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Astranagant by Kotobukiya (Part 1: Unbox)

Astranagant – Available From HobbyLink Japan

The dark angel, Astranagant, has joined the party that is Super Robot Wars OG. Let’s see what’s in the box for this intriguing looking kit!

Rrobbert184-Astranagant-Unbox (3)
The box is a little bit bigger than a regular MG.

Rrobbert184-Astranagant-Unbox (4)
The box side shows the price of 7800 JPY in the corner. But you can get 20% off at HLJ.com!

Rrobbert184-Astranagant-Unbox (5)
The side of the box, showing some menacing poses along with optional hands and the Z.O. Sword.

Rrobbert184-Astranagant-Unbox (6)
As you’d expect most plates are black when you crack open the box. The box itself isn’t quite full.

Rrobbert184-Astranagant-Unbox (7)
The cover of the manual has a sharp photo of a finished product.

Rrobbert184-Astranagant-Unbox (8)
Lot’s of real estate in the manual means it doesn’t seem too hard to build.

Rrobbert184-Astranagant-Unbox (9)
Inside the manual, the official color guide’s simplicity is also no surprise.

Rrobbert184-Astranagant-Unbox (10)
The back of the manual again shows him off looking suitably fearsome.

Rrobbert184-Astranagant-Unbox (11)
Plates shown in alphabetical order.

Rrobbert184-Astranagant-Unbox (12)

Rrobbert184-Astranagant-Unbox (13)

Rrobbert184-Astranagant-Unbox (14)
2 identical D plates.

Rrobbert184-Astranagant-Unbox (15)
2 identical E plates.

Rrobbert184-Astranagant-Unbox (16)

Rrobbert184-Astranagant-Unbox (17)

Rrobbert184-Astranagant-Unbox (18)

Rrobbert184-Astranagant-Unbox (19)

Rrobbert184-Astranagant-Unbox (21)
Some final thoughts: The Super Robot Wars line is bringing in some more popular robots with irregular designs that people might never have imagined a few years ago. It’s getting more and more exciting for the fans to have some dream robots to build in plamo form and show off. On the other hand, with the lack of vibrant colors, how will this kit look right out of the box once it’s done?  Let’s find out in Part 2!

Rrobbert184-Astranagant-Unbox (22)
Dream battle!

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  1. Youuuuu!!! I’ve been a long time subscriber to your youtube channel and lately I’ve been binge watching a lot of your videos!!
    It’s been so long since you last posted a video and I was afraid you’ve disappeared from the face of the earth! Glad you’re still alive!
    It would be amazing if you could respond to this comment and tell me how you’re doing! 😀 Thanks, nice to see you again

  2. Omg rrobbert is back. I hope he starts his channel again soon


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