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Gunpla TV

Gunpla TV – Episode 33 – Introduction to SD Gundams

This episode Gunpla TV focuses on an area of Gundam Modeling that is quite different from the norm.  SD.  That’s right.  Those cute little super-deformed Gundam kits get their own spotlight.  For those who may not be aware, SD kits are just as popular in Japan (and various places abroad) as other grades of kit and command a lot of attention.  With so many to chose from it’s a whole new Gunpla world!

In this episode:
SD Crossbone Gundam
1/144 HGUC RGM-89De Jegan (Ecoas Type)

For a look at Bandai’s line of SD kits click here.

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  1. You put the thruster units on backwards. 🙂

    These kits make for great painting practice. They’re cheap and (as long as you don’t care about the huge shortcomings of the kits, like the hollow back-sides of things and so on) very easy to work with. And with the proportions all skewed it makes the detail painting relatively easy. Plus I think sometimes feel pressured to do a really good job with a “proper scale” kit – there’s a bit less of that with an SD.

  2. Can you guys upload the videos here with Flash instead of Quick Time? Quick Time is a horrible software.

    • @ Charles Quicktime is used so people can podcast the episodes and also view it on Iphones.
      Please view the episode on youtube.com if you have issues with our player.

  3. Loved the episode.
    Right on time to . Last week a got a BB Shin Choukou Zaku III.
    I do need help though. Sadly i don’t speak Japanese and I have no real clue why the kit has 3 extra parts, witch are cross off in the manual. Any ideas or maybe a translation if you have a chance to look at the manual.
    Keep up thee great work 🙂

  4. These videos are great for teaching people starting techniques for working on gunpla and more. You guys have gotten me and five other friends into all of this but the tutorial I think we would need the most that you shown the least of is on painting, specifically air brush knowledge and techniques, do you think you would plan to do this in a latter episode?

  5. No D-Style, Syd?

  6. I used to build SD kits when I was a kid. They used to cost around two bucks back then!

  7. Hey man big shout to Hobbylink Japan on behalf off all the people in Australia XD
    Great work guys, even my local Sydney Hobby store watch your videos on Gunpla 😛

    I was wondering if you could please do the one of the Ground War sets preferably the
    RX 79 (G)
    It’ll be a great alternative to the normal Gundam and plus there’s so much in our local Sydney store and people down right need help down under!

    Anyway keep up the work Syd!

  8. I know what you mean Syd, here’s Keitaさんs recent SD kit mod as you mentioned with extending body parts etc.


    I love his mods, very awesome!

    Are you going to paint your SD kit?

  9. You guys at HLJ always seeme to have your gunpla sales when im broke or unemployed talk about dangling a bone in front of a dog but not letting hin have it.

  10. @Chris, that’s very unfortunate.
    I remember the time when I stepped out of Uni and I had no job… no pay no Gunpla lol


  11. Wish HLJ would have commented on my post and not gallen.

  12. @Chris, ^^; Sorry if I offended you. I didn’t mean to! XP

  13. @gallen it just seemed like you were laughing at me. 🙁

    Everyone laughs at me for asking for free stuff.


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