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A pair of Mega kits


Submitted By: Greg

May I present a couple of Mega size kits I finished a few months back. Both have been built straight out of the box (with the addition of a few extra markings) and apart from a few stubborn pieces are snap fit as well.

I painted the contrasting panels but left the main colour for each unpainted. The colour schemes and paint mix were taken from the 30th Anniversary HGUC kit for the RX-78-2 and the RG kit for the Zaku. As I didn’t use glue, any seams were panel lined to look like part of the armour.

I used the sticker set that was in Dengeki Hobby for the RX-78-2 and supplemented the Zaku set with a few Wave decals. They were both then given a top coat of Vallejo matt.

Thanks for looking.

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  1. Oh yeah, these Mega Size kits are great. You did a nice paintjob, I like the red of the Zaku and the detail you did on the RX78´s thrusters.


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