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Wonder Festival 2015 Summer Part 2 – Alter, Good Smile Company, Max Factory and more!


Alter has some amazing figures on the way, including a gorgeous sculpt of Yuzuruha from “Muramasa” and Velvet and Cornelius from “Odin Sphere”! They have a few new additions to their “Tales of” series line as well, with Ludger and Julius Kresnik from “Tales of Xillia 2” and Edna From “Tales of Zestiria” coming soon! Other figures to look out for are Isuzu Sento from “Amagi Brilliant Park”, Mea Kurosaki from “To LOVEru”, Misaki Yata and Saruhiko Fushimi from “K” and a whole line of mecha from “Full Metal Panic”!



Good Smile Company’s booth at Wonder Festival was massive, and included products from Max Factory, Orange Rouge, Phat! Company, ThreeA, Three Zero, and Wing, along with their own impressive lineup!

Starting with Good Smile Company, there were several exciting announcements to their Nendoroid line, including classic game characters such as Link, Kirby, Megaman, and two “Fire Emblem” characters! New “Avengers” Nendoroids are coming soon, as well as new characters from “Love Live!”, “Fate/stay night”, “Frozen” and so much more! Their scale figure lineup was equally impressive with a massive Saber Alter from “Fate/stay night” stealing the show, along with a new figure of Saber Bride, Miku Hatsune, Niko Yazawa from “Love Live!” and several awesome additions to their “KanColle” lineup!



Good Smile Company and Max Factory’s new brand of exclusively males figures known as “Orange Rouge” had its own section with a ton of new Nendoroid, figma and scale figure announcements from “Touken Ranbu”, “Haikyuu!!” and even “Durarara!!”–see any that catch your eye?



From Phat! Company, we finally got to see a painted version of their Rise Kujikawa from “Persona 4 Dancing All Night”, as well as their figma Sherlock Holmes! They brought out two new figures from “Granblue Fantasy”, Io and Yueru, which are sure to look fantastic in color! Their Angela Balzac figure from “Expelled from Paradise” is looking gorgeous, as are the new figures announcements from their “IDOLM@STER” line!



Max Factory had their own incredible lineup of new figures that included both scale figures and figmas! We can’t wait to see colored prototypes of their “Vocaloid” figures–just look at all the detail in their three Miku Hatsune sculpts, as well as twins Kagamine Rin and Len! From the figma line, we got to see a prototype of figma Yami Yugi from “Yu-Gi-Oh!”, the sweet idols of “Love Live!” and “Idolm@ster” in their school uniforms, Angela Balzac and Frontier Setter from “Expelled from Paradise”, Hulk from “Avengers”, and much more!



Manufacturers Wing, TomyTec, Animaru, and Souyoku Sha each had their own corners at the Good Smile Company booth as well. We’re especially in love with Animaru’s “K-ON!” 5th anniversary collection that features figures of all five Light Music Club members with connecting bases!



And you don’t want to miss Beast Kingdom’s growing collection of Egg Attack super heroes!



Last up at the Good Smile Company booth were 3A and ThreeZero, each showing off some extremely detailed action figures! 3A’s “Bravest Warriors” are all assembled and ready for their next mission, and their Bumblebee from “Transformers” looks especially cool with some battle damage to his paint job!



Next up was a trip to Aquamarine’s booth, and the first figure that caught our attention was their adorable Menma from the sweet but heart-wrenching anime, “Anohana”! Shiro from “No Game No Life” was looking as colorful as ever in her swimsuit, and we can’t wait to see the completed versions of their upcoming Saber figures from the “Fate” series!


Summer Wonder Festival 2015-684

Over at the Ques Q booth, we were greeted with three stunning figures from “Touhou Project”–Patchouli Knowledge, Remilia Scarlet and Koishi Komeiji! They also had a huge lineup of figures from “KanColle”, a lovely Amy from “Suisei no Gargantia”, Hoozuki and Shiro “Hoozuki no Reitetsu” and more!



Last up on our photo tour is a visit to Embrace Japan’s booth that included a new addition from Milestone as well! Embrace Japan had a special section to show off their “Street Fighter” lineup, with two color versions of Chun-Li, figures of Ryu and Alex, and more! They also announced a color variation of their Sol Badguy from “Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-“! And last but certainly not least was Milestone’s beautiful Alice from “Otome no Kuni no Alice”!


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