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HGUC RX 121 Hazel Custom

Submitted By: Mathew

Just a quick build. Very minimal painting done.
I love the details in the HGUC line and the amount of parts and articulation. This was a fun build for me and was done in a few hours time. I had to wait for a couple of days to paint coz of the humidity. Did some minor detailing and then a coat of flat clear top coat. Also added the decals that came with the kit.

Here’s what I used;

  • Tamiya Plastic Side cutter
  • Tamiya Extra Thin cement
  • Tamiya A4 cutting mat
  • Tamiya Flat Yellow
  • Tamiya Red
  • Tamiya Flat Aluminium
  • Tamiya Gold Leaf
  • Gundam sharpie
  • Tamiya Flat Clear
  • Sandpaper 600 grit
  • Sandpaper 1200 grit

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