123. Can’t wait for episode 200!!

  124. What can I say, I love GMs!

  125. Raise your flag!

  126. gm cardigan because whats overpowered

  127. Freeeeeeeeedoooooooooom!

  128. Hail the Emperor!

  129. Great episode as always and I have always liked shin matsunaga’s mobile suit design and colors so I’d be pretty stoked to win that one

  130. I’m waiting for the Hi-Res Barbatos. the 1/100 is not enough.

  131. This Zaku sure would love to have that Zaku! Here’s hoping!

  132. I like the MG RX-78-2 Ver. 3.0 because it looks like the Gundam statue that stands in Gundam Front Tokyo.

  133. Hoping for GM Cardigan

  134. Sweet deal! I have made my decision I am definitely going to buy one of those 1/100 scale kits through Thank you Syd for showing this video.

  135. My favorite RX 78-2 would be the 3.0 version. I don’t like the minor changes/additions in the Origin version and 2.0 is lesser than 3.0.

  136. The 1/100 Barbatos is definitely cool! Love that you build the inner frame first before putting on all the armor.

  137. Good show guys! Now hook me up!

  138. the hi mock looks like it would be great with a lot of customization. its like a blank slate

  139. Ah man, what a nice late birthday present, a Gunpla TV episode!

    Love the look of that 1/100 Barbatos, and I can’t wait for the 1/100 Graze. I was actually just putting the finishing touches on the Graze that I got from the /r/Gunpla secret santa while I was watching!

    Ironically enough though, just after my birthday is the one time I don’t want to win one of the Syd edition kits! I’m already gonna struggle to display the MG Turn X and MG Hi-Nu Ver. Ka that I got and an extra kit won’t help that!

  140. Welcome back Ryan. 🙂
    The review of the 1/100 Barbatos is making me wanting one for myself. Liked the looks of that frame. It might look nice in just frame mode + minor detailing paint.

    I have the rx-78-2 3.0 in my backlog. I was thinking that it was the latest one at that point of time and I don’t have any MG RX-78-2 yet. I like how it looks like the RG version but easier to assemble (I think).
    Then, after seeing the RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. One Year War 0079 on display in a gundam museum here, I bought that one too. I like the colour, panel lines and the open hatches of the kit.

    Now, I am thinking whether I should get the Origin too.

    Would love to get any of the free kits 🙂

  141. I really hope the Barbatos meets my expectations, I am more interested in how the frame is built that’s the real impact this kit is trying to do. A little sticker heavy, but seeing the price point I cant really complain; now all i have to do is wait for it to arrive. And I hope I can win that sweet Shin Matsunaga Zaku II. HLJ and Gunpla TV for life.

  142. Cannot comment on the Rx-78, as I do not have one. I have been eyeballing the 3.0 version.

    Not sure if I should wait for the MG Barbatos, if it happens or not. That HG looks fantastic though.

  143. Hi Syd and welcome back Ryan
    Cant wait for more Iron Blood Orphans Kits to come out

  144. Ordered my PG Unicorn and PG Banshee!!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!

  145. My favorite Rx 78-2 is the OYW version. I has great detail for paneling and great articulation. But the main reason is There are a variety of conversion kits for it.

  146. The mg Shin Matsunaga zaku was a good build and the decals were awesome. The mg rx-78-2 v3 was great, too, with all its decals.

  147. I want the GM Cardigan, it’ll look great going up against the Super Zaku F2000!

  148. Glad to hear the Tutorial videos are on the way. By the way what side cutters do you recommend the most?

  149. Videos are getting longer, that is a good thing! Enjoying gunplatv all the more longer.

  150. Star Wars HYPE is REAL!

  151. I think the RX-78-2 3.0 is the most bang-for-the-buck Gundam there is.

  152. O snap thanks guys, I won!!!!! I can’t comment on the rx78 haven’t had the chance to get one, but always wanted the 3.0

  153. Todd did a great job again, even took the time to apply weathering. You mentioned it be being easily removed, won’t a matt spray work to set it?

    Without a doubt! Version Ka. is my favorite! Katoki really know how to pimp those gunplas up!

    (I don’t see my comment that I made yesterday :O? Either way, cut that comment off and make this eligible cause I forgot to comment about my FAVORITE RX 78-2.)

  154. Great Episode guys! Looking forward to receiving my Barbatos!

  155. High Mock the official bootleg gundam lol

  156. free kits i want!

  157. Another great episode guys and how can I get a job with you guys because you guys look like you are having so much fun! Has Bandai announced the another run of the HG Neo Zeong? I only heard rumors.

  158. So many comments. No wonder i will never win 🙁

  159. I just finished build fighters try yesterday! GM cardigan has a great color scheme and cool gimmicks. Looking forward to that V2 video!

  160. You forgot to put the blue elbow parts on the Barbatos. lol

  161. Keep it up guys! Love how barbatos looks!

  162. Oh man that was such a cool 1/100 build I’m starting my first mg the deathscythe. I can’t wait to get me hands on the barbatos though. And just got 4 rg’s from you guys. Thanks for the great show.

  163. The new MK-II’s look super and the new Barbatos… WOW!

  164. Sweet! looking forward to those new tutorials guys!

  165. OOo, I like to win one of them

  166. My favorite version of the MG Rx-78-2 is the 2.0, I think that is the one that can connect with the G Fighter.

  167. Sieg Zeon!

  168. Now I want a Mk-II Titans! (And that Hi-Mock)

  169. Bought the Hyakuren and Hyakuri from you guys recently! I might just buy more :D!

  170. My favorite is the Master Grade RX-78-2 Gundam (Ver. One Year War). It is because it is the first Master Grade that I ever owned.

  171. Yessssssssssss

  172. Barbatos looks awesome! Espicially that inner frame, very unique.
    That Matsunaga Zaku would make a great addition to my Zakus 🙂

  173. Hi guys (plus one):

    Firstly, congratulations to Todd on joining the HLJ team and all the best in the future; I hope Sid will not be to hard on you. Also, you did a great job on the Gunpla presentations the last 2 weeks and I look forward to more.

    One question for Sid : Has there been any price info and release date yet on the High Resolution Barbatos? And, would you say this grade is closer to a Chogokin or a Master Grade? (Sorry that was two).

    Say it ain’t so Luke!

  174. My favorite is the RX 78-2 One Year War, but sadly I’ve yet to build one. I love the old school essence mixed with the modern look with more panel lines.

  175. I’m so excited for Star Wars too I can’t blame you guys. Now I really can’t wait for my 1/100 Barbatos.

  176. I recently built the Rg version of the Mk-II Titans Version, such a lovely Rg kit.

  177. I would love to turn that Hi-mock into power armor from fallout 4

  178. I’ll take that zaku please… I don’t have enough… I honestly like the MG RX 78 3.0 ver because of its proportions and, in my opinion, more realistic look…

  179. I like the Real Grade 1/144 Mark II better. I thought it is discontinued. It is just that the Bandai deleted the whole Real Grade series just because they could sell more paint? Well I guess it is what the paint manufacturers and retailers wanted? But have you actually see a painted Real Grade!? It look out standing. I hope Bandai could revive the Real Grade series. As it is good for the younger generation as well for them to start building in an early age without the worry of using a spray gun and getting all these paints. Could I have a personal request? I have watched most of the episode till Ryan come to the show co-host the Gunpla TV. Could that be any chance that Ryan build the 70th Anniversary Special Version of 1/450 Yamato by Hasegawa Looking back to these old video is fantastic. I am still watching some. Could that be on Ryan 2016 to do list? I really love building scaled warship model. But I don’t know where to start with… Or if it is too much of a project… Could you do a 1/700 Myoko by Hasegawa Thank you Ryan, Syd and Todd.

    • I’m not sure where you heard that but the Real Grade line is still going strong and Bandai continues to put out more models regularly.

      • Well… I guess Real Grade and High Grade both have it market. Like me. I will purchase a cheaper High Grade if I am going to build Dioramas and get the models weathered and put some damage on it. If it is solely for display purpose. I will buy a Real Grade and spray paint a layer of gloss vanish and put the decals. And after it I will put a layer of matte cote on top to protect the decals. That’s how a Real Grade being done properly. But for kids I think they will only put the decals and stickers?! They just love those metalic glossy stickers for fun! Thank you Syd for the reply.

  180. So the Barbatos is considered a NG then? But all it need now is that big weapon. 🙂

  181. Nice! Loving the barb

  182. That 1/100 Barbatos looks solid! But I guess I’ll wait for the High resolution Barbatos, is that 1/100 scale or is it 1/60? Can’t wait for the Gusion! It Looks massive!

  183. Damn, RE 1/100 Gundam Barbatos It’s So cool!!

  184. For MG RX-78-2, I really love the faded color and panel line of the One Year War ver. It has it’s own charm that saying “I’m different from these guys” comparing to the other rx-78-2 MG

  185. hey guys great ep. my fav mg rx78 i think is the origin ver. cause of the weapons and lack of core fighter just dont care much for it.

  186. My Fave RX-78-2 is the Origin. Why….? Ahhhh. The Real Answer is Why Not? 🙂

  187. That Zaku is really cool. Enjoyed building the MG RX-78 3.0 and can not wait to build the Origin kit.

  188. For MG RX 78, I think I would probably prefer the ver 3.0 over the others, because I like its sharp, more realistic looks. On the other hand, Ver Origin, or 2.0 looks more like a toy for kids.

    I hope I win <3 <3 <3

  189. want more RG…
    it’s more fun to build RG

  190. I personally like the RX-78 ver 2.0 because it has a more realistic, tough and buff looking than other versions.

  191. RX-78 ver 3.0! It is the most detailed kit of them all.. Looks amazing too..

  192. Another great ep gents. Digging the 1/100 Barbatos. Would definitely pick that up. The GM Cardigan deserves an MG. Always been a fan of GM type suits.

  193. I say that 3.0 is the best looking. I love the realistic design, similar to the Ver.Ka and OYW gundam. The combination of the colour separation and proportions on the 3.0 puts it over the top of the others.

  194. 3.0 is the definitive RX-78 too bad we still dont have a 3.0 zaku I guess my 3.0 gundam will be alone for a while also can I haz white zaku?

  195. Awesome Show, even though i am new to your show, i came in as the 49,000 subscriber to your YouTube Channel on episode 189, Congrats, and didn’t pay attention when you said post to your blog page instead of your youtube channel, so i missed out of the Triple X giveaway =(. i was wondering if you could point me in which direction of your tutorials that you have already done since i have somewhat new to the Gunpla scene, i would like to watch them. And with the new Tutorial Videos you are doing can you do a Video about what supplies are most commonly used for Tools, Paints, and Such. Thanks for these Videos and you now have a weekly viewer.

    • Welcome aboard! It’s great to have you hear. To watch the older tutorials that are mixed in with our regular Gunpla episodes you can click on the Gunpla TV tab at the top of the page and you’ll be taken to a list of all our episodes. Each episode title should have a description of the episode and tutorials so by browsing the episode titles it shouldn’t take you long to find a tutorial you are looking for.

      • Thank you, I will be spending the next few days going over your Video logs as in my wife just had surgery today and in-between being her servant i plan on doing some Gunpla and Gunpla Research. I have narrowed it down to three series that i want to collect from as a majority, those being Iron Blood Orphans, Build Fighters, and Seed. My question is do you have a section on your site, or know of a site that can give me a list of Mobile Suits from those Series and if they have or do not have a corresponding Gunpla Kit?

        Also the Powered Carriagen (probably spelled that wrong) was an Awesome kit, it was one of my first kits i built. But that White Zuku gave me a crazy idea, which i posted around post 53ish as a reply to someone elses comment. I want to do a Custom Zuku team for polar spec ops. Some Weapon Exchanging and Full Paint, but i will file that idea away for later after i get some good practice in, say after i have built my 30th gunpla i will start my LPBS (Lunar Polar Bear Squadron of zukus =) )

        Thanks for responding, Keep up the awesomeness

  196. Such a judgmental look building up @~10:00…


  198. My favorite MG RX-78-2 is definitely the OYW version. The colors, all the panel lines and the cool openable hatches on the legs make it my favorite!

  199. My favorite Rx-78 MG is the gundam origin, loving that small mounted canon on the shoulder. Hope I can win the white Zaku 2. Awesome videos as always.

  200. I would love to win any of the prizes this week

  201. Last comment!
    Probably not but… LAST!

  202. Hah!! it isn’t!
    Now I’m last!!!

  203. So many cool kits are coming out, but I’m too busy with college and already have 3 kits in my backlog. I wouldn’t mind getting something that’s already built though 😛

  204. Can’t wait for winter break, been pretty busy with college. Need to start building again. Got 27 kits on backlog. Love the show guys! Amazing customer service!

  205. Great episode as always. Todd is like the chillest man in the company.

  206. Great episode! I do love the Mk II, but I already have the Titans version of the RG. Maybe I’ll pick up the AEUG version of the Revive? Even though it’s not cold here in the midwestern US (it’s been as warm as 60F recently) I would still love a nice Cardigan for Christmas!

  207. My favorite MG RX-78-2 has to be the 3.0! I love how real it looks with all the separated armor panels and chrome/silver foil stickers. It’s so cool.

    Bandai should make a Super Fumina 3.0! 😀

  208. Two weeks ago or so I lost my account, WordPress would not allow me to reset my password and so I also lost the opportunity for those sweet XXXs ;_; But now I’m back, and so is the LED set for the PG Unicorn. Too bad I would literally have to pay an eye to get that kit on my shelf; maybe in the far future… on day… Although, that shelf of mine has a free spot that the GM Cardingan could take.

    But in the end, winning is not as important as avoiding spoilers from that trailer you two spoke of. That scared me, don’t do it again, please!

  209. So here’s my question: How do the Revive Mk-II’s measure up against the HGBF version?

    Should you choose my comment, Powered GM Cardigan, please. Those arms are awesome.

  210. looking forward to you doing your good old tutorial videos again and my own favourite of the rx 72 was either the RG or MG.

  211. Enjoying the star wars banter lads. Love that 7/1l chart, great giveaway instead of a happy meal.

  212. I’ll see you on battlefront ryan!!

  213. Hey Syd, you should make an updated “Top 5 Master Grades.” It’s been a while and I would love to see how your opinion changed because there have been some amazing MGs to come out since 2012!

  214. It’s my first time watching you show and is great i will watch the rest of the videos

  215. SUPER FUM…. never mind, The RX-178 MK-2 still one of my favorites. Oh and come on shin matsunaga custom.

  216. Might consider some hg mk2s to go along with the titans rg.

  217. RAISE YOUR FLAGS THE GUSION IS OUT. Was really hyped for the 1/100 Gusion and then i was the pilot and I’m like…alright m8. But anyhow my favorite RX-78-2 would be the One Year War version since its the only one that has a pinkish red instead of just full on red lol.

  218. cardigan. long live gunpla tv and merry christmas!

  219. That hg shin matsunaga would look great with my mg!

  220. Awesome show once again, on to ep. 200 and beyond!

  221. Hi guys, nice episode as usual. Quick question, did Ryan finish his Falcon before Episode 7 releases? I’m really looking forward to seeing it on the show. Also, the Barbatos frame looks awesome. I wish Bandai would do that with more kits. And out of all the Master Grade RX78-2 my favorite is the 3.0 because the proportions are better, and it looks more streamlined. Thanks for keeping the show alive, and Happy Holidays.

  222. Agreed, the Shina Matsunaga version rocks ! Looking forward to episode 200

  223. great show as usual. would love to see a top ten gundam buy syd and not limited to just mgs. keep up the great work and ryan everyone wants to see the finished falcon.

  224. am BURNINGGGGG hype of mk2

  225. Love that 1/100 Barbatos!! And thanks again guys for you awesome reviews ?

  226. I’ll take the zaku.

  227. Hello peeps, good to see a new guy on the team and help build gunpla’s for the show! Seems like Ryan has less drive (or laziness) to build kits, but it happens to everyone, especially when you’re getting a newborn and star wars is down the road.

    Keep up the work mateys!

  228. Do you think Barbatos would be the next PG?

  229. Those new mk II’s look awesome, cant wait to get them. 1/100 barbatos looks amazing compared to the hg, love the inner frame

  230. Funny scene with those jackets… Darth dudes!

  231. that mk-3 good for expermenting

  232. Great show. thanks.

  233. Give me the gunpla!!!!

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