Oct 11
HLJ : Luke

In this episode of Gunpla TV we look at a different line of plastic robot kits as well as looking deeper at one of the Modelling Support Goods Weapon System we showed in the previous episode.  We also look at a new line of Gundam that literally just arrived as well as answering more questions.  Enjoy!

Kits featured in this video:

Gatling Gun
1/3000 SDF-1 Macross Transformable Unpainted Assembly kit DX Ltd.
1/100 NSG-12a Kobold

Check out the other Frame Arms kits from Kotobukiya here.

1/144 AG Gundam AGE-1 Normal

Check out the other 1/144 Advanced Grade kits from Bandai here.



HobbyLink Japan Gundam


  1. Hey I got an interesting question, by the way nice video again didn’t know much bout the AG kits but I think that black box has something to do with the game. Anyways back to my question. If you guys saw the three part OVA Gundam Gunpla Builders, would both of you be interested playing games just like the ones they played in the show? Build your model than play againest your friends in virtual reality, it would be really cool if it was real.

  2. the black box u mentioned about for the gundam age 01 is the thing used to sync the gundam with the gage-ing haro, i think

  3. I was more distracted by Ryan’s shirt than anything in this episode. It’s similar to filming blinds. The stripes kept moving. Solid colors work so much better. Nice job on the Raptor though. Maybe BF3 will let you mod yours in game to a pink plane.

  4. Ah. Since Gunpla TV is still answer questions from fan, I guess I should ask this important one that has been on the lips of thousands of viewers. One that everyone wants to know since the 50th episode was aired….

    Will “Figure TV” become a reality? *joke*

  5. build a zoids model

  6. Grats on finishing your Raptor!
    I’m still decalling my VF-25F (Ranka Lee Decal version)! I have never done a kit with so many decals before. over 100 decal pieces? Its numbered over 100… ._.;;

    And, I wondered, Syd especially, have you ever binned Gunpla kits?
    I started Gunpla 10 years ago (explains why I binned some no? hahaha), old and new-ish, I have threw them away… I’ve kept a few MGs and SDs etc. Over the past ten years, I realised that I only ever owned less than 10 MGs. And most of which I got were HGs, 1/44 scale kits (They’re all gone except my lovely RGs <3 )!

  7. Is there a hlj warehouse in the u.s.a.

  8. when u put on water slide decals, r u suppose to leave it a little wet or r u suppose to totally dry it? cuz when i did mine, it kept fallin off :'( And i hav a question: What r ur favourite movies?(including luke)

  9. Great video!!! I really like the Frame Arm kits, looks like it would be fun to come up with your own designs with armor swaps.

    I am working on a 1/144 Palace Athena and was wondering if you guys or the viewers had any advice on what waterslide decals I should use. There is no specific decals released for this kit by Bandi. I have ordered a sheet from Samuel Decal but any other suggestions would be appreciated.

  10. @jeremy. We’ve already built a Zoids model.

  11. @jeremy, episode 32 already shows it

  12. If you guys are still doing the questions, perhaps, can you answer this one:
    There are some model kits designed by Hajime Katoki, do you know he designed it?

  13. Ryan, if I ever come to japan, I am going to come to the HLJ warehouse/offices, and give you a Hug.
    Oh, and you too Syd. xDD

  14. do u guys have any pets?

  15. Hi Syd and Ryan, thanks for making these great videos for us in America and answering all the different question. I just have a comment on saying thank you for answer what happened to your finger, and my comment is that you should be happy that you didn’t lose your entire finger like I have. Go Edmonton Oilers!!

  16. I like your show, it’s great, and I’m learning a lot. Just like you guys, I enjoy Gunpla. They’re fun to build and the feeling you get when completing the kit is just satisfying. But I have a question: How did you get a job at Hobby Link Japan? What is required to get a job there, apart from learning Japanese and moving to the country? And, this question is for Syd, is it true that we Canadians have to go back to Canada every 6 months if we live outside of the country in order to keep our Canadian citizenship?

  17. can you order lost parts

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