Apr 7

It looks like Bandai has a hit on their hands with the Gundam Build Fighters anime and so we thought we would talk about that line of HG kits in this week’s episode of Gunpla TV. However, everyone is buying them up as fast as Bandai can make them, so we don’t have any we can show you. Instead, we decided we would look at the Booster packs that are sold separately and swappable among HG kits.

1-60 Macross Plus Transformable YF-19 with Fast Pack-2

Kits featured in this video:

1/144 HGCE Strike Rouge
1/60 Macross Plus Transformable YF-19 with Fast Pack
1/144 HGBC Dark Matter Booster
1/144 HGBC Build Custom: Amazing Booster
1/144 HGBC 003 Build Booster Mk-II

Gunpla TV


  1. All of this attention going to the RG Exia and I’m just sitting here waiting for the HGUC FA Unicorn dm…

  2. nice episode guys.

  3. Hey guys! Great episode as always. Do you know when Bandai will be releasing a new Perfect Grade? and in that case which one will it be?

  4. Another great show as always, keep up the good work.

  5. Dat 7-Eleven edition looks sweet. Great video like always.

  6. Hey guys great show always love watching hobbylink tv, Love the macross VF 1A and the RX-78-2 7/11 version hope to win those prizes 🙂

  7. cant wait for my exia and gundam x to be shipped out >x<

  8. I need that Limited edition RX-78 ver 7-11 :3
    Idont collect macross models, but if i win, i will take good care of it 🙂

  9. YF-19 *_*

    hope you guys continue this show for a long time 🙂

  10. its always a shame that you have to lose some part of your collections for the benefit of space 🙁

  11. woah woah woah woah woah!!!!!!!! hang on, theres a seven eleven gundam??!!?!?!?!? ~MINDBLOWN~ I wants hahahaha. Anyhow keep up the great work guys lovin it!

  12. not a fan of build fighter thats why not so excited i though i will see the rg exia this week so sad hehehehe but anyways good show
    more power to you guys
    hope i win that price this time hehehehe

  13. No one likes Miss Sazabi, no one don’t want to buy her… So I decided to buy it for myself. Now waiting for arrival my shipping with it and another 3 kits :3

    • Yeah, I noticed that the Miss Sazabi does not run out of stock…

      • Which is a shame, considering it’s probably the best-looking design from Build Fighters thus far. It’s easily a better reworking of its source kit (Sazabi) than the other kits were of theirs (Strike, Mk II, Zaku, etc.)

        • Wut. It’s just a Sazabi with long, anorexic legs that don’t match the rest of the body at all.

          • I agree, I really like the design and feel it’s under appreciated. I don’t get all the “Leg Hate” either, she has the same legs as Sazabi without shin armor; it fits the more overall look of the suit.

          • I had the same initial impression. After taking a look at the regular Sazabi design for comparison, though (to get an idea of how much changed), I think a big reason for my consternation might have to do with the smaller skirt armor. The side skirts on the Sazabi are humongous, as are the lower legs, but it looks like the thighs themselves are the same on both kits. Overall, I quite like what they did with the design; it’s a nice riff on its source material, which is more than can be said of the other Build Fighters designs. It looks really out of place in the BF universe, though. It’s too… elegant compared to the other, clearly simpler and more childish designs.

            …not digging that shield, though. But they can’t hit everything out of the park, I suppose.

        • Probably, majority of fans are thinking otherwise…

        • Yeah, it’s quite creative, I agree! Char would probably not be too happy about it though… XD

  14. Syd how many gundam do you have in total and which gundam serise do you like the most.

  15. Still waiting to see the insides of the Neo Zeong and awaiting on the whooping price that comes along with it 😀

    • It probably won’t have any sort of inner frame, if that’s what you’re looking for. Remember, it’s an HGUC kit, not MG or PG. The best way to get an idea of what you’ll get is by taking a look at the HGUC Dendrobium. That kit has a lot of parts and is bigger than most PG kits, but it doesn’t come with any sort of inner frame. If it did, its already high price would be doubled or tripled.

  16. I’d bought a build booster mk-iii, was hoping to use its rifle parts for a Byarlant Custom mod. I should’ve bought a dark matter booster as well

  17. BTW That’s a Zudah on the amazing booster box

  18. Dat neo zeong is like half the size of that guy on its left. Hope to win that 7-11 rx-78 2 😀

  19. LOL 7/11 gundam, it actually looks pretty good

  20. Those who say they like Gunpla, but didn’t try watching or don’t like Gundam Build Fighters are missing a lot of fun. Lot’s of references to previous gundam series, gundam appearances and cameos. And so far one of the most enjoyable and ‘happy’ endings for a gundam series.

    I’m surprised Syd you haven’t watched it yet!

  21. Can’t wait for the RG Exia. Especially for those plated parts!

  22. I want an HGBF Abigorbine and I don’t really know why :/

  23. Bun said on April 7, 2014

    Just started experimenting with modding and stuff. I just cant express how useful the tips you guys gave are! Keep up the awesome job! :3

    P.S Yea if i could win that RX-78 2 would be a bonus xD

  24. Thx for the vod….Hope to win!!

  25. Wow, I can’t believe shizuoka hobby show is coming. I wonder what will be announced.

  26. Great episode guys! Good luck on the move Syd.

  27. That is a huge HG kit.

  28. My brother would envy me if I get that Variable Fighter (^_^”)

  29. That Zeong is never gonna fit in my gunpla cabinet…. how in heavens name am i to store and display it when im done.

  30. It always seems easy to write off the “booster kits” but for any kitbash getting some from one of these boosters can help set it apart (with some paint of course). and I’m keen to see the HG Turn A next week.

  31. This Macross look amazing, I can’t wait to see transformation.

  32. That YF-19 was a nice surprise. It’s always nice to see Macross pop up on the show. Would I be correct in assuming that’s a rebranding of the Yamato YF-19, or is it a new tooling?

    Speaking of Macross, have you done and/or can you do some comparisons between Bandai Macross kits and other companies? I’m thinking specifically of the Hasegawa non-transforming kits. Maybe take a look at and compare the Bandai rendition of the VF-1 to the Hasegawa version.

    Keep up the great work, Syd and Ryan.

    • It’s a new tooling. Well, more or less.
      Yamato did the 1:60 YF-19 back in 2006, I think… And they followed it up with the Macross 7 VF-19’s more recently – a few years ago I think. Apart from the stylistic differences, the Yamato VF-19’s were redesigned to improve the battroid mode – make the legs less lanky, make the torso come together more nicely, etc. The Arcadia YF-19 incorporates those design changes.
      So one place you can see the difference is in the back of the legs. YF-19’s transformation is a bit “complicated” because the arms wind up overlapping where the legs should be. The new YF-19 addresses that in a couple ways – among other things, the legs extend in fighter mode and retract in battroid mode – so they can get the proper “stocky” look in battroid and look a little more “sleek” in fighter mode – and some of the space needed for the arms in fighter mode comes from the gap that opens when you extend the legs.
      Unfortunately HLJ doesn’t have good pictures of the Yamato YF-19 online, so if you want to know more about what’s changed, I’d take a look around on Macrossworld. There are guys there who know everything about Yamato/Arcadia figures and Macross in general.

    • Also you can’t really do a proper comparison of the Hasegawa “non-transformable” kit with the Bandai “transformable” simply because the engineering is worlds apart. Hasegawa kit is a standard “glue em up and paint them, with a ton of waterslide decals” good old aircraft kit made in one color while Bandai counterpart is more “toylike” with snap-fit parts and color separation, stickers etc etc. I’d say Hasegawa, being an oldschool aircraft manufacturer will offer a LOT more detail because they can, due to non moving parts. Panel lines all over the place etc but no major gimmicks while Bandai will have the transformation which is a huge bonus to the people that like that, not to mention opening hatches and add-on parts all over the place. And one more thing, I’m pretty much sure you can build a Bandai Macross kit right out of the box and have it look pretty good without any big fiddling but you can’t do the same with a Hasegawa kit which require some skill to start with, sanding, filling, painting, decaling etc etc.

      • @tetsujin – Will check them out. Thanks.

        @Daniel – It wouldn’t be an apples to apples comparison, you’re right, but that doesn’t mean they can’t or shouldn’t compare. Since Hasegawa offers the VF-1 in both fighter and battroid modes, they could compare both of them to the Bandai version, seeing what the transformation adds and takes away to the models. (While we’re at it, I think Wave makes some battroid/fighter VF-1s as well. Throw them into the mix.) It would be a good opportunity to teach customers who might potentially be stuck deciding between two renditions of the same design what to look for. It might also provide beginning hobbyists who’ve only stuck to gunpla and Bandai engineering an idea of what else is out there.

  33. Great episode guys, looking forward to the new releases. I noticed no new MG Build Fighter kits also though. Do you think we’ll see more?

    P.S. That Macross needs some lovin’ lol

  34. hey guys, i have a question. whats the new gundam series or is there? keep up the good work.

  35. It’s nice to see other things too, like Varlkyries ! Thank you for all these videos !

  36. My wife just gave me a MG 1/100 Strike Rouge Ootori version for my birthday and I cannot wait to put it together and customize it and what not. While I wait for it to come in the mail I thought I’d go on youtube and watch Gundam Seed to see what all the fuzz is about these gundams beside looking awesome and man, what a treat it is watching this cartoon. So I’m late in the game but better late than never! Anyway, great show and that YF-19 looks amazing!

  37. Hi Syd & Ryan, good to see another episode of yours. I can’t wait to see the size and price of Neo Zeong. I hope you can show me on your show when the kit come out. I got a question to ask can a winner win 2 times of this giveaway? And let’s see if I can win this giveaway this time. Limited edition.

  38. Bandai must have a lot of faith in the Unicorn series to believe that a 1/144 Neo Zeong would be worth producing. Forget about the price and sheer size, how many would have the space needed just to display it???

  39. I’ll just take a cardboard cut out of Neo Zeong. You know what’ll happen if I even buy a Dendrobium? I’ll starve. I’ll starve but I’ll have a plastic space robot to keep my corpse warm.

    So, you wrap those models in a printout of all the comments here during shipping?

    • Syd and Ryan could probably throw in the printouts that they use for the show, if it doesn’t really make a difference in shipping costs?

  40. Not A big fan of GB parts but am looking forward to some of the new variation kits such as HG Crossbone Kai (confirmed) and HG Wing Gundam Fenice Rinascita (unconfirmed)

  41. Looking forward to Ryan doing the transformation demo on the YF19! Worth every yen I shelled out for it

  42. i love the review~i learn a lot(*^o^*)
    hope to see exia dark matter next episode XD
    when will the wing gundum fenice renacisca come out??

  43. im just here for the comp…

  44. That valkarie! Don’t have the cash to get my own so im hoping to win this time around!

  45. I love special edition Gunpla, I hope I win this week.

  46. Why not try the Legends BB series?
    it’s quite interesting.

  47. Wow..Macross Plus YF-19 is awesome even..p.s i like to try to win free

  48. I wonder if they’ll divide the length of Neo Zeong’s propellant tanks into separate pieces.

  49. I could definitely use that Valkyrie for spare parts, I’m sure mine will prove difficult to assemble without breakages.

  50. Hey guys, great episode this week. But I have a question for you the both of you.

    Of all the mobile suits that I have seen throughout Gundam, I found the Reborns Gundam to be my top favorite, and since its appearance, hope to see it become an MG kit. So the question is, is there a chance of that happening, or of any of the other Gundams from 00 to come out as an MG? I would also like to know which particular Mobile Suit the both of you wish to be made in to kits.

  51. oh, i’m a gunpla fan,but also macrosspla(XD?) are interesting! 😀

  52. NYOOM~

  53. I was really sad when you decided not to build the Miss Sazabi. But this was a inspiring episode and made me wanna get some boosters. And I feel so sad about build fighters ending so soon, it felt awkward not watching a new episode on a monday (Its what made a new start of a week easier for me)

  54. Great ep. But I was just wondering where’s the v fin on the strike freedom. PS I hope I can win those amazing kits

  55. Good Show Guys 🙂

  56. Are those backpacks compatible with First Grade kits?

  57. Hey guys, what do you guys think which RG will be coming up right after the Exia (April) and Zogok (June). I hope is a RG Unicorn Gundam… Hope to win the VF-1

  58. Hello

  59. Can’t wait to see the RG EXIA articulation. Always been a fan of bandai’s engineering into kits.

  60. Love those Macross figuress

  61. Hi Guys, Loved the show. Are you going to do some filming at the up coming Model Show?

  62. The upcoming cross bone gundam maoh has the dumbest super robot gimmick I’ve seen in a while.. I love it.

  63. love those back packs

  64. Hey HLJ,

    Being that Arcadia has some of the molds from Yamato, do you think we’ll ever get a re-issue of that 1/3000 scale SDF-1 from them?
    I missed my chance to own one a few years back and the second hand market’s markup is insane.

    Either way, I love seeing the show each week, keep up the good work!

  65. Already have my yf19,the transformation at the lag are very difficult, but so fun to transform. Is a caste toy but just getting those weight already make you feel satisfied.

  66. OOooo. that 7-11 Rx-78-2 looks very nice 🙂

  67. man, that macross looks mighty fine, maybe time to watch some macross episodes.
    what do you guys thought about gundam build fighters (i just finished it), battling people with gunpla is like a dream of epicness *drool* (get on it already bandai xD)

  68. sweat episode :). Hey Syd, how’s your father in law doing?

  69. Come on… Extract my number!
    Thank you guys! 😀

  70. I tried the original build booster (from the build strike full package) and from what I saw I THOUGHT the twin peg (as what the manual shows for the hg wing) would work with anything with a twin peg backpack, as it turns out, my hg blue destiny’s holes are far too large and apart (thus the waist connector which leaves a nasty split) and my hg nemo after a few mini test may need to use the crotch connector intended for the unicorn (which looks horrible), doesn’t give hope for my intended use for the twin peg connector being used with the gm custom…why do I like this peg so much?

    Looks better and is a tad more stable to my eyes, don’t like waist splits or crotch attachments :c

    And I got the miss sazabi kit here, have yet to start building but I like the design (despite the legs being so hollow so I worry about stability when finally built) and with a new coat of paint I think just about anyone may like it…although sadly my intended kit bash idea isn’t gonna work out of the box (is it wrong for a guy to take such a big mean machine and have a big bow from the bearguy on its back?)

  71. Good episode, guys. Now that Gundam Build Fighters has ended, it would be a good time to marathon it. I enjoyed the series a lot; loved all the old Gundams, references and nostalgia peppered in it.

    It will cause a wave of new Gunpla fans, that’s for sure. On another note, that Valkyrie and 7/11 model need a good home on my shelf.

  72. The color scheme on the RX-78-2 is so good. Btw. Im waiting for the kits from upcoming Reconguista in G. The trailers are amazing so far. So much hype.

  73. What do y’all think of a 1/144 Shamblo?? Hope I win the kits though. I wanna try kits from other series.

  74. Really like the ending of Gundam Build Fighter. Hope they create arcade game like that. Also really hope to win the prizes.

    • Do you guys think that they’re going to make season 2? It does seem like it’s an effective marketing tool, aside from being a successful anime by itself…

      • Next season sound good. Maybe they already plan it 🙂
        More Gundam, More Power. (Medabot’s slogan hahaha)

  75. Every time i dont win i give it KHAAAAAAAAAN. Oh and will you be giving away the booster backpacks as well?

  76. About the new Gundam series that’s coming out, the person who’s doing the animation is the same guy who did the animation for the mecha series ‘Eureka Seven’. And if you’re curious, Bandai made kits of mechs from that show.

    I would send you a cookie, but shipping baked goods from the east side of Canada to Japan is kind of expensive.

  77. After Char’s suit, I hope 00 Raiser or Impulse get RG treatment as well.

  78. Hey guys, nice episode!
    Looking forward to that transformation Ryan~
    And Syd, how much do you know about ‘Gundam Origin’, and about the series they announced for next year?

  79. I’m actually pretty excited at the prospect of a new macross anime actually. I should go back and watch from where I left off in frontier though I heard the movie was better in many respects.

    (I’m in it to win it)

  80. So I think the booster pack should get a MG treatment, its a good concept. Anyway when can we see another kitbash?? Kinda miss the old tutorial style gunpla tv.

  81. Love the show guys!

  82. Great show as usual guys. Just a quick question, will you guys be showcasing the Neo Zeong when it comes out? 😛

  83. While the Neo Zeong is huge…Those huge booster tanks are quite silly and the kit is only 80cm because of those. Myself I will not get the kit but if by some chance I do by other means…(birthday, contest prize, etc) I will not be using those tanks as the actual body of the kit looks cool, just not $270 cool.

    I wish this was the april fools joke and not the HGUC 1/144 Shamblo >.<

    Another great show as always guys! 😀

  84. Awesome show! I look forward to the RG exia review!

  85. Sam said on April 7, 2014

    oooo, 7-Eleven RX-78!

    I don’t know if I could send you baked goods from America, but if I’m ever in Japan again, I’d love to send some your way! 😀

  86. I got the K-9 back pack and it’s more complicated than the main RM. I hope I win the kit. love macross ;P

  87. Tim said on April 7, 2014

    The 7-11 Gundam is nice and all, but how can I say no to the offer of a Valkyrie covered in Scott’s sweat? 😉

    Also: drag him or Brian out for a Boss Builds soon.

  88. Will there hopefully be a MG Gundam Exia Dark Matter?

  89. Great episode, just wondering but is it possible to build something from build fighters without buying the kit for it? since in the show they custom made theirs so i was wondering if you could make them in real life!

  90. Gundam Grandpa and Macross!? YAY!

  91. hi. love the show, guys. is it possible to slap on amazing booster to gundam or gm?

  92. Ive never had a macross would love to give it a try maybe it will have a new fan. Thanks for the show guys and keep up the good work.

  93. 7-11 it’s a store and more ! Ding Dong ! Hey Syd, could you sum up all those 7-11 kits till date ?

  94. Great episode guys. love that vf-19. wish to own one myself in the near future

  95. Man…I would love that YF-19. It is just soooo expensive >.< I would need to decide whether I would want get it or upgrade my computers graphics card lol

  96. waiting for the rg exia cannot wait for it

  97. Hey guys, is it hard to find 7-11 Gundam Kits over in Japan. When overseas, these things cost an arm and leg, so would it be relatively easy if those overseas happen to go on a vacation to Japan, pop into a 7-11 and find one? Thanks.

  98. Had a wild thought, is it ever possible o kitbash macross and gundam? LOL! Has ever one tried?

  99. hi everybody!

  100. Good luck on the move Syd.

  101. question for Syd and Ryan: do you have kids? How do build around them? A have a toddler lovely girl that takes all/parts of my kit/kits when i am building, not to mention that i only paint at night so she won’t be exposed to any paint fumes… how do you guys build with kids around?

  102. Ray said on April 8, 2014

    Hi Syd and Ryan…
    Will Bandai release the MG version of every build fighters mobile suit???
    Including Wing Gundam Fenice and also its upgrade version Wing Gundam Fenice Rinaschita???
    And that would be like so AWESOME…
    PS:I would love having that Macross VF-1A/S for my collection…

  103. I feel like the swappable back packs thing is too gimmicky for me, but i could imagine taking different parts of different backpacks and kitbashing something

  104. hay guys just want to say keep up the good work,
    and hope i win the kits. but whatever you guys are awesome

  105. I have an unhealthy addiction to 7-11 things.

    Also I can’t wait to see the Turn A review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. Hey S-fresh and Ry-dawg. Love the show, guys. I am amazed by this upcoming Neo Zeong gundam. Can’t wait to see you guys take a crack at it! Keep up the good work, mates!

  107. Hey guys, just joined HL.tv and wow is all i can say! I sent a question in through youtube’s message center but i’m going to repost it here for you: “Hi guys, love watching the episodes you guys put up. I’m curious about the SEED MG line, when the remastered SEED was released we got 5 new MGs but when Destiny was released we only got the Strike Rouge Ootori. Do you think they will be doing any more MGs from Destiny and if so any thoughts??


    I know i said “hi guys” twice but since i just copied and pasted this i think i can get away with it lol, please keep the vids comin!

  108. Love the show guys and love seeing other kits besides the Gundam’s, my question is are we going to be getting a bigger variety on those i.e. Metal Gears? Enjoy the cookies!

  109. hi guys,

    what do you think about other 3rd party kits?
    some of them are really cool to review like elyn hobby 1/100 Kshatriya.

  110. I miss GBF soo much already!! great episode guys!!!

  111. So question, do you think the VF-19 is worth all that money? I always like looking at macross figures and models, but they are always so expensive, so I am on the fence about most of them.

    Also hope to win those kits, the Valkyrie looks amazing, and having a limited edition Gundam like that would be sweet!

  112. I love Macross, as much as i love Gundam. Now for my question, Do you think Macross models are to complex for model builders how are not use to that tier of modeling. I would love those models

  113. I’ve never even heard of seven eleven gundam before, looks awesome though.

  114. Do you have any news about new rg zogok ?? Is it real ?

    And hope I get the free gundam!!!!!

  115. Great review as always guys Thanks a lot syd and ryan and about the Neo Zeong i think it’s the tallest kit ever released.

    I hope i win something >.<

  116. Do you guys know if the Neo Zeong come with a Sinanju? And great episode as always every time you have Makross I fell like I should start watching it.

  117. great job guys…..
    love to have the macross :0


  119. whats up guys….great show………..<<<

  120. Hello, Great Show! Hope I win the drawings

  121. give me macross.

  122. hello greetings from Argentina hope to see that macross kit in my collection

  123. nice show as always Syd and Ryan..would you guys be interested in featuring some of the Armored Core kits?(specially the White Glint) thanks..

  124. Hi Guys, I notice most your episodes discuss gunpla kits. Whats the best kits in terms of sales and people buys the most.. gupla, tanks, fighters etc? Gunpla collector here. Thanks and more power!

  125. Great show as always!!! Been collecting and building gundams for quite some time all thanks to you guys and your awesome website !!!! Keep up with the awesome job !!!

  126. That YF-19 sure is a doozie, lucky Ryan.

  127. hope to win this time.. by the way does the build booster MK-II comes with the RX-78

  128. Hey Syd are you crazy that kit is awesome. I’ll take it.:)

  129. Hey Syd and Ryan,

    Frist off, it’s really awesome to hear a question I left read and answered on the show. Second, My Figure-rise Kamen Rider Kabuto just came in today from HLJ, so i got to thinking, what do you guy’s think of Bandai’s Figure-rise kit line? I haven’t seen you guys do a show about those(if there is I do apologize), so I was wondering if you guys have ever spent time with those kits, and what your opinions about them are.

  130. I miss 7-11. There are none where I currently live.

  131. the dark matter booster is the same color’s as the aile striker pack it would probably look like it belongs there on it.

  132. i wonder how heave that neo zeong will be.

  133. For the price, the individual boosters aren’t bad. They could certainly make for some interesting kit-bashes.

  134. Wouldn’t mind having either of those kits. Kit bash the macross with gundam?! Id give it a shot haha

  135. that 7-11 gundam looks so good! the green is fresh for me, and the wing gundam reborn from BF series has the same greenish, hope they can release a MG for it!

  136. Oh that heavens it’s seven-11 (Gundam)

    Syd do you have the HiNu 7-11 version too?

  137. Hey guys another great episode. But I asked a question last week but you never answered but its okay.

  138. I love the 7-11 gundam

  139. Man, that Neo Zeong was massive and its only HG. Its like dendrobium having RX-78GP03 but Neo Zeong having a sazabi instead.
    But I prefer the BB SD instead http://www.hlj.com/product/BAN989505/Gun

    PS: I love the prizes your giving away pls let have it, pls. pls. 😀

  140. Great episode guys! Can’t wait to see the yf-19 transform next week. It’s so awesome looking.

  141. Missed last weeks episode 🙁 , oh well gotta go watch it now. Keep up the good work.

  142. Can’t wait to see that Neo-Zeong fully built up and painted by some of those master modelers out there!!

  143. the dark matter booster looks Awesome. Nice Vid Guys keep it up.

  144. Awesome 7 11 gundam kinda want to go and buy all the there is.

  145. Man, that neo zeong is too big, probably will be packaged as a master grade. The customized gunpla looks awesome but wheres freedom’s v fin?

  146. I really wish the 711’s here in the states would carry the HG exclusives and I really hope I get lucky and win ^^

  147. Are there any other version of that 7/11 gunpla.. coz i think i saw a 7/11 strike freedom somewhere..?? Anyways.. good show, its the only thing thats keeps me excited at mondays. Since build fighters left me.. valkyrie..(drools)

  148. Great video, always enjoy watching these. Always a great pickup on a Monday

  149. Ore wa 7-11 Gandamu!

  150. great episode guys
    i was hoping to see if the build booster you had could attach to the RG MK-II
    hope to win those kits

  151. I love gundam and macross, I hope I get the kit. I just found out next rg will be z’gok, I would’ve liked to see other 3rd generation gundams from 00.

  152. i’m very excited of the turn A hg release and i can’t wait to get its hg and mg kits ! please stock them fast >.< to sid n ryan great shows as always !

  153. I’d love to see a 3.0 Gouf

  154. Another great video guys. Personally i cant wait for the mg turn X, its about time. btw neo zeong… holy crap!

  155. Wow, that Neo Zeong is enormous!
    Great video! Can’t wait to see what other MG Build Fighters kits they announce in the future (MG Exia Dark Matter, please?)

  156. For those of us *not* in Japan, what is the best way to get some of those exclusive gundams? Specifically the Ver 7-11 ones and the Premium Bandai ones (such as the MG Banshee Norn).

  157. Hey Ryan the model of the Valkire is YF-19 not VF-19, the VF are production models, while the YF are prototypes.

  158. Mr.RNG, Syd, and Ryan may HGBF live on and I hope to buy another shelf for my wall.

  159. Hey guys, interesting episode, as always.

    I have to say, though, your not so subtle disdain for the Gundam Build Fighters is, IMO, a little unfortunate. Being a long time Gundam fan, it had never occurred to me to buy models and build them. I knew they existed, but living in a small town in Canada I hadn’t really had any exposure to them

    Gundam Build Fighters opened up the world of Gunpla to me and I’m glad it did. With each Gundam I build I learn something different. 🙂

    Ps. I’ve found many of your videos very helpful. Thanks!

    • I don’t think it’s so much disdain as it is lack of interest. Build Fighters, AGE, and Gunpla Builders are all marketed at children, attempting to get them hooked on gunpla at a young age. The mecha designs reflect this; whereas something like Unicorn has rather detailed, complex-looking designs, AGE/BF/GB all use rather simple geometry and lots of flat panels in their suits. Thus, they’re just not as interesting visually.

      Plus, most of the them just look really, really bad compared to their originals. Build Strike, Wing Fenice, Zaku Amazing, Build Mk. II, Exia Dark Matter… they all look terrible. It doesn’t help that they all hail from vastly different worlds of design, too. So not only do they look bad individually, they can’t come together to form a cohesive collection, either.

      But bah, I’m ranting. Anyway, there are some possibilities on why Syd might not be so invested in Build Fighters.

      • Bah, I say! Build Fighters was awesome. Though given that Syd says he doesn’t like Gundam anime so much, I can see why it wouldn’t appeal to him. One of the things I really enjoyed about the show was its abundant Gundam fanservice – character cameos, mecha cameos, references dropped all over the place… It took the whole “shameless product promotion” thing and turned it to its advantage.

        • I can certainly appreciate that perspective. I suppose it does wear its heart on its sleeve rather than trying to dupe its audience with a hokey “war is hell” morality tale.

          Also, fancy seeing you here. Hope the builds/blog are going well for you. 😉

      • What you said definitely has merit.

        I look at the anime from a different angle, though. It is what it is, shameless promotion of their merchandise, but, it’s never heavy.

        The show is light, fluffy and while it possess no real plot depth, the characters are likeable. I haven’t watched AGE or Gunpla Builders but I’ve watched pretty much all the other Gundam series’ and it’s nice to enjoy Gundam in a less serious, less grim setting.

        I also enjoyed the designs of the Gundams on the show. I guess it’s a matter of preference, but for example, I really enjoyed Wing Gundam Fenice’ a-symmetrical design! So much so, in fact, that I purchased 3! One for a stock display, one to customize and one for parts.

        I’m only 23 so I won’t pretend to have seen all of the grittiness adulthood has to offer but I spend so much time absorbed in the seriousness of life, that sometimes fluff anime is a great escape. It’s the same reason I eat pancakes every Sunday and watch the cartoons I loved as a kid. Gargoyles, Medabots, Scooby Doo etc. 🙂

        • To be fair, when Gundam tries to do heavy, grim, and serious, it usually fails spectacularly. 😉

          Asymmetry can be used to really great effect. There are bits of the Wing Fenice that I like – the wings bring to mind a Spanish matador, which might be a bit of a jump in logic, but there you are. And lances are always a plus. But it just doesn’t work for me as much as the Wing does (which itself isn’t exactly in my Top Ten of Gundam designs). Have fun with your builds, though. Hope to see them in the future.

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