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Star Gaogaigar w/Repli-Galeon (D-Style) by Kotobukiya (Part 2: review)

Star Gaogaigar w/Repli-Galeon (D-Style) by Kotobukiya (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)


Star Gaogaigar is all put together. Let’s see how he looks with all his gimmicks.

Rrobbert184-Gaogaiga-Review (1)
First, the front, side, and back shots. It really comes across as being quite wide.

Rrobbert184-Gaogaiga-Review (2)

Rrobbert184-Gaogaiga-Review (3)

Rrobbert184-Gaogaiga-Review (4)
The arms can bend 90° and the shoulders can rotate 360° if they’re not impeded.

Rrobbert184-Gaogaiga-Review (5)
This is everything you get by breaking Star Gaogaigar apart. The bullet train is one of my favorite parts.

Rrobbert184-Gaogaiga-Review (6)
Here’s Repli-Galeon in all white, although the carved details look pretty good.

Rrobbert184-Gaogaiga-Review (7)
But of course he’s a lot more fun all combined. Protect shade!

Rrobbert184-Gaogaiga-Review (8)
Hell and heaven!

Rrobbert184-Gaogaiga-Review (9)
Dividing driver!

Rrobbert184-Gaogaiga-Review (10)
Goldion hammer!

Rrobbert184-Gaogaiga-Review (11)
If you have the original version, the biggest difference is the face of Galeon in his chest and the gold.

Rrobbert184-Gaogaiga-Review (12)
The height of it is a little taller than SD Unicorn Gundam.

Rrobbert184-Gaogaiga-Review (13)
Some final thoughts: For those who didn’t buy the previous release, and especially for Gaogaigar fans, this is the perfect chance to get one of these! This kit is quite similar to Genesic Gaogaiga, with a lot of posing options and nice combination of several parts. As a D-style kit, the mobility is acceptable, but more importantly he can pull off all his famous poses. Overall, it’s a good kit to build and play with. And for Gaogaigar fans, it’s even more fun when you call out your attacks as you make them. Thanks for reading!

Rrobbert184-Gaogaiga-Review (14)
“So when can I meet Black Getter?”

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