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Gundam Stories: Michael


I got into gundam when gundam wing become popular in the u.s. so it was tha first gundam related anime i started watching.  i think i was about eleven or twelve when it came on cartoon network.  i used to buy all of the 1/144 scale models n then got into the 1/100 scales. i watched endless waltz so i bought most of those models as well but from moving around quite a bit i lost alot of my gundam models.  not too long after that g gundam started coming on cartoon network so i started watching that too.  from that series, the two that i like the most are the shining gundam and the burning/God gundam. never got the models from that series.  trying to get an mg of shining gundam though.

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  1. how much?I bought Samuel Decal for WZC.it costs Rp40.000.if you want to buy dcales, wait till Samuel Decal Group buy opens again. I’ve bought 4 dcales and total I have 6 dcales (but haven’t put em all, not even build them)


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