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Wonder Festival 2015 Summer Part 1- Bandai, Kotobukiya MegaHouse and more!

Join the HobbyLink Japan crew on a photo tour through summer Wonder Festival 2015!


Bandai brought martial arts game to the table with its displays of upcoming S.H.Figuarts Bruce Lee. We also saw plenty of Armor Girls Project figures from “Kancolle” and “Pretty Cure” S.H.Figuarts releases. Much to our surprise and delight, four new “Ranma 1/2” figures were on display: Ranma Saotome (male and female versions), Shampoo, and Panda-form Genma Saotome! Among the oodles of “Sailor Moon” beauties was the latest Super Sailor scout figure — Mercury. Sci-Fi buffs were treated to impressive displays of the new S.H.Figuarts Captain America and War Machine Mk.II.


Highlights at Medicos and Di molto bene included prototype displays of Super Action Statues Pucci and Whitesnake from “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” (for release next year), as well as Ken Kaneki and Shuu Tsukiyama of “Tokyo Ghoul.” 2016 will also see the release of “The Boy and the Beast’s” Kyuta and Ichirohiko. Not for general sale — but also quite impressive — were Statue Spirits busts of Jotaro Kujoh and Dio Brando, as well as a 1:1 scale Dio on the showroom floor!
Summer Wonder Festival 2015-713

The undisputed highlights at Medicom‘s booth this season were “Frozen” RAHs Elsa and Anna, sculpted in exquisite detail. We were also treated to “Batman: The Dark Night’s” Joker and Iron Man Mark 43 in RAH form. New UDFs on display included Disney favorites from “Monsters Inc.” and “Toy Story,” and members of the infamous “Peanuts” crew.


For the truly mind-blowing, we headed over to take in the enormous scale displays at Prime 1 Studio‘s booth! For the high-end collector, the masterpieces on the floor from “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” “Transformers,” and “Batman” are must-haves. We were particularly floored by the 1/3 Arkham Knight polystone which is currently under production, and the terrifyingly-realistic Grimlock of “Transformers: The Lost Age.”


This season’s Kaiyodo booth really tickled the fancy of sci-fi fans with its “Star Wars” and “Avengers” offerings! The Revoltech pickings are good this year, and we took our first look at the upcoming Ultron in all his pre-colored glory. The glorious centerpiece of the booth, however, is the Millennium Falcon, which is expected to release before the end of the year! Fans of the cute and cuddly even have something to look forward to: Stitch, Rilakkuma, and Korilakkuma Revoltech releases!


At the Kotobukiya booth was a wide range of anime, sci-fi, comic book, and mech merch to appeal to just about any type of collector. The Bishoujo Statue line display included November-release Raven, an upcoming Lady Deadpool, and a mysterious new Harley Quinn. A new “Zoids” kit in prototype wowed fans, whereas a new “Metal Gear” mech announcement was a bit confusing due to a lack of details — but we expect to know more with the release of the latest game.

Akatsuki from “Kancolle” was revealed, as well as an announcement for Mikleo of “Tales of Zestiria.” For the ladies, two new “Touken Ranbu” figures are also on the way: Hotarumaru and Shokudaikiri Mitsutada. Iris was on display from “Schwarzesmarken,” and the prototype for an upcoming Lis was also revealed.


Over at MegaHouse’s booth was a fantastic new addition to the Desktop Real McCoy line, and this time you get two figures in one–Android 17 and 18 from “Dragon Ball Z”! They’ve got Jesse and Wobbuffet from “Pokemon” coming your way, as well as two amazing new “Digimon” figures of T.K. and Kari with their Digi partners, Angemon and Angewomon!

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