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Gunpla TV – Episode 34 – Building a Kotobukiya Armored Core kit!

Giant fighting robots that aren’t Gundam? Yes, they exist and Kotobukiya makes a lot of them. In this episode we take a kit from one of Kotobukiya’s more popular mecha lines, Armored Core, and show you what it is all about. Being a snap-fit plastic model kit there are lots of similarities between Armored Core and Gundam kits but there are some aspect unique to Kotobukiya that we thought we would draw your attention to.

Want to see us build the Thousand Sunny ship from One Piece, let us know in the  comment section!

In this episode:
1/72 Crest CR-C06US Fascinator Version

For a look at Kotobukiya’s Armored Core line of kits click here.

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Gunpla TV host from the beginning, until 2017. You can keep up with his current gunpla projects at gaijin-gunpla.com.


  1. yeaaah build the Thousand-Sunny *-*

  2. Build the Merry GO, or one of the Bandai Figures Line 😛

  3. Nicely done again Syd, like the video very much…. learn alot..
    Regarding the Thousand Sunny (One Piece), a very nice choice to pick, since u have said it, wanna make the video more than just GUNDAM…. hahaha…
    Looking forward for the Thousand Sunny.

  4. Yes Yes! I would like to see the Thousand Sunny!
    One Piece is a very popular shounen manga/anime along with Naruto, BLEACH and Toriko 😀

  5. One thing that wasn’t mentioned about the Kotobukia Armored Core line is how the kits are specifically designed to allow you to mix and match parts between them. So you could have the legs from one kit, torso from another, arms from a third, head from a fourth and weapons from the lot of them and you won’t have any problems!
    (except for the colours being different which a bit of paint would fix)

    They’ve also produced a number of optional kits that just come with a couple of runners of weapons, arms or heads just to add a bit more variety to your selection of parts.

  6. Yeah, what Drango said. Customization is such a big part of the game that it’s almost unnatural to build an AC as it comes in the box.

    Though I did build my first AC pretty much box-stock and in the default colors – I think there are a few AC designs that are worth doing that.

  7. First time that I actually got to watch an episode that got posted on the same day. (^_^ )

    Looking at the connections, how loose they seem to be, I think I’d put something like Teflon on them so that they won’t fall off or be too loose due to too much movement if ever I’d want to pose it around and take pictures..

    I really like Bandai I guess..

  8. If you’re talking about the parts that keep popping off in the video: glue them down, problem solved. Really, that’s just common sense when you’re dealing with a partsy kit: glue down whatever doesn’t need to move.

    I really haven’t found any moving parts on my AC kits to be particularly loose – and I didn’t see anything like that in the video. So if you’re talking about loose joints on this AC kit, I’m not really sure what you could be referring to.

  9. NOOOOO! I loose again. NO MONEY NO Job when there is a sale. ON GUNPLA. I still have no luck finding a job. I help people out and when my luck is down do they help very rarely.

  10. Hey love the show !!!! AC was great . Any chance we could see a Dust kit or two ? Thanks

  11. I was actually referring to that kind of white tape that plumbers use so that no leaking would happen when they connect pipes together.

    Glue is a good suggestion too, but I still want some movement so I can still change the kit’s poses if ever I want to.

  12. Do have a HUGE selection of Armored Core kits? I didn’t see a lot that were in stock. Is there a reason? I’m getting the Oracle Armored Core, Kotobukiya kit for my birthday, but are there anymore kits that you have? I’m talking about way back in the first generations of Armored Core or if there are more items t o choose from. Thank you episode. I loved it!

  13. Not sure if this the best place to ask, but here goes (also posted this in kotobukiya club). I’ve just recieved my Armored Core Fascinator Ver. model kit was wondering if anyone knows the type of paint (as well as the likely colours for the model ) and the best method for application. from what I gauged reading a now taken down blogpost, the type of paint preferable would be mr.color paints. I am used to painting warhammer 40k models a few years back, but this is quite different. Any ideas?


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