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Gunpla TV – Evangelion Unit-13 Pseudo-Evolution No.3+ Phase

Dave and Todd bring you something that’s truly a wonder to behold. Following up on the latest version of the Test Type 01 is the next intricate plastic model kit from the series, EVANGELION NO. 13 GIJI-SHINKA3!

Appearing as a tall, lanky cyborg machine resembling the Unit-01, Giji-Shinka3 is the awakened form of Evangelion No. 13. It has a similar humanoid body with thin limbs, reinforced knees and chest, shoulder extensions, and horned head, but it adds to the alien look with four arms and a shocking white and black color scheme with some subtle red and green accents.

There were a few loose parts during the build, but it really came through with the amazing design! Watch this review to learn more.

In this episode:
1/400 Rebuild of Evangelion: EVA Unit-13 Pseudo-Evolution No.3+ Phase (Estimated)

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  1. Such a beautiful figure, sounds like he might be a bit brittle, which might make him hard to pose, if that’s even possible considering all his accessories… 😛 Still a wonderful display piece!

  2. I really like the effect piece, but you need a background colour that doesn’t “hide” it.

  3. It can give itself a round of applause.

  4. wow
    Turn a EVA

  5. like the effect piece
    needs a clear background

  6. Look at meee! I’m fancy and my big double halo blows in the wi-iiiiind.

  7. Those 2D rings on its back is a really nice touch.


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