Dec 3


  1. Can a size comparizon with older PG`s be done ?

  2. Great build, great series!

    I wonder if we’ll see the Unchained mode get implemented into future chapters of the manga.

  3. whoa!!! Great Job Syd! Good choice of bg music as well for the 3rd form! Droooling already.

  4. hi Syd, u sure u can’t click that thing in the knee transformation? i can click my MG perfectly and i see there’s a small thing on knee psycho frame to click on to.

  5. woah cool! now destroy mode’s gonna be outdated since everyone’s gonna go unchained all the way… that song for the unchained is so damn perfect…

  6. Thanks a lot for sharing with us the fun of building this kit. There is a fair number of people that will have PGs like this one to be out of reach (financially, etc) and watching it get built like this more than makes up for it 😀 Please keep up the good work!

    P.S. Gundams are cool but…Sieg Zeon!

  7. Really really beautiful. Well worth a 4 year wait for it. So pleased they engineered an all new model, instead of recycling that Strike frame over and over again. I’m sure they will recycle this one over and over again the next few years, so for the near future we can safely presume we’ll get an Awakening, a Banshee in all its forms and maybe a Fenix….? Imagine the costs for that one…
    Thanks to Syd, for building it for us, thanks to Scott for enabling Syd to build it, thanks to Bandai for providing HLJ with a sample kit. And least but not last, let us not forget to thank Anna for posting the video’s! Thanks Anna

  8. Whaaat!! This pg unicorn is unbelievably detaile and the destroyed mode and unchanged mode its blowing up every previous pg kit because this is definitely the best PG kit ever!!!
    I want to add this kit soooo bad on my collection and it will be my first Pg kit ever (if I’ll have enough money..) definitely will start saving up some money!!
    And a big thanks to Syd for these amazing videos that goes through everything in detail about this kit!!
    Thanks to everyone and hobbylink tv is the best!! 😀

  9. Once I get this I’m gonna add another button to the display base to play DATMUSIC whenever I press it. Good damn god it’s fitting as hell.

  10. Does Unchained mode has limitation to hold weapons & shields?

  11. Guys thanks for sharing this awesome piece of art! it’s really unbelievable. Even better hat Syd took the time to use the decals so we can see more detail.

  12. Great work Syd! I hope the full armor kit will also be sold at

    Thanks for the videos!

  13. I want this to be my first PG gundam!

  14. No contest this year and no december HLJ discounts… this will be a sad end of the year…

  15. Wowee zowee!!

  16. really nice looking PG wanted to have one.. maybe someday 🙂

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