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Metamor Force Black Wing by Sentinel (Part 1: Unbox)

Metamor Force Black Wing by Sentinel – Available From HobbyLink Japan

By Cacophanus from Mecha Damashii


Following the excellent Metamor Force Dancouga, Sentinel has finally released the Black Wing in the same series. It’s also meant to pair with the prior Dancouga toy release and this is why this toy is somewhat of a big deal.

Meant as a companion mecha to the Dancouga in the anime, the Black Wing found a new following since its inclusion in Super Robot Wars. This is because in the anime, one of the biggest problems faced towards the end of the series was that Dancouga could not fly. When the mysterious Black Wing turned up, many assumed that the two would combine and solve the flight problem for the massive Dancouga.

Unfortunately, the Black Wing and its pilot Alan Igor were destroyed on the Moon before that ever happened, leaving fans stumped as to what would happen next. The eventual solution was a separate booster pack that was custom built for Dancouga and it’s this that is included in most toy releases, including the Metamor Force version I reviewed not that long ago.

However, in the wonderful tradition of the Super Robot Wars games the combination between Dancouga and Black Wing actually happened. This resulted in Final Dancouga and many fans losing their minds.

To date, there has only been one real release of Final Dancouga and that was the non-transformable Gigabrain figure. This meant neither the Dancouga nor the Black Wing components properly transformed and it was heavily stylized with it. I like the figure but no-one has really done justice to either the Black Wing or Final Dancouga in toy form.

Not until now.









Due to the nature of the design and its combination with Dancouga, this will be a three part review. So keep an eye out for that!

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