Mar 31

In episode 145 of Gunpla TV we look at the MG Build Mk-II and talk about how it compares to the older Mk-II 2.0 as well as look at some of the exciting stuff that Bandai announced earlier that is now available for preorder. We even bust out a giant Robot Damashii!

MG Build Gundam Mk-II RX-178B by Bandai -8

Kits featured in this video:

HG Parts Promotion
1/144 HGUC NZ-666 Kshatriya Repaired
1/100 MG Turn X Gundam
1/144 HGUC Zssa (Unicorn Ver)
1/144 RG MSM-07S Char’s Z’Gok
1/144 HGBF Gundam Exia Dark Matter
1/144 HGBC Dark Matter Booster
1/144 HGUC Unicorn Gundam 2 Banshee Norn (Destroy Mode)
Robot Damashi (Side MS) Kshatriya
1/100 MG Build Gundam Mk-II RX-178B by Bandai

Gunpla TV


  1. Syd, could you maybe make a little review about neon genesis evangelion…
    I think they’re great bio robot especially when shinji went berserk…

    • I agree. I’d love to see a review of the new kotobukiya kits especially. I’m on the fence about them and a good overview would help me decide.

  2. Kshatriya repair is amazing

  3. Really looking forward to the MG Turn-X, I’ve been waiting for one since I started building gunpla!

  4. Hi Guys, I am new to gunpla building and was thinking of flat coating my kits. Should I spray the kit as a whole or parts like legs arms etc. should I cover clear parts and stickers? Thanks.

    • You can flat coat it as a whole, but it’s better if you flat coat the parts individually. Clear parts will change they’re look depending on the clear coat you use, and how heavy you apply it. If you use a cheap clear coat, or one not designed specifically for model kits, you may get a foggy appearance on the clear parts. You will also end up with a foggy appearance if you apply to much of the clear coat. I would recommend, as you first time, to cover your clear parts, and then after your flat coat has dried, mask off everything that isn’t a clear part, and then spray the clear parts with a gloss clear coat. The gloss coat should not only have a less of a chance of fogging, but it will also make your clear parts shinier(which can add to the effect of psycho frame parts, or like car windows, etc).

  5. Yay for my gunpla fix!, will you guy’s do a review on the MG Star Build Stike?


  7. Hey Syd,

    Wanted to ask if you were inspired to kit bash the Super Zaku and Gouf Custom together because they’re a popular kit bash combo, or did you think of doing it on your own before ever seeing any of the other kit bash variants people did?

    Also, for the Neo Zeong, It would be the biggest kit Bandai releases for a mobile suit/mobile armor. Makes me sad that they give the Neo Zeong attention, yet the Neue Zeil still has yet to see a 1/44th release like the GP-03 did.

  8. Hi Syd and Ryan… I happy to see your new episode i has been waited for 2 weeks to watch your episode. Keep up a good work hope to see more from you guys.

  9. want u guys to review the rg exia

    • Of course, Exia is heavily promoted as of this late.
      There’s no way Syd and Ryan would miss that on their upcoming reviews.

  10. about Super Jerry being a “real kit” because it needs glue to be assemble, you should try old (vintage) gunpla kits from Zeta gundam, that need glue to build them 🙂

  11. I love you guys. Makes my day whenever a new video shows up!

  12. Thx for the vid…

  13. I’m better at dukin it out than that there Char.

  14. Wait, an RG Z’Gok? I think this is the RG that I am most excited for!

  15. Looking forward to the RGs coming out and that beautiful Turn X!

  16. Byarlant custom 01 + Gaplant + Build Booster MK-II = Byarlant custom 02

  17. I love the look of those MaK kits. I really will have to bite the bullet and attempt one.

  18. NYOOM~

  19. commenting!!

  20. still commenting!

  21. the news of an RG Char’s Z’Gok is awesome, its only before we get his Gelgoog as well!

  22. Great video like always. Can’t wait to get my hands on some more kits.

  23. I am really excited about the RG Exia. Do you guys think that BANDAI is gonna make the Exia Repair II and Repair III?

    • as exclusive i think they will make the R2 and R3 RG Exiasm plus the blue colored HGBF Exia Amazing (normal version of the Dark Matter Exia)

    • I think I saw somewhere info about extra parts, like wings for RG Destiny, but not so exclusive I guess. There was the head, the leg, the coat and something else. Blade probably

  24. WOW. Always been a huge fan of the Mk2. Though this one looks real awesome. Also looking forward to the MG Miss Sazabi

  25. Hello World =)

  26. Gat episode as alwys syd n ryan

  27. hey guys, nice review as always, just wondering when do you think bandai will start finishing the line of MG’s from the gundam wing series? i personally like the heavyarms kai, but they first made the early types which the color is different and how the missiles open from the skirt is different and the gatling guns on the chest should be 4 small ones instead of two large ones

  28. Hey Syd and Ryan,

    At the time of this comment, Gundam.Info posted on Facebook urging Gunpla builders to stay away from bootleg/knockoff kits. I have NEVER bought an bootleg or resin kit but I was curious to hear your thoughts on them, since there’s quite an ‘popular’ YouTuber that buys those types of kits. Also, can resin kits be considered as an bootleg/knockoff?

    • If you go by definition then yes, all Gundam model kits that are not produced by Bandai are bootlegs because they are being illegally produced and distributed (due to not having the correct licence). And yes most are knockoffs because they are unauthorised copies or imitation of already produced products. However saying this, the resin kits that do not have a Bandai model kit form are not knockoffs because they are not imitations or copies of any existing item.

      Hope this helps clear things out a little.

      • In some way I wouldn’t call a resin kit a bootleg rather than a so called “garage kit”. They’re made to replicate something compared to being cast in plastic mimicking the Bandai stuff. On the other hand, resin kits do sell, without the approval from Bandai, who own the exclusive rights towards manufacturing Gundam stuff so in a way they’re almost all bootlegs, ripoffs, ilegal and should not exist at all. However, some of them do give certain kits a kick they much needed, an edge of sorts that help the kit look way better than they do right out of the box. For example, I was interested in buying a Gouf Custom MG that’s in stock right now but it just look so damn simple that I gave up on that idea hoping it’ll get an upgrade one day. There’s a resin set of parts you can add to or replace completely that the kit itself will look amazingly amazing!

    • i bought some bootlegs kits in the beginning when i didn’t know what the original kits where, they don’t compare in terms of details and quality to the original Bandai ones. they are of lower quality and you need to put more work into them to make them presentable, since then i didn’t buy any.

  29. Hi Guys,

    I want to ask something about the waist & body joint on Build GUNDAM MK.II. Is is using the GUNDAM MK.II ver. 2.0 from AEUG or TITAN? since both AEUG & TITAN has different joint at waist & body joint. maybe you guys noticed the different some part from GUNDAM MK.II AEUG & TITANS.

  30. So what do you guys think of that huge gundam that was shown recently?

  31. After watching this episode.. I’m tempted to get a build mk ii !! Been getting into zeta gundam series and the mk ii was pretty awesome (:

  32. As always guys, fatastic vid and show. Wish to see more in the future. Bravo boys.

  33. do you guys think bandai will release Amazing Exia since we only get like a 10 seconds glimpse of it?

  34. That HG Neo Zeong is a monster! But are we gonna be seeing a MG version of it?

  35. If I win, and I hope I do, sing me a song.

  36. Great episode as always! Looking forward to your review of the upcoming RG kit! Keep it up!

  37. Woot woot! I have not watched the episode yet… Hahaha! But really excited for this.

  38. That massive Neo Zeong looks like a chicken stuck in a full body cast.

  39. The hg neo zeong IS GONNA BE THE TALLEST ever kit, but from what I heard the dendrobium’s length is longer (can’t confirm LOL) than its height but provided the detail is really high this kit will be amazing

  40. Screw the other kits. Let’s see the Exia!!

  41. Hi Cid & Ryan,

    I’ve been building gunpla on & off since I was a wee lad but have never built the grand daddy RX78-2. Which of the MG versions would you recommend?

  42. I love Gumpla but I got into anime and models because of macross what do you think of the new anime anounce and will you have the new transformable sdf-1 model kit in HLJ??

  43. love mk II, maybe i’ll get it someday.

  44. I have to say, Gundam Build fighters got me inspired to take gunpla, which I had gotten back into just before watching the show, to another level. More than that, I am also interested to see what people do with the new “All Gundam Project” standardized format HG’s structure, not just the backpack swapping. I’m working on a ReZel-C and a Rebawoo right now, it will be my first time painting, so i hope I don’t muck it up.

    Great show as always, and hope to see the Wing Fenice Rinascita in model form in the future. The regular Fenice was interesting, but the re-up of it is gorgeous.

  45. A shame about toy tengoku, I loved that show, need variety, I hope others feels the same way so somehow, luck will be on our side and somehow the girls get a chance back on the air :c

    I reckon a rg double zeta could come, but not anytime soon, with the rumor of rg virtue (thanks to a rg poll nbased on 00 first season units) being after the z’gok…or even the other units on those planners (gouf, ground gundam and gm) so it might be awhile…

    And wow, imagine an mg thunderbolt kit…although to be honest, seeing that hg zaku 1 thunderbolt version reminded me a kit that REALLY needs a 2.0 in mg form…

    The regular zaku 1 :c

  46. Thank you for another episode Syd & Ryan.
    So many Gundam news and announcements have been made, with the new series starting this fall and next year, Gundam G no Reconguista and Gundam Origin respectively.
    What do you think about those? And especially the new design for the lead gundam in G no Reconguista?

  47. Once again, awesome episode guys 🙂 i hope we can have new episodes of Boss Builds.

  48. Hey, brilliant show as expected. Just started viewing your show a few episodes ago and being completely honest I expected it to be more about the shoving of products into the face and pushing of new products before I started watching. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the show and have grown a liking to it. You work in products yes, but it doesn’t seem too much like ‘buy it now because it’s good and you should have one’ it seems more like a friend or something talking about it. I don’t really get much freetime so I’m only about 12 or so Episodes back, but I’m trying to watch all of them. See you guys later, and keep up the good work. ^.^

  49. Hi Ryan and Syd,
    Thanks for posting the episode. That MK-II looks nice espcially the back pack.

  50. Another great one guys. Hoping for another Zoid build if you can find one because I think it’s pretty hard to find nowadays 😀

  51. i am not sure about that backpack of the build mk-2 it look a bit too tall.
    and i think is time for double zeta 2.0 after mk-2 and zeta and other 2.0 or 3.0
    i would like to buy that one when it release !

  52. I hope next RG would be Gelgoog.
    Nice show as always.

  53. i was a little disapointed you didnt unbox the kshatriya mine is still in the private warehouse and i said you could open her up…

  54. Hi Ryan and Syd,

    Got a question for you (or Bandai), will there be any chance Unicorn in RG? Perfect Grade Unicorn would be awesome too.
    I don’t know if Bandai would ever consider Perfect Grade Macross, but it would be great. Thanks again. Sorry for posting 2nd comment.

  55. You never failed me, you deserve a cookie

  56. LOve the Kshatriya, and i did not like MG build fighter, bcoz it is better in hg rather than MG..

  57. great episode as always! what do you think are the chances of an MG Kshatriya?

    • None. 😀

    • Thete are a few pretty amazing resin Kshatriyas out there, both in 1/100 scale and I think there’s a 1/60 or so too, not sure. 1/100 look amazing with all the LEDs etc. it costs an arm and a leg too and demands some pretty developed skills and know-how to build it just right.

  58. Hey Sid and Ryan great show as always. What do you think about gundam the origin and reconguista in G? I myself is interested in reconguista but quite dissapointed by the fact that we’re not having a 2nd season of build fighters. Anyway hope to win that gouf custom hehe.

  59. HELLO! Thanks for the show keeps me updated with all the gundam coming out.

  60. Great episode really excited for the rgs of the year

  61. Turn X! Should we expect a Sumo after that? 🙂

  62. I believe I can fly
    I believe I can touch the sky
    I think about it every night and day
    Spread my wings and fly away
    I believe I can fly

  63. You guys are great. Keep up the good work

  64. Will you be reviewing the Neo Zeong when it releases?

  65. Love the video guys! you have got me back into modelling! Keep up the good work.

  66. Thanks for feeding me my weekly Gundam habit, I was starving last week lol. Another great episode guys, also it looks like Build Fighters is over unless they decide to create a second season.

  67. Great Episode!

  68. Hi Syd and Ryan.

    I just wanted to let you know that HLJ has the best customer in the world! I did not receive my HG Customise Campaign set wen I order a HG from you. I read on the blog that others hadn’t got theirs either, so I e-mailed your Orders Department to let them know something was going wrong. I wasn’t upset as it was free stuff and I had no right to be. (Mark at) Your Orders Department sent me 2 sets and I would like to thank HLJ for your kind generosity. I already was but I’m more of a customer for life!

    P.S. Comment for your raffle!

  69. mark II, that chest just too bulky. i’m not really a fan of Mk II. but still a good kit.

  70. winwinwiwn

  71. Hm, that mk2 seems to be quite back heavy, how is it with posing Syd ?

    Interesting idea for a kit bash, let me win this and build and paint it up for you.

  72. Can’t wait for rg exia.
    Choose me for free hg zaku and gouf…..

  73. Nice Video!!! Hope to get the free gundam kit and please create an instagram!! T.T

  74. Hey guys, another great episode! Can’t wait till I have enough funds to send for some of the awesome stuff in my private warehouse! (Hope I win too :P)

  75. You can purchase TITANFALL from this website:

  76. How i wish we could buy those campaign parts straight up since i want multiples of a certain sets.

  77. Waiting for the Amazing Exia and Dark Matter Exia Mg to release

  78. please let me win

  79. Great Stuff guys! thanks for the news and reviews!

  80. Hey Syd & Ryan as well as everyone on the ! With the next RG being the Z’Gok, I originally posted news back in January that next RG could very well be Gundam Virtue/Nadleeh ! Check out my news post! I do hope they do this kit right and be amazing as well!! What are some of your most wanted RG kits?

  81. i still love the old look of the MK-II ver 2.0 but those additional weapons of the build fighter MK-II are amazing.. and that kshatriya… i want one!!!

  82. A Super Custom Gouf kit-bash would look great. And I’m lovin how the MG Turn X is looking so far.

  83. I heard a rumour that Bandai is going to make the RG Gundam Virtue… I know. I’m puzzled by this too. Instead of the 00 Gundam, they go with Virtue? I hope it will come apart to form the Gundam Nadleeh. But, as I mentioned, it’s only a rumour.

  84. GN said on March 31, 2014

    Pay raise and 2 eps a week from Syd and Ryan please!

  85. Great show as always.

  86. Wow, thanks for reading out my comment on the show and thanks for the reply. Gunpla TV best show on the internet. 🙂

  87. why does HLJ NOT sell the premium bandai or online exlcusive kits?

  88. So many new gundams and so littel money.

  89. The Kshatriya’s box is gigantic, can’t wait to get my hands on mine.

  90. the gunpla is making my wallet cry

  91. build gundam mk 2 is looking like a sexy beast.

  92. Keep it up GUYS… the neon zeon shinaju add-on kit some how look like NZ-333 α Azieru without the long tank at the bottom

  93. Hi,
    Just watched Gunpla Build Fighter last episode, ans im wonering if Bandai will make a HG version of every Gunpla in the show, like the Gundam Fenice Rinascita.

  94. Damn it! I totally forgot about the RG Exia release, hopefully i will be able to place an order when its released :(. Anyway Great episode guys, keep it up

  95. Why do i keep getting the message telling me that i have posted something similar even though i didnt

  96. Can’t wait for the Kshatriya Repair~

  97. Maybe ill win this time…

  98. Great show guys, I cant wait to build the exia dark matter i already have idea’s for custom colors.

  99. When can we get a Master Grade Reborns Gundam??!

  100. hi sid and ryan ! great episode as always ! i just want to tell you guys that i’m absolutely satisfied so far of my purchase and what an awesome toyshop you guys are and !

  101. Now I can understand why Build Mk-II used a 2.0 instead use a chance to release a 3.0. A 3.0 for a beginner could be really difficult. But I really want in a future MK-II 3.0

  102. Great Show, what happened to the Sinaju and Quebly kit bash, I love to see your color scheme for it and do either of you have an airbrush or hand paint a whole gundam kit before when you paint model kits?

  103. would love to win those, always wanted a gouf custom 08th MS team is an awesome series.

  104. Wonder when d next PG b out..b awesome if d Kshatriya & Sazabi back2back in PG versions 😉 Syd & Ryan pls persuade BanDai to make them!!

  105. Hey guys, any Idea why bandai decided to sell the MG banshee Norn as a Online exclusive? Wouldn’t it make more sense if the MG Phenex was P-bandai and the MG Banshee norn a regular release?

    anyway keep up the great work!

  106. great episode guys i am a mkII fan i also love free kits 🙂

  107. can you please tell me if there are any of the unicorn model (unicorn/banshee) that are HG and that can transform

  108. Wazza Syd and Ryan great episode, like usual. The neo zeon is gonna be AWESOME! Do u think there gonna include the hg sinanju with the neo zeon and because of size do u think their gonna do color separation on it like the rg’s.

  109. Pre order for Neo Zeong? No MG release for april or may? please say its all a big secret or something haha great episode guys!

  110. ME ME ME ME ME 117!!

  111. wen said on April 1, 2014

    Hope i can win some stuffs

  112. Hi Syd and Ryan
    great job…
    i want it all but can’t afford it… i need a second job for my gunpla fix..

  113. Bandai should finish releasing mg gundam age kits and actually release the other gundam 00 suits in mg form before build fighters kits.

  114. can want to build the build gundam MK II

  115. I can’t watch these videos without adding more to my wishlist!

  116. i wonder if next MG ver ka will be Kshatriya? that would be massive!

  117. I was amagining those zaku on my shelf , usualy it really hapen. ihope it came out true.

  118. When Bandai released the Build Strike Full packet, it’s reasonable to use the Strike RM’s frame since it is Remaster, but coming to the Build Mark II, I don’t really see the reason for using a frame from 2003. I don’t really worry about the MG of Miss Sazabi, Dark Matter Exia, or the Wing Fenice since they both have the very well known and successful both the engineering and the story line. If Bandai still using the old Crossbone frame for the Crossbone Maoh, it would be disappointing since that frame received quite a few negative comments.

  119. Hey Syd and Ryan,

    After seeing how just how little the MGBF kits differ from their originals (not including the boosters) I have to wonder if Bandai will ever release conversion kits to use with our existing mk ii’s, strike rm’s, red frames, etc.

    What do you guys think?

  120. Love watching Gunpla TV!

  121. Love the show. It is really informative and fun to watch. The idea of yall giving away kits is awesome and a great way to get more people involved and making the gundam kits.

  122. hay guys, love the show and watch it every week. just saying hi and hope i win some kits

  123. For me, the MG Build Mk. 2 is kinda lacking that ‘oomph’ factor.. still waiting for MG Char Zaku ver. 3.0 though. I’d rather wait for it than buy the ver 2.0 because I know Bandai will release it sooner or later.

  124. Zak said on April 1, 2014

    hey love the show guys! Been a huge gundam fan since i was young, i recently just watched the original gundam series, zeta, double zeta and just finished chars counter attack! really amazing, so my questing is do you guys know if they will release updated versions on the zeta or hyakushiki? Kamille FTW!

  125. Great show as always guys, here’s hoping for more MG After War Gundam X kits.

  126. I wanna try kitbashing, so that would be perfect practice!

  127. I’m excited to see how the frame does in the RG z’gok. Gettin in on that free stuff woo!

  128. Finally my lone mg Turn A will get a companion . XD

  129. yeah… im building MK II ver 2.0 and i aprove that this is one of the best version 2.0 out there during its time and still now… the inner frame was amazing considering it was made during those time.. thank you

  130. Is Boss Brian’s JSDF Type10 tank and Boss Scott’s LFA Lexus included in the giveaways? I always envy you guys, it seems you have the best jobs in the world. Been watching GunplaTV for years now remember the episodes when Syd runs from the fields to the HLJ when he got a call that MG The O arrived, when Ryan finally joined you in Ep 40, when Japan had that nuclear plant problem and was praying that you’re all okay, and when Ryan announced that he’s gonna be a daddy. Your eyebags got a lot bigger since day one, but you’ve been spreading joy all over the world. Keep it up.

  131. AZ said on April 1, 2014

    Do you think Bandai will get a HGUC ZakuTank. I really want a Zaku tank but they only have the NG. Its really a pain, gluing the pieces together, and it also doesn’t have that much articulation.
    If not…
    Could you teach me how I could make a NG Zakutank better than a Usual.
    Better articulated perhaps.
    I don’t mind kit bashes, but, i prefer not to.

  132. That NeoZeong is HUGE! I can’t wait for it 🙂

  133. Hai syd and ry.i loved this weeks episode i i really want to win the contest so SIGN ME UP!lol.U are both awesome

  134. I am really loving the kits from the Build Fighters anime as well as the new RG kits coming out, I haven’t been in the hobby for too long, but it’s great to see these reviews on kits before I buy them. Thanks guys!

  135. First episode and I’m liking what I see. Do you ever feature any vintage kits?

  136. Hey Syd and Ryan great episode as usual. What are your thoughts on the recently announced Gundam Reconguista in G? I’m cautiously optimistic myself but the revealed suit designs are interesting to say the least as Turn A’s were. Also, what do you think/want the RG after the Z’Gok to be? Judging by Bandai’s previous track record, it won’t be a UC suit so I’m hoping for an RG Wing Gundam Fenice. Looking forward to the next episode!

  137. Oh man, a RG Exia will be pretty cool. As for MG, Zaku 3.0 has got to be coming out soon. I wonder what advancements they’ll make to the mono-eye.

  138. the RX-178B titans Version is my favorite and would love to customize a 1/100 scale version. Which brings me to my question, Do you think they will bring out a titan version of the Build MK II or just leave the titans version to it’s past?

  139. i tried kit mixing once, it didn’t work out as great….LOL

  140. RG ZZ? Fat chance! I wish we could get an updated MG though, the old kit is fairly dated. Also hooray for free stuff!!!

  141. Awesome man keep up the good work!!

  142. Great show, really enjoyed you showing off the MK II. I hadn’t given it much thought, but getting a chance to see you show it off makes me want to give it a shot to get. Thanks, keep up the great work!

  143. My Parents are always happy that gunpla had such a positive effect. Still learning but always succeeding!

  144. Hey Syd, What are your thoughts on the RG z’gok announcement? Do you think it was a good kit to add to the RG line? Would you have preferred to see something else come down the line instead? Do you think it will finally be a solid RG kit to play with?

  145. do you know if the sinanju mobile armor will come with the HGUC sinanju?

  146. Hey Sid whatever happened to the Shinanju Stein kitbash with the quebley?

  147. ლ~ζ(´❥`*ζ~ლ Oh baby give me a Zssa.

  148. The new kits are quite intriguing, especially the huge mobile sinanju armor!
    Hey Syd, is there any news of the new real grades? I hope they do the Z gok!

  149. Always look forward to your show. But I always wondered about the magazines dedicated to this hobby. Any chance you guys can not necessarily review such Magazines but, just sort of show some of them off on your show to get an idea of what to expect from some of the different titles?

  150. I really like watching Gunpla TV for both of your reviews on new Gundam kits and for the tips as well on painting etc.

  151. that Neo Zeong is impressive i cant wait till it comes out


  153. Hey sid and ryan. I really like Gundam Build fighters, is there any possibilty that they would make a PG of the Star Build Strike?

  154. Hi guys what are your thoughts about Rg Z’gok? Nice Ep. as always!

    Keep Up!

  155. Nice episode guys, looking forward to seeing the RG Exia. I haven’t bought a RG yet starting with HG and MG first but want to grab some Zaku which I am debating the 2 Zaku in the RG line so look forward to seeing a early review of the Exia as that line does look very interesting. What is the relase like for the RG line is a new unit every 6 months or is it random? Again keep up the good work.

  156. The bash must live on

  157. Super gouf awesome idea. Love the show!

  158. Considering that there is the new Patlabor movie coming out soon, do you guys think that there is a chance Bandai will make a HG of the original AV-98 Ingram, or would it be the newer one? I have the old kits, but I would like to get a HG version.

  159. I want a GBF Gouf HG and/or MG. Lt. Rals from episode 25final was sooooo sick!

  160. I never watched turn a gundam but the turn x looks like a interesting build, and Gouf Custom and Zaku F2000 are gonna make a zeon fan very happy.

  161. If Bandai’s plastic press machines broke what would you do Syd and Ryan?

  162. hi.

  163. Hey guys, I was wondering if there is any news about possibly getting a Gundam Fenice Rinascita HG since they announced the Miss Sazabi and the Crossbone Gundam Maoh kits.

  164. Love watching you guys!still waiting for the RG Exia

  165. Great show as always guys, I have no Gouf’s in my small collection of early Wing kits so far…I’d give them a loving home although the missus probably wouldn’t be as enthusiastic as me about it.

  166. The real question is dose it transform?

  167. You guys are awesome. I always watch your show just to give me an inspiration to build my Gunplas.

  168. Hey do you guys think there will be a RG Shining gundam or God gundam? It’d be awesome if they did since G Gundam was the first gundam series I watched.

  169. Yea, RX-178. Great video you guys. I just want a clarification when is the cutoff time for the contest? Keep on doing what you do best!

  170. Cool kit! cant wait to come!

  171. Jan said on April 1, 2014

    Have any of you seen the anime called Five Star Stories? That anime had some pretty cool Mecha in it.

  172. The Build Gundam MK II actually looks much better here than in previously released pictures.

  173. This is probably a really basic question, but how did you get those Gunpla posters in the back? Would love one of those in the room.

  174. Thanks for the great show! Would really like to continue that kitbash with the Gouf and Zaku. If I get it, I promise to paint it and post it on line.


  175. Great show guys

  176. Great episode, looking forward to more and more 🙂

  177. On the back of one of the gundam build fighters manga, there was an ad for nyagundam, a custom gaia gundam. Is this real? I want it.

  178. Another great show.

  179. HEY that zaku has my favorite color

  180. Started watching you guys in Japan 2 years back. You’ve really helped my Gunpla skill’s, THANKS.

  181. Awesome episode! Watching Gunpla tv even in my darkest days brightens up everything.Good work guys!!! Can’t wait for the next episode!

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    BTW the Kshatriya Repaired look awesome. I can’t help it and preordered it, hope it comes in a smaller box this time 🙂

  185. Bobby Balogna

  186. Can’t wait to get my hands on some of these!

  187. Civ said on April 1, 2014

    can i win this time?

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    But I’mma keep trying!!! free gunpla!!

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  194. Sid & Ryan,
    If the premise behind Gundam Build Fightes was real, hypothetically, what kind of custom would you build and battle with?

  195. Hello guys, just want to ask do you have any idea if Bandai will make an HG or MG of Nataku from Gundam Wing series? thanks and keep up the good work.

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  200. Hi Guys,

    I’m new to model kits and was watching the tutorials. can I ask what type of file should I use to file down the burrs to get a better finish.


  201. how cool would that mk ll build look in the titan colors?

  202. HG Neo Zeong is going to be massive. Where will I put it? I want it but will have no room by the time it’s released. I’m nearly out of space now. and I’ve just ordered a PG Zaku and am thinking about getting a PG MK 2 Titans and Wing zero. Regarding the give away, it’s like winning the lotto, Low chance, but on the insanely rare chance you win twice, will it be drawn again? As a lot of people say. A great episode. Thanks guys.

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  209. Hi Syd and Ryan!

    Seeing as today (well, yesterday at the time I am posting this) was the last episode of Gundam Build Fighters, I wanted to ask about your opinions on it and favorite moments. I hope you both were at least watching it, but Syd’s comments made it seem like he hasn’t…

  210. the duos show, the best as always. I saw that the exia dark matter already roll out, but I like Exia amazing rather than dark matter. i hope bandai will release it.please make the neo zeon for 1 episode. syd, please compare the old kit with new kit, like MK2 inepisode 77 with the build MK2 in the episode.

  211. That super custom zaku looks awesome, it looks just a little like a samurai armor at least to me.
    also i watch gunpla build fighters and i think exia dark matter its pretty cool but i feel corious about exia amazing, do you think there would be an hg exia amazing kit?

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    good tv show again!

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    I absolutely can not wait for the RG exia

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  215. Hey Syd,
    Do you think that with the popularity of Gundam Build Fighters there’s a chance of getting the Abigorbine in High Grade any time soon? I love unique looking mobile suits and would really like to add one to my collection!
    Also, hi Ryan!

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    ps – hope to win those gundam kits

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    My girlfriend and I want to thank you both for all the wonderful work you to do on the show. P.s. I personal want to thank you both for helping me turn my girlfriend into Gunpla builder.

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  228. Really excited about RG Z’Gok. Please review if you guys get your hands on it early. The MG was a great build being something different from your normal Gundam style MS. If i win the gunpla contest for this episode please pick another entire have the Gouf Custom already and I would not need a second, even though it is a sweet kit. Someone else I’m sure would appreciate it more. Ryan please re-automate the number if you get me.
    Thanks for the video as usual!

  229. Love watching the show.
    Just finished putting together my first RG, a Strike Freedom. Apart from stabbing my thumb with an exacto blade it was great =)

  230. Hi guys, I haven’t been on the site or touch my models for a while since my mom and sister were in the hospital. I haven’t even touched my Sinanju Stein either. I was looking at the site and started giggling at all the new kits. my boss is gonna be so mad at me gotta work longer to pay for all the new kits. I was wondering if you guys go show the Frame Arms Magatsuki limited edition? It looks like a great kit. Keep up the great work guys. And thanks for giving us a platform to network and learn.

  231. In regards to the HG parts Campaign, I’m assuming back-ordered/restock orders suffer from the same limited availability? I’m really hoping the few I ordered w/ april restock listings will come with the parts.

    I’m also hoping we’ll be able to buy these parts in the future, maybe as part of the HG builder parts line.

  232. The custom Gouf is one of my favorite mobile suits, possibly because it’s one of the few that gives off a very serious presence from how it was designed. It was given so much character in the 8th MS Team anime that it’s hard for me to not love that just about as much as I do the Hy-Gogg.

    Great show as always!

  233. I LOVE GOLD!!! Waiting to buy Phenex as soon as there is stock.

    After watching build fighters, do you think there will be the RG system frame for the star build strike Gundam? the blue effect parts give off this gimmicky-but-I-want-to-see-this-thing-glow like I saw attempted on the MG Phenex.

  234. Ryan! You need to break out the glue and build one of those MaK kits! Just use rattle cans to paint it and add some weathering. Put down the video game controller!


    • Hi Syd and Ryan,

      Great show as always. Always can’t wait for the next episode of Gunpla TV. I think Ryan should take out his MG Wing Zero Customs and start building it. It has been neglected for too long and deserves its tlc.

  235. Hoping that bandai would release an Exia Amazing and Dark Matter Exia MG 1/100!

  236. Hi Syd & Ryan. Have you heard about the upcoming Gundam Series “Gundam: G no Reconguista”? I believe it is set after the Universal Century Timeline. What do you think of the Lead Gundam mecha design?

  237. the super zaku and the gouf are the kits that made like the zeon mobile suits. Sieg Zeon!

  238. hey syd and ryan
    can u ever imagine a neo zeong in 1/100 mg form
    just imagine the sheer size of it

  239. Hi guys, great show as always. How do you about bandai releasing so many online exclusives?

  240. Have you guys discussed the increased tax rate in Japan and how that may affect the pricing of all this stuff? Cause the box for that kit may be big and it will cost a lot but… with the new tax it may be priced out of a lot of people. Even the standard stuff may get a bit too steep.

  241. Have you guys heard about the new Gouf from the last episode of Gundam Build Fighters being announced? FYI, the Gouf was my first HGUC and one of my favorite mobile suits from the original Mobile Suit Gundam.

  242. Another person waiting patiently for the RG’s. After seeing the GBF last week, really wiah I had preorder rhe Dark Matter :-(.
    What,when,where is the next hobby/toy show, you folks will be reporting from? Need to see more new future releases.

  243. I can’t wait for the Neo Zeong! I guess June and July are the months for massive kits with the Yamato 2199 Domelaze III coming out as well. Great show guys! 🙂

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    Second, if you guys had to pilot a mobile suit which would it be?
    Lastly, gimme dat Gunpla.

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  247. hey guys, it’s great to be a gunpla fan right now, you guys are doing give aways there’s a ton of new releases to look forward to including episodes of gundam build fighters and the last unicorn episode, and episodes of gunpla tv and these awesome contests, I would love to win this week, and if I do I would love some autographs from both of you guys.

  248. Definitely not to crazy about the build mk.2 ….. unpainted whatsoever painted with decals and such looks pretty good. can’t wait for exia dark matter to come on the show also i’m about to buy the NU.GUNDAM VER.KA! FIN FUNNELS

  249. wait! i”m also excited for the RG Exia to be on the show. along with the banshee norn and KSHATRYIA* DONT KNOW IF I SPELLED THAT RIGHT.

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  251. i wonder if they are ever going to make a wing zero custom 2.0

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    Thanks for introducing the newest and latest gunpla kits to us! I have been following your videos since last year and i always look forward to each new video. Keep up the good work! I love gunpla!

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  261. GDAY fellas, all the way from Australia!
    Cheers for Gunpla TV – you guys are nice and relaxed, do excellent reviews and its great to see what the gunplay scene is doing ‘straight from the horses mouth’ over in Japan.
    Gunpla TV is also a fantastic way to ‘waste’ 20-40min at work.

  262. Maybe it’s just me, maybe Bandai is attempting to attract more younger audiences, but it seems like Bandai is not even trying with this MKII. It’s the most toyish looking gundam in my opinion.

  263. Another great episode! My neighbor just won the free gunpla from your show. Hope I’m next! 😀

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  268. nice review sirs, but was experiencing a little letdown though about the mg mk 2 build fighter, as everybody has said , seems a little too plain.I’m having doubts wheteher i should get the kit although I dont have the mg mk 2 yet. And as I was watching, the backpack seems to be a little too heavy as compared to mg build strike full booster’s.

  269. Good episode Guys, now that Gundam Build Fighters is over do you think we could see a second season in the future since it helps relates to gunpla side so much. Also from the HGs they have released for build fighters which one of them would you like to see as a MG.Personally for me I would like to see a MG version of Wing Gundam Fennice i just love the colors on it with the two separate eyes.

  270. I’d really want to do a custom color on that 1/100 MG Build Gundam Mk-II RX-178B

    Anyway, Gundam Build Fighters is the series which my nephews (now ages 7 and 8) have started watching. I am not sure if they are skilled enough to build HGs of those series, but I do look forward to helping them build their kits, paint them (as my test kits in painting) and let them play (scartch and sadly break in the process).

  271. still commenting! and love gunpla!

  272. Not too fond of the build fighter kits. Not my style…

  273. I would like to say thanks for making this show, its been awesome getting back into gunpla after a break and its been really fun again i hope to hone my skills more and more. Hope this contest goes for a bit.

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  275. for some reason, the MKII is more appealing than the build strike, in my opinion.

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  281. Great show always guys, Keep it up!
    I’d like to ask. What do you guys think of the whole GBF anime series? Just want to hear your opinion about the show overall.
    As for me, I enjoyed watching every episode of it even though I’m a huge Universal Century Fan. 🙂

  282. Nice Video guys. You think bandai will release a kashatria MG?

    • The MG Kshatriya is probably one of the most requested MGs. Syd has mentioned before that their would be weight issues and the size of the ‘wing’ pieces would probably make it hard right now for Bandai to make a cost effective Kshatriya. That being said, I’m still waiting for it too

  283. I cant wait for the RG exia review!

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  285. Have a huge backlog but ive been needing that super f2000 to actually finish one of them x.x;

  286. Hi Ryan & Syd,
    I love you what you guys do for the Gunpla and modeling community, it removes any doubt on every kit that I’ve purchased.
    Thank you for your hard work!
    – Kelvin

  287. Hey syd and ryan, someday gunplaers will take over the world and you two will be on the front of a dollar bill. United we stand, back heavy we fall. God bless gunpla t.v..

  288. I’ve build HG Kshatriya recently, this kit is awesome. It’s sad Bandai made its “wings” into mostly solid parts (I’m a fan of everything thats slinding, opening and trasnforming), but It’s great anyway. I see they made opening parts for Repair version, thought it’s not as cool as original xD

  289. Hi guys you know that MG Unicorn Phenex I saw it on the show but I couldn’t find it on the store.

  290. RNG God’s heed me!!

    Another good ep! Thanks a lot!

  291. Can’t wait for RG Exia! Great job guys!

  292. Hey Syd do you think Bandai will ever make a 1/144 White Base or Archangel?that would be cool so would winning two free gunplas

  293. Joe said on April 3, 2014

    Ryan and Syd, I love your show! I have watched every episode since the beginning! I recently built a 1/144 System Base, the hangar for MS. And I think it looks a bit big for 1/144 HG’s. So I put a 1/100 MG on it and it looks fantastic! Do you think this is a mistake on Bandai’s part? Perhaps they should just remove the scale on it all together.

  294. Hey! I’m down here.

    Hi Syd and Ryan;

    Are you able to enjoy the Cherry blossoms where you are?

    I was wondering if you could do a segment outlining the differences between the product lines like Robot Damashi, Chogokin, Fix Figuration and Metal Build and even LBX. Also, does Robot Damashii re-realease items or are they one-offs?

  295. Great Episode! 😀

  296. Aww, I was hoping you opened the HG Exia Dark Matter. Are there parts for the Amazing Exia, or will Bandai release an Amazing Exia kit? And will they release an MG version? I loved this suit from Build Fighters! Keep up the great work Syd and ‘Ry’!

  297. Long time fan, new subscriber to the channel; and I have to say I love your show. Wish I knew about it sooner, gotta spread the word.:)

  298. Hey Syd and Ryan hope my questions gets answered! Anyway I want to buy the mg Banshee norn coming out June or July , but it looks like it will only be a gentei kit, which means very expensive to get for me living in Canada. what do u think the chances of it being available on hlj. thank you for everything guys watched every episode and wanted to let you know u guys are the reason I started gunpla!

  299. i agree with you guys bout the MG Build mark 2.. are bandai were to lazy making the 3.0 ver

  300. man i love zaku!
    plzzz let me have em!
    and im fully aware of the fact that a gouf is NOT a zaku, BOY!

  301. I see why you guys prefer using for the contest. Big numbers on every post. Btw, that Neo Zeong, good god that is amazing.

  302. Hi Syd and Ryan, great show! Love watching you guys. Yes Ryan, more numbers in my name 😀

    Just wondering when Ryan would do his next model kit.

  303. Great show guys, Ryan should definitely build the Neo-Zeong when that comes out. Then Syd should also build one so he can review it on his blog.

    What’s the EMS shipping for that monster, I wonder?

  304. Hey Ryan, Syd, I’ve just finished watching all your episodes of Gunpla TV and I was wondering what happened to the Mallard, will it become your Millennium Falcon 😛 I hope you guys continue to make more episodes because I really enjoy them, especially Ryan’s “jokes”, anyways thanks for all your work! Happy Building 🙂

  305. The RG Z’Gok is pretty cool and being a non gundam suit is a nice change for the RG line. Honestly though, there are so many other options available but I know there are heaps of people out there that are very very pleased about the Z’Gok so it’d be nice to have an RG option that can please (almost) everyone.

  306. Thanks for the reviews. Looking forward to RG Z’Gok.

  307. Great video as always! Hoping to win those kits!

  308. Hey guys, love the episode, RG Z’Gok sounds amazing, also Syd what happened to your “Mallard”?

  309. With the April release of the HGBF Crossbone Gundam Maoh do you think we might get a 1/144 HG Crossbone and variants? The link under the video 144 for the HG parts lists some of the booster kits as part of the included kits in the promo for the parts. Was that a mistake?

  310. Hey guys, so I just finished watching GBF and I loved the new Gouf from Ramba, and already saw you have it in the HLJ web so that baby is going to be mine. Keep the excellent show, hoping you get an early RG to watch it.

  311. Enjoying the show. Keep it coming.

  312. Grunt….More Grunt. I would like to see more in the RG line.
    Thanks guys

  313. Hi and hello i was think will HobbyTV will made a Review for Gundam build fighter hear your thought about it

  314. Looking forward to next weeks unveiling of the RG Exia! When limited, in terms of space, the RG series brings the MG detail to HG scale. Hope Bandai releases more RGs from the Gundam 00 series.

  315. Love the show guys!

  316. hey guys what ever happened to the vid syd did assembling a hg ewacs zack?

  317. Great episode guys! Think we’ll see another season of Gundam Build Fighters?

  318. Hey Syd and Ryan
    I got a question. With all these Turn A Gundam kits comming out do you think we might get refreshed versions of other suits from that series? Stuff like Kapool or mabie the Sumo? I got the old 1/144’s but i think they might need a little refreshing in HG or even MG

  319. Oldtype reporting in. Awesome giveaway! It would be an honor to have a kit that has been featured on the show.

  320. Awesome Show as usual guys, Hopefully I can win something this time!!

  321. hope i win those if i win that are gonna be my first gunpla

  322. hope too see the next episode

  323. which grade do u think is used on the gundam build fighters anime HG or MG ?

  324. That new RD Kshatriya looks pretty good, and I’m liking how the Build Gundam MKII looks to have turned out. I’m going to have to add them to my purchase list at some point!

  325. Thanks for the episode.

    The Gouf R35 from Build Fighters looks kinda nice, would it be a re-tool of the classic HGUC or a new mold like the Crossbone Maoh?

    What do you guys think?

  326. What would be the best gundam in 2/1 scale!

  327. Syd,when I see u holding build Mk-Ii with its back pack on. I saw it like have over weight on the backpack… Is that Bcoz u didn’t adjust it right or its an issue for that model kit?

  328. Yay Gundam!

  329. hey guys just wanted to say love the show and how much i love the
    rx 178 mk 2. To me this is how a Gundam should look ready for action without a lot of extra junk to slow him down but just enough to let you know he means business. he is one of the most perfect version of any Gundam. I love Gundams of this typ like the jester,jester canon grunt suits and the strike just to name a few.

  330. the dark exia looks pretty cool. thinking of getting it and painting it with the original exia color scheme.

  331. Loving the ability to customize older kits with the newer Build Fighters backpacks for both HG and MG. Bravo Bandai for the extra runner to accommodate! Thanks guys for covering that in this episode!

  332. Nice episode as always. I seriously think there should be an mg mark 2. I love the mk 2. I had a blast building the pg one! Keep up the good work.

  333. I meant ver 3 mk 2 for the comment above

  334. Come on guys, you know you want to give me those awesome kits. 😛
    Joking aside, great episode as always and keep the good work! HLJ FTW!

  335. Weeeeeeeeeeee !

  336. I’m so excited for the MG Turn X. I can’t wait!!

  337. Syd and Ryan what is your favourite gundam you have for now?

  338. Those tanks at the back of Kshatriya repair looks so plain and unnecessary, i still prefer the old look.

  339. What’s next in Build Fighters Mastegrade line? If they can get the Dark Matter Exia next, it would be epic!!!

  340. I want gunpla

  341. After Turn X, please give us a MG version of Double X!!

  342. Nice vid and kits I want to win if i do can you sign the instructions for me 🙂

  343. Keep the episodes coming! Love watching the reviews. Also can’t wait for the RG Exia!

  344. Hey Syd and Ryan, great show as usual. Just placed my first order with HLJ yesterday, getting the HG AGE-1 Normal and have the Turn X on preorder. Was that a Sinanju/Sazabi riding in the Neo Zeon, if yes then that is a BIG kit. Keep up the great work guys.

  345. Did you guys ever finish the stein kitbash?

  346. Hey there fellas! So any word on new pg kits? Also. What do you think of g gundam model kits?

  347. You guys mentioned the RG Exia release. What do you think are the chances that an Exia R3 will get the RG treatment? As far as I know, it’s only ever gotten a Metal Build release. Also, do you think that the inevitable Exia Repair and R2 will be regular releases?

  348. Thank you so much for doing this show. It is a must watch each week!

  349. This site definitely has all the information I needed concerning this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

  350. Very nice vid

  351. love the gouf custom and keep up the great work guys!

  352. God no money for Kshatriya Repair… Need $$$ to buy a bass guitar right now T^T

  353. Hey Syd and Ryan
    I am just waiting for the RG exia! it’s going to be awesome, maybe amazing 😉
    greetings from Italy

  354. Do u still provide the free giveaways?

  355. Did you guys get the Sample rg exia yet? If possible, I would love to see you guys do a video on the neon zeon thingy once it comes out. 🙂 Also please join Instagram.. there is a large gunpla community there. thx 🙂

    ps: are you guys going to give away pg models? That would be awesome!

  356. Nice episode like always

  357. Hey Syd & Ryan
    Try to do the BB Legend kits

  358. The Turn X looks amazing. Can’t wait for that to come out. The F2000 kitbash is funny because I just did a kitbash with that and the HG S. Matsunaga’s Zaku 2. Two spiked shoulders is always better than one.

  359. hey guys, just puttin in a comment to win if I do I would love autographs from syd and ryan, and rrobbert if he’d be willing

  360. Been checking my door for a HLJ package. Still not here yet. 🙁

  361. Another great episode guys. Would love to win the kits. Also which model knife and cutters do you use? I’m new to the hobby and just using basic ones would prefer something better. Thanks

  362. Hey Sid and Ryan, what do you think of the new RG Zgok? I was expecting something a little more exciting

  363. Gunpla are getting more and bigger….

  364. Too late to win?!

  365. nice blog, really interesting your mkII bf review

  366. i love your guys youtube channel and i watch your videos will i build my own model kits it would be really cool if u could read this in one of your videos and thx for the really awesome videos

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